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The Thoroughbred Conspiracy

It is no surprise, then, that many of Koontz's books have been adapted into movies. Here is a complete list of Dean Koontz movies by year. Share Flipboard Email. Erin Miller is a freelance book critic with a B. Her work has appeared regularly in the Orlando Sentinel. It was filmed in France and Italy and released in French. Dog is a super-intelligent runaway from a genetic research lab. The tagline was, "Fear shouts. Terror whispers. It starred Pam Dawber and Lee Horsley. The commonwealth term was used in citizen petitions submitted between and for the creation of the state.

It was also used in the title of a history of the state that was published in and was used in various places within that book in references to Virginia and Kentucky. Kentucky is one of only five states that elects its state officials in odd-numbered years the others being Louisiana , Mississippi , New Jersey , and Virginia.

Kentucky holds elections for these offices every 4 years in the years preceding Presidential election years. Thus, Kentucky held gubernatorial elections in , , and The governor's mansion in Frankfort. The executive branch is headed by the governor who serves as both head of state and head of government. The lieutenant governor may or may not have executive authority depending on whether the person is a member of the Governor's cabinet. Under the current Kentucky Constitution , the lieutenant governor assumes the duties of the governor only if the governor is incapacitated.

Prior to , the lieutenant governor assumed power any time the governor was out of the state. The governor and lieutenant governor usually run on a single ticket also per a constitutional amendment , and are elected to four-year terms. The commonwealth's chief prosecutor, law enforcement officer, and law officer is the Attorney General, currently Democrat Jack Conway.

Democrat Todd Hollenbach is the current Treasurer. Republican James Comer is the current Commissioner of Agriculture. The Kentucky State Capitol building in Frankfort. Kentucky's legislative branch consists of a bicameral body known as the Kentucky General Assembly. The Senate is considered the upper house.

The judicial branch of Kentucky is called the Kentucky Court of Justice and comprises courts of limited jurisdiction called District Courts; courts of general jurisdiction called Circuit Courts ; specialty courts such as Drug Court , Family Court ; an intermediate appellate court, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ; and a court of last resort, the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Unlike federal judges, who are usually appointed, justices serving on Kentucky state courts are chosen by the state's populace in non-partisan elections. A map showing Kentucky's six congressional districts. Kentucky's two U. In the federal judiciary, Kentucky is served by two United States district courts : the Eastern District of Kentucky , with its primary seat in Lexington, and the Western District of Kentucky , with its primary seat in Louisville. Kentucky's body of laws, known as the Kentucky Revised Statutes KRS , were enacted in to better organize and clarify the whole of Kentucky law.

Unless they have completed a police academy elsewhere, these officers are required to complete training at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Center on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University. Kentucky is one of the 32 states in the United States that sanctions the death penalty for certain heinous murders.


The Scourge of the South - The New York Times

Those convicted of capital crimes after March 31, are always executed by lethal injection ; those convicted on or before this date may opt for the electric chair. Supreme Court re-instituted the practice in The most notable execution in Kentucky, however, was that of Rainey Bethea on August 14, Bethea was publicly hanged in Owensboro for the rape and murder of Lischia Edwards.

Kentucky has been on the front lines of the debate over displaying the Ten Commandments on public property. In the case of McCreary County v. Kentucky has also been known to have unusually high political candidacy age laws, especially compared to surrounding states. The origin of this is unknown, but it has been suggested it has to do with the commonwealth tradition. Where politics are concerned, Kentucky historically has been very hard-fought and leaned slightly toward the Democratic Party , although it was never included among the " Solid South ".

In , From through , Kentucky voted for the eventual winner of the election for President of the United States. The Commonwealth supported the previous three Democratic candidates elected to the White House, all elected from Southern states: Lyndon B. In presidential elections, the state has become a Republican stronghold, supporting that party's presidential candidates by double-digit margins in , , and As of July 1, , Kentucky had an estimated population of 4,,, which is an increase of 11,, or 0. This includes a natural increase since the last census of 77, people that is , births minus , deaths and an increase due to net migration of 59, people into the state.

