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Go online and see what your hotel offers. You probably check out your hotel before you book it to make sure it has the amenities you like, so check out the gym too. Some hotel gyms are fully equipped with circuit machines, free weights, treadmills and ellipticals. Others have fantastic pools where you can swim laps, and some even have fitness classes.

Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever tried planking on top of a fridge? How about on a desk, a train or on top of a billboard sign? Neither have I. No need to do endless crunches or break out expensive equipment: planking is an easy, all-terrain, effective exercise. For many regions right now, stepping outside means braving icy terrain, sub-zero temperatures and knife-edge wind chills.

Either way, nothing motivates us to trade in our couch potato status for a new gym membership like newfound love. If you're exercising consistently and truly challenging yourself at the gym, but you're still not losing weight or you're exercising and continuing to gain weight, it's time to rethink what you eat. Shop for success to achieve success on the scale.

Whether your fitness journey started as a New Year's resolution or a desire to fit into a swimsuit, you probably began with inspiration and motivation. You may have lost weight rapidly and noticed your body change in positive ways. That's to be expected. I know what you are thinking: Tips on how to get a better run?

How about being happy that you run at all, right? We hear you. You can barely run a mile one week and the next, it seems like you can run for miles and miles. The good news is you can prevent injury with a little bit of planning, a realistic weekly running regimen for your fitness level, and an awareness of some of the most common running injuries. A strong overall body can prevent injuries in any sport or activity of your choice. With the growing popularity of boot camp-style classes and back-to-basics workouts, bodyweight exercises are becoming increasingly common in and outside of the gym.

And for good reason! Bodyweight exercises involve simple yet efficient movements that burn fat, build muscle, boost cardiovascular fitness and improve stability — with no equipment required. A lot of people walk into the gym with certain body parts on their minds — they want to target the triceps, focus on the inner thighs or work their biceps to exhaustion. Let us explain.

No matter what your eating habits are at home, you know that travel presents a new kind of challenge to sticking with healthy choices. Temptations tend to surface at family outings, poolside gatherings and vacation spots. If you want to avoid getting derailed from eating healthy when you are away from home, try some of these tricks of travel.

If you are training to run a 5k, 10k or half marathon, you just might want to beat your number one opponent: YOU. Here are a few tips to help you improve your running time and establish that personal best. Shoveling snow, scraping windshields and running from the car to the office burns calories, but enough is enough. We want spring! The medicine ball is a master of versatility.

What else can you toss, bounce, lift and throw in the pool? Yes, they float! Where you start and where you finish are miles apart— Watching how your body can increasingly cover more miles, at a faster pace when you stick to a training schedule, is an amazing transformation to experience. Here are a few more tools to complete the picture of YOU as a serious marathon runner. One thing that can be less than amazing? Getting your pre-pregnancy body back. Once you feel ready and your doctor gives you the green light, here are five great exercises that can help you get your workout routine back on track.

Do you really think the way to start a sparkling new year is to hammer on yourself to make personal changes? I bet you did some things right in for your health and fitness, right? Start the year strong by focusing on your accomplishments and use them to propel you to success in The Wii and Xbox have turned gaming into a workout for both kids and adults.

A recent CDC fitness study found that only one in four teens aged 12 to 15 meet the standards of an hour or more of moderate to vigorous activity every day. In many regions of the country, winter is two months too long! Yes, there is nothing so over as the holidays and when you are ready to burn off the holiday fruitcake, eggnog and sugar cookies.

How about taking it up a notch and trying a high intensity interval workout? Just remember, when it comes to choosing a gym to join, there is no one-size-fits-all. You have to weigh the pros and cons. You have to ask yourself the right questions: Geographically desirable?

Do you value the same things? Are your goals aligned? Your gym is packed. If you want to overachieve, you can extend the workout by shoveling the sidewalks or helping out your neighbors. Here are some important ways you can use snow shoveling to make this workout work! Give something meaningful by giving the gift of wellness. If the people you associate with the most care about health and fitness, that probably means you do too. Your associations influence your decisions. Healthy friends and healthy family means healthy you!

