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Beejy Sing assembles the clans on the plains of Mairta. His reply—Battle. Beejy Sing left alone. Is slain,—Power of the nobles checked—They are led against the robbers of the desert. Battles of Patun and Mairta. Raja Bheem seizes upon the gadi. Lheem destroys all the other claimants to succession, excepting Maun Sing. Sallies from the garrison for supplies. Named Dhonkul. Acknowledged and proclaimed as Raja of Marwar. The armies approach. Pursued by the Jeipoor commander. Evidence that his madness was feigned—The Raja dissatisfied with certain stipulations of the treaty.

A British officer sent to Jodpoor. The exiled chiefs apply to the British Government, which refuses to mediate. Extent and population of Marwar. Transit trade—Palli, the emporium of Western India. Kutars, or caravans. Commercial decline. Origin of the state of Bikaner. Characteristic of the Getic people throughout India. Death of Beeka. XIX Page ruins of the Johyas. Suroop Sing suc- ceeds He is killed. Actual condition and capabilities of Bikaner.

Saraswati Brahmins. Face of the country—Grain and vegetable productions. Salt lakes—Local physiognomy. Commerce and manu- factures. Anga, or capi- tation-tax. Bhutnair, its origin and denomination. Emigration of Bersi. Succeeded by Bhiroo. Zoological and botanical curiosities. Descended from Bharat, king of Bharatversha, or Indo-Scythia. Raja Guj attacks Cashmere.

Afghans are Yadus, not Yahurlis, or Jews. Peace with the Barahas. Rao Kehur, cotemporary of the Caliph A1 Walid. Proceeds with his three brothers to the land of Kher, where they espouse the Gohilote chief s daughters. Jaetsi and his sons prepare for the storm-Jessulmer invested. Generous conduct of the Mahomedan friend of Ruttun to his sons. Extends his authority to the Punjnud.

Jessulmer becomes a fief of the empire—Changes in the succession—Subbul Sing serves with the Bhatti contingent—His services obtain him the gadi of Jessulmgr—Boundaries of Jessulmer at the. The princes of Jessulmer and Bikaner are involved in the feuds of their vassals. Importance of these transactions to the British Government. Retires to Jodpoor. After twelve years, restored to their lands. Rawul Moolraj enters into treaty with the English. Cause of this treachery. Geographical position of Jessulmer. XXlll Page and dress. General aspect—Boundaries and divisions of the desert—Probable etymology of the Greek oasts.

Dhola Rae expelled, and founds Dhoondar—Romantic legend of Dhola Rag—His treachery to his benefactor, the Meena lord of Khogong—Marries a daughter of a Birgoojur chief, and becomes his heir—Augments his territories, and transfers his government to Ramgurh—Marries a daughter ot the prince of Ajmgr—Is killed in battle with the Meenas—His son Kankul conquers Dhoondar.

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Ram Sing. Bishen Sing Sovvae Jey Sing succeeds. The Rajpoot league. Juggut Sing. Jeipoor the last of the Rajpoot states to embrace the proffered alliance of the British—Procrastination habitual to the Rajpoots, as to all Asiatics. The title of Mohun Sing disputed by the legal heir-presumptive. Origin of the Shekhavati federation. His exploits and character. Buhadoor Sing. Terms of redemption—Murder of deputies by the Mahrattas—Indur Sing perishes in the attempt to avenge them—Pertap Sing—Rise of the Seekur chief—Transactions between Pertap and Nursing, his co-partner—Pertap obtains the whole of Khundaila—Nursing recovers by stratagem his share of Khundaila.

Violated by the latter. Nursing refuses tribute to the court, and Khundaila is sequestrated—Nursing and Pertap treacherously made captive, and conveyed to Jeipoor. Restoration of Khooshialiram to the ministry of Jeipoor—New investitures granted to the feudatories of Khundaila—Abhe and Pertap inducted into their ancestral abodes—Incident illustrative of the defects of the Rajpoot feudal system—Khundaila assailed by Luchman Sing, chief of Seekur—Gallant defence of Hunwunt—His death—Surrender of Khundaila to Luchman Sing—The co-heirs exiled.

Bagh Sing of Keytri murders his own son. Haravati defined. Recapitulation of the Hara princes from the founder Anuraj to Rae Dewa. Napooji succeeds. Hamoo succeeds. Rao Soorjun obtains Rinthumbor. Becomes a vassal of the empire. Amazonian band. Rao Chutter Sal succeeds.

Feud with the prince of Amber. Treachery of Amber—Desperate conflict. Page Rao Omeda defeats the troops of Amber. Death of Hunja, his steed. Is again expelled from it. Mahratta encroachments. Omeda abdicates. Separation of Kotah from Boondi. Siam Sing slain. His queens.

Maha Rao Goman Sing. Destruction of the conspirators—Exile of the nobles—Sequestration of estates. Zalim regarded as a legislator. His superstition Makes a tour of his dominions. Adopts European arms and discipline. Return to the old system. Advantages and disadvantages.. Farming system of Zalim Sing. The jugdti, or tax-gatherer.

Tax on widows. Province of Kotah at this period, and at assumption of the government, contrasted. Political system of the Regent. Preparations to attack the capital. Alliance with Ameer Khan and the Ptndarri chiefs. Choice of ministers. Foundation of the city Jhalra-patun. The Rajpoot States invited to an alliance with the British Government.

Banishment of Gordhun-das, the natural son of the Regent. The Regent assaults the castle. Flight of the Maharao and party. General sympathy for him. Summons the Haras to his standard—His demands. His ultimatum. British troops march. Death of his brother Pirthi Sing. Departure from the valley of Oodipoor. Its Jain temples. Calmness with which political negociations are managed in the East. Exploit of Raj Sing against the Malirattas.

Reflections on that state. The chief of Heentah—Difficulty of arranging the separation of Heentah from the fisc. Extra- ordinary manner in which he acquired Lawah—Decline of the family. Morwun—The solitude of this fine district—Caused by the Malirattas and their mercenaries—Impolicy of our conduct towards the Mahrattas. Tradition of the foundation and. Page destruction or the ancient city. Account of the introduction and mode of culture of opium. Evil consequences of the use of opium.