Immigration from outside the United States resulted in a net increase of 27, people, and migration within the country produced a net increase of 32, people.

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As of , Kentucky's population included about 95, foreign-born persons 2. The population density of the state is Kentucky's total population has grown during every decade since records began. However, during most decades of the 20th century there was also net out-migration from Kentucky. Since , rural Kentucky counties have experienced a net loss of over 1 million people from migration, while urban areas have experienced a slight net gain.

The center of population of Kentucky is located in Washington County , in the city of Willisburg. The largest ancestries in the commonwealth are: English Americans of Scots-Irish and English stock are present throughout the entire state. Many claim Irish ancestry because of known "Scots-Irish" among their ancestors, who were descendants of immigrants from Scotland, via some years in Ireland.

Southeastern Kentucky was populated by a large group of multi-racial settlers, sometimes called Melungeons , in the early 19th century. Groups such as the Ridgetop Shawnee in the early 21st century organised as a non-profit to increase awareness of Native Americans in Kentucky.

In the census, there were 20, people in the state who identified as Native American 0. Many migrated to the industrial North and Midwest in the Great Migration for jobs. Other areas with high concentrations, beside Christian and Fulton counties and the Bluegrass region, are the cities of Paducah and Lexington. Some mining communities in far Southeastern Kentucky have populations that are between five and 10 percent African American. Lexington Theological Seminary then College of the Bible , Kentucky is home to several seminaries.

Asbury Theological Seminary , a multi-denominational seminary in the Methodist tradition, is located in nearby Wilmore. Louisville is home to the headquarters of the Presbyterian Church U. Louisville also has Muslim , [64] Jewish , and Hindu communities. Early in its history Kentucky gained recognition for its excellent farming conditions.

It was the site of the first commercial winery in the United States started in present-day Jessamine County in and due to the high calcium content of the soil in the Bluegrass region quickly became a major horse breeding and later racing area. Today Kentucky ranks 5th nationally in goat farming, 8th in beef cattle production, [65] and 14th in corn production. Today Kentucky's economy has expanded to importance in non agricultural terms as well, especially in auto manufacturing, energy fuel production, and medical facilities.

Kentucky ranks 4th among U. One such investment was L'Oreal in Northern Kentucky,which added jobs on top of the already in existing facilities in Florence and Walton. In May , the Army Human Resource Center of Excellence , the largest office building in the state at nearly ,square-feet, opened at Fort Knox. The new complex employs nearly 4, soldiers and civilians.

As of May , the state's unemployment rate is 7. All classes of property, unless exempted by the Constitution, are taxed by the state, although at widely varying rates. Many of these classes are exempted from taxation by local government. Of the classes that are subject to local taxation, three have special rates set by the General Assembly , one by the Kentucky Supreme Court and the remaining classes are subject to the full local rate, which includes the tax rate set by the local taxing bodies plus all voted levies.

Until January 1, , Kentucky imposed a tax on intangible personal property held by a taxpayer on January 1 of each year.

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The Kentucky intangible tax was repealed under House Bill Some types of intangible property included: bonds, notes, retail repurchase agreements , accounts receivable, trusts, enforceable contracts sale of real estate land contracts , money in hand, money in safe deposit boxes , annuities, interests in estates, loans to stockholders, and commercial paper. In December , the Kentucky governor Paul Patton unveiled the state slogan "It's that friendly", [81] in hope of drawing more people into the state based on the idea of southern hospitality. This campaign was neither a failure nor a success.

Though it was meant to embrace southern values, many Kentuckians rejected the slogan as cheesy and ineffective. So government decided to create a different slogan to embrace Kentucky as a whole while also encouraging more people to visit the Bluegrass. Since that time, the "Welcome to Kentucky" signs at border areas have an "Unbridled Spirit" symbol on them.

