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The Inspector Gamache series had been recommended to me so many times the past 2 years L. Penny fans are enthusiastic! Fans, can you answer a quick question for me? Thanks in advance! Thank you for this list of series to yry while I wait for my favorites. Also a Minnesotan! We obviously have a similar tastes in some books. I also really enjoy the series that Tana French writes with her husband under the name Nicci French.

And stuff by MN authors. Two really quick reads are by Matt Goldman. She is a fabulous writer. Her sense of place is as fine as Three Pines. I was coming on here to suggest Jane Harper loves her first two books and had no idea she has a new book out! So excited to read it! There is nothing like a good series. I just recently discovered Louise Penny. I have read the first 2 books and have the 3rd in my TBR pile.

Would anyone recommend that I push through and continue reading? Is the second book a bit odd? Or is it typical of the rest of the series? Did anyone else have a hard time getting in to book 2? I heard that the first three were not as amazing as the rest of the series so I pushed through and I agree with that.

Fabulous book and an amazing story, one of her best. But I thought the series started really slowly and got progressively better. Penny weaves more and more into the books and starts having these huge overarching story archs which encompass books at a time which is really fabulous.

Good luck if you decide to keep going! The stories take place in France. Her characters are thoughtful and well-crafted. I started the Louise Penny series a few months ago, while waiting for the next Robert Galbraithe to come out! I love the audiobooks of both series. Happy to hear that it gets even better from here. It seems like a long series but I know they will go quickly, as I am completely charmed by Three Pines and its residents. James and Martha Grimes both belong on this list.

I used to like mysteries, but the older I get, the less tolerance I have for bodies in trunks and descriptions of grisly deaths. Still, I know these are terrific writers and am glad there are so many to choose from for those who are tougher than I am. Anyone else out there who is pushing 60 with a short stick who no longer enjoys mysteries? Just curious. However, I still love mysteries, but I now prefer fairly realistic, grimmer ones! I do love Gamache, but others in that style are just too sweet or simple for me.

My 60th coming up later this year! So MTS books remain my favourite reads by far. The more suspense and thrills, the better. I love a page-turning plot with strong characters. I do prefer that there is at least one main character who is likeable. Novels make it so real it keeps me awake at night, and I;m an insomniac as it is.

History, memoir, nature and gardening…. Also pushing 60 with a short stick! I loved Mrs Pollifax, might need to revisit that series, she is lots of fun, spunk and adventures. I read the first one, skimmed a lot because I could NOT get into it. Started the second and gave up. Is it possible to start a little later in the series or would I miss too much? Is there somewhere to get a real good explanation of the plot so far until I get to a book where it gets more interesting? Every time I go to get the next book, its out.

I second the Laurie King books on the Mary Russell series. I found that the stories got a little complicated and hard to follow but I overall really enjoy them. But Flavia is hands-down my favorite. I just love that kid! An older but still beloved ongoing series of mysteries not of the murderous kind, however are by one of my favorite serials authors, Alexander McCall Smith, the No.

I think that series is on book 19! Lisa Lutz has a funny series The Spellman Files which is light and enjoyable. I would not have read it had I known! What a fun post! Cyr series; Carol K. But may try them after hearing these accolades. Thanks for all the great ideas! I got book 14 in a book club Parnassus firsts when it was was released. Now on 11 in less than 2 month since starting. Glad for this once I catch up,. I love Louise Penny, but push through books 2 and 3. Another series I love is the Sebastian St. Cyr series by C.

Euro Crime: The Crime Fiction of Norfolk County

I really enjoyed the Lorna Barrett books. She also writes under other similar names! The Booktown series is good. I love Louise Penny!! I fell into How the Light Gets In later in the series and got really hooked on the characters, so I went back to the beginning of the series and continue to love it. Glad to see so many other Inspector Gamache fans out there! Thank you for these recommendations! It seems I waste so much time at the library trying to figure out which book is actually the first installment of a series.

There truly ARE so many books and so little time. I highly recommend Deborah Crombie and Donna Leon!! Death at La Fenice is one of my favorite mysteries ever. I did read the Deborah Crombie and enjoyed that one as well. Another series with a mystery component as well as multiple layers, is one of my favorites, the Isabelle Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith.

Episode 117: The Lake

Charming, thoughtful, with a puzzle to be solved. Also, best to read in order. Boy, did I need this post! How does life go on without a Three Pines Fix? You will be immediately transfixed by Inspector Gamache. I have become obsessed with traveling to Quebec. I also love the Cormoran Strike novels — again, left waiting… And while a bit different, the Rev. The Ruth Galloway stories as well. The problem with preferring to read a series is — the enormous anxiety while waiting for the next book!!!

We recently discovered mysteries by the Icelandic author but well translated Yrsa Sigurardottir. The protagonist is a lawyer. Very well written. I just discovered this author, Yrsa Sigurardottir, too, and enjoyed her. I am a big fan of Louise Penny. Camilla Lackberg is another favourite.