Distribution of crops. Doongur Sing. Temple of Bhavani. Antiquities and inscriptions at Bhynsror. Tomb of a bard. Cairn of a Bhatti chief. Bhil temple. Ihe cuckoo. Taking leave ot the Maharao and Regent. XXXI Page elephant. Rajpoot music. Extraordinary attack of illness in the author. Journey to Mandelgurh. The Kir dr. Tranquil state of the country. Our true policy with regard to the feudatories in these parts—Darnnioh. Signs of reviving prosperity. Assembly of the Bhomias and Patels.

Lavish "rants. Waste country. The author obliged to take a journey to Boondi. Ceremony oi Rdj-tilac, or inauguration. Power and disposition of these two officers—Arrangements made by the author—Interview and con- versation with the Rani. Monastery of Atteets, or Jogis—Their savage aspect—The author elected a child—The head of the establishment—His legend of the origin of the epithet Seesodia. Page The choolis, or whirlpools of the Chumbul.

His elephant. Cross the natural boundary of Harouti and Malwa. Chaoni of the Pindarris—Gagrown Naraynpoor. Visit to Mynal. Ancient history of Bijolll. Synchronism in an enigmatical date—March to Beygoo. Legend of that chief—Imprecation of the virgin Sati. Page 1. Palace and Fortress of Boondi The City of Kotah Hunting Seat of the Princes of Kotah 5. Fragment from the Ruins of Barolli 6. Outline of the Temple of Barolli Sculptured Niche at Barolli Ceiling of Temple at Barolli Remains of an Ancient Temple at Barolli Temples of Gangabheva Smaller groupe of ditto Statue of the Snake-King Cave Temples of Dhoomnar Temple of Chandrabhaga Details of Foliage of the Temple Sculptured Ceiling of the Temple Columns of the Temple Second Temple of Chandrabhaga Ancient Columns in Mokundurra Pass Temples of Mynal in Mewar Second Group of Temples of Mynal Jeyt-Khumba, a Pillar of Victory in Cheetore Columns in the Fortress of Cheetore The various etymons of Marwar.

Conquers Canouj. The extent and splendour of that state before the Mahomedan conquest of India. Title of Mandalica. Attacks Canouj. Date of this event. The bards frequently style it Mordhur, which is synonymous with Maroo-dtsa, or, when it suits their rhyme, simply Maroo. B pedigree. As it is desirable, however, to record their own opinions regarding theii origin, we shall make extracts from the chronicles hereafter enumerated , instead of fusing the whole into one mass, as in the Annals of Mewar. The readei will occasionally be presented with simple translations of whatever is most inteiesting in the Rahtore records.

Of the topography of Parlipoor, the Rahtores have no other notion than that it was in the north; but in the declared race of their progenitor, a Yavan prince, of the Aswa or Asi tribe,f we have a proof of the Scythic origin of this Rajpoot family. Another roll, of considerable antiquity, commences in the fabulous age, with a long string of names, without facts ; its sole value consists in the esteem in which the tribe holds it. We may omit all that precedes Nayn Pal, who, in the year S. The genealogy proceeds to Jeichund, the last monarch of Canouj ; relates the emigration of his nephew Seoji, or Sfivaji, and his establishment in the desart Maroowar , with a handful of his brethren a wreck of the mighty kingdom of Canouj ; and terminates with the death of Raja Jeswunt Sing, in S.

The ancient Hindu cosmographers claim the Aswa as a grand branch of their early family, and doubtless the Indo-Scythic people, from the Oxus to the Ganges, were one race. From Cubja the spine of the virgin Kanya. This was the period of one of the grand irruptions of the Getic races from Cential Asia, who established kingdoms in the Punjab and on the Indus.

Pal or Pali, the universal adjunct to every proper name, indicates the pastoral race of these invaders. What a sensation does it not excite, when we know that a sentiment of kindred pervades every individual of this immense affiliated body, who can point out, in the great tree, the branch of his origin, whilst not one is too remote from the main stem to forget its pristine connexion with it! This poetic history, comprised in 7, stanzas, was copied from the original manuscript, and sent to me by Raja Man, in the year The bard is, however, in a great hurry to bring the founder of the Rahtores into Marwar, and slurs over the defeat and death of Jeichund.

Throwing aside the meagre historical introduction, it is professedly a chronicle of the events from S. A portion of the Beejy Vulas, a poem of , couplets, also fell into my hands: it chiefly relates to the reign of the prince whose name it bears, Beejy Sing, the son of Bukht Sing.

It details the civil wars waged by Beejy Sing and his cousin Ram Sing son of Abhye Sing , and the consequent introduction of the Mahrattas into Marwar. These sketches exhibit in true colours the character of the Rahtores. Besides these, I caused to be drawn up by an intelligent man, who had passed his life in office at Jodpoor, a memoir of transactions from the death of Ajit Sing, in A.

The ancestors of the narrator had filled offices of trust in the state, and he was a living chronicle both of the past and present. From these sources, from conversations with the reigning sovereign, his nobles, his ambassadors, and subjects, materials were collected for this sketch of the Rah- tores,—barren, indeed, of events at first, but redundant of them as we advance.

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A genealogical table of the Rahtores is added, shewing the grand offsets, whose descendants. A glance at this table will shew the claims of each house ; and in its present distracted condition, owing to civil broils, will enable the paramount power to mediate, when necessary, with impartiality, in the conflicting claims of the prince and his feudatories. This period was fruitful in change to the old established dynasties of the Hindu continent, when numerous races of barbarians, viz.

Huns, Parthians, and Getes, had fixed colonies on her western and northern frontiers. His son was Pudarut,j" his Poonja, from whom sprung the thirteen great families, bearing the patronymic Camdhuj, viz.

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Dhurma Bhumbo; his descendants styled Ddnesra Camdhuj. Virachandra, who married the daughter of Hamira Chohan, of Anhulpoor Pattun; he had fourteen sons, who emigrated to the Dekhan; his descendants called Kuppclia Camdhuj. Annals of Mewar. Gete or Jit Inscription, Appendix, vol. Soojun Binode ; his descendants Jirkhaira Camdhuj. Aihar, who took Bengal from the Yadus ; hence Aihara Camdhuj. Oogra-Prebhoo, who made a pilgrimage to the shrine of Hinglaz Chan- del, f who, pleased with the severity of his penance, caused a sword to ascend from the fountain, with which he conquered the southern countries touching the ocean : ']; his descendants Chandaila Camdhuj.