So what are some cool new gifts to give your fitness peeps this holiday? From the U. The enviable body part that everybody wants but are tough to get. To make the six-pack process easier, commit to an early morning core session four to five days a week in addition to your normal workouts. A before and after photo of a weight loss journey or muscle-building plan is common. But what about taking a weekly photo of yourself from the beginning all the way through your transformation instead?

These simple shots will keep you motivated, track your progress, and help you reach your end goals. You might feel like you gain weight just thinking about the holidays. Are you hosting the holiday? Sitting too much is detrimental to your health and can increase your risk for a cascade of health ills including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and depression. Even a little is better than nothing. Try one of these ideas:. So warm-up your car already; your workout is waiting! With gyms bursting at the seams during the first few weeks of the New Year, it can be tough to get a spot on a treadmill or elliptical.

We're here to encourage you to keep up the good work long after New Year's Day. As the old saying goes, work harder not longer - so step up and fit 10 minutes into your day:. Travel makes exercise difficult but not impossible. You just have to come prepared. We get it. Yep, you read that right—you can become a morning person and get up and workout. We've already given you some tips to help but this is so important, we want you to know more. Rather than dread the cold or let it hinder your exercise, follow our advice and be prepared.

The key to comfortable cold weather workouts is what you wear. Shared from The American Council on Exercise. Unlike most forms of cardio, swimming makes it possible to work your body without the harsh impact to the joints. And just like land-based exercise, swimming offers a long list of benefits, including increased muscle tone and strength, improved flexibility, and reduced resting and exercise heart rates. Hello, winter! The days of sunny carefree runs are long gone thanks to snowy and slippery conditions.

Thankfully, the trusty treadmill is not a one trick pony. Mix up your workout these four ways to bust boredom and burn calories on the belt! When your body runs out of fuel, the same thing happens. To avoid empty tank syndrome, fuel with carbohydrates pre-workout. Amidst the cat videos and music videos, YouTube is actually a goldmine for free workouts and exercise instruction!

Dive in, dunk under or take a dip! However you want to call it, swimming is a great way to get a good workout, especially if you have arthritis or bad joints. Thus, this phenomenon makes pool time the perfect low-impact activity for those who suffer pain during land-based exercises.

We live in a media-savvy world, and information about health — some legitimate, some dubious — is in abundance. You probably read magazine articles or scroll for tidbits on your smart phone about how to work out better, eat smarter or lose those extra pounds. But what are you actually doing about it? Unless you are a highly motivated self-starter who always sticks to workouts, you may want to consider finding a workout partner.

Squeeze out the last bit of sunshine by heading to the waterfront. Lakes, oceans and rivers offer a plethora of activities that will get your heart rate up and muscles working. Check out our favorites below and take your pick! Think of food and exercise as a dance between two partners — you want to be in sync.

You want to avoid feeling full and sluggish, but you also want to avoid feeling empty and weak. Yep, that means saying no to your phone, computer and television. Hard to remember, right? When we want to lose inches off our waist, conventional wisdom has us mounting treadmills, traversing the open roads, and whirling from station to station for high-intensity interval training. This is well and good — all of these activities are healthy ways to incinerate calories and torch excess fat. Fall TV premiere season is here. Is your favorite show calling your name to the couch?

Yep, it happens to the best of us. Have you noticed more Stepmills at your gym? The Stepmill is having resurgence in popularity and for good reason. Athletes have always run the stairs for cardio, and now gym-goers are figuring out that taking the stairs is a seriously good workout. We know it can be a challenge to fit every task and chore into your day, but what are you truly using your time for where exercise could go? Looking to amplify your workout on a walk or run?

