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The next time, I feel like the worse person in the world. If I could at least accept it and feel good about the fact that the situation has gotten better? That I have not thrown up in probably over a year. That little by little I drink less and less, but does not help because the mare thought and frustration the whole thing tells me that I am enslaved to this.

Any thoughts of home for me? Do I even make any sense? Hello Lissette. Yes, you are making perfect sense. The fact that you are drinking less and less is a good sign to me and is one full of hope. Never quite trying for God never gives up on His children. You can look back over a year ago and see progress. This is evidence of your growing in holiness and the fact that you feel convicted when you DO drink is testimony to the Holy Spirit working in you.

Remember that a child of God is sealed by the Holy Spirit for the day of redemption Eph 1 and God is working in those who are trying to overcome. I see progress and so try to see how much you are growing. We win in the end. Victory is won in Jesus Christ already 2 Cor He would die all over again, just to save one of us — praise God for that love!!

I too prayed for her Chris and let me tell you brother, I thank God for prayer warriors and godly men like you sir. I am so overjoyed at your words of comfort to Lissette. Lissette…there are now two men praying for you…one a godly man of faith Chris and another man train-wreck but God will hear our prayers in your behalf. I too agree with Chris…. We will slip and fall time and again but God is infinitely loving in His picking us up again.

I see a two edged sword.

On the one hand, if you hear the Holy Spirit directing you to not drink, you must stop your drinking. If on the other hand, other Christians are making you feel guilty by their boasting, you will not find peace by joining them! Overlooked it, perhaps? Do tend to read too fast, Pastor, as you know. Wow, Pastor Jack! His writing is superb! A lot like you, Pastor Jack! Now about Lissette April 25, …her story touched me deeply. Strongly believe your words have comforted and guided Lissette. What a beautiful name, huh? Oodles of blessing to you and your family, Pastor Jack!

Always, in Christ, Jesus…Patty. I am in awe with all of your posts! I was out all day and read them on my phone, but could not wait to get home to write back in the peaceful setting of my home. It is SO nice to know that I am not alone or judged by my brothers and sisters in Christ. When I say this I think of my pastors and leaders and I am a little embarrassed because although I love them; I would not address this issue with them unless they asked me.

Oh boy!

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You can imagine how I left church that day… This is just a topic that I have always wanted to discuss, but with people who really understand and care enough to talk about it like Pastor Jack who does not even drink. Pastor, your article does not judge anyone, in the contrary, it felt to me like a soothing hand on my back. AND forget my worldly friends who think I am crazy and that I am over thinking things. So the fact that I ran into this site is a miracle of my beautiful Lord who knows what I am going through and is placing everyone he can in my way to let me know that He is not mad at me.

I actually realized today that I was under an spiritual attack. Yes, I know this is another topic but I have to share since it entangled and brought up all these feelings of guilt, especially with alcohol. This is really an amazing thing because I see things so different. This time it came from sinning in a dream. It started on Tuesday and lasted until yesterday. It got me really down even though I knew I had no control over my dream and I ended up sinning for real. Finally I broke down yesterday with these posts and I was able to pray about it. We must endure all suffering which does not compare to the happiness we will feel later.

I am sorry for such a long post. I had to force myself to stop writing. May God bless all of you immensely for literally helping a sister I am Cuban and live in Miami, Florida. My name is actually very common here, but thanks for the compliment, Patricia. God bless! Lissette, I have found that the more we are trying to overcome something in our lives the more the Enemy wants to attack us and discourage us.

The very fact that you feel convicted over this is great evidence that God is working in you. The day that you feel no remorse is the day that we are in danger…but please check out this article on Spiritual Attacks and how we can put on the armor of God. Hello, Lissette! Always in a hurry to get to the gist of the article or story!

Often awake in the wee hours of mornings, especially since my hubby, Gary, retired in Lissette, did you happen to read my comment to Pastor Jack on this article? January 19, That may give you an idea of where yours truly here is coming from about imbibing alcohol. That was the only thing about your comment that confused me. Oh, I just love this brother-in-Christ of mine! Simply refuses to accept any compliments re:his writings!