Bhurut, at the age of sixty-one, conquered Keneksir, under the northern hills, from Roodra-sen of the Birgoojur tribe: his descendants styled Bhureau Camdhuj. Chand obtained Tarrapoor in the north. He married a daughter of the Chohan of Taker a j a city well known to the world: with her he came to Benares. Parkur, towards the Indus? I give these bare facts verbatim as some traces may yet remain of the races in those countries. I Nayn Pal must have preceded Dherma-Bhumbo by five or six generations. But the important information is omitted as to who was the first to assume this title.

But we can assert that it must have been a splendid dynasty, and that their actions, from the conqueror Nayn Pal, to the last prince, Jeichund, were well deserving of commemoration. That they were commemorated in written records, there cannot be a doubt; for the trade of the bardic chroniclers in India has flourished in all ages. Although we have abundant authority to assert the grandeur of the kingdom of Canoujj' at the period of its extinction, both from the bard Chund and the concur- rent testimony of Mahomedan authors, yet are we astonished at the description of the capital, attested not only by the annals of the Rahtores, but by those of their antagonists, the Chohans.

This distinction, which involves the most august ceremony, and is held as a virtual assumption of universal supremacy, had in all ages been attended with disaster. Pirthiiaj, whose life was one succession ol feats of arms and gallantly, had a double motive for action—love and revenge. If this be true, it must have been a desultory or fugitive band of crusaders, f They thus style the kings west of the Indus.

The Chohan executed his purpose, and, with the Hite of the warriors of Delhi, bore off the princess in open day from Canouj. A des- perate running-fight of five days took place. There were four great kingdoms, viz. Delhi, under the Tuars and Chohans; 2d. Canouj, under the Rahtores ; 3d. Mewar, under the Ghelotes; 4th. Anhulwarra, under the Chauras and Solankhis. To one or other of these states, the numerous petty princes of India paid homage and feudal service.

Dehli claimed supre- macy over all the countries westward to the Indus, embracing the lands watered by its arms, from the foot of the Himalaya,—the desert,—to the Aravulli chain. The Chohan king, successor to the Tuars, enumerated one hundred and eight great vassals, many of whom were subordinate princes. The power of Canouj extended north to the foot of the Snowy mountains; east- ward to Casi Benares ; and across the Chumbul to the lands of the Chundail now Bundelkhund ; on the south its possessions came in contact with Mewar.

There are records of great wars amongst all these princes. The Chohans and Ghelotes, whose dominions were contiguous, were generally allies, and the Rahtores and Tuars predecessors of the Chohans who were only divided by the Cali-nadi, often dyed it with their blood. Yet this warfare was never of an vol. If, at the period preceding Mahmoud, the traveller had journeyed through the courts of Europe, and taken the line of route, in subsequent ages pursued by Timoor, by Byzantium, through Ghizni adorned with the spoils of India , to Dehli, Canouj, and Anhulwarra, how superior in all that constitutes civilization would the Rajpoot princes have appeared to him!

At that epoch, in the west, as in the east, every state was governed on feudal principles. Happily for Europe, the democratical principle gained admittance, and imparted a new character to her institutions ; while the third estate of India, indeed of Asia, remained permanently excluded from all share in the government which was supported by its labour, every pursuit but that of arms being deemed ignoble. To this cause, and the endless wars which feudality engen- ders, Rajpoot nationality fell a victim, when attacked by the means at command of the despotic kings of the north. Shabudin, king of Ghor, taking advantage of these dissensions, invaded India.

He first encountered Pirthiraj, the Chohan king of Dehli, the outwork and bulwark of India, which fell. Shabudin then attacked Jeichund, who was weakened by the previous struggle. He met a death congenial to the Hindu, being drowned in the sacred stream in attempting to escape. This event happened in S.

The Rahtore may well boast of his pedigree, when he can trace it through a period of years, in lineal descent from male to male ; and contented with this, may leave to the mystic page of the bard, or the interpolated pages of the Puranas, the period preceding Nayn Pal. They are accepted. Phoolana, the famed freebooter of Phoolra, who is defeated. Saitram killed. Again encounters Lakha Phoolana, whom he slays in single combat. Seoji massacres the Brahmins, and usurps their lands. Attempts to recover Canouj. Rao Jalhun. Let us rapidly sketch the geography of the tribes over whom it was destined these emigrants of the Ganges should obtain the mastery, from the Jumna to the Indus, and the Garah river to the Aravulli hills.

First, on the east, the Cuchwahas, under Milaisi, whose father, Rao Pujoon, was killed in the war of Canouj. Ajmdr, Sambhur, and the best lands of the Chohans, fell rapidly to the Islamite—though the strong-holds of the Aravulli yet sheltered some, and Nadole continued for a century more to be governed by a descendant of Beesuldeo. Mansi, Rana of the Eendoh tribe, a branch of the Purihars, still held Mundore, and the various Bho- tnias around paid him a feudal subjection as the first chief of the desert.

North- ward, about Nagore, lived the community of the Mohils a name now extinct , whose chief place was Aureent, on which depended 1, villages. The whole of the tracts now occupied by Blkandr to Bhatnair were partitioned into petty re- publics of Getes or Jits, whose history will hereafter be related. Thence to the Garah river, the Johyas, Dyas, Cathae, Langahas, and other tribes whose names are now obliterated, partly by the sword, partly by conversion to Islamism.

The Bhattis had for centuries been established within the bounds they still inhabit, and little expected that this handful of Rahtores was destined to contract them. The Soda princes adjoined the Bhattis south, and the Jhardjas occupied the valley of the Indus and Cutch.

