A Maverick Heart : Between love and life

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He could do anything for his best friend Rahul. He is successful entrepreneur and a man with a big heart. In the story, Neerav rushes to India from the US to help his friend who is in trouble. Rahul is leaving his business at a very crucial stage. Shukla has etched the characters of Rahul and Richita very well but has missed to do the same with Neerav. Language of the book is very lucid and it is an easy read.

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Next Story. Who began the violence? The how and why of Partition. Comments - Join the Discussion. Must Watch. Jun 28, Match 5. Too much description of some event was unimportant and the book lost its pace because of that. The editing could have been more prompt and crisp. Neerav — why was he not given more importance like Richita. As i said earlier I loved that character and wish he had more role in the story. Overall the book was a promising read and a great first attempt by author Ravindra Shukla.

I would rate the book a 3. Young readers and Chetan Bhagat fans will enjoy the book thoroughly. And people like me tired of campus stories — Pick the book to be surprised. View all 3 comments. Nov 24, Smita Beohar rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-indian-authors , review-copy , personal-favorite. Neerav comes from a wealthy background and knows what he wants from life. Nobody expects much from him as he his parents business to fall back upon and that is why he surprises everyone by carving an identity for himself.

The book charts the journey of these three characters, of how they discover themselves, do mistakes, learn from them and then take a path that has never been taken by anyone. They break the stereotypes, struggle with the system and come out shining. How they do it is best read.

True to his words the book is much more than a campus book. What matters the most about the book is its good intention, it shows you a path that despite being educated from the best institutes you can give back to the society in more forms than one. The book is high on emotional quotient and questions our heavy appetite for materialistic things. On all these count the makes a mark. But I had a major issue with the editing of the book. View 1 comment. Aug 04, Maulik rated it really liked it. If someone asks me why they should read this book, I would reason out that this book is one of those types which won't make you feel that the writer has copy pasted bollywood dialogues or has been too much influenced by films.

Although his story ends up as a Bollywood way which many of our Indian Authors happen to do, but from a debutant writer; you could never get something so wonderful. View 2 comments. Jan 21, Abhilash Ruhela rated it really liked it. It becomes hard to pick and finish a book of almost pages when you are used to reading books of pages from a long while. Book is of pages and it is seriously very lengthy. I would recommend everyone to read it only when you are totally free from all the other stuffs of your life like college, office, family responsibilities etc.

The best environment to read this b It becomes hard to pick and finish a book of almost pages when you are used to reading books of pages from a long while. The best environment to read this book is while journeying in train or bus. It will be an excellent read then. The book was been selected by Penguin Publishers but because of some issues, author turned over to Leadstart. An unfortunate step but then, such mistake happens in a debut novel. He has been working in IT software technology. All of them belongs to different family backgrounds with different approaches yet very close and affectionate towards each other.

But life has some different plans for them. Their logic, practicality, emotions clashes against each other and all them get parted away. Being in the same IIT campus, meeting each other and befriending, they feel that their life is perfect. They love their college life a lot until Richita's family intervenes. Rahul's logic makes it difficult for everyone to stay with him. Later, all of them lands into corporate world and ends up in the realm of the social-political world. The book covers almost a journey of decade- to To know how the story moves forward, get the book and read it yourself.

Ravindra Shukla has a very fluent and good English. Yes, I get very few opportunities where I get to say that I got to learn something from author's language and this, fortunately, lands up in this good category. He has not used same sentences and emotions to express the events that we get to witness in almost every book. He has his own unique style which makes it evident that the author has talent to write. The way he has embedded lots of issues in a single story is appreciable.

I got to learn so much from those parts. IIT's stories are abundant in market but still this is featured in its own artistic way. I can easily say that I will pick Ravindra Shukla's work next time I'll see it in market. Coming to the review- The coverage of almost 10 years of all the three characters in the book is the reason why this book is good. Even when there are lots of characters in the book initially- Rahul, his mother, Richita, her parents, Roy's, Neerav, professors etc, author has succeeded in defining everyone's character uniquely that attaches us to each one of them.

My favorite character of the book has been of Richita's because it is too real to be called a fictional character. Deen Dayal initially is so natural. The interaction of children with professors in a party-kind-of-gathering is amazing. I loved reading the part. Rahul and Richita's romance in the IIT campus is fine and mature. It isn't kept under the clouds of love making and sex but in determination and passion. The sketching part is sweet. The cheering part during Sporting ceremony is also a beautiful concept.

