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Breakfast included. Hot Tub. Laundry Service. Non-smoking hotel.

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Paid Internet. Room features. Refrigerator in room. Non-smoking rooms.

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Good to know. Getting there. Johnson-Bell Field 87 mi. Nearby attractions. Painted Rocks State Park. Traveler rating. Time of year. Traveler type. Selected filters. Popular mentions. All reviews wild game huckleberry ice cream wheeler elk derby bear mountains montana.

JessR wrote a review Feb Had a great time at the Wild Game Inn. Dave was great taking me to some great snowmobiling with pristine powder. Accommodation are exactly as described, clean and very well maintained. Had a great time, thanks again for a great time! Date of stay: February Trip type: Traveled solo. Helpful Share. Anthony wrote a review Jan A romantic weekend out. Super clean, beautiful setting.

Went on guided snowmobile trip up in the elevations.

Inn at the Crossroads

The beginnings of Sambria are related to refugees and runways from Yorevale. Its sudden increase of influence was the result of discovering and exploring oversea lands.

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Because of that, this merchants-ruled republic is now a wealthy country with a unique cultural diversity. Other than standard guests, your tavern will be visited by a lot of diverse characters from the world of Delcrys. Late night, a member of Knight Errants will visit you, on his way to the nearby wilderness, to vanquish the bandits who are hiding there. He will be watched by a Gildebones observer, always looking for new followers.

This fellow on the other hand will be observed by a slender thief from the Aviary faction, tempted by an easy profit. Scared by the approaching storm, one of the gryphon riding Couriers, responsible for delivering letters and packages between kingdoms, will drop by your tavern too. And all that will be closely watched by two dignified Seers, who stopped at Crossroads Inn on their way to the Orrey castle. Only you can decide which of these factions will become your ally; gives you laverage and unique bonuses, but also brings similarly unique problems.

As a tavern owner, you can expect multiple unique random events. You will see the contents of a strange, scuffling chest, carried by two suspicious looking men. A jealous wife, whose husband regularly meets his lover at your place, will show up at the tavern. If you want, you will be able to send one of your guards to a mysterious old tower, whose location shall be revealed by a random foreigner. We will prepare a lot of random events, to make sure that your adventure in Crossroads Inn is truly one of a kind!

These compositions will let you immerse yourself in the role of a host and caretaker of a tavern full of troublemakers.

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During the night, you will feel the vibe of a knees-up and its accompanying folly. Next day, you will experience gentle sounds of a calm morning. The music prepared by Marcin will make you come back to the world of Crossroads Inn like to a favourite memory. We are working with Maxim Plasse, a well-known illustrator and cartographer, who did work on many fantasy worlds. His creation, a map of Delcrys, will instantly make you feel its diverse and unique vibe. There are several dozen types of food and drinks in the Crossroads Inn, and you will be able to create your own, unique menu with them.

Obtain the recipe, import ingredients and hire a qualified cook, who will craft a culinary masterpiece. Answer the surprising needs and demands of the clients visiting your tavern! We have put those dishes in our own e-book. Because of that, you will have an opportunity to not only cook them up in your tavern, but also in your own kitchen. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of your very own culinary passion? We are on Kickstarter because we care about building an active and creative community around our title.

We are looking for people who can offer necessary feedback about the direction that this game will take. Who else can can easily pass on the message about our game, other than the people who have their eyes and ears on the culinary news from all around the world?

Crossroads Inn - the beginning of a new adventure! - CrossRoads Inn

Finally, Kickstarter is a way for us to receive crucial financial support. The project is approaching its final stages, but a successful campaign will allow us to expand the scope of our work and guarantee that it will be finished on-time. Patryk Pietraszkiewicz - the originator and main designer of the game.

As a programmer, his earliest work can be dated to a Commodore, which he received as a gift from his father. Professionally, he spent most of his time as a web frontend and backend developer. He worked on all The Witcher titles. Spent the last two years writing solely for games. A huge fan of strategy and RPG titles. Likes playing on an electric guitar. Experienced in the fields of marketing, events and PR. However, our team is quite small and an unplanned loss - for health reasons, or any other - one of its members could heavily influence our schedule.

Additionally, there is always a possibility of unexpected technical difficulties, which could cause delays in our work. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Dear Beer Enthusiast! The price is lower than the expected game price on release date. The games will be sent right after the end of Kickstarter campaign. For more details check our FAQ! At this level of support, you will receive a unique in-game item with your game, and an additional recipe, unavailable in the standard version of the game.

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Rounds are repeated until the draw deck has been depleted twice. Once this happens, players total up their Francs and checks. The player with the most money is the winner. The Bloody Inn was one of the Essen releases that I was really looking forward to trying. A unique theme combined with some stellar artwork always piques my interest. All this combined with cards that can be used in more than one way is usually a win in my book. For the most part, I did really enjoy The Bloody Inn. Each round, players get only two actions and let me tell you, you will always feel like you need at least twice that, if not more.

I like it that it makes the game full of hard choices and a bit of risk taking. Do I draw up cards or go for the kill. Do I build this annex or convert some of my money. On the other hand, these super limited rounds do make some rounds much less exciting than others. Other times, you will spend your turn converting money. Mess up in the early rounds, and you can get behind in the game pretty quickly. The game does try a little bit at least with their money mechanic.

Players have to make sure to save money to pay for their cards in their hand, so hoarding cards is usually a bad idea. And the game board capping out at 40 Fancs does force players to waste turns trading money for checks, so someone with a windfall will have to pause their engine to make change. One of the nice things about The Bloody Inn is that it does seem to have many paths to victory. Finally, when it comes to player scaling, The Bloody Inn plays well with any of its player count. I do think the game plays best with four players though. Not only does it have more cards coming into the game, but since you can bury your corpses under any players annex, it allows you to spread out the wealth a little bit.

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The Bloody Inn does a lot of things right, from its fantastic artwork down to its solid mechanics. So I think only the most sensitive of players need to worry about the theme here. The game play itself, while fun, can also feel a bit restrictive at times, especially with some of the less exciting rounds you will be forced to take.

However, the long game starts to drag near the end of its play, especially if a player is clearly in the lead. I think something in between would definitely hit the sweet spot for play time. Even still, I found The Bloody Inn to be an enjoyable game that has already made its way to our tables a few times. Final Score: 4 Stars — A great little card game that combines some solid hand management with a slow engine building mechanic.

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The Inn Game The Inn Game
The Inn Game The Inn Game
The Inn Game The Inn Game
The Inn Game The Inn Game
The Inn Game The Inn Game
The Inn Game The Inn Game
The Inn Game The Inn Game

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