I already have an account here

The first exploit of Seoji was at Koloomud twenty miles west of the city of Bfkandr , not then in existence , the residence of a chieftain of the Solankhi tribe. He received the royal emigrants with kindness, and the latter repaid it by the offer of their services to combat his enemy, the Jhareja chieftain of Phoolra, well known in all the annals of the period, from the Sutlej to the ocean, as Lakha Phoolana, the most celebrated riever of Maroo, whose castle of Phoolra stood amidst the almost inaccessible.

By this timely succour, the Solankhi gained a victory over Lakha, but with the loss of Saitram and several of his band. In gratitude for this service, the Solankhi bestowed upon Sdoji his sister in marriage, with an ample dower; and he continued his route by Anhulwarra Patun, where he was hospitably entertained by its prince, to the shrine of Dwarica.

It was the good fortune of Seoji again to encounter Lakha, whose wandering habits had brought him on a foray into the territory of Anhulwarra. He was successful, though he lost a nephew, slaying Lakha in single combat, which magnified his fame in all these regions, of which Phoolana was the scourge.

See Vol. S66ji outlived his treachery only twelve months, leaving his acquisitions as a nucleus for further additions to his children. By the same species of trea- chery by which his father attained Palli, he lent his aid to establish his brother Soning in Eedur. This small principality, on the frontiers of Guzzerat, then appertained, as did Mehwo, to the Dabey race; and it was during the maatum, or period of mourning for one of its princes, that the young Rahtore chose to obtain a new settlement.

His descendants are distinguished as the Hatondia Rahtores. Raepal succeeded, and revenged the death of his father, slaying the Purihar of Mundore, of which he even obtained temporary possession. He had a progeny of thirteen sons, who rapidly spread their issue over these regions.

He was suc- ceeded by his son Kanhul, whose successor was his son Jalhun ; he was succeeded by his son Chado, whose successor was his son Theedo. All these carried on a desperate warfare with, and made conquests from, their neighbours. His issue, the Silkawuts, now Bhomias, are yet numerous both in Mehwo and Rardurro. Silko was succeeded by his son Beerumdeo, who attacked the Johyas of the north, and fell in battle. His de- scendants, styled Beerumote and Beejawut, from another son Beejo, are numerous at Saitroo, Sewanoh, and Daichoo.

Beerumdeo was succeeded by his son Chonda, an important name in the annals of the Rahtores. Hitherto they had attracted notice by their valour and their raids, whenever there was a prospect of success; but they had so multiplied in eleven generations, that they now essayed a higher flight. Collecting all the branches bearing the name of Rahtore, Chonda assaulted Mundore, slew the Purihar prince, and planted the banners of Canouj on the ancient capital of Maroo. Bhoop b'hyo b'hy-b hit h, Mundawur ra malea?

Once established in Mundore, he ventured to assault the imperial garrison of Nagore. Here he was also successful. Thence he carried his arms south, and placed his garrison in Nadole, the capital of the province of Godwar. Chonda was blessed with a progeny of fourteen sons, grow- ing up to manhood around him. Chonda had also one daughter named Hansa, married to Lakha Rana of Mewar, whose. Incidentally, we have frequent synchronisms in the annals of these states, which, however slight, are of high import. J Page Page It was this marriage which caused that interference in the affairs of M6war, which had such fatal results to both states.

Chonda acceded in S. Rinmull succeeded. His mother was of the Gohil tribe. In stature he was almost gigantic, and was the most athletic of all the athletes of his nation. With the death of Chonda, Nagore was again lost to the Rahtores. With the forces of Mewar added to his own, under pretence of conveying a daughter to the viceroy of Ajmer, he introduced his adhe- rents into that renowned fortress, the ancient capital of the Chohans, putting the garrison to the sword, and thus restored it to ARwar.

Khemsi Pancholi, the adviser of this measure, was rewarded with a grant of the township of Kaatoh, then lately captured from the Kaim-Khanis. Rinmull went on a pilgrimage to Gya, and paid the tax exacted for all the pilgrims then assembled. The bard seldom intrudes the relation of civil affairs into his page, and when he does, it is incidentally.

It would be folly to suppose that the princes of Maroo had no legislative recorders ; but with these the poet had no bond of union. He, however, condescends to inform us of an important measure of Rao Rinmull, namely, that he equalized the weights and measures throughout his dominions, which he divided as at present. The last act of Rinmull, in treacherously at- tempting to usurp the throne of the infant Rana of M6war, was deservedly punished, and he was slain by the faithful Chonda, as related in the annals of that state.

Rao Rinmul left twenty-four sons, whose issue, and that of his eldest son, Joda, form the great vassalage of Marwar. Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed. Meaning unknown. In their language Nahuatl , the roots of Aztlan are the two words: aztatl tlan tli meaning "heron" and "place of". The homeland was said to have many heron birds and may have been translated to 'place of white-ness' or even 'brightness' as used by some Chicanos because of the large population of the white feathered birds living there AZUK f Nivkh.

Other kanji combinations are possible. This is the name of a main antagonist in the television series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. Number 96 in top in for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Variant of Aziliz. The New Republic will endorse Maverick this Fall. Model behaviour : William F Buckley, who died today at 82, genuinely respected his ideological adversaries - in stark contrast to today's demonisation of political opponents Rick Perlstein, February 27, , The Guardian William F Buckley was my friend.

I'm hard on conservatives. I get harder on them just about every day. I call them "con men". I do so without apology. And I cannot deny that Buckley, the founder of National Review and leader of the conservative movement, said and did many things over the course of his career that were disgusting as well. I've written about some of them. But this is not the time to go into all that.

My friend just passed away at the age of He was a good and decent man. He knew exactly what my politics were about - he knew I was an implacable ideological adversary - yet he offered his friendship to me nonetheless. He did the honour of respecting his ideological adversaries without covering up the adversarial nature of the relationship in false bonhomie.

Biology, Geography & Health: Section 57

A remarkable quality, all too rare in an era of the false fetishism of "post-partisanship" and Broderism and go-along-to-get-along. He was friends with those he fought. He fought with friends. These are the highest civic ideals to which an American patriot can aspire. Nice people, friends, can disagree about the most fundamental questions about the organisation of society. And there's nothing wrong with that.

