A Breath Away

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Mathieu Romain Duris and his wife or ex-wife their relationship is never clarified Anna Olga Kurylenko are parents to Sarah Fantine Harduin , who has a rare disease that forces her to live in a glass bubble in order to survive. With one floor and a hell of a long inhale between them, Matthieu, Anna and their daughter communicate via walkie talkies, as they try to devise a plan to evacuate, while making sure to change the batteries to her air-purifying bubble every so often. With the stakes so high but the characters so ill-defined, the film feels like a missed opportunity.

The film is so focused on Anna and Mathieu saving their daughter, but it fails to add meat to the bones of their relationship. Duris and Kurylenko perform with an appropriate intensity, but they each have so little to work with that their portrayals end up feeling overwrought.

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In an infuriating scene, Anna takes a moment from all the chaos to talk to her daughter about the afterlife and being in love. But the film has neither great action sequences nor nuanced character psychologies. There is an inspired shot of an S. S sign hanging from Notre-Dame, but both of these visions of chaos feel like glimpses of better films.

Loved the location. Apartment is comfortable and well equipped.


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We had a great time! The location was superb!

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They were very helpful! All in all a very good experience. Hosted by Konstantinos.

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A Breath Away

The neighborhood. He and a fr Print Page Tweet No one had warned me that the crowd at Fantasia likes to meow. Popular Blog Posts Who do you read?

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Good Roger, or Bad Roger? Roger Ebert This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland.

A Breath Away A Breath Away
A Breath Away A Breath Away
A Breath Away A Breath Away
A Breath Away A Breath Away
A Breath Away A Breath Away

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