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Look to the lunge. This do-anywhere exercise will firm up your glutes and strengthen your hamstrings, quads and calves. With tons of variations, your backside will never get bored! One medicine ball. Five moves. Step away from the car wash, folks! Instead, swap a sponge and bucket for the gym and do it in your own driveway. You can easily turn this dreaded household chore into a great workout. Why go the extra mile? Put a little swing into your workout with an old school Russian exercise tool that does wonders for the body: the kettlebell!


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Looking for a pre-workout pump? Skip the expensive energy drinks and reach for a classic cup of coffee. Now the big rubber ball is bouncing into the workplace. While Wii Tennis is a blast, it will never be the same as the real thing. Grab your rackets and head out to the courts as a family instead!

Thunder thighs. Harsh, we know. But thighs are a common problem area for men and women alike. The culprit? Glute obsession. Most people are so concerned with their glutes that they completely neglect their quads in the gym. But our quadriceps the front part of our thighs are the last thing we should neglect. If you want to purchase organic but your wallet says otherwise, consider starting with organic fruits and vegetables.


Sloppy strength training — including poor form, incomplete repetitions and ill-conceived resistance weight — is simply a waste of time. When we start exercising consistently, two truths emerge: repetition helps us achieve our goals, but too much repetition fosters boredom. So how do we resolve this issue while continuing to improve?

Need to refresh your strength routine? How about picking up a resistance band? What excuse keeps you from exercising? How do you spend your lunch break? Are you hunched over your keyboard chowing down on a sandwich? Or are you on the phone trying to sneak in bites while the other person talks?

Both ways are common, and both ways are too sedate. At Life Fitness, we love how bodyweight exercises hit multiple muscle regions, work both strength and cardio, and incinerate calories. Yet less than 1 percent of workers nationwide bike to work. Give it a shot, and make an open-air ride to work part of your daily routine! Of course it does, because we all indulge in these stressful and innaccurate thoughts.

Sure, they're inaccurate. This type of thinking claims that stress is created by an outside event — the work, the boss, the traffic or the test. Winter gear needs to be stashed, while warm-weather items need to make its grand entrance finally! As you get your patio and garage in tip-top shape, you can get some heavy lifting done and get in shape, too. That aching pressure in the lower legs, as if our shinbones are brittle twigs bent at odd angles, can damage our workout performance and even deter us from running. With spring finally here and the treadmill lines and running trails opening up, the question is this — how can we stop shin splints before they stop us?

We all know it feels good to stretch, but why is flexibility training so important?

Healthy Habits | Amy Dix

There are three components of fitness: cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility training. And while many see the importance of cardiovascular and strength exercise, few understand the importance of incorporating flexibility into their workouts. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, nobody can be perfect all the time.

We are human beings with cravings and behaviors that naturally make us want to diverge from a diet and exercise plan. The key to giving into the cravings without completely sabotaging all of your hard work is moderation. What gives? Rice cakes. Cabbage soup. Eating should be enjoyable, not miserable. Do you meticulously count calories to stay fit?

We hate to break it to you, but a calorie brownie is not the same as calories worth of broccoli. If running or walking is your workout of choice, nothing is worse than an ache or pain. The good news? With a smart plan and a few simple strategies, you combat these common and annoying ailments. When May hits, a scramble to prepare for swimsuit season sweeps the gym. But why wait until spring? Now, in the dead of winter, is the perfect time to start building your glutes!

With ski season in full swing, we want your next trip down the hill or mountain to be strong, speedy, and safe. To conquer all three—plus that black diamond—the exercises you do before and after hitting the slopes are crucial. They have superb coordination, unbelievable agility, lightening quick reflexes, and a firm, sculpted body. Heavy weights versus light weights. To stretch, or not to stretch. Group fitness versus sweating solo. But when it comes to high-impact versus low-impact exercise, there might actually be a correct answer. So you enjoy your cardio workout in the sweet sunshine of the spring and summer months to get your sweat on?

But what happens when winter puts a temporary freeze on your outdoor routine? These tips are simple, realistic, and most importantly, can be incorporated into your life starting today. We hear so much about morning being the best time to workout. But what about the night owls in the crowd? We all know the direct benefits of exercise — that the influx of buzzing endorphins increases our sense of well-being, that the boost in physical activity sculpts our muscles and tightens our waistline, and that the oxygenation to our skin creates a healthy, attractive glow.