She is a Swedish author. Her books stand alone but you get more out of them if you read them in order. I find both Penny and Lackberg mysteries have a cozy feeling to them even while solving murders. Especially, inspector Pitt and Inspector Monk. I am so glad to see the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear on here! They are delightful and Winspear does an immense amount of research before writing her books. They are chocked full of historic facts. I was so sorry that her visit to DC was canceled a couple of years ago.

Just started Louise Penny!! I was going to recommend Susan Eli MacNeal as well! I love historical fiction, and World War 2 era Great Britian is my favorite. We seem to have similar taste — four of the authors that I very impatiently wait for the next installment are Winspear, MacNeal, Penny and Rhys Bowen. I discovered the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters when I was in high school and have reread several of them multiple times.

Maybe not the most realistic mysteries but the characters are funny and memorable, plus all of the archaeology and the Egyptian setting makes them really fun reads.

Having heard so much about Louise Penny, I was excited to check out her first Inspector Gamache story, Still Life, after recently signing up for a library card. In no way do I mean to to offend anyone here but I was shocked at how poorly written that book was. I know this is just my opinion but the writing was devastatingly painful throughout the story and the characters unbelievable, two dimensional, and awkward. Prior to reading the conclusion, I had this book pegged at two stars. After reading the conclusion, I was forced to remove a star. It was impossible to guess how the mystery would conclude because it barely made any sense.

Please, if there is something I am not seeing or if someone else has had the same experience, reach out! I am hoping her first book was a one-off and every book thereafter has been better though at this point I am afraid to even test that theory. I want to love Louise Penny after all the good things I have heard but I am afraid at this point I cannot.

It also helps cut down my TBR. I think there is a big leap in writing quality between the first and second Louise Penny books and the writing continues to improve. I recommend reading the first in the series, even if the writing is not as good as one would like, in order to get to know the characters. That said, I guess I need to head to the library for some Louise Penny books! The rest of the series is on my list now. Really good. Thanks, as always, for your recommendations.

I even went to Knowlton last year, where she lives in the Canadian Eastern Townships, and which is a source of Three Pines. In fact, you have Three Pines signs in the village, a really cool place. I really like these ideas because I can hardly wait until the next Louise Penny comes out.

She only had two out when I found her and I eagerly awaited the next one each time. I am the same way with the two main series by John Sandford. I have to sincerely thank you for introducing me to these books. I finally started the series in the fall of and I was deeply in love straight away! I wish I could live in Three Pines! So, thank you so much! I love the Gamache series, I love quirky books.

Thank for this great chain. There are 17 books in the series now, the first is Iron Lake, published in They are also great on audio. Be sure to read them in order — enjoy! I love Louise Penny books and am on my third time reading through the series. I get more out of them each time. It is by Julia Spencer Fleming. I thoroughly enjoyed her Simon Serrailler series. I am going to read the Louise Penny series. I have read all the Charles Todd books. I just finished the last one a couple of weeks ago.

They are great. Did you start with the very first book in the Louise Penny series? Another great series is the Lady Sherlock books by Sherry Thomas. Bless you! And Gamache! They are extraordinarily well written mysteries. They read like well-written novels that happen to have a murder mystery in them. Dalgleish is a complicated character who grows over the series. I recommend reading them in order. I love and have read all the Martha Grimes Richard Jury mysteries.

They do need to be read in order like most good series so you can get to know the characters. Jury has the same great sidekicks and neighbors helping in each book, good local color and humor, and confounding enough crimes. Oh my! You all have filled my book list for years with all of these fantastic recommendations! Listening to the stories about Three Pines from Audible has been fantastic. Now I have a great new list of reads to dive into!

And so many of my favorites mentioned as well! Any Martha Grimes fans ot there? Wonderful, wonderful continuing characters and crimes! I just find both lead characters in these books interesting. They are also both set during historical periods I find fascinating. The Lady Emily Books tend to travel to other countries. The Lady Darby books stay in the UK.

After years of hearing about Inspector Gamache books from you and others, I finally read book 1 in January. I just finished book 3 today. So when you read a series of books like the wonderful Louise Penny mysteries, do you read them one after another until you reach the newest one or do you read other books in between?? There are 10 books in the series to date. These are hard-boiled mysteries, so on the gritty side. With regard to Bess Crawford, when oh when will she and Simon make some progress?

These are set in North Carolina. I also second the Bess Crawford series! I like Bess Crawford but after about the 5th I started feeling like the general plot was the same. I was just about to recommend Inspector Rutledge!! A very intelligent series, in my opinion. I am all caught up and eagerly await the next for both Rutledge and Bess. I am beginning to wonder about Bess and Simon myself. Another series I read faithfully…. Excellently read by Will Paxton.

Liam Taggert, they work to bring him to justice. There are now 5 books in the series. I just finished the first book and downloaded the 2nd book. I enjoy quality prose, atmosphere, research,and plot construction. Also it helps that both writers are in touch with their readers -kind of become part of your family, ar least the ones you like. Thank you Ann for turning me on to LP. Looking forward to reading the other authors in this blog….. I read Maisie Dobbs. It, too, was a wonderful read. That was a recommended read from you as well.