We must not fantasize about destroying our political adversaries, nor fantasize about magically converting them. We must honour that some humans are conservative and some humans are liberal, and that it will always be thus. And some, simply are mensches. Last year Bill called me to ask if I would blurb his next book, about Goldwater. I chose not to. But damn: I bit my nails a little. I wanted him to blurb my book! Now he'd certainly take out his revenge by refusing. That's the way you're supposed to behave in the literary game.

He didn't. Instead, when a reporter came calling to ask him about Rick Perlstein, he said something remarkably sweet for the record - for all I know, one of his last public utterances. Then, after sending him the galleys of my next book, I heard back from him post-haste: another self-reproach. He would love to endorse it, but could not.

He was too frail. This in an email obviously drafted by himself. Letters were missing, words garbled. Buckleyism to the end: friendship and adversarialism coinciding. All of us who write about politics, may that be our role model. Dionne Jr. Buckley Jr died earlier today.

He was I cannot say that the news was entirely unexpected—Bill had been seriously ill for months—but it was nevertheless shocking. William F. Mr Buckley, 82, suffered from diabetes and emphysema, his son Christopher said, although the exact cause of death was not immediately known. He was found at his desk in the study of his home, his son said. Buckley said. Given how much he wrote, that seems fitting. Buckley is the common thread that runs throughout the entire history of the modern conservative movement, from having Albert Jay Nock as a family friend to employing Whittaker Chambers , Willmoore Kendall , Frank S.

Meyer , James Burnham , Jeffrey Hart , etc. He was in many ways the most influential political figure of the 2nd half of the 20th century. You can hardly go wrong picking up any of his work, but two in particular that we'd recommend are: The Unmaking of a Mayor , which ranks right up there with Richard Ben Cramer's What it Takes as a look at American politics in action; and Stained Glass , the best of the Blackford Oakes thrillers.

Hopefully it wasn't being mentioned in the same breath as a mere blogger that killed him Sam is taking reader questions about Mr. What do you want to know?

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Chris Weinkopf, Sept. Terri is the disabled Florida woman whose husband won the legal right to starve her to death. During the Tuesday debate, Obama said he should have stood up against the life-saving legislation. C'mon, the guy's pro-infanticide--can anyone really doubt his anti-human credentials? It's a bit like the Princess Di obsession. His is a candidacy of celebrity and identity. But we live in a world of celebrity and identity, and for a time the world probably would fall in love with president Obama. At a deeper level, Obama's soaring rhetoric seems to serve no purpose beyond itself.

Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt used magnificent speeches to argue specific causes: ending slavery, defeating Nazism. Obama's cadences are superbly non-specific: "Yes, we can! Nonetheless, Obama does have a record and it places him generally on the Left of the Democratic Party, although he has often used centrist and sometimes even hawkish rhetoric. But his closest advisers all come from the Left of the party. This is bad for Australia in four ways. Second, the Left of the Democratic Party has no interest in Asia and can barely find it on a map.

Most important, Obama steadily increases the stridency of his opposition to US troops in Iraq. Obama is all over the place on foreign policy. He has threatened to bomb Pakistan to kill terrorists imagine if Bush or McCain had said such a thing but also to journey to Tehran to fix a grand bargain with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His rhetoric on foreign policy, apart from Iraq, is scattered, which is a sure sign that he's never given the matter any serious thought. Finally, the Left of the Democratic Party cares least for the military and for alliances. But the chief way Washington conceives of Australia is as an ally, and the chief US thinkers about us are the military.

Thoughtless isolationism is supposed to be the province of the far Right, not the cosmopolitan Left. Now they are poised to nominate the one man who can rebuild the Hispanic voter coalition that pushed President Bush twice to victory, the architects of that coalition say. Luis Cortes Jr. Bush connect with Hispanic voters during his two runs for office. The electoral math gets pretty formidable if the Democrats can't count on carrying Latinos. It is just one of many signs the newly appointed year-old president has given that he will be a more practical leader than his more doctrinaire and romantic brother, who ran this country for 49 years as if it were his own business, signing off on almost every government decision.

He has promised "structural changes" and "big decisions" in the near future. Hugo Control Problem : Does the U. The government of leftist President Hugo Chavez has imposed price controls — and seems to be surprised that lower prices have lead to reduced supplies, even though price controls have led to reduced supplies in countries around the world and for thousands of years. There were price controls back in the days of the Roman Empire, under the Pharaohs in Egypt, and in ancient Babylon. There is plenty of history to look at, if we bother.

Price controls under the Roman Emperor Diocletian led to a decline in the supply of goods. It has happened in Zimbabwe within the past year. Rent control laws led to housing shortages in Cairo — and in Berkeley, Hanoi, Paris, and other cities around the world. The emperor Diocletian was similarly accusatory when his price controls reduced supplies, many centuries ago. Political leaders always find someone else to blame for the bad consequences of their own policies. But that's not the argument the Left is making, is it?

Just because she is black, does she not feel proud of WWII, men on the moon, truth, justice and the American way? Michelle comes across as a bit prickly. She doesn't have Barack's charm or politician's polish. Early on, she revealed that she made him quit smoking as a condition for being allowed to run for the presidency, and would kick him out of bed in the morning for being 'stinky'. Many a true word is said in jest, and it seems that the potential future president needs his wife's permission.

That jibes with the charismatic leader on a mission for change. But the two people who have had the greatest influence on his adult life—his wife Michelle and his spiritual advisor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. They feel a deep racial anger and are not terribly good at hiding it. Right on cue, Michelle Obama has now begun attracting skeptical attention for the first time after making hundreds of speeches on her husband's behalf. In Milwaukee last week, she proclaimed:.

It's not so much that Michelle has a tin ear for rhetoric as that her husband's ear could be made out of the same mimetic poly-alloy as the liquid metal shape-shifting cyborg from the future in Terminator 2. Like most human beings, however, Michelle is prone to the occasional gaffe in which she lets us know what's really on her mind. For example, in an early February speech she let herself sound like the Khmer Rouge Minister of Propaganda. While this excerpt may resemble an old Dead Kennedys punk rock parody of leftist authoritarianism, such as Holiday in Cambodia or California Uber Alles, she was serious:.