But how exactly does exercise protect us for the future? Eating regularly throughout the day is essential for providing your body with appropriate fuel. But individual nutritional requirements can be quite different depending on your daily activities and exercise routines. These unrealistic ideals are unattainable for many.

Yet, statistics suggest that 80 to 90 percent of women are unhappy with their reflection. For mental health professionals and fitness coaches, we strive to promote optimal health—mind and body. If these all too common scenarios sound like your situation, know that healthy living is possible.

Welcome to the era of the wearable activity tracker. Get instant-feedback about your activity habits, including your sleep, and it might just change your life. But in pursuing the new, the cutting-edge and the fresh, we can sometimes overlook the basics. Here are a couple of old-school movements to train some fundamental movements well. Current estimates throughout the business world, including the fitness industry, suggest that attracting a new customer is five times the cost of retaining existing clientele. When times get tough, maintaining a steady relationship with current customers increases in its importance.

Here are the four best ways to retain customers:. Choosing the right running shoe can mean the difference between a great run and a bad experience. Running in old shoes or the wrong shoes can lead to discomfort, pain and even injuries. And now that running shoes are built more hi-tech than ever, shopping for a shoe can be confusing and expensive.

Here are some tips for choosing the right shoe:. Purchase shoes for the sport you will be doing. Most sporting goods stores carry a variety of shoes for different activities like walking, running, basketball, tennis and aerobics. Stretching isn't only a great way to cool down from a workout, but can also help expand your range of motion and help muscles repair more quickly for another workout.

Perform static stretches at the end of your workouts when muscles are still warm and hold each stretch for 20 to 40 seconds to reap the benefits. Take a nod from our yogi friends, and try using some tried-and-true yoga poses as part of your post-workout stretching routine. Sitting too much can increase your risk for obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and a cascade of other health ills.

So what can you do? Do you love boot camp workouts? What about hitting all of your major muscle groups with military precision?

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Well, you can do it on a hike — Ruck-style. You can burn more calories throughout your day by looking for ways to turn daily activities into mini-workouts. If you workout an hour per day-congrats! Just remember, a one-hour workout each day doesn't cancel the negative effect of sitting for the next 10 hours. Turn your regular daily routine into a significant calorie burn with these ideas and tips. Get toned and strong arms with classic free weight and bodyweight exercises. Use these tips to work your triceps, biceps and shoulders to get the definition you desire.

Keeping your elbows slightly bent, raise your arms up in front of you until they are parallel to the floor. Lower back to starting position and repeat. This can lead to dehydration, leaving you dealing with dizziness, muscle cramps, headaches and even heat stroke. So to avoid the side effects of dehydration, here are some worthwhile water-drinking tips to beat the summer heat:. Sunlight, fresh air, green trees — an outdoor workout sounds just like a vacation! Summer is in full swing, packed with vacations, backyard barbeques and community pool time.

The weekend getaway and summer camp commutes might be flipping your personal schedule upside-down, but bodyweight training can help you work in some exercise no matter what your summertime schedule throws at you. In fact, your own body weight can be the best resistance tool you have. Total body strengthening can be done almost any time, anywhere. So UP your strength with these exercises:. Change up your strength training routine and try out a kettlebell. A kettlebell is an ancient Russian exercise tool that is increasing in popularity for fitness enthusiasts.

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Not only are the moves functional, but the dynamic nature of the swinging motion will increase your heart rate and burn some serious calories. Many trainers will tell you that no single other tool can do it better. Kettlebells can replace barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and even cardio equipment. Choose the proper size kettlebell where you are able to complete eight to ten repetitions per exercise.