Love you to the moon, Ann…. Louise and Anne are friendly and appear together. Love that I got so many reccomendations. Silly funny and light. I was going to say the same! I loved the Sue Grafton Alphabet series. Kinsey Millhone is such a great character and Ms. Grafton managed to keep her interesting for 25 books. Yes, this was a personal favourite of mine, too. Started reading these books shortly after they came out. I bought it when it came out, but after Ms. I own the entire series, so I may start over now!

Three Pines is such an intriguing part of all the books. I started reading her books after reading all of the books by Martha Grimes. The style of writing by Louise Penny, was for me reminiscent of Martha Grimes. Some I read in 2 days. Was very happy to get a list of other likeminded authors. Thanks for all the suggestions in post and comments!

Another suggestion would be the Raleigh Harmon series by Sibella Giorello. She is now an indie author but Raleigh is one of my favourite characters ever. I stopped about halfway through though. James Frieda Klein Laurie R. Thanks for all the recommendations, and the warnings. I love Flavia de Luce, many thanks to me niece Jennifer for recommending them, though sometimes the sibling spats get out of hand. I want to make them last as long as possible. So dark and grim they were depressing. It keeps me awake at night. I love Peter and Harriet.

And besides — what sacrilege! Oh, dear, I seem to have gotten up on my soapbox. This is only my humble opinion, and everyone has a right to their own. Really enjoyed this post. Love Inspector Gamache and Maisie Dobbs! Thanks for your recommendations and those mentioned by the commenters.

Petrona Award Winners (2013-12222)

Another series with standalone mysteries, but I think the real magic lies in the characters you come to know in each novel. Thanks so much for this list. My reading goal was to read all of the Gamache series, and I loved it! My goal is to read 19 books from my shelves, kindle and physical, and to not bring any new books to my shelves excepting for bookclub. I will bookmark this list- maybe ill finish my goal soon and I will find a new mystery passion!

Like the Bess Crawford series it is set just after WW1. In addition to this, Patricia Cornwell has always been a firm favorite of mine, have you read any of her Kay Scarpetta series? King — all in audio. Start with A Cold Day for Murder to get the full story of characters who appear throughout the series. I fell in love with Louise Penny just a couple weeks ago because Inspector Gamache reminds me of my favorite spy, Gabriel Allon. Both men are thinkers and consider their actions carefully. I recommend trying those, as well!

Will embark on Penny…my absolute favourite are Dorothy Sayers, Colin Dexter… Elizabeth George writes beautifully though the books are long and not so gripping. I also enjoyed Agatha Raisin and some cozy mysteries. Victoria Thompson also writes a delightful mystery series called The Gaslight Mysteries and there are almost twenty books I think, which are all delightful and filled with engaging characters. I totally agree that Penny hit her stride with book 4!

Someone shared one of her posts and book 15 should be out in August, which excites me. Book 14 was just to blah of a follow up from that action! But I love 3 Pines and the whole cast of characters! I recommend the Rev. The series starts with In the Bleak Midwinter. I also recommend the series by Kate Atkinson that starts with Case Histories. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere in this thread. Wow,such great suggestions! One note- the series went on a little too long; I think maybe her mind started to go a little towards the end.

She passed away after only 8 books. Clare Ferguson series by Julia Spencer-Fleming. Strong sense of place and strong character relationships but not as literary as Louise Penny. Some murders might be too graphic for sensitive readers. I think there are 10 books plus a handful of short stories, next book due in summer. I am a huge Louise Penny fan and miss them in between. I started with Jacqueline Winespear years ago, before I found Louise Penny, and have really enjoyed them. I think I have read at least one book from the authors you listed and now I will go back and look for subsequent titles from them.

Some time ago Louise Penny recommended the Li Du mysteries by Elsa Hart — there are three books in the series now, and they keep getting better. The main character is a Chinese monk banished from imperial Beijing, in The stories are so interesting, and the mysteries so satisfying. But the third seemed to have even more f-bombs than the first two, which I thought were excessive. Can someone tell me if the rest are the same or, hopefully, better?

Thank you so much for doing this. I now have a huge list of books to read after looking at all these suggestions. I recommend the Anna Pigeon series by Navada Barr. I have just recently discovered her and really love her style. I also love the fact Anna is a park ranger and so I feel like I get to hike the trails and camp along with her. For those who enjoy English authors Ruth Rendell is an author I have enjoyed for many years. She also writes under the name Barbara Vine. She has a series as well as many stand alone books. The site allows one to look up books under either the author or the main character s.

The books are listed in order of publication which is especially helpful when books from other countries are not published in order in the U. I enjoyed reading all of your suggestions. I have enjoyed many of the series mentioned, and have found some new ones to read!! I enjoyed a Swedish series by Camilla Lackberg last year. Other Louise Penny fans may like her books too! I enjoy the Longmire series. Sheriff Longmire is the head of a small county police force in one of the Dakotas.

