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It is just p I've read quite a few books by Starla now, and I've loved them all. It is just pure awesomeness. While the nods to Snow White are present throughout, it's definitely it's own story. I loved that even knowing the original fairy tale, it didn't make it predictable. The characters are amazing, the pacing is perfect, the plot is spectacular I really can't talk this up enough, and I cannot wait to read more of these flipped fairy tales!!! Dec 31, Rachel Barnard rated it it was amazing. Beauty is but one. Raelynn is both beautiful and strong and when she overhears that the Queen is in trouble, she cannot but try to help.

Rae has a magical gift that helps her remain unnoticed as she attempts to help the Queen. In the form of a lowly, simple stable boy she is still able to charm the young Prince Leopold, but when he is in danger himself, she must try to save him as well.

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Forever late, even in birth, can Rae protect the Prince from his evil stepfather? The messages in this fairy tale adaptation ring loud and true. Starla describes animals that have intelligence and feelings, life having souls, being strong even after victimization, standing up for beliefs, perseverance and hard work paying off, love being the highest form of magic.

There were so many wise words in this tale, so much one could learn, so many beautiful quotes. Starla is wise beyond measure and is able to communicate through her novels these lovely themes.

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They became larger than life for me and I loved all of them, even the evil stepfather, because they were each and every one so well described, unique, and so real you could sink your teeth into them. The main character, Raelynn was very well written and I fell instantly in love with her. She is stubborn but resilient. Prince Leo falls in instalove with Rae, but for good reason. She is wonderful, with passion and care for those around her and for what she believes in.

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She is beautiful and kind, but also timid at times and brave when she needs to be. She is the ultimate strong female character, even though she is constantly plagued and haunted by memories of a tragedy that happened in her past. This book contains magic, but not in the over the top kind. The use of magic is not a crutch for the author but a wonderful new imaginative tool. I loved the special bond between the seven sisters.

My only critique would be to get rid of the epilogue and do away with the introductory bit in the beginning. Nov 17, Erica rated it liked it. In a re-imagined Snow White, a young prince is forced from his home and ends up seeking the help of seven sisters. First and foremost, this story is a romance. I am not a fan of romance, and I expected this to be a more drawn out version of the old fairy tale, with lots of new twists and turns along the way.

So my review may seem a little harsh, and I apologize, but I dislike romance novels. This story has very little in common with Snow White. I love re-imagined fairy tales, and I love seeing the In a re-imagined Snow White, a young prince is forced from his home and ends up seeking the help of seven sisters. I love re-imagined fairy tales, and I love seeing the characters used in a different way. This one seems to incorporate a bit of Cinderella with masked balls and fairy godmothers , as well as a few lines quoted out of The Princess Bride as you wish, and where is that secret knot.

There are no dwarves. Instead, we get seven magical sisters. There is no evil queen. In her place we have a murderous king. These changes are fine, but they brought the level of fantasy down into a more realistic setting. With more believable scenarios, I felt like it lost some whimsy.

I like a fantasy villain to have super powers and be dead set against an opponent. This guy seemed lazy in his attempt to usurp the throne. However, she seems to be strong only because she has to. The prince made me want to puke. He is a complete idiot and far more interested in chasing skirt than in regaining his stolen kingdom. After a while, I found myself rooting for the bad guy. Though the story opens with a promise of a magical adventure and whimsical fairy tale style writing, it turns out to have very little action. The romance itself is the sappiest kind.

By taking out so much of the fantasy, I thought the author wanted a more realistic approach.

Shadow on the Snow

She left in the magic, which is great, but she added this fantasy romance that has been done to death. The writing is good, and the story had a lot of potential. With more action and less fawning over each other, I think it could have been something I would love. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.

When I saw that Starla Huchton had another book up for review, I automatically signed up didn't need to know anything else about it, not even the synopsis. Starla's writing is magical, inventive, and unique. It transports you to pla I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl. It transports you to places you didn't even know you wanted to go, and once you get there, you don't want to leave.

Her novel Shadows on Snow is no different as a re-imagining of the Snow White fairy tale. I describe the novel as a re-imagining rather than a retelling because while elements of Snow White are present, Shadows on Snow is quite different and stands on its own. First of all, Snow White is male Prince Leopold instead of female!

Prince Leopold is born to parents who had tried to have children for a long time. When he's born, they rejoice over their miracle baby, and he's described as having an almost ethereal and otherworldly beauty and grace surrounding him. Everyone in the kingdom instantly loves him. He's the personification of all that is good and positive in the world. Prince Leopold's father has died, and his mother is gravely ill.

The boy from the stables is tasked with finding out why the Queen is so ill. This is really all I can say to give you an idea of how Shadows on Snow begins because anything more and I risk giving away too much. And I definitely don't want to ruin any of the surprises coming your way! There's so much awesomeness in this story! It's full of magic, romance, suspense, and hope. There are some dark times, but I kept holding onto the hope that everything would turn out okay.