Exasperates me to no end, Lissette! Yet, Pastor Jack is effusing with compliments to others!!! In my own loving opinion, you need to surround yourself with true Christians…Oh, Pastor Jack could explain this much, much better than me. Yes, I DO ramble on. Will tell you about that another time, though. Do you have Facebook, Lissette? Since finding a new sister-in-Christ, so much do I want to know about you, Lissette!

What a blessing that would be to have another little sister!!!

Thanks sooo much for responding to Pastor Jack, Chris and me, Lissette! Will be putting you, your hubby, and your folks on my Prayer Board. A list of people I daily pray for. Oodles of blessings for you and your family! About your lovely name…is the accent on first or second syllable? Was reading up on the subject of drinking and being a Christian. I have only been going to church for 8 months now but it has made an amazing difference in my life.

I was angry with god for too many years. I want to share a story. My father died when I was two in He and my mom had been to a new years party he had been drinking, they came home we were all asleep and in the morning she awoke to find him beside her he had vomited in his sleep he was gone at the age of I was to young to remember him. He had been to Vietnam so I know he probably also killed people so sense I have been going to church I have went to the alter and prayed to god many times for a sign to please show me if my father is there with him.

I read these letters many times. While reading them for the the time this letter I never read before was in there and in this letter my dad asks my mom if she bought the BIBLE he told her about. And his told her to please go to church for him. And when he got back he was taking her to church!! Now I know that was gods sign to me…. I called my brother he looked in his copy and that letter was not in his copy either.. But I know my dad was drinking the night he died. And I know god let him in heaven. Some day I will see my daddy…. Just wanted to say I guess he makes exceptions..

I find social drinking and that lifestyle to be incompatible with the Gospel. Paul says to not get drunk with wine, but to be filled with the Spirit. So many people use Jesus drank wine as an excuse to drink. Jesus did not live in the American culture and the Gospel in this culture is at many times in contradiction with a social drinking lifestyle. As an analogy Christians rarely talking as smoking cigarettes as sin, but how many people can smoke one without being addicted?

Smoking and drinking often go together. Why would one be a sin and not the other? I do think that people compromise their faith because of alcohol. How many people who drink have never been drunk or buzzed? The Mayo clinic says that no one should drink for the health benefits. So many Christians want to drink so much and use their freedom in Christ to drink that they would probably not be Christians if drinking was a salvation issue.

A drunk smoker will move heaven and earth to get their hands on some darts.

Is something that is divisive as that something that is of God or should be encouraged? It may not be a sin for a lot of people, but I think the most logical position is to abstain. Paul says not to use your freedom in Christ to indulge the sinful nature or to make a stumbling block for any other believer. It is a sin for people in rehab to drink alcohol and I think Christians are called to be different. Matt…I totally agree.

This is the reason that I drink no alcohol, even though I may be at liberty to do so, but as Paul writes and you say in a sense, if it makes others stumble, then it is sin. I agree that we can really hurt our witness and the cause of Christ. By the way, the reason they drank wine was because the water supply in Judea was terribly bad and you could get very sick…and from historians, they say that the wine was very, very watered down as to be almost non-toxicant. Amen Matt, Finally someone wrote with some common sense. God Bless. What do you think about the story I wrote about my father?

Do you believe he still made it to heaven even if he had to many drinks beforehe went to sleep. My story is in this thread a few entry s up. Curious of some opinions. I pray that you give it a listen. Thank You. I myself are still a sinner…. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.

I pray this gives you comfort. We also got to remember that the wine back in the day is different from the wine today. To me, this was an interesting post Pastor Jack. But for me, im just going to avoid drinking and focus on my relationship with God. Thank you Mr. I agree totally…. I think for most of us, abstinence is the best rule of thumb. Thank you sir for your comment. Interesting read in relation to those who grapple with how intoxicated is too intoxicated. I think the point at which we begin to lose control of our heart, our sense of control to the point that we have so little control over it that we begin sprouting profanities and being open to suggestions of mischief becomes the time that we have past the limit of how much alcohol we should have consume.