The Hardy Boys Original Series

The deputy that gets the most attention is a bad-mouthed, tough as nails woman from Philadelphia. The crimes are interesting, the characters have depth and are fun, and I always learn a little about a group of people I never knew existed before. I promise that you will love this series! Sam Wyndham series by Abir Mukherjee. The series takes place in Calcutta after WWI and revolves around a Scotland Yard inspector and cross-cultural interactions under late British colonialism.

Quite well done. Another good read in India. The story and writing is excellent but it lacked the aura of a foreign culture and country. The first in the series is Jade Dragon Mountain. The main character is exiled 18th century Imperial librarian, Li Du, who was sent into exile when a group of close friends were found guilty of trying to overthrow the Emperor. The book opens as Li Du arrives in the last outpost on the edge of China, to find a Jesuit astronomer murdered. Given the pending visit from the Emperor, everyone wants to forget the murder, but Li Du will not be stopped from trying to unravel the mystery.

Beautifully written, with lush descriptions of the surrounding landscape and the gorgeous decorations put up for the coming visit, interesting characters and a puzzle to solve. I immediately snapped up the next two books in the series. I was wondering what to do about fiction reading until the next came out — haha! I took your recommendation on Murder at La Fenice and am reading it now. I love it! One of the best mysteries I have read in a great while!

Most of his mysteries are murder but usually not too gruesome. By the time you finish the first book, you will wish there were 40 more! I have George withdrawal as well as Penny withdrawal! James and Ngaio Marsh. Set in post WWI Australia, they are addictive. Gamache was played by Inspector Lynley of Elizabeth George fame! So I am not surprised by your other recommendations. I might add a author I just found , Elly Griffiths- an archeologist whom works with the Norfolk police. Another older author is Peter Lovesey.

Of course Martha Grimes too. They all involve several characters which build as you read additional titles. Not as gritty as Louise Penny but definitely Good Reads. Thank you I shall look at Tina French again. Love your list. Would you consider adding the divine Denise Mina to your list. Her writing is addictive. Martha Hrimes Richard Jury series is a wonderful cozy series also with great characters. Best to read in order. I love Martha Grimes…one of my very favorite mystery writers.

She is a definite must read. But I will stretch out the time by reading a few books in between. Luckily she is reading them, too! And, quite honestly, I think Miss Penny even masters him! She also raises the mystery to true literature! Aside from Maisie Dobbs, are there others on this list that you would consider a gentler mystery?

I read the first two Galbraith, and those were… really engrossing, but then the second was really engrossing and really gross. I also liked A Borrowing of Bones by Paula Munier — technically a series, but this is the first and only so far. Would love for you to interview her one day! Also would like a similar list for waiting for the next Maisie Dobbs book! I recently came across your blog and I love it.

Have you read the Wesley Peterson series by Kate Ellis? I like how it blends history and mystery, past and present, facts and fiction. I just read Still Life and am looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend the Frieda Klein books by Nicci French. Frieda is a very interesting main character…psychotherapist turned part time detective. Set in present day London.

Has a continuing storyline throughout the book and well rounded and likeable supporting characters. Melrose is funny and brilliant, and I like him more than the main character, Inspector Jury. Melrose Plant and some other entertaining characters make up for that, though. About Tana French, I read Faithful Place several years ago and recently suggested it to my sister as a vacation read.

She agreed with me that it was a difficult but engrossing read — not sure if I ever want to read another TF novel. For me, Elizabeth George is difficult to plod through and not worth the effort, although I liked the Inspector Lynley films even though I wearied of him and his emotional weakness. I may give the Louise Penny and Maisie Dobbs novels a try since they have so many positive comments here. Your email address will not be published. Like Maisie Dobbs, this series features an atmospheric, post-WWI England setting and a wartime nurse turned investigator; with the Bess Crawford series, the author's explicitly wanted to show readers the women's side of The Great War.

In this first installment, Bess is determined to fulfill a promise she made to a dying officer, even though she's been sent away from the front with a broken arm. But when she meets the man's family, something feels off—and she soon realizes she's plunged straight into the middle of a web of long-buried secrets. Written by the mother-son writing duo of Caroline and Charles Todd. This is the first of French's popular Dublin Murder Squad, although the series need not be read in order. Tana French writes an amazing psychological thriller, and her story here is tight, twisty, and unpredictable.

Description of current edition: The famous young detectives Frank and Joe Hardy are caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue when they agree to help Greg Woodson search for his grandfather's missing will. When Henry Kurt, the temporary headmaster of Woodson Academy, insists that he is to inherit the property from Greg's grandfather, the case becomes even trickier.