Flu season is on its way to becoming an epidemic in the U. While your dedication to hit the gym every day is admirable, there are some symptoms of sickness that should make you think twice. Please use common sense. If your symptoms are severe, skip the exercise and see your doctor. Do a neck check. You can exercise while sick if your symptoms are all above the neck, like a runny nose, a sore throat, nasal congestion and tearing eyes. Of course, you should always listen to your body and take the intensity of your workout down a bit if your regular pace feels too strenuous.

Break out the sunscreen. Be sun smart and make sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more to your kids, reapplying every two hours. You can still end up getting burned due to those harmful UV rays. Squat it out. Squats are often touted as the best workout for your butt and thighs , and for good reason. Perform squats using your body weight, a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, bend both knees and act like you are sitting back in a chair, until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Keep your chest up, head lifted and abs engaged. Squeezing your glutes, drive through the heels as you return to standing. Try a few variations like narrow squats, single leg squats or squat jumps. Do you remember swinging from a tree branch or pulling up on the monkey bars when you were younger? Suspension training involves an apparatus made of nylon straps and handles that you can attach to a sturdy anchor in your home, or even in a door jam with a door anchor. You then use your body weight as the resistance to perform exercises that build power, strength, core stability, flexibility and balance.

If you're looking for a break from high-impact exercise like running and plyometrics, add a day or two of swimming laps to your fitness routine. Deep breathing also promotes healthy blood pressure levels. Understanding how to use and progress through the weight training machines at the gym helps you not only get a good workout, but also avoid injury.

Because range of motion is consistent for each repetition, this type of movement may feel more familiar and intuitive and can help prevent injury and promote good form. Every fitness level can benefit from weight machines at the gym, but beginners often feel more comfortable starting with this type of equipment. Advanced exercisers are also attracted to the consistent and dependable range of motion because they can safely use heavier weight to build more strength in specific muscle groups like a very heavy bench press.

Get your family moving. Weight is always an equation of calories in vs. Hop on the treadmill during your favorite holiday TV shows or movies. Park farther away at the stores, mall or post office and take the stairs with your packages. Better yet, get your workouts at the gym in early in the morning before you get derailed by holiday hoopla.

Plyometric workouts have long been known as one of the most efficient and effective ways to train, because they simultaneously burn calories and build muscle. It can even build bone mass. Get all of these benefits by adding plyos to your fitness routine with these tips from Life Fitness :. Plyometric exercises use explosive, fast-acting movements to develop muscular power. In other words, they are high-impact movements that involve jumping. There is nothing like the thrill and challenge of climbing a mountain.

And although incline training on a treadmill may not be quite the same experience as hiking up a mountain trail, you can still get great results sans the mountain air. Most treadmills are equipped with the incline feature and can reach grades of percent. You can manually incline the tread belt to simulate an uphill workout, but many Life Fitness treadmills also come with built-in hill climbing programs that automatically take the grade of the treadmill up and down to simulate an uphill or rolling hills workout.

Incline training can be a great way to increase the intensity of your walking workout while keeping it low impact or to kick your running workout into high gear. Professional tennis players are some of the best athletes in the world. Tennis involves strength, speed, agility, footwork and endurance to last the match. Getting more court time to practice your strokes is important, but even for recreational players, sports-specific conditioning is the key to improvement.

Strength Training : Strength training increases the power of your shots and minimizes injuries by protecting the joints that are subject to repetitive stress. Try a combination of dumbbells, resistance bands and cable machines. Focus on the whole body — legs, arms, back, shoulders and the core. Try a circuit style workout moving from exercise to exercise. Make sure to incorporate rotational movements and balance exercises. Some people assume that a stationary bike is an easy workout. Like many things in life, when it comes to indoor cycling, you only get out of it what you put into it.

Indoor cycling can be a very effective, intense workout if you put in the effort. Follow these tips from Life Fitness to get the most out of a stationary bike workout:. Use your whole body. Contrary to popular belief, a quality bike workout involves the entire body, not just the legs. Try not to slump in the saddle. Keep your abs tight and your back, shoulders and arms should be fully engaged. It should come as no surprise that you need both a healthy diet and an effective workout plan to reach your health and wellness goals.