The way Rahul and Richita has to part their ways later on in the story tells us what realistic world is and how some people have to take such decisions because of the situation. Richita's reaction to Rahul's last letter is emotional even when its expressed in just two sentences. Neerav and Richita's conversation in the Interactive session is very refreshing. Again, Deepak's coverage in the story is appreciable. The USP of this book is the conversations that are described between any characters at any point of time.

Each one of them carries a philosophy and knowledge with a pinch of wit and wisdom in it. I just want to frame all the conversations and place them on walls of my house and read them every morning. They are so good. Not in any other book did I find such wisdom in conversations. Even if you don't have time to read the book, go through its conversation, you will learn a lot. Even the whole business processes and cities' names didn't excite me. Just because the characterization is deep, I kept on reading the book. Yeren's involvement in the story didn't create any magic and it could have been done without including her in the book.

But because author wanted to show how the mentality of Americans and Indians differ, he used the character. Then, the lots of economy and politics that is discussed in the book is sometimes good but sometimes over descriptive. That's all. In all, I would say that the book is different with an outstanding genre.


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I will rate it 4 out of 5. Go get the book. Feb 19, Crestless Wave rated it really liked it. When you are at peak of something, and quite near to call it an achievement; it's hard to leave it all of a sudden. So here comes an end to my online book reviews. No more days of sheer joblessness. Never got the tag of being biased, nor been accused to review any book poorly.

Quite satisfactor When you are at peak of something, and quite near to call it an achievement; it's hard to leave it all of a sudden. Quite satisfactory it is. I will keep on writing the reviews, but not as frequently as I used to write earlier. It had been quite a busy month for me.

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Let us go through the back blurb. However, the cover quality is really poor. The dark background and small font for title makes it hard to notice on the shelves of bookstores. Also there is no lamination over the cover jacket which reduces the shelf life of the book. After just two reads I found some wrinkles on the jacket.

It rarely happens with my book. He described the common events in a way that I never read before. However, there is an issue with the narration i. Shukla has changed the person quite often. Once the story is in First Person Narration, and all of a sudden it becomes a Third Person narration, which not only break the flow but confuses a lot as well.

A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life

The captivity of the story is lost at every moment when the person narration is changed. Shukla smartly trounced all the obstacles. Certain parts have an unfathomable meaning. But I cannot solve the ignorance. I cannot solve the illusion of your mind. There are no complicated terms, everything is so read that you can relate yourself with the story with a lot of ease.

But there are some issues that need to be resolved. The editing could have been a lot better, because there are a lot of spelling mistakes here and there.

Love Ain't Supposed To Hurt

Also the pace of narration is like a roller coaster. It's too fast for a while, then really slow; which is closest to boring. And the length of the book is also a minus point. The book could have been a little shorter if Mr. And this sum came out on a positive side. The way Mr. Shukla described the recession in the U. The realistic characters, unique narration and intellect of the author makes it a wonderful book. If Mr. Shukla is working on another project, I look forward to it. Note to Publisher: Leadstart Corp, you did it again.

Congrats for publishing another superb and different story. Please look in to Cover Designs and Editing department.

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A good cover is as important as a good story. Happy Reading Aug 15, Subramanyam K. I knew the author was an ex-IITian and was real curious on what the author had in the pages to follow as I picked this book. The cover page of the book with 3 shadows was making it all the more tough to guess what was inside. Many questions were crossing my head as I picked this book. How do these choices affect them? Will the struggle and effort they put up in thier lives pay them off? As we all know and acknowledge there are always these powerful and important things like fate, destiny , coincidences etc that end up playing big and huge parts in our lives.

How do the lives of Rahul, Richita and Neerav get impacted by these uncontrollable factors of life, What sectors do these people choose? What sort of turmoil would they undergo in their lives? How can the young and vibrant India give solutions to the socio-political problems of this country? How determined can the individuals be? How do higher levels of maturity help a person handle sensitive issues carefully?

