Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act

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The Greendale Thirteen were held in the Witch's Cell with no sunlight, water, or food. The Greendale Thirteen walked a path to the noose after surviving torture and imprisonment. Mortals surrounded them on either side and if any witch lifted their eyes to meet a human's gaze, they were stoned to death on the spot.

In , these thirteen witches were hung in the forest. Witches appear indistinguishable from mortals. Some witches, such as the Weird Sisters have been known to have ghoulish appearances that consists of glowing eyes, occasionally greyish skin, occasionally no nose, black rimmed eyes and teeth, and sharp teeth. It is unknown if all witches have ghoulish appearances.

Witches are capable of having children with mortals despite the fact that it is forbidden. According to Zelda Spellman , a witch's term of pregnancy is thirteen months. Depending on their level of skill, witches possess a number of magical powers. By joining together, witches can increase their magical strength. Among their many supernatural talents are:.

Witches are able to make potions by using different herbs and plants; Hilda Spellman is particularly gifted in potion-making. The Witches' Council is the governing body of witches and warlocks.

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The Witches' Council is comprised of extremely powerful, albeit old warlocks. The High Priest is the leader of a coven and makes all important decisions regarding the safety and protection of their coven. Witches are obliged to follow a set of laws and rules imposed by the Witches' Council and reinforced by the High Priest of their coven.

Sometimes, High Priests can expand on the Witch Laws with additional rules. Many young witches and warlocks attend the Academy of Unseen Arts where they are educated in magic and presumably learn to control their powers. When a witch or warlock turns sixteen, they undergo their Dark Baptism and sign their names in the Book of the Beast. They must choose the Path of Night or the Path of Light. I'm looking after you, so you don't come to any harm.

Wait, now you're following me? These are very dangerous mines, Sabrina. In the old days, it was believed that there were tunnels that burrowed - all the way to - Hell. Yes, I know the stories. That's why I'm here. And I thought I made myself clear, but consider this your third and final warning. Next time, I'm going to have to report you to the High Priest. I can help! I saw it. Over there. And you came down here with me anyway. And that makes you the bravest, Harvey Kinkle. Putnam, immediate, round-the-clock care that'll be much easier at my facility. I don't want him suffering. The last time we spoke, you told me your brother has always had "demons.

Us kids would just laugh, you know? But one time, our daddy caught him in the act. Beat him black and blue. Well, he quit putting on her dresses after that. And we always struggled with his, uh you know, sexuality. His proclivities. You're the one who's sick, girl-boy. You're the abomination. What are you saying all that stuff for, Dad? What happened in the past has nothing to do with what's happening to Uncle Jesse now! You can't send him off to a loony bin because he put on a dress once.

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You don't even know why he did that. Jesse needs help. Help we can't give him. Then I wanna see it. I wanna see the place where he's gonna go. Make sure it's Make sure it's okay. Not much, Reverend. As with most cases of degenerative myopia, your daughter's vision loss is progressing steadily and rapidly.

Are they? Of course. Take your time. What is it, baby? Daddy do you think that God could be punishing me? Punishing you for what? You say all the time Grandma Walker went blind because she didn't have faith. But you're not like her, Rosalind. You have faith. I'm not so sure. His name's Apophis. If we fuse the pieces together, can I trap the demon - like I did the Batibat? Of course, that meaning has been perverted by the False Church, and now carries with it connotations of malevolence. Father Blackwood?

Yes, Miss Spellman? Someone tell Sabrina, please, why that is? My friend's uncle is being possessed by a demon, Apophis. What if this brings unwanted attention to the witches of Greendale? That's not a concern, as possessions involving Apophis rarely last long. Why is that? He's feasting on your friend's uncle from the inside out. If he's alive, he won't be for long. Then something has to be done, and fast.

As I said, the mortal will be gone soon. Where does the demon go then, once he's done feasting? I imagine he'll do what all parasites do. Jump to another warm host. Usually a body that's already come into contact with Apophis. That would be my friends. So if witches can't perform exorcisms, then what can they we do? More tenacious ones, like the Devouring Worm, would require an exorcism.

Which, again, witches are not allowed or able to perform. That's how I like my witches. Nicholas, to be clear, I have a boyfriend.

Yes but you also have two natures. You go to two schools. Why not date two guys? I'm down with sharing. Sabrina, please don't be cross with me. After our encounter in the mines, and having recognized the demon Apophis on that stone, I became concerned that you were putting yourself in danger.

Do my aunties know what you are? I've told them everything. Sabrina has been finding herself in increasingly difficult predicaments since fleeing her Dark Baptism. Aunties, Ms. Jesse Putnam is going to die if we don't do anything! And my friends will be next. And if I can't get help from the Church of Night, I'll get it from the Catholic church down the road.

Have you lost your mind?

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Turning to the False Church for help? Has your Aunt Hilda's excommunication taught you nothing? I don't see what choice I have. Father Blackwood said that there is no exorcism rite for witches to perform. Actually, it so happens Edward wrote a rite expressly for that purpose. And how, Ms. Always thinking outside the box, Edward. It so happens, I have a copy of the rite with me. If Sabrina insists on following this madness through, she should be armed with the proper tools at least.

I'm sorry. Are you actually suggesting that my niece perform an exorcism? I stopped by Susie's on my way home from the academy. She and her dad aren't there, so if we act fast - She's determined to, it seems. Well, it is. And I shall be with her, of course.

Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism in One Act

And at the first sign of danger, I'll spirit her away. I won't allow it. I forbid it. Aunt Zelda, I'm not asking you for permission. I'm doing it. And if Ms. But I won't be leaving that room until Jesse Putnam is free. It's a good thing Edward had me looking after you. Your aunts, it appears, would have you perform the exorcism alone.

No, not me. Need I remind you the Church of Night expressly forbids performing exorcisms. Yes, but I'm excommunicated, aren't I? So, really, what have I got to lose? None of you are ordained.

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Unlike the Catholic exorcism, which draws its potency not on the priest performing it, but from the False God, Edward's rite relies on the power of the individual witch challenging the demon, and on the continuum of witches that predates us all. Well, in that case, Ms. Sabrina, you can't possibly trust this stranger, can you? I don't see what other choice I have, Aunt Zee.

I ran Lady Blackwood's urine sample for you, Auntie Zee. Interesting results. For the love of Satan, what have I done to deserve these women in my life? Not if you help her, they won't. You're back. And you brought your friends. Three little piggies, all pink and plump and ripe for eating.

And found out your real name. Devouring Worm. We should begin. There's nothing you can do. Those who came before us, and died, so that we might live. Intercede on our behalf. You're not even a witch, barely a half-witch.

Saint Hildegard von Bingen - Excerpts Of Visions 1 of 2

I call forth the powers of Lilith of Aradia, of Morgan le Fay. Visit us, Sisters. I'm going to eat all your little friends, one by one. Expel Apophis. Return him to the Dark Lord. I call Tituba, I call Mary Bradbury. Keep going. Energies are gathering, you can feel them. Keep going! I call Circe, I call Moll Dyer.

Don't listen to it. I call on Juventas, the virgin, on Juno, the mother Your parents died because of you. Because you're an impure half-breed.

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Expel the demon. Something's wrong. I'm not strong enough. Yes, you are. I call upon Cybil Leek. I call upon Priscilla Spellman. I call upon Francis Spellman. I call upon Evanora and Locasta Spellman. Continue, Sabrina. Come forth, Kindly Ones. Come forth, Mother of Darkness. Lend us your power.

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Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act
Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act
Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act
Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act
Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act
Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act
Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act Artemisia and Hildegard: An Exorcism In One Act

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