It is at that time we have put ourselves in a place of Mortal as well as Spiritual higher risk. How dangerous the over consumption of alcohol is from a spiritual point I believe to some part has to do with the surrounding you are in when you drink. If you sit down with your wife at home and drink until you are both very merry and full of high spirits surely does not lead to many sins.

However if you sit down at a bar with the girls from work and consume away you have put yourself in spiritual danger. I do however wonder for those who do become that way when drunk if it is just not giving them a warning that they must address what is buried deep in their hearts and an amount of work on the heart is required. I would like to add a point here I think is important. Radical overstatement of drinking being a grievous sin, as is prevalent in many congregations and by many strict religious parents, many times leads our youth and children being in more dangerous situations when they drink than need be.

I would prefer that my children if they want to drink could do it around me. If at some time they go to the point of over drinking I want it to be when I am around. I can pick them up I can protect them. Many youth get hurt physically and spiritually because their first experiences with alcohol are done in secrete with so called friends because they are too embarrassed to have that experience in front parents who have forbidden drinking.

Tim, this is Spencer. If you see this, please email me at spencer 97 -at- gmail dot com. How can I properly witness? I will also not set myself up for satan to gain any ground around me! One is my rule. One glass of wine or one beer. I want to always be ready to serve HIM. Make Him smile brothers and sisters of Christ! Make HIM smile!!! I agree with you that we must stay sober and ready for the Enemy is vigilent and can make us stumble by alcohol. I do not even drink anything for being a pastor, I am being seen by many, including my children and grandchildren and will not even bring it into our home.

Even so, I will not judge others who have wine or beer but we do understand that drunkenness is a sin and drunkenness opens us up to even greater evils. Thank you Christie for a very common sense comment. This is an excellent article and I totally agree. So that makes me wonder about this passage in Acts But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words: For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.

Were the mockers so daft as to think new wine could cause drunkenness? Could Peter have offered a better retort by simply pointing out that new wine was non-alcoholic? Obviously not true. Excess drinking causes drunkenness. Christians should not drink wine to the point of drunkenness. My husband and I have, on certain rare occasions, enjoyed A glass of wine with a special meal. We did not leave the table drunk. And, we did not, as Christians , commit sin.

High As Heaven, Drunk As Hell

And we would not have that wine if we were in the presence of people who were either offended by it or had problems with it. There is a danger in going beyond the scriptures or handling certain scriptures dishonestly. Many people can read the Bible for themselves. They can understand what the words actually mean without having another interpretation being forced upon them. When they hear others making such adamant declarations as some have made they will discount whatever else these folks have to say, even if the rest is true.

Thank you for the comments concerning WINE. Yes, the issue is one that is greatly understood, and likewise is also greatly misunderstood. I am a former Catholic, but never in heart. In fact we are now without a church. I could write here a long, long letter outlining many, many ways the Baptist Church does that very thing. The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; Romans King James Version. Romans ,19 King James Version.

Taking great care to explain this warning of God, needs to be clearly explained to the Natural Man. Is not Salvation the Gift of God? Sure it is. So why do men do this? In my experiences I am convicted that men do so because men usually do what they choose to do. We must be very careful that we rightly divide the word of truth. We have lived here in Rota since But in Spain everyone drinks both Wine and Beer. But certainly there are many who do become drunk. But generally speaking most people here drink only as part of a meal or while Tapa Hopping.

I do the same, and so do my children and all my family, but you will never see any of us drunk with wine. Yet in the Baptist Church drinking wine in any amount, no matter how small the amount is seen as not just sin, but as a Mortal Sin. And so now I am searching out a seaworthy sailing vessel that I can purchase and then go Sailing4Jesus as my Email address implies. If God blesses me to see that desire come to be, then I shall go sailing to the places unreachable by any other mens but by a small sailing vessel. Know this, that God will hold all men accountable that do such things.

