Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2

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Imagine touring with him and being on the same stage as the Beatles. The words are just perfect.

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He had 15 top forty hits and imagine being booked to open for the Rolling Stones that must have been an unbelievable thrill. Scoring major hits and moving to television he syndicated Bobby Goldsboro Show, which believe it or not ran for three seasons, and became one of the highest rated variety shows. Where is he now? Read about his life, past, present and hopes for the future on pages The words are amazing and so meaningful.

Next, the authors introduce a group that I know little about but I did listen to their music while writing this review: The Moody Blues. Ray played harmonica and did the vocals and Mike also did vocals and the keyboards. Pinder did not remain with the band even though they were successful. The Moody Blues were unique in their sound and Mike and Ray united with another band the authors tell us called the Krew Kats Going overseas to Germany where rock bands rules and returning in to England the musical scene greatly changes and jobs and opportunities were limited.

New management, new promoters new members: Denny Laine, Graame Edge and Tony Secunda a new manager, their tours were booked and the band would play at the Marquee Club. As a result Decca Records picked them up.


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I did listen to it and I think my favorite song that they recorded is: Twilight Time followed by The Voice and the video is really amazing and quite graphic. The scenes, the colorful scenery and the faces are compelling.

Various Artists

In five of the members of the group recorded and released solo albums. Their album Days of Future Passed became more than just their trademark release. It made history for them. Creating songs that infused both rock and classical sounds would be new to listeners and to the record company too.

I listened to two of the songs so that I would understand why the authors included this amazing group: Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon. A Question of Balance was the deciding factor that they would record albums that they could use in concerts. But, before you read the book you really need to listen to the music to understand the time periods and the music they created.

The rest and where they are now: You need to find out for yourself. Donnie Brooks had two major hits one being Mission Bell. He achieved fame in Mission Bell was a huge success for him. His career spanned over four decades. Born in he passed about in He was a great American Pop Singer. Adopted when he was a teen by his stepfather he took his name John Faircloth. Bertha Lou was recorded in and he made his first recording using the name Donny Brooks that same year.

PC Music: the future of pop or 'contemptuous parody'?

Mission Bell was recorded by Era Records and made it to number seven on the charts. Sam Moore and Dave Prater Jr. King they soared. Next the authors included Ray Stevens whose Everything is Beautiful is still one of my favorite songs. Ray Stevens recorded romantic ballads. He was a recording session producer, music publisher, a session musician, disc jockey and even the owner of a musical theater.

Beginning with Monument in and hitting the Top 30 with Mr. Businessman and even turned down the chance to record with Burt Bacharach. Just heard the Mississippi Squirrel Revival, which is really great. Imagine sneaking a squirrel into church and wait until you watch the video to see the end result.

Ahab the Arab is hilarious and so is the video. Next, last but not least The Grass Roots. They hit the top 40 charts and had seven gold singles and even one platinum one.

Various - Ye Ye Girls Vol. 2 : 60's European French Garage,Beat,Pop Female Singers Music Compilation

The history behind this group and the biography is not that easy to relate because three groups created the Grass Roots. Sloan, next Steve Barri as a pen name or pseudonym under which they released some folk rock. They also needed to recruit a band that would become the Grass Roots. The Bedouins were the band that they were interested in and the authors relate their story and how they became part of the Grass Roots within the first part of their section.

In Coonce left the group and was replaced by Joe Pollard. Then, Joel Larson from the first generation of the group returned and Dennis Provisor left and resigned with Dunhill. New faces, new sounds and on the charts for over weeks. They are right here within this outstanding book with their bios, where they are now and what some still hope for their futures.

Where Have All the Pop Superstars Gone?

So, listen real hard and you just might hear your favorite song. The pictures added are timeless and priceless Fran Lewis: Reviewer Oct 03, Momma Frugal rated it really liked it. Ray Stevens My Dad was a huge Ray Stevens fan. I know many of his songs by heart! I can remember listening to Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey" on the radio in my younger days too. All of those names take me back as my parents loved listening to all types of music! This really is a must for those who enjoyed this music! The authors do a fantastic job with this book.

This book is about the formation and beginning of each of the musician's careers and conversations with their friends and families. After reading the book, you will agree that the authors took the time to research. They did an amazing job with this book! I highly recommend this book! Thank you to the authors for providing me with a complimentary copy for my review!

Apr 26, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: book-reviews. If you like music history like I do then you will find this an interesting read.

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It updates the lives of some of the biggest stars from the 60's and 70's. The only problem I had was I thought the epilogues at the end of each chapter rehashed information that was already mentioned. But that didn't bother me too much. Overall, an entertaining read. Steven Moore rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Many of the older cassette tapes have disappeared from the markets and shops and are now thought of as antiques.

Keep in mind that this is not a document for the mere purpose of preservation, although it may serve as such. This is among the very best music you've never heard and you need to hear it now! Compiled by Alan Bishop. Limited edition double-LP; full color gatefold featuring original cover art and liner notes.

Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2 Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2
Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2 Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2
Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2 Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2
Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2 Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2
Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2 Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? - Volume 2

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