Carnivale Diabolique

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Carnaval Diabolique

You continue as planned, however, and slowly, bit by bit, begin to enjoy what the carnival ruins have to offer. Realizing that the carnival is attempting to claim your soul as well, you try to flee - but it is too late, and your soul is now part of the carnival - the Carnival of Lost Souls. Every one of Nox Arcana's albums manages to fuse beauty and darkness to create a rapturing sound that ensares all who dare listen I just finished listening to it, it's amazing. Another truly wonderous work, and with some surprising vocals that are not in the older albums, while catching one by surprise at the same time, it just wouldn't feel right without them.

It is definitely different, and as always Nox Arcana finished the album with a true finale. That's one of the things I love about this group, the last song on every album has this Grande Finale feel. It's really quite spectacular. The Carnival of Lost Souls cd really adds the finishing touch to our evil carnies haunted house theme! Out of all the others we have tried Nox Arcana really IS the best! I love Nox Arcana! This has to be one of their best albums!!

Especially Circus Diabolique :. I think listening to this in a dark room at night would really freak me out, its a good album i love it! You really can picture stuff going on when you listen to it and i find my mind wandering. This is so awsome!!!

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The fact that there are no vocals makes it even scarier! They are the second band I met that makes a carnival scary. And they do it even better! I love them. Nox Arcana has managed to make something that is normaly considered happy and lots of fun into something that haunts nightmares. This is perhaps one of my favorite albums. I love this album! It evokes images of the carnival after dark. It explains why children are afraid of clowns, they know that the carnival can be the creepiest place, in spite of it's faux happy trappings.

Here is a review of the album: 1. I can just see the carnival freaks moving around inthe shadows with Ghosts of the Midway in the background, or when Will and Jim sneak in After Hours. Wonderful music! I used this, along with some of Nox Arcana's other works, in a Halloween display I set up with a circus theme. This album really set the mood to a bizzare, surreal atmosphere. I plan to use them again for this years display. Great stuff, totally worth it! Nox Arcana is one of my favorite Artists! They never fail to release masterpiece after masterpiece!

Anyone who reads this review, trust me, they are great! The melodies, and haunting sounds make each album a true work of art! Bravo to William and Joseph for another grand album! I can't say this was one of Nox Arcana's best because I love them all! How well the idea of a haunted carnival is captured in these for lack of a better word songs is amazing!

Although so many of these melodies are completely different, I have to specially recommend "Theatre of Sarrows", "Circus Diabolique", Haunted Carousel" and "Storm"! I was quite surprised to find the awesom rock version of "Spellbound" at the end of "Storm. I feel like my soul was put into a trance after hearing these 3 songs This music is freakin awesome!

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I love this album. The dynamics are great, the sound quality is great, and the tunes are also great. Listen to this: So my uncle picks up this CD for our huge Halloween party that we have every year and it so happens to be this one. Later that night I locked myself in my room with a few of my friends and turned out all the lights to see how long we could last. Freaky but true, I had downloaded the same album two days previous on my ipod and my friend had turned it on This album scares the heck out of me with its haunting tunes and extravagant visual sensory language.

You can actually see this stuff Nox Arcana delivers another gothic masterpiece! I'm a big fan of these guys. I must admit, this scares me.


But you've go to love Nox Arcana, with their hauntingly addictive melodys. I think my soul's been lost to the carnival! Carnival of Lost Souls is a masterpeice. Nox Arcana has proved once again it can create works of art while keeping their macabre sounds in style. If you have always enjoyed classical music, I hope you will enjoy Nox Arcana's ingenious music. I sure do. Explore an old-fashioned traveling carnival that harbors living nightmares and sinister secrets.

Track Samples. Ghosts Of The Midway 2. After Hours 3. Harlequin's Lament 4.

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Calliope 5. Madame Endora 6. Nightmare Parade 7. Shadows Fall 8. The apricotty elements are in harmony and really sing with the lemon parts. Again, this could be in my head and in what I pick up versis other people. I am beginning to believe that I have to be very careful around lemon smells because maybe I am very very sensitive to them. Carnival is wonderful when you catch it on the fly, in other words when your hand brushes by your face and you smell it from a distance. The throw is very mild but it is the perfect strength for the blend.

Carnaval Diabolique

It would not be good if it were real strong, it is very good as that wisp of a scent which flits through your mind and then vaporizes. A real natural tease.

