BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)

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Excluding Sanzo, the main characters have six WereAttacks optional characters have only three , typically matching their natural element. The main six characters above are mandatory to recruit, covering all five elements. The characters below are optional characters who can be obtained through fulfilling optional objectives. The optional characters only have three WereAttacks in Wereform, and cannot learn anything further.

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However, their Wereforms can cover multiple elements, unlike the main characters. The main antagonists from this game is also known as "Devil Eight" which main purpose is to rule over heaven and create a new world of destruction and chaos. On release, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 31 out of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.


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September Weekly Famitsu. The earliest bronze swords and spearheads had probably been introduced by the 1st century B. An arrowhead from the 2nd century or 3rd century B. Bronze casting required highly trained specialists and production centers had to be supervised to control quality and distribution of bronze products. Iron, on the other hand, could be made in backyard furnaces by just about anybody with a little training.

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Bronze objects included bronze arrowheads and other weapons, Chinese and northeast Asian mirrors, dagger-swords, spearheads, halberds, sword ornaments, shuriken -shaped ornaments for shields, bracelets, coins, vessels and dotaku and bataku horse bells. But within the next hundred years, the Yayoi people learned how to produce their own products locally.

The first products were of good quality not technically inferior to those found in Korea so it is believed that immigrants were directly involved at first. Sandstone molds for weapons and bracelets have been found at several sites in North Kyushu.

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As the locals got better in their techniques, their forms changed too. Swords, daggers and halberds became longer, wider and thinner. Early bronze bells came from Korea, locally made in Japan ones were initially poorly made with many technical flaws. By the 2nd century, the quality of local bronze products had improved and by the 2nd century and were able to make good bells with pictorial or geometric patterns in sharp, linear relief.

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By the third century, the bells became thin-walled, taller and slenderer. Bell foundries were located in the Osaka-Nara area evidenced by a mold found in Ibaraki city in Osaka prefecture within 30 kilometres of a sandstone source.

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Stone and clay fragments of molds for small bells have been found in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures. Further reading:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)
BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition) BONZE GO WEST (Japanese Edition)

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