I deliberately am not getting into the details of the each of the characters as revealing that would be a spoiler. I want you to read the book and discover it for yourself. In short this book has many things from innocent love to corporate gaming. From undiluted passion and ideals to greed, lust and immorality the story sways between the extremes bt leaves the reader with an excellent message.

Coming to what all I liked in the book, I loved the depth of thought in conversations between the characters. It all depends on what you can infer. Any answer will depend on some assumption. If you steal little by little it looks like business. Just refine it. Look at the depth of these conversations, I simply loved the way Ravindra Shukla brings up words of wisdom via conversations that look so simple,normal and yet have profound and powerful messages imbibed in them. I also liked the simple english the author chose to use in the book.

One more thing I loved in the book is the passion Rahul has and the way he displays it. After a long time I was moved to tears while I was reading a book. Coming to the areas of improvement, The first part of the book has too much detail. I practically was fighting a feeling to the put the book down. The pace of the story is very slow till the th page or so. I had a lot of trouble traversing those pages. The excess detail could have been cut down. However, the story picks in the second half of the book form the th page or so and the book becomes a page turner.

The way the author merges the sub plots and the way he concludes the book definitely deserve praise and applause. All in all a nice attempt, good to see a lot of books coming from Indian Authors and good to see that they are writing about socio-political happenings in the country. Nice job done Ravindra Shukla ji and nice way to inspire the youth of India. Do pick the book guys, it would definitely be a good read. Mar 14, Vikas Singh rated it really liked it Shelves: indian-author , free-review-copies , i-own.

My Rating: 3. The former and the latter are best friends and sports pals too. Rahul and Richita come into interaction with each other during inter-IIT sports, and the natural frequency matching brings them closer during their exposure to certain social issues pertaining to a dam building site. Romance ensues between the two, while girl's parents start looking out for a suitable 'settled' boy for her. Amidst all this, Rahul starts prioritizing the dam issue at the expense of his project work thus missing the deadline as well as his confirmed chance of MS, and loses an academic year as well.

Richita's parents consider Rahul totally unworthy for her, and fix her marriage with an NRI, Deepak, despite her adamant disinterest. With time, their marriage proves to be more of an arrangement, and not of compatibility. Add in the Wall Street boom of s and the recession afterwords, the marriage is rocking due to pure capitalist attitude of the husband. Neerav, on the other hand, completes his MS, opens a start-up and later starts working on a prospective internet entertainment platform with Yeren, while also bringing Richita on board post their chance meeting after 3 years.

Back in India, Rahul never enters corporate world and rather channels his whole energy into a social youth platform spanning across schools, colleges and universities of Delhi and Lucknow; besides taking up part-time academic research work with his mentor Dr. Sen at IIT Bombay. With RTI tool getting quite popular in the early s, his socio-political movements result in him being threatened for life, which propels him to take the fight with the corrupt govt.

How each of the three protagonists lead and excel in their respective lives forms the main volume of the story. Is Rahul's pain of loss of love behind his aggressive attitude towards life? Does she even want to go back and face Rahul after what she did to him?! What is Neerav's role in the whole story?

Will the maverick heart survive between the throes of love and life?!! To know how three lives get entangled together despite being so far and uninformed of each other, pick up and read the book now. The best thing about the first quarter of the story is the beautiful romance between the love-birds, the solar eclipse episode being the most enchanting.

The second and third quarters slightly go overboard with corporate and capitalist philosophy discussions, which at times, seems over-stretched and boring, but still conveys some meaning. The last pages offer some unexpected turns and the book closes on a heart-warming note. On the other hand, the editorial aspects of the book are poor. Question marks appear frequently despite the sentences not carrying any interrogative approach. Though dialogue writing is good, but most of the times the reader doesn't even get the idea who is speaking what due to lack of brief expressive phrases acting as follow-up to the dialogues.

Apart from this, frequent switching of narration between first and third person greatly hampers the smooth flow of the story. It's not a simple breezy read, be ready for some heavy philosophy at regular intervals. Moreover, there is a glaring contradiction with the character of Yeren - at one point, she brings out Field Medal talk in her introductory discussion with Neerav, while at medal's proper time in the story, she is depicted as totally unaware about it.