Kentucky is served by six major interstate highways I , I , I , I , I , and I , nine parkways , and three bypasses and spurs. The parkways were originally toll roads , but on November 22, , Governor Ernie Fletcher ended the toll charges on the William H. Natcher Parkway and the Audubon Parkway , the last two parkways in Kentucky to charge tolls for access. Ending the tolls some seven months ahead of schedule was generally agreed to have been a positive economic development for transportation in Kentucky.

Greyhound provides bus service to most major cities in the state. High Bridge over the Kentucky River was the tallest rail bridge in the world when it was completed in Amtrak , the national passenger rail system, provides service to Ashland , South Portsmouth , Maysville and Fulton.

The City of New Orleans trains 58 and 59 serve Fulton. Other areas in Kentucky are reclaiming old railways in rail trail projects. One such project is Louisville's Big Four Bridge. If completed, the Big Four Bridge rail trail will contain the second longest pedestrian-only bridge in the world. A barge hauling coal in the Louisville and Portland Canal , the only manmade section of the Ohio River. As the state is bounded by two of the largest rivers in North America, water transportation has historically played a major role in Kentucky's economy. Louisville was a major port for steamships in the nineteenth century.

Today, most barge traffic on Kentucky waterways consists of coal that is shipped from both the Eastern and Western Coalfields, about half of which is used locally to power many power plants located directly off the Ohio River , with the rest being exported to other countries, most notably Japan.

Many of the largest ports in the United States are located in or adjacent to Kentucky, including:. As a state, Kentucky ranks 10th overall in port tonnage. The only natural obstacle along the entire length of the Ohio River is the Falls of the Ohio , located just west of Downtown Louisville. Population growth is centered along and between interstates I and I Louisville is the state's largest city with a metro population of 1. Lexington is the state's second largest city with a metro population of around , Covington is the largest city in Northern Kentucky. Kentucky is subdivided into counties , the largest being Pike County at Despite the unusual name, the Fiscal Court no longer has judicial functions.

Kentucky's two most populous counties, Jefferson and Fayette, have their governments consolidated with the governments of their largest cities. Although the counties still exist as subdivisions of the state, in reference the names Louisville and Lexington are used to refer to the entire area coextensive with the former cities and counties. Somewhat incongruously, when entering Lexington-Fayette the highway signs read "Fayette County" while most signs leading into Louisville-Jefferson simply read "Welcome to Louisville Metro".

The Metro Louisville government area has a population of , The latter figure is the population of the so-called "balance" —the parts of Jefferson County that were either unincorporated or within the City of Louisville before the formation of the merged government in In , the Louisville Combined Statistical Area CSA has a population of 1,,; including 1,, in Kentucky, which is nearly one-fourth of the state's population.

Since , over one-third of the state's population growth has occurred in the Louisville CSA. In addition, the top 28 wealthiest places in Kentucky are in Jefferson County and seven of the 15 wealthiest counties in the state are located in the Louisville CSA.

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The second largest city is Lexington with a census population of , and its CSA , which includes the Frankfort and Richmond statistical areas, having a population of , The metropolitan areas of Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky have a combined population of 2,, as of , which is Although only one town in the "Tri Cities", namely Somerset, currently has more than 12, people, the area has been experiencing heightened population and job growth since the s. Growth has been especially rapid in Laurel County, which outgrew areas such as Scott and Jessamine counties around Lexington or Shelby and Nelson Counties around Louisville.

London significantly grew in population in the s, from 5, in to 7, in London also landed a Wal-Mart distribution center in , bringing thousands of jobs to the community. In northeast Kentucky, the greater Ashland area is an important transportation, manufacturing, and medical center. Iron and petroleum production, as well as the transport of coal by rail and barge , have been historical pillars of the region's economy. Due to a decline in the area's industrial base, Ashland has seen a sizable reduction in its population since The population of the area has since stabilized, however, with the medical service industry taking a greater role in the local economy.