Just any day now our LORD is coming. Love this website. Totally agree that the full council of the Word of God prohibits drunkenness, but not the consumption of alcohol. Food, alcohol, sex, etc. And Brother Chauncey Freeman, I enjoyed your post. The church has become a business and is filled with sin and lack of righteousness. My family meets in our home with a small group of believers.

We are doers of the Word and not hearers, only. We are looking more and more like the Church you see in the Book of Acts everyday. We have been reaching out to the wayward teenagers in our area. Kids that have been in and out of jail and rehab. We have had 7 baptisms in the bathtub , and these kids are experiencing true transforming salvation in Jesus Christ. This is a blessed way to live. Go buy your boat, Bro. Chauncey and reach the unreached for Jesus. What an encouraging comment Lisa.

You are taking the great omission of most believers and living out the Great Commission. The sad fact is that only 1 in 20 evangelicals will share their faith with at least one other person and get this…. Way to go sister in Christ. Glory to God. You are being the hands and feet of Jesus instead of being pew potatoes and getting into private holy huddles.

You go believers…GO! We live in southern Kansas and we are taking to the streets! If you ever make it to Mississippi, look us up. You would be welcome here. I believe God is starting a new work in the the USA. Praise God there is still hope for us! Brother Freeman, I love your heart, go get that boat.

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Meanwhile in the USA we have christians that are brainwashed that wine is bad but then we have the majority of people suffering from wary disease. My thanks to you too sir for your encouraging comments. We have a winery nearby in our city and the Elderberry Wine is one of the most medicinal and beneficial things that is possible to consume for those who have arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, sinus infections and a host of other ailments that would simply vanish if we used this wine more often.

I thank God that not all Christians are brainwashed and I thank God for you pastor for your biblically sound thinking and I can imagine that your church is blessed by your being their shepherd under the Great Shepherd. Further, since alcohol is more expensive than most drinks we can save money by not buying it and use the money saved to fund vaccines or other assistance for children in third world countries.

The Bible is very emphatic that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. That means not wasting money on completely unnecessary things such as alcohol and using the money save to help others in need. This is Pro not vs Drinking alcohol is not good for health and it may lead to death. I have a friend who met with accident due to drunken driving. Anti social behaviour is common in most alcohol addicts and which is not good for society and people around us. I help people these days to overcome alcohol addiction and drug abuse, some incidents change life.

Thank you for this article!! I am currently in a bad with my husband about this! I feel clearly it states being a drunkard is a sin. My husband drinks everyday and is becoming obsessed with alcohol and always wants more and more. He has a few friends when they come around the entire time revolves about drinking.

We have to have drinks before we go to an event then hand some in the car before we go in and so in. Whenever these certain friends come I know to expect a lot of drinking and crudeness. Cause I am not choosing what they are. My husband just says in being judgement and need to get over it and just enjoy them. So I did take the blame and though maybe something is wrong with me cause in suppose to love them in Christ no matter what they are doing. This is a lie. I choose not to waste my days with drinking or bring around other believes who drink just to get drunk. And I got hammered on every dude from my husband and he said a lot of hateful and mean things.

I feel at peace with my decision and right with the lord, but my heart is breaking at the same time.

A Drunk's Guide to Heaven - RoseDog Books

Just would like prayers and guidance in this time since my husband is unwilling to listen to anything I have to say or feel about the matter. I have resigned to not speaking about it to him anymore and just praying and loving and caring for him. I love the Lord and he is my first in my life and I will follow him no matter the cost.

Thank you Leslie. It is not okay to get drunk as you said and just keep standing your ground and we can pray together to have your husband and your friends see the sin and are convicted of it. A good reading of 1 John chapter 3 shows that no believer can claim to be a believer and live in sin. Just keep loving him, praying and putting God first…as I see you are doing exactly all you can and I admire your strong faith in this great trial in your life.