Sep 16, Ankita rated it liked it Shelves: , fiction , indian-authors , received-or-won. I hope you read the summary of the book above and noticed the word 'Resonance', I guess most of us are well acquainted with that word but the author Mr. Shukla presented it on a different platter, that word got my attention and in-spite of being pages book of fiction genre it held it's charm Though I have read books more than pages but those are fantasy, my favorite genre. Though I have not been able to read books quite often, my reading speed has come down to 2 books a month because of I hope you read the summary of the book above and noticed the word 'Resonance', I guess most of us are well acquainted with that word but the author Mr.

Though I have not been able to read books quite often, my reading speed has come down to 2 books a month because of the tight schedule And I love reading hence it is a bit disheartening for me Alright coming back to the story, I would say a pleasent cover would have been better, seeing a think book is this cover makes one reluctant and please don't judge this book by the cover, story is better.

This is a story an engineer can easily relate to, or anyone who is career oriented yet have core believes in Love. But it is not that simple. It is about making the big decision, between what your heart craves and what life demands or rather you demand from life. It is about how somewhere down the race of earning Dollars, perusing our dreams we lose connections with our once best-friends, it is about how society underestimates others, how the shine of Dollars matters the most to the society, it is about learning that what seems are not always true.

People change with time and time is never the same. The part of IIT campus life in book is quite exhilarating, the description and writing takes you there, on the grounds, sports fields, classes and well.. The three protagonists are Richita, Rahul and Neerav. All three are charming esteemed students of IIT, Where Richita is a typical Indian girl, when I say typical I mean an Indian girl of this generation who knows how to fly and achieve by keeping her morals intact. I liked that about her as it was easy to relate with her thought process, she is that girl who does not and will not disappoint her parents.

She likes sports and studies but somewhere down the road she fell in love with Rahul, a nice rather not so worldly boy, he has high values and is more focused in inner satisfaction by betterment of the society rather than earning dollars. He is a strong character. The third star is Neerav, you can call him the hunk with brains in the group, he is charming. Now that Rachita and Rahul a couple, he isn't the third wheel but good friends with both, specially Richita. When family comes into the picture, it either make or break thing, here Richita's family choose another guy Deepak for Richita, Deepak is this hot-shot perfect NRI, Wall street Millionaire and Richita's parents believe that Deepak will be best suited for Richita not Rahul because Rahul had a bad fall which disturbed his whole career and his plannings.

They say a lonely broken heart has immense power and energy, and Rahul is left with that after Richita left, he channeled his complete energy not in earning Dollars but for the betterment of the society addressing corruption and other black sides and is in bad terms with politicians.

Aug 18, Pallavi Kamat rated it it was ok. We are not on the same page etc.? How do their characters shape out, as they traverse from an educational environment through the corporate world to the realm of the socio-political world? During their academic sessions, Rahul and Richita get attracted to each other and fall in love. Neerav and Rahul become best buddies. The author has described their interaction well, in addition to painting a realistic picture of the campus as well, including the famous lake where Rahul and Richita spend a lot of time discussing about their dreams and their future.

Do Rahul and Richita come together? Will they convince their respective families for this alliance considering they are barely qualified engineers? What importance does money play while deciding a career vis-a-vis wanting to contribute to society and make a change? Can both these meet at a common point? Does having a lot of degrees make you a better person?

Can you truly forget your first love and move on with your life? How do you measure success — by your material possessions or by the impact your work has made on your surrounding environment? These are some of the questions Ravindra seeks to explore in this book. His writing style is easy-going; the three main characters have been well-developed and you are interested in knowing more about their lives as the book progresses. Since the author himself is an engineering graduate, he has written quite in detail about the technical aspects.

The only negative for me was that I felt the book resembled the movie Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi a lot — it, too, talks about some of the points I mentioned above including the critical decision — to sell your soul for money or to enter the social sector without any financial concerns. To get free books log on to thereaderscosmos. This review first appeared on my blog www. Dec 13, Atmika rated it liked it. This book surprised me.

I judge books by their cover and this one didn't really appeal to me. The summary was interesting and quite different so I decided to give it a try. I was assuming it to be like Bhagat's books and Boy, was I wrong or what? It is definitely better and more relate-able. The conversations, characters are all very real. I could connect and sympathize with their dilemma's and struggles. The problems they face are the kind that we all face or see our friends facing. I loved Rahu This book surprised me. I loved Rahul.