EDIT: My skin does -weird- things when it's that time of the month again. Glad I waited -- I tried CD again today and it smelled lovely, lemony-smoke cream with enough floral to make it interesting but not enough to make me hate it. Unfortunately, my skin ate it in less than fifteen minutes. I am in hate with my body chemistry. WET: still lemon verbena. I was hoping for something more complex. Please change!

DRYING: the lemon is still very much there, but other things are coming to the surface -- okay, lightly floral. I'm getting a bit more of the smoke here, but not as much as i'd like. Rather sweeter than anticipated, although I suppose that was a bit silly of me. Lemon, not the tartness of the juice, but more like the zest of the lemon, full of the oils and then muddled with sugar and vanilla. I can smell the florals in the background with that drizzle of sweet lemon sugar. After about an hour, the lemon moves to the background and it smells faintly woodsy and incensy.

Since there is no wood note in the description, I'm thinking that it is the black musk and the opium that I smell. I am a fan of coconut, however I don't really smell a strong note here, but it could just be combining with the sugar and the lemon flower to tame the citrus notes and add creaminess. For me this is absolutely another to be hoarded.

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So far, I am 3 for 3 with the CD scents - beautiful! ETA - I guess that it would help, if when I'm testing, to apply a bit more than just a whisper. I re-applied and It's different than I've smelled in other blends, though. It is like fresh young coconut meat. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Post-Update: Forum Issues Read more Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted August 31, Straight from the twisted alleys of Dis, by way of the City of Angels: opium smoke, lemon flower, heliotrope, tuberose, black musk, vanilla, coconut, apricot flower. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 1, In the bottle: verbena! Posted September 1, edited. In the bottle: Lemony! Kind of astringent. Edited September 1, by luxuria.

Posted September 2, Wet: Lemon, lemon, floral Posted September 2, edited. In the bottle: Very strongly lemon with just a hint of coconut. I am in love with this. Edited September 2, by CLFilm. Posted September 3, In the bottle: bright lemony-citrus. Posted September 4, Final note: I like this one. In the bottle, it's very floral. Floral, floral, floral. Posted September 6, edited. What a series! Edited September 6, by zenvodunista. Edited September 6, by Melantha. Posted September 6, Posted September 7, Wet: lemon. Then, smoky lemon. This was my first try of the CD line and I'd say we are definitely off to a great start.

Posted September 8, Posted September 9, Posted September 10, edited. Edited September 25, by myoubi. Edited September 11, by portalkat. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? My pulse hammered violently in my neck. I didn't know him, but I also didn't think he'd do it.

It was a flicker in his eye. The way his body was so tense, so angry. Like he wanted to, but just couldn't. Over the years I'd developed a few tricks, one was that I could read people and not just based off body language, but it was almost like feeling someone's thoughts. Tasting their moods. Anger was spicy, lust decadent, fear greasy. Billy tasted like a chili pepper dipped in dark chocolate.

Seconds seemed like hours.

Carnivale Diabolique

I stared at him, watching the lines of his muscle twitch from the strain of holding himself back. The minute was nearly up and with each passing second I knew not only wouldn't he, but he couldn't. He growled, threw the knife away, and walked off. The knife clattered when it hit the kitchen floor. I released the pent up breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. I wasn't a gambler, but right now I felt like I'd just won the jackpot. The cat was out of the bag, he knew who I was and I knew why he'd taken my shoes off.

Every neph was born with the mark, either on their left or right ankle. Not all marks were similar. Mine was in the shape of a shredded moth's wing on the inside of my right ankle. Stopping mid-stride, already halfway out the door he turned toward me and his lip curled.

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There was an unspoken promise in that sentence. This would only be the beginning of more. His eyes roamed my face and I licked my lips at the quiet intensity in that gaze.

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I'm not sure what happened between us. I couldn't understand how a Pontifex Mortus , trained to kill neph's at any and all costs would choose to walk away from a sacrifice that had looked willing. But something had happened, and whatever it was, would forever alter the tenuous balance between good and evil. What is StoryBundle? Crimson Night by Marie Hall Welcome one and all to Carnival Diabolique- or what I affectionately like to call, the carnival of the damned.

Excerpt "Then kill me, Priest. End this. Go ahead.

Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique
Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique
Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique
Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique
Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique
Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique
Carnivale Diabolique Carnivale Diabolique

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