I desperately wanted them to turn out okay! It's amazing to me how the same author can create completely different characters and completely different worlds - a testament to the talent of Starla Huchton. It's my mission to read every book she has written and will write. I had sky high hopes for Shadows on Snow - the title, the cover, the synopsis, the author, and the promise of great writing heightened my anticipation of starting this book.

I'm so glad I'm one of the first to read it because now I can recommend this novel as well as Starla's Evolution series. Shadows on Snow needs to be on your TBR today! Nov 01, Lou rated it really liked it.

Shadows on the Snow

Prince Leopold is handsome, with his dark hair and pale skin; he's definitely the male version of Snow White! Everyone who meets Prince Leopold instantly warms to him and likes him. Rae is staff at Prince Leopold's castle. The story is told from Rae's POV. However there is more to Rae than meets the eye; Rae has been put at the castle to find out what is making the Queen so ill and to try and save her. But not everything goes according to plan for Rae or for Prince Leopold I'd give more details but you really don't want me spoiling it for when you get your own copy!!

This is the first book I've read by Starla Huchton, and I'm looking forward to discovering more of her work. Starla's writing had me hooked from the beginning. I felt as though I had been transported into Rae and Prince Leopold's world. It was as if I was there with them experiencing and feeling everything and every emotion with them. Once ai was there I certainly didn't want to leave.

The characters are fab; they continue to develop throughout the entire book, and Starla Huchton has given enough details about them and keeps some mystery too. A prime example of this is Rae. Rae is intriguing, we know that there is something different about Rae but we don't know what until Starla decides to tell us.

I felt like the addition of Prince Leopold's POV could have helped to give his character a bit more depth, also I would have loved to have known how he was thinking and feeling at times too. The pacing is great, there's no time to get bored but it's not too fast that it becomes confusing either. Starla for me has done a fantastic job of taking a classic fairytale and completely changing it to make it her own and unique.

Shadows On Snow has been a thoroughly enjoyable read, one that I could happily read again when I have time! I definitely recommend giving Shadows On Snow a read and I'm looking forward to my next encounter with Starla Huchton. Quick thoughts: Pretty fantastic fairy tale variation. Strong characters, imaginative, and tackles some really uncomfortable topics with a deft touch and in a way that enhances the story and characters.

The first person narrative worked well but also limited the "screen time" of the main villain, which made it hard to be too scared of him. A little heavier on the romance than the action, but still has plenty of adventure beats and dangers circling about. And the real draw here is the creative wa Quick thoughts: Pretty fantastic fairy tale variation.

And the real draw here is the creative way the main fairy tale inspiration is twisted about and other famous fairy tales that work their way into the story here and there. Oct 04, Riley Keith rated it it was amazing. Someone finally did a twist tale right. This book was fun right from the first page and I didn't stop having fun until the end. And then I cried a little bit. Starla has created a world full of rich characters and taken the story of Snow White we all know and love so well, and turned it on his head.

We've got a prince in distress, a damsel who knows her way around a weapon or two and sisters who mean business. Underscoring all of this is magic and danger. Shadows on Snow is the fairy tale story Someone finally did a twist tale right. Shadows on Snow is the fairy tale story you've been waiting for. Jan 24, Meryst rated it it was amazing. I totally loved it that I did finish it in a single session and I will search out more. I really can not do justice with a review since I am still caught within the pages and the images that are still there.

To me a great story is one that will let me see it like a movie playing within my mind. View 1 comment. I like the twist of this retelling of Snow White. Kept me entertained. I was a great and quick read. Jan 27, Adrienne rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , fantasy-sci-fi-and-general-fiction , reviewed.

Review also available on my blog The Shameful Narcissist Speaks. I've always loved fairy tale retellings, so much so that I write them myself and infuse the all to familiar tropes in all of my works both fanfiction and original. Starla Huchton has taken it upon herself to delve into terrain fairly well trodden in order to present the old in another new way.

Since this is the first of her stories I've read, I'm going off of assumption here, but it appears as though what she's flipping is the gen Review also available on my blog The Shameful Narcissist Speaks. Since this is the first of her stories I've read, I'm going off of assumption here, but it appears as though what she's flipping is the gender of the participants.

The seven dwarfs are now seven sisters who still manage to be princesses in their own right , the evil queen is an evil king, and Snow White is an ebon-haired, snow skinned prince named Leo who is a kind capable ruler that any man would be willing to follow and many a princess would want to marry, but he's not the main character; the Rae is. Rae and her sisters, six dispossessed princesses, have been working to reclaim what they once had, endowed with abilities that no mere "dwarf" could boast. The youngest princess also has darkness in her past not of her own doing, and Huchton does a decent job portraying the aftermath and undeserved mental consequences of sexual assault where the mere thought of just wearing a dress is triggering.

