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Phantom Lover

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Phantom Lover

Jill Mansell. The Sun in Her Eyes. Paige Toon.

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Giovanni's Room. James Baldwin. Sadie Matthews. I first read it in ; indeed, somewhere, is my original paperback copy, but I hadn't re-read it in who knows how long. Maybe I was afraid that the 'suck fairy' would have gotten to it. This is Regency Romance in the Georgette Heyer mold. Delightful characters, clever dialog, heart-felt emotions.

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I laughed. I cried, I rejoiced in the well-deserved happy ending. Our heroine, Nell, is Technically this is a multiple times re-read.

Our heroine, Nell, is high-spirited, impetuous, with a lively sense of humor. Our hero. Harry, is loyal, stubborn and wounded in body and spirit. So, as Nell's wonderful Aunt Amelia would advise, pour yourself a cup of tea and prepare to be entertained for a few hours. Jan 18, DKC rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , regency. Fun little Regency! Not steamy, so if you're looking for a "clean romance" this would fit the bill.

Rather wanted to bash both her guardians over the head within a very few pages, but in a way, it sort of showed what kind of marriage two selfish, ego-centric pleasure-seekers would have developed over the years. The mystery Fun little Regency! The mystery was why anyone would feel bad about defying them, as they were only a few steps short of turning into pre-Dickensian villains! But, Nell turned out to have a sense of humor, and be quite sensible at heart.

The "ghost" idea was cute, if corny, but the humor of the inter-changes really diminished the corny aspect of the plot. She and Harry were a sweet couple, and I enjoyed watching them come around to realizing how to get around societal strictures to have their HEA. Lol'd when Harry put his plan into action! Warning: this book made me hungry, as they were mentioning a bunch of Cornish dishes that sounded awesome.

Also, love a Cornwall setting any day! Jul 01, Get Booked Fans added it Shelves: romance , historical-romance , ep , clean-proper-romance , historical , regency , england. Episode 46 So, my mom. She retired last year and has begun reading for pleasure again, something she has not really done in decades. Do you have any recommendations for historical books, either in the romance genre or with a large romance subplot, that are in the same vein? Charming Regency with lots of amusing situations and witty conversation between characters. This is a delightful pair of lovers who suit one another perfectly and the reader knows they will have a happy and loving life together.

There are some fun secondary characters like Aunt Amelia and Roddy and who can forget the inestimable Nigel and his mother! Lots of fun and a well crafted story! More shades of Georgette Heyer! Aug 26, shms rated it liked it Shelves: historical , ow , recommended , hero-engaged-betrothed , regency , disability , humour , ghost , om-wannabe.

A light hearted romance where the angst is glossed over and the romance develops quite predictably but keeps us entertained. I find I can appreciate really good writing for its own sake, as was the case here, now that I read so many books where the story lines grabs me but the writing isn't necessarily the best. Sep 12, Alexandria Blaelock rated it it was amazing Shelves: something-different , supernatural , romance , reading-challenge.

Such a sweet Regency romance! Cpt Henry Thorne. It's a quick read with likeable characters, unpleasant villains, and in the end, everyone gets their just deserts. Apr 02, Emily Karns rated it it was amazing. I have loved this book for over 20 years!

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I found a box of 20 or so of this author's books and started with this one because remembered it was my favorite! I am so glad I did it was as good as I remembered! Jan 05, Vanessa rated it liked it Shelves: 19th-century , pedestrian , plot-not-enough. This lacked the punch to be any kind of re-read. This book was just okay. The plot, characters, and romance where all fine, but underwhelming. Also, not enough ghost story.

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Mar 06, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: regency-napoleon , It was funny and I enjoyed it! Aug 26, Nenya rated it really liked it. The first half is a lot of fun. A tea-loving great aunt accompanies her. H is hiding from the world and is depressed about his amputated leg. He tries to scare them away by playing to be a ghost. H visits h nightly as ghost, and they play along for 2 weeks. Around midway through the novel, everyone is in London, H is back with his fiancee not the h!

And I don't really like this pa The first half is a lot of fun. And I don't really like this part all that much. Even though I didn't care for the ow, H shouldn't have been kissing h-- it was only once--when he was engaged. Atleast he shouldn't have gone back to kissing his fiancee, while thinking of Nell. However, I did really appreciate how the H managed to get out of his engagement. I really, really liked it. He couldn't jilt her, since it has to seem as if the girl has called off the engagement , therefore, view spoiler [ he starts stumbling in public-- his amputated leg, you know.

Combined with the fact that society looking down on him and his gimpy leg was teh reason he was hiding out in Cornwall originally, this was a big deal. After seeing the publication date I was afraid this book would be full of literal bodice ripping and alpha-holes and old skool awfulness. But in fact it's a lovely Regency romance with a feminist heroine and a good share of laughs. The good: - Nell is a strong character that has her head on straight. She calls people out on their bullshit and is determined to only marry for love. There's nothing domineering about Henry, a g After seeing the publication date I was afraid this book would be full of literal bodice ripping and alpha-holes and old skool awfulness.

There's nothing domineering about Henry, a genuinely nice guy. Everyone is fleshed out, from the housekeeper's family to the suitor from hell. Great aunt or is it grandma? Amelia is always good for a laugh and the action never gets too heavy or dour. Escapist romance for the win! The not-so-good: - The relationship between the hero and heroine's families is a little convoluted and I'm still not sure I can explain it.

All in all a welcome diversion that reads quickly and leaves you smiling. At the same time, young Nell is banished to the same Estate by her guardian, who is anticipating becoming the Earl because nobody has heard from Harry since leaving him wounded on a battlefield in Spain. He has been presumed dead. And dead he appears, when he assumes the appearance of a ghost to scare away Nell and his Aunt Amelia from the estate.

Phantom Lover Phantom Lover
Phantom Lover Phantom Lover
Phantom Lover Phantom Lover
Phantom Lover Phantom Lover
Phantom Lover Phantom Lover
Phantom Lover Phantom Lover
Phantom Lover Phantom Lover

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