He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism, that you put down your division, that you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones, that you push yourselves to be better, and that you engage. More people are beginning to notice that the candidate's superbly crafted image as the postracial uniter doesn't quite add up. He is supposed to bring us together to overcome our tragic history of racial enmity, etc. Yet his role-model magic doesn't seem to have worked on his own wife, who continues to vent her anger over the racial indignities she feels she endured more than two decades ago at ultra-liberal Princeton and Harvard Law School.

She remains perennially peeved by her relatively poor performance on standardized tests. Clapton and Mr. Winwood carried themselves modestly, without bravado: just a couple of musicians doing their job. They were looking for the mysterious spark that transforms capable, proficient blues or rock into something startling and exalted. Winwood and a stinging, Chicago-style lead from Mr. But it was musicianship, not alchemy.

Winwood alone at a Hammond organ; in Mr. If anything, it was Mr. Clapton let their guitar picking entwine. By a strange coincidence, they feature in two very similar stories of my concert-going. I expected the blues from the former and a lifeless imitation from the latter, but Cray was wildly over-produced and didn't vary one lick from his album, while Clapton was excellent. Winwood had played every instrument on his last album, half expected him to accompany canned music. Instead he had a good backup band and was in peak form while Cliff was deadly dull.

Brain food Toronto Star, Feb 27, Good news for kids and nutritionally minded parents. Science has shown that this essential fatty acid is important for development of a child's brain and vision. Since few children get the recommended two servings of fish per week, this bread is an easy way to get more Omega-3 DHA into their diet.

It still tastes and feels like original Wonder bread and makes wonderful, easy-to-chew toast. The crisis has led to the worst street violence since Lebanon's civil war, aggravating old communal tensions between followers of rival sectarian leaders. It has also created new animosities between Sunni Muslim followers of governing coalition leader Saad al-Hariri and Shi'ite Muslim supporters of Hezbollah.

Therefore it is up to everyone who has a link to the Lebanese situation to sense the danger and bear their responsibilities," he said. The splits are the point. However, they do not want such things imposed on them. They don't want secularism or theocracy," said the professor of Islamic Studies at Georgetown University in Washington. Mr Esposito said "radical" Muslims believed in democracy even more than many of the moderate Muslims questioned.

So they began lending money to microfinance institutions through a Geneva vehicle called BlueOrchard. Lombard is no longer involved with BlueOrchard, but has founded a Geneva company called Symbiotics that provides consulting and services to the microfinance industry. Along the way it has forged relationships with more than microfinance institutions in 36 countries. Now, BlueOrchard wants to do for microfinance institutions what local lenders do for loan recipients: help them expand their businesses.

The fund is aimed at buying into microfinance institutions around the world and helping them launch new services for people without access to banks, including savings accounts, mortgages, and insurance. EU regulators said the company charged "unreasonable prices" until last October to software developers who wanted to make products compatible with the Windows desktop operating system.

Microsoft immediately said that these fines were about past issues that have been resolved and the company was now working under new principles to make its products more open. It's revealing that Bill Gates is bailing out now that the company isn't being run as a criminal enterprise. Capping a year that saw the assassinations of both the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Robert F. Kennedy, the Democratic National Convention erupted in violence as thousands of Chicago police officers, supported by U.

Army troops and National Guardsmen, battled in the streets with activists protesting the Vietnam War. Inside the convention hall, the Democrats chose as their presidential nominee Hubert Humphrey, who went on to lose the general election to Richard Nixon. Rowhani warned starkly: "If the international community thinks that a country wants to play troublemaker and eliminate others, it will not let the country do this and will confront it. I have chosen my words carefully here: I am saying that Benazir Bhutto was executed, not assassinated.

Within this domain lie two urban centres, Kandahar and Quetta whose cosmopolitan facilities are for all practical purposes at their disposal, affording connections with the global economy and international media networks. They have mobilised the region's human and material resources sufficiently to raise an army able to not only conduct guerrilla warfare, including suicide bombings, throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan and across the frontier into India, but as well to engage the regular Pakistani army in direct military engagements.

They conduct their own foreign policy through their access to Al Jazeera and other mass-media outlets. They operate their own 'educational system' in the form of the thousands of madrassas that dot the countryside. Finally, they promulgate their own 'judicial system' under the aegis of their arcane interpretation of Shariah law, which in their view affords them the legitimacy and sanctity to carry out 'public executions' of persons adjudged to be enemies of the state, as exemplified by their ordaining the execution of Bhutto.

The important idea here is that Pakistan has no claim to sovereignty over the region because it does not exercise same. It is, therefore, basically a free-fire zone that we can attack at will. The Specter of Stagflation Robert J. Samuelson, February 27, , Washington Post "Stagflation" is back in the headlines -- but the term is being misused. Eminent commentators describe stagflation as the messy mixture of high inflation and high unemployment.

It isn't. Stagflation, at least as the concept was initially understood in the s, meant something different. Yes, it signified the simultaneous occurrence of high inflation, high unemployment and slow economic growth, but its defining feature was the persistence of this poisonous combination over long periods of time. Let's see why this is a distinction with a difference.

The coexistence of high or rising inflation and high or rising unemployment is not an abnormal event. But it's usually temporary, because the higher unemployment -- stemming from an economic slowdown or recession -- helps control inflation. Companies can't pass along price increases; they're stingier with wage increases. It's only when this restraining process is not allowed to work that inflationary psychology and practices take root, creating a self-fulfilling wage-price spiral.

Higher wages push up prices, which then push up wages. Then we get stagflation: a semipermanent fusion of high joblessness and inflation. Two studies in the charisma of hope: Obama and Bill Clinton Richard Bernstein, February 27, , NY Times One of the advertising posters prominently on view in New York City's subways these days shows a man's head in silhouette beneath a dreamy blue bubble inside of which is this caption: "If I can dream it, I can win it.

The poster is an inducement to buy tickets for the state lottery, the profits of which go to the worthy cause of public education. So why not? Buy lottery tickets. They're only a dollar apiece, and, as that subway poster says just below the dreaming man: "Hey, you never know. Well, actually, you do know, or you should know, because the lottery's official Web site tells you.

