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The mother, being the responsible agent, must enter a one-year incarceration in a love-destruction institution, where any and all traces of love will be replaced with a burning hatred of the concept of love through well-programmed torture. Any such mother is of course neutered before being sent home, because they have a tendency to kill babies afterwards.

These are bad alternatives. You must decide now if you are willing to go on with the pregnancy. The instructor paused to let the whole thought sink in. The mothers in the room were fidgety. Good, the instructor thought, They are reacting. She scanned them as they squirmed on the floor as though trying to get more comfortable. Martha was feeling it. She was trembling inside. I have to face this, she thought. Her fear was familiar.

It came from what she had been dreading ever since learning she was pregnant. She had to face what the instructor was bringing to fore. She had to keep the baby no matter what. I must keep it together. I can do this. I can, and I will pass the test. Holding those thoughts helped, but she was still quivering. The instructor continued. She scanned the class again, searching, searching. There was always one there. Martha saw three mothers get up immediately, scared to death, and one of them was a LERN member.

You can do this! She felt a tear developing. She could not stop it. Tears in the maternity class were often a sign of an underground LERN member, or simply a predictor of someone who would not make it through love-deprogramming school. The instructor was keen to watch for any signs of emotion. She received a sweet bonus for detecting a LERN member, and she was good at it.

She abruptly spotted Martha, and was on her like a giant eight-legged trachna. He knew what this meant and wanted no part of it. Is this it? She asked herself. Is this the end? What can I do? She just stared at the instructor, frozen. Martha was staring back at her, paralyzed out of numbing fear when a thought arose — bite your tongue!

In a panic, she bit her tongue, hard. She could not give a twinge of expression as her razor-sharp piercing teeth dug deeply into the tender flesh, releasing a flood of blood into her mouth. The instructor recoiled, disgusted. She stood back and looked Martha up and down. Martha was still shaking inside, but she had the composure to get out a cloth, and hold it to her mouth.

The instructor pulled her own cloth out of her lab coat, and coolly returned to the front of the class. This one year imprisonment should be considered a merciful act of the state, because otherwise the penalty for love would be DeathBT. The ones still here are all staying for this now, correct? Have I given a good warning of what is to come, and the risks involved? The instructor proceeded to review the issues of hospital admittance, methods of delivery, and protocols. This went on for the rest of the evening, and the class was eventually dismissed.

Martha was glad to be having a child at such an age as twenty.

P.I. Barrington

Any one of them was rarely in perfect health on a given day. Body sores with various etiologies, coming from any number of pathogens were common problems. Sores would start under the scales, and spread to the softer skin underneath.

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These sores would eventually overcome most people in old age, if something else did not kill them first. Laws, which, in the end, discouraged childbirth, were hardly needed. Conceiving a child was difficult. There was still a relatively high death rate among babies from disease. It was now assumed that they never worked. On the ride home traveling westward, Griswolt and Martha were sitting together in the exposed back seat of their contiss-drawn taxi.

It was pleasant to ride on the outside of the taxi, facing backwards. This was the way they would typically choose to ride, if weather permitted. The night air was cool, and the lesser moon was out and full. The homes, being underground, were marked by their mounds a few feet in height, the outline of which typically reflected the structure beneath. The entry door enclosures usually extended ten to twelve feet aboveground, with similar dimensions in width and depth. The entrance was characteristically the tallest structure of a house. When she betrays him for no apparent reason, he vows to punish her one way or another.

Taking the one thing she treasures most—their son—begins a cat and mouse relationship spanning two planets and costing possibly his life. You can purchase the book HERE. Life amazes me! There are so many twists and turns in it that you can never predict or sometimes even imagine! Where you begin with your choices is not necessarily where you end up, lol!

When do you find yourself singing? What movie deserves a sequel?

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I never knew I could love noir as much as I do with this film! It is a bit violent though! If you could travel in time where would you go? Ancient Egypt and then ancient Rome! What movie would you want to see? Wow, so many. Rain is very emotional to me. Been there, done that! What was your favorite childhood game? It not only made you think and reason but it had the coolest game pieces Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Candlestick and board locations the Conservatory, the Kitchen, the Library. Plus the characters had great names! Is it any wonder I ended up an author?

Paul and Linda McCartney; it was my dream from a child to meet him. They were some of the most gracious people I have ever met.

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What is your favorite kind of cereal? The combination of rice and corn is unbeatable! How do you like to relax? Listening to music and or gardening. There is such joy in both! What is the scariest scene you remember from a movie as a kid? What animal scares you most? I used to be afraid of all animals.

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But once I stared down a rattlesnake on my property and backed away then ran in and called animal control. So she has to get off planet, and fast. Then her ride off-planet gets shot out from under her, and her fellow crash victim is a teenage girl with a whole lot of attitude; the daughter of that cop Isadora killed. We see her memories and know that Isadora believes she deserves her fate. But quite a bit of how that story resolved was a surprise. Guilt is easy and forgiveness is hard.


This is a redemption story that happens to be set in a science fiction world. The space travel is a nice bonus.

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I have 2, yes 2 e-copies of Isadora to give away. The giveaway will be open until am EDT the morning of April 10, and I will announce the winners on April 11, All you have to do fill out the Rafflecopter form below:. Thanks for the awesome post and giveaway! Erin, yes, do definitely.

Very interesting. With a double, no, make that a triple twist at the end. Very worth checking out! And thanks for entering!

Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar Isadora DayStar
Isadora DayStar

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