Some people take this mantra very seriously, but even small lifestyle changes will go a long way. What is eating clean? Eating clean involves not only choosing the right foods to eat but also avoiding junk foods and processed foods whenever possible. Try eating more plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Also consider choosing grass-fed and free-range meats and poultry, fresh fish, low fat dairy products and raw nuts and seeds. More people are turning to apps to track their fitness, enhance their workouts, find better foods and customize their workout experience. Here are just three ways you can get fit with your phone:. Track what you are eating and how much you are moving with this popular app. If you want to be on the positive side of statistics the people who lose weight and keep it off track what you are eating. This app is easy to use and its database makes it easy to find, select and log your meals.

Plus, it remembers foods you eat regularly so you can easily select them. Track the type and duration of your workouts and find out approximately how many calories you burned. This free app also features an online community for further support and features. When we feel sick, we call the doctor, and when we have a leaky pipe, we call the plumber.

The American Council on Exercise boasts more than 50, certified fitness professionals in the world, making it easier than ever to tap a local trainer to fit your budget. High impact exercises include running, jogging, plyometrics jumping and other workouts where the body is making contact with, or pounding, the ground. Low impact exercises typically mean that one foot stays in contact with the ground, such as walking, climbing, riding a bike or pedaling the elliptical trainer.

Since high impact exercises tend to put more stress on the joints — particularly ankles, knees, hips and backs — the good news is that low impact does not mean low intensity. Enjoy the health benefits. Cycling is a heart-pumping cardio activity that can increase your endurance and stamina, and lead to better overall fitness and muscle tone.

When cycling, your quads, hamstrings and glutes do most of the work, but your core muscles will get a great workout, too. Outdoor cycling is particularly beneficial because you have to deal with the challenges of gravity, weather and terrain. Water workouts are easy on the joints and beneficial to the entire body and mind.

Pool moves can blast calories, increase heart rate and boost muscle strength. Add a pool workout to your routine with these tips:. Try an aerobics class. Many fitness facilities now have aqua classes in their group fitness schedule. Circuit classes and boot camps are offered in the pool using tools like Styrofoam dumbbells, noodles, resistance tubing and medicine balls. Yes, medicine balls float in water. Your gym may even have the latest fitness craze, Aqua Zumba , an in-water dance party that offers a more intense, full body workout.

Most clubs offer a wide range of classes for all fitness levels and interests like group cycling, boot camp, power yoga or a kickboxing class. Sign up for a class to mix up your routine or better yet, do a different workout each day. Strength training is a beneficial form of exercise for everybody no matter your age, gender, or fitness background.

The abdominals are used in virtually every movement from running and lifting to bending and jumping. While cardio exercises will whittle away your middle by torching calories and burning fat, you can achieve a flatter and tighter stomach with the right strength exercises. Try these non-crunching exercises to get results:. Plank: This traditional exercise starts in the standard push-up position: face down, hands shoulder-width apart and balancing on your toes with the abs contracted. The most important thing is to keep your body straight from head to heels or knees if modifying.

Maintain the position for seconds by engaging the abdominal muscles and holding the position, being mindful not to let you chest or lower back sag. Use a mirror to check your form. As your core muscles improve, you will be able to hold this position longer. Gradually increase your time up to a minute or more.

To increase the difficulty, try lifting one leg to create a balance challenge. Try sweating it out together at the gym. Exercising with a special someone is not only a way to partake in some friendly competition, but a way to stay accountable to your training goals. Lift and spot. Whether at the gym or at home, strength training is an important part of a healthy workout routine and is often more effective when done in pairs. Lifting weights with a loved one should reflect the strengths of your relationship, too, because the best weight lifting partners are trustworthy, accountable and motivating.

You can spot each other with the heavy weights, help each other with form and encourage each other to reach your goals. The New Year is the perfect time to shake up your fitness routine and there are plenty of exciting and new workouts to choose from. Mud Runs.