As of the census, the MSA had a population of , More than 21, of those people as of reside within the city limits of Ashland. The county and surrounding area is the most populated region in the state that is not part of a Micropolitan Statistical Area or a Metropolitan Statistical Area containing nearly , people in five counties: Floyd County , Martin County , Letcher County , and neighboring Mingo County, West Virginia. Pike County contains slightly over 68, people. Only three U. The University of Kentucky is Kentucky's flagship university.

The University of Louisville is Kentucky's urban research university. Kentucky maintains eight public four-year universities. There are two general tiers: major research institutions the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville and regional universities, which encompasses the remaining 6 schools. The regional schools have specific target counties that many of their programs are targeted towards such as Forestry at Eastern Kentucky University or Cave Management at Western Kentucky University , however most of their curriculum varies little from any other public university.

UK and UofL have the highest academic rankings and admissions standards although the regional schools aren't without their national recognized departments — examples being Western Kentucky University's nationally ranked Journalism Department or Morehead State University offering one of the nation's only Space Science degrees.

UK is the flagship and land grant of the system and has agriculture extension services in every county. The two research schools split duties related to the medical field, UK handles all medical outreach programs in the eastern half of the state while UofL does all medical outreach in the state's western half. The state's sixteen public two-year colleges have been governed by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System since the passage of the Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of , commonly referred to as House Bill 1. Transylvania University , located in Lexington, is the oldest university west of the Allegheny Mountains , founded in Transylvania is a liberal arts university, consistently ranked in the top tier in the country.

Berea College , located at the extreme southern edge of the Bluegrass below the Cumberland Plateau, was the first coeducational college in the South to admit both black and white students, doing so from its very establishment in Kentucky in Board of Education in There are school districts and 1, public schools in Kentucky. Kentucky has been the site of much educational reform over the past two decades. In , the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the state's education system was unconstitutional.

Years later, Kentucky has shown progress, but most agree that further reform is needed. The Buffalo Trace Distillery. Although Kentucky's culture is generally considered to be Southern , it is unique in that it is also influenced by the Midwest and Southern Appalachia in certain areas of the state.


The state is known for bourbon and whiskey distilling, tobacco , horse racing , and college basketball. Kentucky is more similar to the Upland South in terms of ancestry which is predominantly American. Nevertheless, during the 19th century, Kentucky did receive a substantial number of German immigrants, who settled mostly in the Midwest, along the Ohio River primarily in Louisville, Covington and Newport.

Scottish Americans , English Americans and Scotch-Irish Americans have heavily influenced Kentucky culture, and are present in every part of the state. Kentucky was a slave state , and blacks once comprised over one-quarter of its population. However, it lacked the cotton plantation system and never had the same high percentage of African Americans as most other slave states.

Kentucky adopted the Jim Crow system of racial segregation in most public spheres after the Civil War, but the state never disenfranchised African American citizens to the level of the Deep South states, and it peacefully integrated its schools after the Brown v. Board of Education verdict, later adopting the first state civil rights act in the South in The biggest day in American horse racing, the Kentucky Derby , is preceded by the two-week Derby Festival [] in Louisville.

Old Louisville , the largest historic preservation district in the United States featuring Victorian architecture and the third largest overall, [] hosts the St. Bardstown celebrates its heritage as a major bourbon-producing region with the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. The residents of tiny Benton pay tribute to their favorite tuber, the sweet potato , by hosting Tater Day. The breadth of music in Kentucky is indeed wide, stretching from the Purchase to the eastern mountains. The Renfro Valley Gatherin' is today America's second oldest continually broadcast radio program of any kind.