Frank and Joe must risk their lives several times before they solve the mystery of Yellow Feather and trap a sinister criminal who will stop at nothing - even murder - to satisfy his greed for money. Pre PC editions with blank endpapers are scarce. The Hardy Boys solve a kidnapping and break up a gang smuggling illegal Indian aliens. Description of current edition: The young detectives receive a trained peregrine falcon as a gift that involves them in an exciting mystery. Imagine their astonishment when the swift-flying falcon brings down a homing pigeon carrying two precious rubies!

Startling events that ensue indicate the gems are a ransom that has been paid for the release of a kidnapped student from India, who had come to the United States to complete his education. But Tava, the son of a wealthy industrialist, is still being held captive. Hoping to find a clue to Tava's whereabouts, the Hardys try to track down the owner of the ruby-bearing pigeon. Their every move, however, is thwarted by the dangerous criminals not only involved in the kidnapping, but also in the large-scale smuggling of aliens from India to the United States.

How Frank and Joe eventually outwit their adversaries climaxes this thrill-packed mystery adventure. Description of current edition: Tony Prito enlists the help of his detective friends Frank and Joe Hardy when a sinister stranger demands that Tony sell him the bizarre curio collection he has just inherited.

While the boys are discussing this suspicious incident, the stranger, Valez, telephones and threatens Tony. That same afternoon the three boys collect the cases of curios at a freight station only for Joe's life to be at risk on their way back to Tony's house. The next day a seaman claims two medallions in the collection that coincidently go missing. Did Valez steal them? And what was their significance. Unraveling the clues in this exciting mystery takes the Hardys and their friends to a desolate region in Guatemala and straight into the hands of a gang of dangerous thugs.

The Hardy Boys go skin-diving to find a missing treasure in gold near Bayport. Description of current edition: In a series of hair-raising adventures both on land and undersea the teenage brother detectives pit their wits against some of the most ruthless criminals they have ever encountered. It all starts when Frank and Joe are skin diving just for fun and the thrill of exploring the undersea world. Suddenly, deep in the waters that flow near the foot of Pirates' Hill, a mysterious skin diver fires a spear through Frank's air hose.

From this moment on, danger is never far away. The very lives of the boys are at stake as they, along with the help of their pals, uncover a mystery involving an old Spanish cannon and a fabulous sunken treasure. The Hardy Boys head to the Caribbean to thwart Durling Hamilton's plot to fund a Cuban revolution and build an atomic weapon. Description of current edition: A cryptic message from their famous detective father and a note concealed in a ventriloquist's dummy lead Frank and Joe Hardy on a dangerous search to the tropical islands in the Caribbean.

There the teenage detectives are constantly beset by vicious henchmen of a criminal mastermind. Danger stalks the boys' every move, once in an isolated sugar mill, another time in a shark-infested sea. But when Frank and Joe come face to face with the ghost at Skeleton Rock, it will be as much of a surprise to the reader as it was to the young detectives themselves. Adams also signed a release form for both the original and revised editions.

The Hardy Boys head up to Alaska to solve some mysterious disappearances and break up a plot to steal a lost US moon rocket. Description of current edition: When Frank and Joe Hardy receive a telegram from Tony Prito in Alaska telling them that his life is in jeopardy, they immediately make plans to fly to Tony's rescue.

Unknown enemies dog the Hardys and their pal Chet Morton even before they start the 4, mile journey. Puzzling questions lead the Hardys into dangerous sleuthing in the wilderness of Alaska and British Columbia. The astounding secret that the young detectives uncover, in the shadow of the forbidding mountain peak Devil's Paw, winds up one of the most perilous adventures they have ever encountered. Description of current edition: The Hardys purchase a Chinese junk to use as a ferry service, in order to make some money over the summer.

It soon becomes apparent that others are very interested in the ship. All subsequent titles released in PC format. The Hardy Boys and Chet search on the California desert for missing industrialist, Willard Grafton, and break up a gang of criminals intent on defrauding the US government. Description of current edition: In a search for the missing Willard Grafton, Frank Hardy and younger brother Joe, encounter a gang of criminals intent on defrauding the US government, and are lead across California and even into Mexico. Hardy's missing friend, a retired police captain, and solve the mystery of spooky Black Hollow.

Description of current edition: When dogs and men suddenly disappear, and strange screams fill the night, fantastic stories of vengeful ghosts are almost believable. It is these strange happenings which bring Frank and Joe Hardy to the Pocono Mountains to help their father's friendsolve the mystery of Black Hollow. But when the Hardy boys and Chet Morton arrive at Captain Thomas Maguire's cabin on the edge of the hollow, he has disappeared.

Frank and Joe are determined to find the captain, despite Chet's misgivings after a night of weird and terrifying screams. Strangely, it is a small puppy that discloses a most unusual and surprising set of circumstances, involving a mute boy, an elusive hermit, and a fearless puma trainer. It all starts when a French-Canadian trapper, Caribou Caron, makes a historical and valuable fin - a carved rune stone left by Vikings centuries ago near Great Slave Lake. When Caribou Caron attempts to sell the artifact to a representative of a museum, it is snatched by thieves.