Her introduction to the prince comes via the stables between the buffer of horses, and it could be because she and Leo initially meet man to "man," where Rae sees his merit there, as a solid foundation to build a friendship albeit reluctant. We know we're going to get a poisoned apple followed by a glass coffin, and I was still impressed with the presentation of the magic mirror. While the story didn't do anything new, it was still beautifully written with individual, if sadly forgettable, characters in the seven sisters who would risk anything for repossession, as Rae braves her own past and heart for the chance at happiness.

Ugh Predictable and annoying, cringe after cringe. I forced myself to finish it. The characters were unoriginal and I wanted to slap them. May 15, Melissa Hayden rated it it was amazing Shelves: tale-remix , kindle , audiobook. Yes, I've read this book but when I heard Laura's sample narration on Audible, I had to have the audio book too. I loved the voice Laura gave to Rae. Rae sounds young and with a slight accent that feels to be Rae as I could imagine. She breaths life into Rae and all the characters that feels true to their emotions and personalities in the events happening.

Amazing narration! Truly worth picking up to listen to the amazing story. Sometimes you read a book and you fall in love with the charact Yes, I've read this book but when I heard Laura's sample narration on Audible, I had to have the audio book too. Sometimes you read a book and you fall in love with the characters and the story, everything fits in place.

Sometimes you listen to a narrator and they feel perfect for the story and characters, making you melt. When these two things come together in one place, it's an amazing piece of artwork. That's what happened here for me! Lauren voices the story and characters with the heart and feeling that fits the book that Starla wrote. There is life revelations and love mixed with magic and seven witches. Enjoyable fairytale read with a new twist. Watching to make sure they don't fall victim as others have, to a cruel, evil man.

Then one day she meets the Prince Leo. There is magic there that Rae is not ready to face.

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But Rae will do what she must to protect Prince Leo when his mother falls ill and he is shunned from the city. On the run, Rae faces a past she had buried deep inside her and comes to realize some things are worth the risk. Godmothers, witches, magic, princes, and love. All with a feel of a lesson learned in the end through the trials and tribulations to get there.

The heartache is worth it in the end as it's how Rae learns her hearts desire. Starla amazes me with her story telling and stories she writes. She has different voice in this story as in any of her other series. Feels old with a blend of fey to it. I like it. She takes the basic tale of Snow White and not only flips the genders but also crafts a world and story all of it's own here.

I was stunned at the turn-table of the Snow White tale, gender flipped. The Prince is a fine respected commander of his army but when someone of power wants to turn people against him, it is done. He's not a weak man at all. That's what I enjoyed about him in this tale. So easily he could have been down played, but he wasn't. Rae is an interesting character. There is a whole history we don't know and guess at in the beginning, but when it comes out It all falls into place then. Even the evil man we learn to hate is crafted here to the point that I was nervous for Rae on several occasions.

This is a story for those of any age, parents or young adults over It captivates you and draws you into the world with ease. Love the twists you made to the story. I love the way Starla turned this tale around and had a great story in it. Well done. This is a series WELL worth reading. Jul 17, Karen rated it it was amazing.

What a truly fantastic book. It is extremely well written and edited and has tightly packed action and full character development. I highly recommend this book and will be reading more from this author! The basic setup is that "Snow White" is really the prince and instead of seven dwarves, there are seven sisters. These sisters have been in hiding for a decade, after their kingdom was stolen by a man the evil king who killed their mother. This man has now remarried, the prince's Leo's Wow.

This man has now remarried, the prince's Leo's mother, who is quite ill. The main character, Rae the youngest sister , has been sent to try to save Leo's mother. Rae has the ability to glamour herself so that she looks like someone else, so she works in the stables and does other odd jobs as required, allowing her to move through the castle and overhear much of the gossip. The author has done a very thorough job of creating a back story for Rae and her sisters and allowing their past experiences to shape who they are in this book, from their individual personalities to their relationships with one another.

And gradually, Rae lets Leo in, befriending him in her guise as a stable boy. Their relationship develops slowly but it is obvious that they are falling in love obvious to all but Rae. I won't go into any more details of the story because I don't want to give anything away, but it is a very satisfying tale. One of the best parts of the story is how the author uses the Snow White story and a little from Cinderella but never makes the book feel like a simple retelling of that tale.

Instead, it is a fully developed story in its own right which is augmented by the touches from the other fairy tales. A truly wonderful story that I quite enjoyed and which had me on the edge of my seat in the final pages. Add this to your to be read pile and place it at the top. You won't be sorry! Sep 09, Hannah L Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-retellings , ya-romance. Someone did it right! Somebody got it frigging right!