Mud runs are growing in popularity because they bring back the kid in you. There are many different types of mud runs with varying degrees of difficulty. The courses can involve climbing over stuff, jumping over fire, balancing across a log, crawling under wire, slogging through waist high mud puddles and scaling walls. People are attracted to mud runs because of the sense of adventure, the camaraderie, the challenge and the fun of getting dirty.

Many golfers start the season with visions of greatness only to become frustrated when their game plateaus or even gets worse. One of the best ways to prepare before each game is to warm up your muscles and your mind. Done consistently, golf stretching exercises can help your range of motion, your strength and ultimately your handicap. Dynamic golf stretches are the key to a warm up and involve sports specific movements that start with a small range of motion for the first few reps and increase the range as you go.

Static stretches should only be done after your golf game. Get to the course a little early and do this pre-game warm-up. It should take no more than 10 minutes and allow time for a few practice swings before you tee off. Fitness boot camps have become exceedingly popular in the past year thanks to the variety and effectiveness they offer participants. Depending on the intensity of your game, basketball can be a great total body workout with all the benefits of a cardio session at the gym.

Strength Training: Shooting the basketball involves chest and shoulder muscles. Start doing pushups on a regular basis to strengthen your shooting muscles. Begin with 10 and work up to 3 sets of 20 each day. If traditional pushups are too difficult, start on your knees and work up to performing them from a full plank position. Ever wonder what that foam cylinder lying around in the gym is for? It may just be the tool that can improve your flexibility and help prevent injury. After workouts, muscles can become tight and range of motion can feel limited. Muscles are like rubber bands and the further you stretch them, the better they can power you.

Thinking of skipping your workout for a hot date tonight? Think again. Step outside of your sedentary dinner-and-a-movie comfort zone and go for an active date instead. Not only is it great for your health, it can be great for your relationships, too. Try something new. Choose an activity that is both new and physically challenging to you and your partner; the fun is often in the unknown.

For example, try indoor rock climbing, ice-skating, kayaking or snowboarding. You might just discover a new workout you both enjoy.

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Plateaus are as inevitable as rainy days and Mondays—and just about as welcome. But if your weight loss has come to a screeching hault, we advise you to perhaps add one thing, change one thing and stop one thing to break free from your plateau and see the results. The pace of many families appears to be stuck in fast-forward.

Try some of these tips to get your family moving, healthy and happy. Get out in your own driveway. That means most of your organic search traffic is coming from Google. Find a word or combination of words for your niche that you can rank for with little difficulty. Your mission statement should leave room for you to grow. But unlike some other blog naming strategies I include in this list, using a juxtaposition name has two main perks:. Take a common word from your industry. Here are a few to get you started:. But guess what? Because they planned it that way. The beauty of made-up names is that you can infuse them with whichever brand qualities your blog embodies, while having the name grow on your audience over time.

Prefixes are fun. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger , for example, did a good job with the name. Below is a list of some common prefixes with their meanings. Can you add them to a common word in your blog niche? Does this new meaning fit with the purpose of your blog? The poor suffix. But still, if you add the right suffixes, you can come up with a unique name in your blogging niche. Just avoid all -y and -ly endings, please! Think of a few names common to your blogging niche. Can you add any of those suffixes to come up with a unique and creative blog name?

Gemma Bonham-Carter , for example, chose to use her name for her new online business after she learned how to monetize her first DIY decorating blog:. The one disclaimer I have to naming your blog after yourself is that the connection will stick. And, it can never hurt to stake a claim to your own domain name and build your personal brand. For example, just think of how different these two names sound even though they mean the same thing:.

What imagery comes to mind when you think of the first English-language name? What about the second one? Think back to the list of verbs you created in 3 of this list. Then, translate some of those verbs into a foreign language of your choice. Do any of these translated words resonate with you and your blog — and your target audience?

Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)
Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life) Weight Loss with Fun and Magic 2 (Brainstorm your Life)

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