He is such a nice guy. Mature, sensitive and intelligent. Richita is sweet and smart. She loves her parents and my heart goes out for her.

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She was trapped in such unfortunate circumstances, she never really had a choice. Neerav was my favorite. He is such a good friend. I wanted more of him in the book. All three of them are like-able and real. I loved being a part of their journey. The book is more than a love-story. It is a story of three lives. It is a story of friendship and love. It is story of choices and their outcome. The writing is intelligent and has a depth to it. It makes you pause and think. It impressed me. The author knows what he is talking about. He gives us an insight into the life of an engineer and what we end up losing when we are busy running after money.

The book raises some important questions. The problems are really with the editing which is generally an issue I have with most of Indian books. The narration transitioned from third person to first person and left me feeling confused. There were times when I had to read a few lines to understand who is talking. And that's quite irritating. The book is pages long. The second half of the book is stretched to the point of boredom. There are new characters and after a while it was hard to keep up. There is also a tendency to give too much information, which was just a waste because this book could have been a lot better.

Overall, definitely a worth reading book. There are so many lines that I can quote from the book. When we come here, we get ourselves lost in its beauty and vastness. Years of sorrow and pain lies in the depth of this lake. You do not know what was here years back. Probably, a ditch full of stagnant water and mud breeding mosquitoes. Now here we have beautiful lake surrounded by lush green bushes and beautiful flowers.

The place is beautiful today, so we come and enjoy its company, its presence. We do not think about its past or we do not to know what will happen here years later. We enjoy the beauty of its present. Sorry for the delay in reviewing the book. I've been really busy with work. Nov 12, Dipali rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. However, if we happen to meet someone with for whom we feel our frequencies, wavelengths matches and we gel well. This is the story about young kids, with different family backgrounds as their outlook match during their graduation days at IIT-Bombay campus and they become close friends. We find love, sacrifice, emotions, and politics.

All were beautifully defined. There were so many characters that readers will get confused but Ravinder had nicely defined each character that we can easily recognize them without getting confused. The Three main characters Rahul, Richita and neerav were very interesting to read. They have different backgrounds but destiny made them together and till the end they were attached with each other emotionally and physically.

It was passionate and mature. And their sacrifice for each other was commendable. Deepak as a husband was also nice to read. It was intense, love, sacrifice that she faced during whole life was appreciable. Even when She had to confront Deepak for divorce was also interesting. The best part of the book was some wisdom words which were mentioned in the book. The climax was good and interesting. Now my Positive viewpoints: The concept and climax is good, on each and every page it will teach you a lesson.

The struggle and achievement of a young generation and their significance in the current socio-eco-political era have been narrated well. Mention of too much politics is something which makes reader to lose interest and story become boring. Some suggestive points: Overall the book is really good and very well expressed; I would like to suggest that a little stringent editing was required as there are some typing errors in the book. Also would like to mention that few chapters can be removed, like the long description of college completion, politics and other things would have made it much better.

Final words: Overall if asked I would say Dec 16, Mohan Vamsi Tatapudi rated it really liked it Shelves: indian. Frankly I was little bit hesitant initially thinking it might be one of those many books about love from IITians. But once I started reading the book, the characters are so real that I simply could not put it down. Rahul can be described as a brilliant student in mathematics who follows his own heart even when he loses the person he loves.

Neerav is happy-go-lucky guy who reaches phenomenal rise in corporate world but still in touch with Rahul on his visits to India. The author must be applauded for the good intentions in showing that you can give back something for the society in these materialistic times. The love story in IIT campus is sensible and mature. As many people reviewed this book earlier, I too had issues with the editing. And also the emotions of Richita during her break-up with Rahul could have been well described. In the same way things move very fast, when Rahul is struggling with the local politicians and frustrated by corruption.

His thoughts could have been explained more. I am giving 4 stars for this book because it is different in its approach and inspires you to celebrate humanity. Definitely a satisfying read. Read these quotes and you will get reflection of quality.

A Maverick Heart : Between love and life A Maverick Heart : Between love and life
A Maverick Heart : Between love and life A Maverick Heart : Between love and life
A Maverick Heart : Between love and life A Maverick Heart : Between love and life
A Maverick Heart : Between love and life A Maverick Heart : Between love and life
A Maverick Heart : Between love and life A Maverick Heart : Between love and life

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