It is broadcast on local radio station WRVK and a syndicated network of nearly other stations across the United States and Canada every week. The U. However, its depth lies in its signature sound— Bluegrass music. Kentucky is also home to famed jazz musician and pioneer, Lionel Hampton although this has been disputed in recent years. In eastern Kentucky, old-time music carries on the tradition of ancient ballads and reels developed in historical Appalachia. The Hot Brown. Kentucky's cuisine is generally similar to traditional southern cooking, although in some areas of the state it can blend elements of both the South and Midwest.

It was developed at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Also, western Kentucky is known for its own regional style of barbecue. Kentucky's Churchill Downs hosts the Kentucky Derby. The Lexington Horsemen and Louisville Fire of the now-defunct af2 had been interested in making a move up to the "major league" Arena Football League , but nothing has come of those plans.

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It is not uncommon for fans to park in the city of Newport and use the Newport Southbank Pedestrian Bridge , locally known as the "Purple People Bridge", to walk to these games in Cincinnati. Also, Georgetown College in Georgetown was the location for the Bengals' summer training camp, until it was announced in that the Bengals would no longer use the facilities. As in many states, especially those without major league professional sport teams, college athletics are very important. The Wildcats , Hilltoppers , and Cardinals are among the most tradition-rich college men's basketball teams in the United States, combining for 11 National championships and 24 NCAA Final Fours; all three are high on the lists of total all-time wins, wins per season, and average wins per season.

Louisville has also stepped onto the football scene in recent years, including winning the Orange Bowl as well as the Allstate Sugar Bowl. The race is called the Quaker State Unless otherwise specified, all state symbol information is taken from Kentucky State Symbols.

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Main article: History of Kentucky. Main article: Black Patch Tobacco Wars. Further information: Political party strength in Kentucky. Main article: Demographics of Kentucky. See also: Religion in Louisville, Kentucky. Main article: Transportation in Kentucky. See also: List of Kentucky State Highways. See also: List of Kentucky railroads. See also: List of airports in Kentucky.

See also: List of cities in Kentucky. Main article: Education in Kentucky. Main article: Culture of Kentucky. See also: Theater in Kentucky. Main article: Music of Kentucky. See also: Category:Musicians from Kentucky. Main article: Cuisine of Kentucky. Main article: Sports in Kentucky. Main article: List of Kentucky state insignia. The world famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat is made in Kentucky. It holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bat.

Kentucky's commemorative quarter. Thunder Over Louisville is the largest annual fireworks show in the world. The Daniel Boone National Forest. The Ohio River forms the northern border of Kentucky. Many Kentucky cities have historic areas near downtown, such as this example in Bowling Green. Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. Archived from the original on July 31, Retrieved November 29, December 30, Retrieved January 5, United States Geological Survey.

Retrieved October 21, Mish Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 11th ed. Retrieved January 17, Retrieved January 1, Kentucky Educational Television. January 28, June 15, Encyclopedia of Kentucky. Corbin, Kentucky Economic Development. The Kentucky Encyclopedia. Associate editors: Thomas D.

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Clark , Lowell H. Harrison, and James C. Government Printing Office, , pp. You Live Where? Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved December 9, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Service. Earth First! Retrieved September 4, Kentucky Department of Parks. October 19, Archived from the original on October 5, National Park Service.

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October 12, Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission. Archived from the original on October 24, History of Native Americans in Central Kentucky. Mercer County Online. The Life of George Rogers Clark. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. George Rogers Clark and the War in the West. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky. Ezilon Search. Archived from the original on October 11, February 15, Historical Text Archive. WMTH Corporation. About North Georgia. Golden Ink. Kentucky General Assembly. Kentucky Historical Society.

Retrieved September 9, Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. Retrieved December 27, Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice. Kentucky State Police. Death Penalty Information Center. Retrieved December 28,

Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3) Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3)
Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3) Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3)
Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3) Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3)
Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3) Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3)
Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3) Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3)
Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3) Unbridled Terror (The Kentucky Chronicles Book 3)

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