Like the intrepid Viking of old, Frank and Joe, with their close pal, Chet Morton set off on a perilous quest in the Northwest Territories to recover the valuable artifact before the robbers can decipher the symbols leading to the buried treasure. The Hardy Boys head to Mexico to rescue Chet and solve the mystery of a cryptic will. Description of current edition: The handwritten will of a deceased world-traveler is strange and mysterious. Its cryptic instructions are to deliver "the valuable Aztec warrior to the rightful owner, a descendant of an Aztec warrior.

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Despite the harassments, the threats, and the attacks made upon them, Frank and Joe unravel clue after clue in their adventure-packed search for the living descendant of the mighty Aztec nation which once ruled in Mexico. It takes as much high courage as clever deduction for the young detectives to defeat their ruthless foes and to decipher the fascinating secrets of the strange and mysterious will. Description of current edition: A long-distance telephone call from Chet Morton's uncle summons Frank and Joe Hardy and their staunch pal Chet to a summer art school, located near old Fort Senandaga which is reputed to be inhabited by a ghost.

The young detectives' assignment: recover two famous oil paintings stolen from the valuable Prisoner-Painter collection owned by Jefferson Davenport. Davenport reveals that one of the famous pictures contains a clue to the hiding place of a priceless gold chain. Vicious threats and deadly traps beset Frank, Joe, and Chet as they search for clues to the stolen paintings and the gold treasure - a search that is complicated by the stormy feud between an Englishman and a Frenchman over the military history of the ancient fort. Hardy to justice. Description of current edition: Frank and Joe Hardy are determined to bring to justice the vicious criminals who kidnapped their detective father while he was investigation sabotage of a road-building project in the Kentucky wilderness.

After Mr. Hardy's escape, the two young sleuths are spurred into action when he mumbles the word "Felix" and they discover a dossier of a notorious ex-convict was stolen from his files. The trail leads them to New York City but ends abruptly in a cemetery! With the new clue of a spiral symbol the boys head to Kentucky as part of a highway construction crew to track down the kidnappers and saboteurs.

Adams also signed a release form for this title. Description of current edition: Rarely do magicians reveal their professional secrets. Hardy to be the subject. When their detective father fails to reappear, his sons are convinced that something sinister is afoot, despite Hexton's insistence that Mr.

Hardy is playing a joke on them. The young detective's gripping adventures culminate in a dramatic climax when they unmask the secret agent on Flight Description of current edition: One exciting event follows another when Frank and Joe Hardy are hired to apprehend the pickpockets who have been plaguing Solo's Super Carnival. When their friends Tony Prito and Biff Hooper exhibit a stuffed whale dug up at a construction project, they all but put the carnival out of business.

In this thrilling mystery the young detectives pit their wits against a gang of thieves whose bizarre identification, a three-part whale tattoo, proves to be a nearly insolvable riddle. Description of current edition: Private investigator Fenton Hardy enlists the aid of his teenage detective sons in a search for a missing man being sought by an insurance company. All leads to the sailor's whereabouts have petered out and the boys fly to Iceland, the man's native land, hoping to find a new clue. From the moment Frank and Joe arrive in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, they are in constant danger.

In the spine-chilling pursuit that follows, Frank and Joe uncover a diabolical espionage plot that threatens the life of a U. Description of current edition: Frank and Joe Hardy become involved in a case affecting national security when Joe dials a wrong telephone number and gets the Pentagon. Two words- "Bombay Boomerang"- that the boys hear before the line goes dead plunge them into a whirlpool of danger and intrigue.

At the same time, Frank and Joe must save their father from a murderous gang stealing mercury shipments in the Baltimore harbor. With clues linking the mercury thefts to the top secret Super S missile mysteriously stolen from a government arsenal. Description of current edition: An assignment form their famous detective father to track down a ring of credit-card counterfeiters takes Frank and Joe Hardy on an exciting camping trip to the Rocky Mountains.

But the cross-country trek with their pals Chet Morton and Biff Hooper is jinxed from the very first day. Strange happenings on a nearly impassable mountain lure Frank, Joe, Chet, and Biff to almost certain death before they discover the sinister reason for the danger on Vampire Trail. Description of current edition: Frank and Joe are called upon to find a wealthy industrialist's son who has mysteriously disappeared. The only clue in the case leads the two young detectives to South America, where the intrigues of evil adversaries almost cost them their lives.

Only through their courage and perseverance do the Hardys solve one of the toughest cases they have ever tackled. Hardy break up an international crime syndicate. Description of current edition: Danger is the name of the game when the Hardys agree to help their pen pal from Greece, Evan Pandropolos, search for a priceless, ancient Greek helmet. Years ago, Evan's uncle had loaned it to Hollywood movie company for use in a silent motion picture, but the treasured helmet had been lost.

Picking up foes along the way, the young detectives unearth clues that keep them constantly on the move-from their Greek college campus to California and finally to Greece. Description of current edition: Why is a wealthy sportsman so frightened by the serpent design on a mysterious balloon that he begs Frank and Joe Hardy to protect him? And who stole the ancient life-size chess king which is to be presented to the winner of the world chess championship?