Shadows on Snow has to be one of the only fairy tale remakes that I have every liked, much less fell in love with. It is so magical and fluid I didn't even notice time passing as I read. I started, then "Oh look, it been seven hours This book is definitely a gender swap, for all those who love those.

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The equivalent of Snow White is a dude, Yesyesyesyeysyeysyesy! The equivalent of Snow White is a dude, the hero is actually a heroine, the bad guy is the king, not the queen, and the seven dwarfs are replaced by seven witch sisters. It was like snow white in ways, but totally stood on its own merit at the same time. I now have much respect for Starla the author, now that she has done the impossible, gotten me to like anything associated with Snow White.

I hate the story of Snow White, but Shadows on Snow was something else. Something better. Something I recommend every single one of you guys and gals read. Keep an eye out for Shadows on Snow as it will be published November 3rd ! Much thanks to Starla Huchton for allowing me to be one of the first to read this masterpiece. It was an honor. Jun 11, Adriana rated it really liked it. So, of course, when I saw that she was doing a flipped fairytale I could not wait to read it!!

Shadows on Snow was one of the most enchanting books I have ever read. This is a spin of Snow White, but not really a retelling per-se. I won't say much about the plot itself but know it is so much different from what you all know about Snow White. You will be hooked from the very beginning. The hero in this story is supposed to be the Snow White of Snow White. He's the handsome hero in distress and it is up to the heroine to save him. Rae was an admirable heroine. Her sisters and her have gone through so much, but that doesn't stop her at all.

She's fierce and knows a thing or two about dangerous weapons. Like I have said before, this may be a spin-off of Snow White, but I was surprised page after page. This book is darker and full of some kick-ass action with magic woven in throughout it. I am really looking forward to whatever Starla will write next and YES I'm hoping she writes another one! Maybe Cinderella next? Fans of fairytales grab this one because will really enjoy it! Nov 14, Lauren Jones rated it it was amazing.

I was very interested to read this book when it was first introduced because I was curious about the idea of a "flipped fairytale". What captivated me the most about this story was the writing; it is very descriptive and allows you to picture exactly what it being portrayed. The author has a wonderful plot being set in motion when she introduces the little boy in the barn taking care of the horses. It isn't just any little boy I enjoyed reading about Raelynn and her sist I was very interested to read this book when it was first introduced because I was curious about the idea of a "flipped fairytale".

I enjoyed reading about Raelynn and her sisters. The family bond that they share is just absolutely amazing. I did find that the Prince was a little too love-stricken for my taste but the story is based on a heroine instead of a hero. I must admit that this book took my mind for a spin! I recommend this book to all of my club members. Again, this is a story portrayed from Raelynn's point of view; therefore, men may not enjoy it nearly as much as women. I am looking forward to the next in Starla's series.

Nov 03, A. Grappin rated it it was amazing. This book is a real winner and a joy to read. I don't know if I can attribute this to the story itself or just the fact that Snow White isn't a favorite fairy tale of mine, but I really didn't care overmuch for the Snow White parallel character, Prince Leopold. That isn't to say Leopold is unlikeable. Quite the opposite. Then again, this wasn't really his story.

This is Rae's story, and she is a heroine to relate to and admire. She's definitely a teenager with an opinion and skills, and reading This book is a real winner and a joy to read. She's definitely a teenager with an opinion and skills, and reading things from her perspective is a blast. The world Huchton created around the elements of the original story are rich and full, making this a world with lots more stories to tell.

I hope to see more fairy tale retellings set here.

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This is an excellent read for young adults and not-so-young adults. Nov 04, Doris rated it it was amazing. This was my first time reading a gender flip book, if you've read them before then you get it. If you haven't basically what this means, in this story based on the tale of Snow White, snow white is a man and the hero is a woman. The roles are turned around for the characters and it is totally awesome!

The darkest shadows go hand-in-hand with the most intense sunlight. The color of the shadows is influenced by the color of the light. Thus, as sunset approaches, the shadows take on more red and yellow. These four color samples, above, were taken from the shadows cast by the farthest left burning bush in each photograph. Snow is a wonderful subject, a canvas reflecting the changing light and shadows of the day and night.

It also provides us with one of the very few instances in which the ground plane can be lighter than the sky. Ready to get started? Learn how to create a striking snow landscape in pastel, step-by-step, by streaming the entire instructional video through Artists Network TV. John Hulsey and Ann Trusty. Regardless of your skill level, preferred medium or creative process, drawing is key. Learn how to draw and sketch animals with a step-by-step guide, plus easy tips and tricks from Artists Network.

CGMA is an academy that inspires creativity and promotes innovation. How to Paint Sunlit Snow. Let it Snow Large snowstorms give us opportunities to study the unique light, colors and shadows that only snow cover provides. The Magpie by Claude Monet, oil on canvas. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow
A Shadow on the Snow A Shadow on the Snow

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