In other words, being able to dream it has nothing to do with being able to win it. And yet, as they say, hope does seem to spring eternal, and never more so than in America these days. It is, needless to say, Barack Obama who has explicitly put hope way up there on the national agenda and it's been that way since the beginning of his national prominence.

I did not solicit this support. He expressed pride in an African-American who seems to be bringing the country together. Michelle Obama in spotlight's glare : As the Democratic front-runner's wife, even her minor gaffes can morph into full- fledged political issues. Still, her comment was in keeping with the generally bleak view of the country that is the heart of her stump speech, a departure from the usual chauvinism of the campaign trail.

There have been rumblings about her portrait of a man who is lowering himself to politics. She talks about how brilliant he is and often implies that voters would be crazy not to vote for her husband, calling him "the only rational choice. The question is, are we ready for him? Akhtar was seized with his three sons in Ferozwala, near Lahore. He had not previously been named as a suspect in the October attack in Karachi in which about people died.

Blame for this, and the attack in Rawalpindi that did kill Bhutto in December, was laid on Baitullah Mehsud, a Pakistani Taliban commander. The decision to arrest Akhtar, therefore, can be interpreted as a sign of the security apparatus flexing its muscles in the face of what it perceives as a potential political softening against militancy.

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In August , Akhtar was arrested in Dubai and then extradited from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan, allegedly in connection with assassination attempts on Musharraf and for involvement in terror training camps in Afghanistan. He was released from the custody of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI in the middle of last year without standing trial. He is also said to have been the mastermind of "Operation Khilafat" to topple Bhutto's government in the mids, for which he and several army officers were arrested.

Some time later, Akhtar was released and went to Afghanistan, where he became the only Pakistani to be appointed as one of Taliban leader Mullah Omar's advisors equal to a minister and he was also very close to al-Qaeda's leadership. Akhtar is the founding father of the Harkat-i-Jihad-i-Islami Islamic Movement for Jihad which was set up in the early s to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

It was the only organization to separate itself from the clutches of the security apparatus and merged with the Taliban. It is still the only outfit to have shifted its base to the Waziristans and it represents Pakistani fighters in the Taliban-led resistance in Afghanistan. The news on Tuesday of Akhtar's arrest immediately created a stir within militant camps as such a high-profile apprehension had not been expected as Musharraf's pro-United States camp is on the run and calls are mounting for the former general to be placed on trial for his actions against militants.

These include military operations in the Waziristan tribal areas, in Balochistan province and against the radical Lal Masjid Red Mosque in Islamabad last year. If the new government won't fight the militants it makes it all the easier for us to ignore their concerns. In a critical tone seldom heard from Chinese officials, Mr An called on Beijing to provide compensation to the provinces that have been told to pump their cleanest water to the capital in order to ensure potable supplies during the Olympics.

Animal rights group asks Sri Lankan rebels to leave animals out of conflict after zoo attack AP, An international animal rights group called on Sri Lanka's separatist Tamil Tigers to "leave animals out" of the armed conflict, two weeks after a grenade attack blamed on rebels at the island's main zoo. Newkirk pleaded with the rebel leader "to leave animals out of this conflict," the letter said.

Respondents give the Republican higher marks on handling Iraq and fighting terrorism. The findings underscored the dramatic challenges facing Democrats as they hope to retake the White House during a time of war, with voters giving McCain far higher marks when it comes to experience, fighting terrorism and dealing with the situation in Iraq. His lead over Obama is within the poll's three-point margin of error.

The Arizona senator also scored higher marks than Clinton or Obama for experience and strength. On the issue of "honesty and integrity," he beat Clinton and was tied by Obama. Imagine how well he'd be doing if, as out Beltway betters assure us, the base didn't hate him? No foxing, this is the real Kevin Dennis Shanahan, February 26, , The Australian IT was always going to be thus; sooner or later, the "progressives" were going to ask Kevin Rudd to drop the charade he adopted just to get elected and reveal the real Labor agenda.

Like survivors from the carpet-bombing of the culture wars, a number of academics and commentators have emerged from the shelters and debris holding a wish-list of progressive thinking for the Labor Government. It is also a political death list. While every Labor MP, factional warrior and ambitious progressive has kept absolutely tight-lipped and unified in the first months of the Rudd Government, the idea that it's time for Rudd to unmask and reveal his hidden leftist social agenda has come from outside the party.

There are two barriers to the implementation of most of these grand ideas: they are political suicide and Rudd doesn't agree with them. And then you wake up the next morning, realize that Tony Blair really is a Tory and you'd gnaw your own arm off to get out of there Walsh, February 26, , US News McCain insiders say several important big states should be in play, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, partly because of McCain's special appeal to independents.

McCain strategists also argue that the Arizona senator can battle effectively for Hispanic votes in a number of states, since he has opposed draconian measures to deal with illegal workers and he has advocated a "path to citizenship" for such workers—two popular positions among Latinos. Waiting for a US-Iran handshake : Iran's diplomatic elite believe that the time has come to lead the region. His bilingual ability in English and Farsi, fluent Arabic, and good government connections will serve him well in the evolving Islamic Republic of the 21st century. He is, ultimately, a symbolic face of Iran's diplomatic future.

And if Iran's growing regional clout compels Washington years from now to offer Tehran allied status, Alireza could quite possibly be part of the handshake that confirms the deal. China has its coldest winter in years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began.

No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously. Meteorologist Anthony Watts compiled the results of all the sources.

The total amount of cooling ranges from 0. All in one year time. For all sources, it's the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down. Scientists quoted in a past DailyTech article link the cooling to reduced solar activity which they claim is a much larger driver of climate change than man-made greenhouse gases. It can hardly be a coincidence that global cooling follows Al Gore's yearlong discharge of global warming hot air into the atmosphere.

The project is aimed at allowing millions of Muslims to re-evaluate their religious obligations in the light of modern ways of living. The sayings of the Hadith hold the key for Muslims worldwide to interpret the Koran. Sharia or Islamic law is also rooted in the Hadith. Critics charge that the project is part of a US inspired plan to combat radical strains of Islam. One of the great ironies of from a historical perspective will be that it made George W.