Targets of diabolical enemies, Frank and Joe find a clue that leads them across the Pacific to Hong Kong to help the police smash an international criminal organization. Hardy break up an airline ticket theft ring. Description of current edition: When the Hardy Boys take a winter vacation in Jamaica, Joe finds an ancient bronze death mask washed up near their beach house during a violent storm.

Helping the Hardys and their friends in this bizarre mystery is William, a Jamaican boy, who flies to New York with startling news, only to be intercepted and held for ransom-the death mask! Frank and Joe must rescue William, plunge into their father's airline-ticket theft case, and fly into a maze of danger in Africa. Rowbotham's fortune. Description of current edition: There is not time for explanations when Mr. Their stay in East Anglia begins with a weird omen, as they witness the bizarre funeral of an old witchmaster.

From then on, strange things happen. When the Hardys learn about the strange disappearance of Lord Craighead, the plot deepens. Danger follows them to Ireland as Frank and Joe survive a shipwreck and find a clue from a frightened white which that leads to the torture chamber of a black witches' coven, all in search of the telltale Witchmaster's Key. The Hardy Boys travel to Switzerland and the Yucatan jungle to locate stolen gold bullion. Description of current edition: A million dollars' worth of gold bullion has been stolen from the Wakefield Mint under strange circumstances. Hardy is asked to investigate but before long his life is threatened, and he asks Frank and Joe to help him.

The boys fly to Zurich, Switzerland, hoping to get information at the Swiss Gold Syndicate and to find the man who has stolen a valuable ancient gold figurine from a New York museum. But the Hardy's travels lead to nothing but new doubts and nagging suspicions. And now their lives are in danger. Description of current edition: The launching of the Firebird Rocket is endangered when a famous rocket scientist disappears without a trace on his way to the Woomera Monitoring Station in Australia. Assigned to the case, Fenton Hardy tells his sons he needs their help. And Frank and Joe must turn down a request that they find the missing son of a prominent senator.

With courage, wit, and clever detective work, the young detectives begin to close in on the enemy, only to discover that the tables have been turned. Captured by their cunning adversaries, the Hardys face certain death! Will they escape? Will the Firebird Rocket ever be launched? The Hardy Boys hunt a gang of terrorists and run into mystery at a new animal park on the Bayport outskirts.

Description of current edition: During Mr. Hardy's investigation of a ruthless gang of terrorists, Frank and Joe witness an explosion in the sky near an airborne dirigible owned by Quinn Air Fleet. The young detectives look into a clue that takes them into a new animal park outside Bayport, where they are lured into a trap by an unknown enemy.

Problems arise for the park owner as he receives pressure from a competitor and a real-estate firm to sell out. Strange occurrences at the park also frighten the visitors and animals. Frank and Joe take up the case despite fore warnings. Spina Revised: William F. Now out of print.

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Originally an oversized book, this volume was reduced in size to match the rest of the series in Both the putative "authors" were law enforcement officers. On Jan. They said that the publisher liked the idea and wanted to see a sample chapter. More than a year later, a letter of agreement from the Syndicate on Jan. All chapters were to be turned in by July 1, and he would help with revision as needed. On Sept. He said that he still had four chapters to edit which would be sent to Spina soon. He says that after the text was put into type he wanted to send galley proofs for Spina to review.

A draft of the foreword was sent to Spina by Svenson on Oct. On Dec. He was also a correspondent with the Syndicate on occasion, including supplying some notes on the structure of police departments in Germany for a story. Courtesy James Keeline Mr. Spina was arrested in a corruption probe of Newark NJ and Mr. Flynn was then hired to lend his name to the revised edition.

Several didactic short fictional stories illustrating various actual crime detection methods. From the Foreword: Police science is one of the youngest and most rapidly growing professions in the United States today. I have revised this handbook for fans of Frank and Joe Hardy who are interested in learning about modern police practices. The first seven chapters, based upon true stories from police files, illustrate how Frank and Joe use the various facets of police technology while tracking down criminals.

Further uses of these techniques - fingerprinting, surveillance, and other related skills in the science of criminal investigation - are detailed in the last five chapters. William F. Flynn, FBI Special Agent who recently retired, acted as my consultant in the preparation of this revised edition.

The Investigation of a Murder by Eric Saward - Audio Drama (1979)

It is our sincere hope that many readers of this handbook will someday join the ranks of our country's brave and dedicated law-enforcement officers who fight the never-ending war against crime. A Word About Revisions When the original text stories were revised, the level of changes varied from book to book. Basically a slight editing of the original. Completely Different: No relationship to the original. Some character names may remain and story line may be reminiscent of the original. I personally regard the Digests as being canonical as the Hardy world remains unchanged, unlike the Case Files or even the Undercover Brothers or Adventures.

