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What if there were portals to this dreadful plane all around the globe?

There are many places around the world purported to be gateways to hell - and they're all listed here. It's a small, green, picturesque spot of land with breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic and the Irish countryside.

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It's also a gateway to Hell. Legend holds that St.

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Patrick to reassure his followers that the afterlife was real, and could be very uncomfortable. Ancient literature describes travelers bringing animals to the site as a means of sacrifice to the god Pluto.

Needless to say, visiting hell from Pluto's Gate requires a certain degree of commitment. Prior to the construction of Houska Castle, local villagers were having issues with demonic creatures exiting the pit at night and harassing anyone who dared to leave their home.

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It's said that when he was raised from the pit he had aged some 30 years. Around AD, locals had seen enough of this portal and Houska Castle was built to keep the demons at bay. Want to discover more fascinating places? Sign up for The Archive 's newsletter, and get our best historical stories sent to your inbox weekly.

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  6. Turkmenistan and the Gates of Hell.
  7. Believed by locals—currently and in ancient times—to be a gateway to the underworld, Mount Osore is viewed with fear and reverence. Visiting the area, one can find statues and offerings along the riverbanks, assisting the spirits in their journey. Located on Ming Mountain, this collection of monasteries, shrines, and temples dates back nearly 2, years, and is the combination of three different belief systems—Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Chinese legend tells of two Imperial officials of the Han Dynasty who came to the area to practice Taoism, and subsequently became immortal.

    In Buddhist mythology, the newly dead must pass three tests, and the temples in the Ghost City represent these three tests; the spirits here, it is believed, judge and torment the deceased and, ultimately, determine where they will proceed next in their life after life.

    Hekla - The Gateway to Hell

    Perhaps the most viscerally accurate example of a gateway to hell, the sight of this burning crater in Durweze, Turkmenistan sends chills down your spine. Located on a natural gas field, the open pit is actually a collapsed cavern that geologists set ablaze in , hoping to control the emission of methane gas and wrongly believing the fire would subside in a few days.

    Peer into the underworld through these fiery earthly portals.

    Dropping in on Turkmenistan's 'door to hell' – in pictures

    By Elisabeth Tilstra. Photo Credit: Japanexperterna. Bizarre Travel Gateway to Hell.

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