TERI YAAD (Official Video) - GOLDY DESI CREW Feat PARMISH VERMA - New Song 2018 - Speed Records

Bush the Martin Luther of Islam. The exercise in reforming Islamic jurisprudence, sponsored by the modernising and mildly Islamic government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister, is being seen as an iconoclastic campaign to establish a 21st century form of Islam, fusing Muslim beliefs and tradition with European and western philosophical methods and principles.

The result, say experts following the ambitious experiment, could be to diminish Muslim discrimination against women, banish some of the brutal penalties associated with Islamic law, such as stoning and amputation, and redefine Islam as a modern, dynamic force in the large country that pivots between east and west, leaning into the Middle East while aspiring to join the European Union.

A team of reformist Islamic scholars at Ankara University, acting under the auspices of the Diyanet or Directorate of Religious Affairs, the government body which oversees the country's 8, mosques and appoints imams, is said to be close to concluding a "reinterpretation" of parts of the Hadith, the collection of thousands of aphorisms and comments said to derive from the prophet Muhammad and which form the basis of Islamic jurisprudence or sharia law.

Democrats vs. The Democratic party is well to the left of where it was in the s. For evidence, look no further than the dispute over the North American Free Trade Agreement developing in the state of Ohio. The Republican nominee, John McCain, is a stalwart free trader. We hope he pushes back against the economic nonsense coming from the Democrats. He should also point out their geopolitical hypocrisy.

Geographical Information Centre

Unilateralism has been one of the chief Democratic indictments of the Bush administration. Supposedly Republicans have alienated world opinion, and even our natural allies, with their high-handed ways. But their opposition to free trade would have the effect of shutting the richest market in the world to countries desperate to export their way out of poverty. The Mets acquired Johan Santana, perhaps the best left-hander in baseball. The Tigers added a star left-handed pitcher, Dontrelle Willis, who came in the trade that brought Cabrera from Florida.

Bonderman has recovered from his sore elbow and Rogers from shoulder and elbow problems. Zumaya, who hurt his pitching hand playing a video game in , said he hurt his shoulder moving boxes during the wildfires in Southern California last fall. The lack of a setup man for closer Todd Jones could be a big void for an otherwise formidable team.

The left-handers Bobby Seay and Tim Byrdak have a chance to fill that gap. But there are also questions about Willis, who slipped to last season as his earned run average grew to 5. He is in a five-year career, with an E. Only Rafael Betancourt is better on the contenders and he should be closing, in which case Rodney would be the Tribe's primary setup guy.

The Daily News has learned that in the days since the Feb. Is his HoF vote really more important than her last shred of dignity? New York Philharmonic to play in North Korea : The musicians hope their concert this week will present a positive image of Americans in a nation where the U. Is our standing as a country -- the United States -- is our reputation all that clean when it comes to prisoners and the way they are treated? Chuck Downs, a former Pentagon official and board member of the Washington-based U.

Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, said the orchestra's visit is a propaganda coup that gives Kim the appearance of legitimacy. Post-Presidents Day Salute: A. It is long out of print, though it appears in the catalog of the Montgomery County Public Library system. When I went seeking a copy this weekend, the librarian I consulted noted the book had not circulated in five years and was probably long-gone from the shelves.

Lucky for me, she was wrong. The novel is one-part political insider fiction, one part-late seventies sex romp, one part liberal Jewish wish-fulfillment and one-part a canny take on the rhythms of political enthusiasm and what Americans want from a President. In one stump speech he says:. This is the first time I have run for office. Politics is a worthy, noble profession, but a lifetime in it requires so much compromise, so much dealing, that a person tends to forget what his real principles were in the first place. It is fine for a career in the Senate, but not necessary or even desirable in a president.

I am, I believe, experienced in politics, but not a politician. I haven't read it in 30 years, so my memory may be even less precise than usual, but if i recall correctly one scene in particular has bearing on the '08 race. Levine is a guest at a dinner hosted by a black political organization and is served a plate of feces formed to look like a steak.

The leader of the group informs him that he's the first Democrat ever to call them on the ruse, that most happily shovel down the dish rather than risk offending them by complaining. Thus far Ms Clinton and the media seem, likewise, to afraid of causing offense to call Senator Obama on what he's serving up. After eight years of Republican rule, an amorphous but potent yearning for change had taken hold.

At the Vail strategy session, the Ford team zeroed in on the chief vulnerabilities of their Democratic opponent, Jimmy Carter: His lack of experience, his lack of accomplishments and his lack of specificity on the issues. These had to be exploited mercilessly. And they were. Ten weeks later, Ford came within an eyelash of a political miracle. After trailing by 33 points around Labor Day, he was edged out by a handful of electoral votes—and just two points in the popular vote.

If the campaign had lasted even a week longer, many believe, Ford would have won. Gerald Ford, of course, suffered from the exact same weaknesses, but Jimmy Carter was at least a Southern Evangelical governor, which was enough to be the weakest nominee of either party in the modern era. By contrast, John McCain is well-known, well-liked, and accomplished, while Barack Obama sets off every weirdness alarm on the political landscape without having any of the natural advantages Mr.

Carter enjoyed. Barack Obama, as the Illinois senator comes closer to winning the Democratic presidential nomination and leads in national polls to become commander in chief. Obama also has stirred concern in national security circles by pledging to talk to the leaders of rogue nations, such as Iran and North Korea, without preconditions. Ten months later, he had an apartment, a car, and a small savings.

He also made new friends, finding work as a day laborer, which led to a steady job with a moving company. Ten months into the experiment, he decided to quit after learning of an illness in his family. The effort, he says, was inspired after reading "Nickel and Dimed," in which author Barbara Ehrenreich takes on a series of low-paying jobs. Unlike Ms. Ehrenreich, who chronicled the difficulty of advancing beyond the ranks of the working poor, Shepard found he was able to successfully climb out of his self-imposed poverty.

Ms Ehrenreich's mind-numbingly stupid book is frequently assigned as reading for in-coming college freshman, any number of whom have written to thank us for simply pointing out that in order to struggle getting by she has to behave like a sociopath. This is understandable — the franchise is a laughingstock, and if they manage not to lose 90 this year, it will be the first time they'll have avoided doing so.

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