Description of current edition: A ferocious, wolf-like creature appears during the night of the full moon in a small Adirondack town, attacking livestock and scaring many of the residents. A young man with a history of werewolves in his family line is suspect. Description of current edition: Shortly after his arrival in the United States, a Japanese business tycoon mysteriously disappears. Then a valuable samurai sword, said to have belonged to the missing tycoon's family for generations, is stolen from an auction gallery in New York.

Danger confronts them constantly as the Hardy Boys search for the solution to the puzzle. Description of current edition: First valuable antique weather vanes are stolen in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and Frank and Joe are hired to catch the thieves. Meanwhile, their father is asked to find a missing Navy employee and a top-secret government document. What is the connection between the missing weather vanes and the Pentagon spy? The final chapters of this thrilling mystery uncover a stunning revelation! Description of current edition: The Hardy Boys investigate the disappearance of an eighteen-year-old girl suspected of joining a sinister religious cult.

A few days later the boys get an offbeat assignment from a comic book publisher: The real life double of his character, Apeman, is turning up everywhere and causing considerable damage! Frank and Joe tackle both cases and uncover an intricate scheme by a clever gang of crooks! Description of current edition: When five Egyptian statuettes are stolen from a museum, the Hardy Boys travel to exotic Egypt.

En route, the boys are asked to safeguard a mysterious mummy and find themselves tangled in a web of international intrigue. On the Nile, the young detectives uncover a secret hiding place with countless stolen treasures and realize they must get to the police fast! Description of current edition: A painting is stolen, and the Hardy Boys are suspects.

Determined to find the artwork, the young detectives fly to Florida, where they disguise themselves and join a group of sinister smugglers. Though the painting fails to appear, an important clue sends the boys on a perilous trek through the Everglades. Threatened at every turn by greedy enemies, the Hardys fight a tricky and powerful battle to expose the truth.

Description of current edition: When an ancient stone idol disappears, the Hardy Boys are off on another fast-paced adventure. It's a mystery that takes the boys from a primitive village in the Andes Mountains to Antarctica and finally to Easter Island. By using their fine investigative skills, the Hardy Boys find that the mystery of the stone idol is not what it seems! Description of current edition: Chet Morton's cousin, Vern, is on his way to California to find a rare and valuable coin mysteriously missing from his uncle's bank vault.

When he stops in Bayport, his brand-new car is stolen. The Hardys take on a double mystery-and double danger as they head for the West Coast to investigate this sinister mystery. In The Tower Treasure, the first book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy work together to solve a high-stakes jewel heist.

A special treat for Hardy Boys fans and any reader who's new to the series! In The House on the Cliff, the second book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy face off against a dangerous group of smugglers. A special treat for Hardy Boys fans and any reader who's new to the series. In The Secret of the Old Mill, the third book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy are on the case to bust a counterfeit money ring.

In The Missing Chums, the fourth book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy must save their friends from a rogue group of kidnappers. In Hunting for Hidden Gold, the fifth book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy pursue a notorious gang responsible for a payroll robbery. In The Shore Road Mystery, the sixth book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy encounter a perplexing set of mysteries when they agree to help their friend Jack Dodd and his father locate a family treasure.

In The Secret of the Caves, the seventh book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy discover the secret of the Honeycomb Caves while searching for a missing professor. In The Mystery of Cabin Island, the eighth book in the incredibly popular, long-running series, Frank and Joe Hardy encounter several dangerous setbacks as they search for Johnny Jefferson and some antique stolen medals. Hardy mistakenly kidnap Chet and Biff, leaving it up to the Boys to solve the case. The Boys solve the mystery of the secret locked room in Dalrymple's spooky mansion.

Circa , volume 24 "The Short-Wave Mystery" was issued with maroon binding and endpapers. This is generally regarded as an error printing. In the s, several volumes were issued with blank endpapers in error. Additionally, several different cover stocks with varying textures were used. The pre-WWII bindings are generally of a higher quality than those that followed. Endpaper Illustration Key Brown Multi-Scene The illustrations were adapted from the cover art current at the time. This is a general but fairly accurate guide, for more information consult the Reference Books section.

New cover art by Nappi was used. Nancy Drew and The Bobbsey Twins also turned up in this format. The Bobbsey Twins edition is very hard to locate. These picture cover books are bound in a very light blue and use the same art as the regular editions. There's an extra set of blank endpapers, the boards are thicker and the binding is much sturdier than the regular edition.

Some binding variations have been reported. Binding is blue and the books are larger than the regular books. The DJ's are blue and use the picture cover art. The first 3 titles were released in this format. These PC books were bound in a dark mustard color and used artwork modified from the current books. Leather bound, slipcased editions of the original text versions of volumes Various binding variations reported.

Still available as of May For Sale. Boxed Set of the First 6 Volumes - Normally, but not always, new cover art was introduced at the same time the text was revised. Applewood Books First Edition Reproductions These are the original text stories, reproduced with the original dustjacket and internal artwork Binding Types Red Brown

Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)
Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63) Six New Christmas Murder Mysteries (Miss Tayke Investigates Book 63)

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