He turned water into wine. We strain to turn it into grape juice. Frankly, if Jesus did not proscribe the drinking of wine, why do we go to such great efforts to do Him one better? In both of these case, we do violence to Scripture and dishonor our Lord. God looses and man binds. Most people who study to learn what the Bible teaches about drinking alcohol totally miss what Jesus taught at the marriage in Cana. Again, Jesus separates Christian living from Pharisaical and legalistic limits on behavior.

I agree that individuals who drink to excess everyday and at every occasion may well be guilty of drunkenness which is a sin. Also, I completely agree that some individuals should not drink a drop as they cannot handle it or can afford it. I always check with anyone I am with if drinking an alcoholic beverage bothers them and if they say it does or by their actions I see it does bother them, I do not drink any alcohol in their presence.

Being a drunkard is quite different than someone who drinks a couple glasses of wine or a couple of beers. If you are surprised to find out that a Christian brother or sister drinks alcohol its because it is not controlling their lives; its not an idol. The brother or sister keeps a biblical view of moderation as they do with most things in their lives. On the other hand it would not be surprising that you would sit down to a dinner with a Christian brother and find that he is a glutton for in his appearance it is obvious that he has difficulty controlling himself around food.

It is absolutely blasphemous to teach or to go through great hermeneutical hoops to reach the unbiblical stance of abstinence when it comes to alcohol. Maybe this big blinder was place by Satan himself to keep hidden from us the true idols of our attention and affection. For some that absolutely may be alcohol; but for others it may be the focus on alcohol that blind them to the sin and bondage in their own lives. How may I join your group and email list?? I realize this comment thread goes back to but I so enjoyed it…Please reply…. I am so glad you want to join us Marilyn.

We cannot do this for you.

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You must do it yourself. Thank you. In fact, the reason I am posting on here is because I was searching the internet to find out why I always feel so close to God after I have drank alcohol. Maybe someone can give me an answer? The word of God says that we need as individuals work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, It also says that if something causes us to sin then we should pluck it out of our lives.

The lead character dog is shown drunk and singing, and there's cigar smoking, including scenes in which the lead antagonist dog blows smoke in the face of a little orphan girl. Parents who grew up watching this movie might be shocked at much of the content, and could use this as an opportunity to discuss how some content, behavior, and stereotyping that was permissible in the past is no longer tolerated. Add your rating See all 21 parent reviews.

Add your rating See all 23 kid reviews. Charlie B. When Charlie tries to reclaim his share of the casino they ran, Carface has him killed. Charlie goes to Heaven, which he finds way too dull. He returns to Earth by stealing his life span watch. Charlie rebuilds his empire with the help of Itchy and Anne-Marie, an orphan girl who can talk to animals.

Charlie uses her to get horse-racing information while emptily promising to help her find new parents. But this doesn't seem to bother younger viewers, who enjoy having their shorter attention spans tweaked. The key of the film is its uplifting message that people and dogs can always follow through on their word and be redeemed.

Despite his selfish deeds, Charlie eventually does the right thing, and earns back his place in heaven, while Carface is carted off, presumably to be eaten by a crocodile. Many don't seem to mind the film's darkness, which is set in an urban world of poverty that couldn't contrast more with the squeaky-clean suburban normality of most kids' movies. It helps that the characters and backgrounds are drawn with entrancing style, and that the story isn't as grim as the setting might suggest.

But more sensitive children may be disturbed by the depiction of death and violence. Families can talk about how drinking and smoking is shown in this movie. Should entertainment for kids show characters drinking and smoking, even if it's meant to represent or parody characters from a certain time and place e. How does Charlie change for the better during the movie? How does the movie express the theme of forgiveness?

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Jesus ‘would have drunk beer’, says priest

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A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven A Drunks Guide to Heaven
A Drunks Guide to Heaven

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