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Onyx Path Publishing has recently acquired the rights to the Trinity Universe and has announced its intention to release a new edition of Aberrant. Aberrant is the middle game of the Trinity Universe , and is thus the prequel to Trinity and the sequel to Adventure!

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Trinity details the future history of the novas, over a year span of time, while Adventure! Aberrant is unique among the publisher's game-lines for having no particular castes or character classes. Aside from this, it shares with many other White Wolf games a tendency to embrace "shades of gray" morality and reject the traditional superhero trope of "heroes vs.

Super powers in Aberrant come from an individual's ability to manipulate energy at the "quantum" sub-atomic level.


Aberrant Behavior Detection in Time Series for Network Monitoring

Since individuals who can do this have an imperfect understanding of quantum mechanics , their powers are limited by their subconscious and usually follow a specific "path" or are linked to a specific focus. For instance, all the powers of the nova called Anteus revolve around nature; he can teleport by stepping into a tree and out of another tree of the same type somewhere else, create new species of animals, or alter the normal course of life and death for plants and animals.

All his powers follow his focus of nature. Other novas have other foci such as plasma, fire, water, shapechanging, or invulnerability. As a nova's ability to touch the quantum fabric of the world grows, he begins to experience Taint , the side effects of channelling larger amounts of energy.

Taint is the 'non-humanness' side of quantum manipulation and at higher levels novas begin to show either physical or mental defects. These defects vary widely; examples might include a tentacle growing from one's stomach, sociopathic disorders, hair made of flames, odd skin composition such as rubber , a power that is "always on", megalomania, or continual radiation. The metaplot revolves around the interactions between various factions, most of which employ Nova agents.

Electrocardiographic manifestations: aberrant ventricular conduction.

Among the most important are:. Various smaller groups exist, most of which are focused on more specific goals. Players' characters generally belong to one of the above factions, work for a specific corporation, or hire themselves out for odd jobs, often as mercenaries or troubleshooters. Aberrant uses a modified version of the Storyteller System. A character adds his attribute to his skill or power as the case may be and rolls that many 10 sided dice.

Any die that comes up as a 7 or higher counts as 1 success. Accomplishing different tasks requires different numbers of successes to accomplish.

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Flying a plane may only require 1 success, but flying a with a near fatal wound, all the rest of the crew dead, and no hydraulic pressure could require 5 or more successes. The first major difference with Aberrant is that in addition to normal attributes such as Dexterity, Manipulation and Wits, novas have what are called Mega-Attributes. Scores in such attributes may be added as dice every time a character makes a roll using the linked mundane attribute, but Mega-Attributes are much more powerful.

The people who are the aberrants will be dealt with, we hope, by the world at large.

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From the Hansard archive. Such a view treats the chords as exotic or aberrant decorations without any real structural importance. From Cambridge English Corpus. In both groups over-eating was associated with more aberrant behaviour.

Electrocardiographic manifestations: aberrant ventricular conduction.

In two other patients with the echocardiographic diagnosis of aberrant right subclavian artery, the origin of the vessel was not mentioned in the operative note. The second trade-off occurred approximately , , years ago, when genetic changes in some individuals resulted in aberrant connectivity in these cortical circuits. Also, aberrant values can result from a bad choice of variate.

The present results indicate that a step is a single photon response with an aberrant long-lasting shut-off mechanism.

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The statistical analysis of the data will include an assessment of the effect of aberrant and missing values upon the interpretation of the study. The aberrant activation or dysregulation of organotypic stem cell pathways has been classically associated with tumor growth and progression. Recent reports indicated that aberrant activation of cell cycle machinery contributed to overproliferation and apoptosis of cells in various insults. Since many of these women migrated outside the family context, they were construed as aberrant. When the theory is unveiled, we are often amazed to see that these seemingly aberrant bridges do exist by themselves naturally.

A normal fetus might falsely appear trisomic if an extra signal occurs as a result of aberrant binding.

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An awareness of these aberrant forms allows us to move beyond conventional assumptions about the fixity of print and the fluidity of manuscript. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of aberrant? Aberdeen Aberdeen City Aberdeenshire Aberdonian aberrant aberration abet abetment abettor. My Dictionary.

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