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The experience of traveling lends a wisdom that is old. Beyond our "living memory" a softly spoken prayer: "It's the journey that's important, not the getting there! Carol Saline Sister No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. Abraham Lincoln Honesty Good memories are most often created without conscious effort.

These are the memories that result from those unselfish acts or behaviors that give of our time, talents or gifts without any due regard for repayment. Byron R.

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Pulsifer Effort With a strong, healthy memory, you can overcome mental barriers to achieve success in your personal, professional, and academic life. Without it, you will find yourself struggling at every turn. John Parker, Memory Health When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever, but I shall hold something which I have traded for it. It may be no more than a memory, but if it is a worthy one I shall not regret the price. Author Unknown Regret Don't let the "good old days" be your memory. Make each day a good day so as you are growing older life is an adventure to be enjoyed not a memory.

Catherine Pulsifer Joy Every man's memory is his private literature. Christian J. Adam Green, T. Home is where you begin again to dream again. Like revisiting a memory of happiness. Turn the corners of your mouth turn up a little and feel the muscles of your cheekbones slightly contracting. Jenny Clift, The Music Inside Happiness When both parents alternate spending time with their children, it not only helps in building memories, but it also works in building trust. What we call anticipations are really present thoughts. No one has ever lived in any moment except the present.

Emmet Fox Inspirational Thoughts You can't trust your memory, when you think of an idea write it down. Cody's Grandpa is only one of the many Canadians who fought in the wars so that all of us would have our freedom - men who should be forever remembered and honored. I love these spontaneous bold and beautiful flower connections. Patricia C. But don't spend your remaining days here looking back, wishing for "the good old days. More Info. Stay In Touch. All rights reserved. For a long time, I blamed myself.

I saw the chaos as something I deserved for "being crazy.

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As I got older, I realized that there was no excuse for the things I went through. Most of the time you can't escape bad circumstances. All you're left with is picking up the pieces. My biggest coping mechanism has always been watching television shows or movies to escape my own life. I can become completely engulfed in these stories and learn more empathy from how I felt for the characters. If I can't sleep I will lose myself in writing. There's nothing better than becoming self-aware. Although there's nothing worse than remembering something that left you so emotionally damaged that your mind tried to block it out, repressing memories can lead to more instability later in life.

Allow yourself to feel those feelings and consciously address the memories, then work on letting go, because repression will keep them circling back around.

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Whether it's good or bad, life goes on, and once you start to notice your triggers it will be easier to escape the darkness. All Rights Reserved. How I Explain Bipolar's Racing Thoughts The entry titled Racing thoughts on Wikipedia states, Racing thoughts can be brought on by bipolar disorder, defined by mood instability that ranges from extreme emotional highs, mania, to severe depression. Coping Mechanisms My biggest coping mechanism has always been watching television shows or movies to escape my own life.

Rain Sound Most Caravan. It's great to reminisce about good memories of my past. It was enjoyable when it was today. So learning to enjoy today has two benefits: it gives me happiness right now, and it becomes a good memory later. George Foreman. Good Happiness Learning Me. You shouldn't wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories. Heidi Klum. People You Wait Your. What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends.

School Friends Remember High School. Keep all special thoughts and memories for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes with others to inspire hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the future. Mattie Stepanek. Inspirational Future Hope Thoughts. A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.

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Charlotte Kasl. Blessing Heart Children Happy. I have really fond memories of growing up in Chicago, and I always love going back.

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I still have a lot of really good friends from high school that I go to dinner with. It's kind of become a tradition when I go out there to do a show to give a few friends a call, tell some funny stories about high school and walk down memory lane. Love Funny Good Walk. It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, I've got a lot of great memories.

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Bonnie Blair. In the egoic state, your sense of self, your identity, is derived from your thinking mind - in other words, what your mind tells you about yourself: the storyline of you, the memories, the expectations, all the thoughts that go through your head continuously and the emotions that reflect those thoughts. All those things make up your sense of self. Eckhart Tolle. Yourself Thoughts You Self. We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories.

Some take us forward, they're called dreams.

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  • Jeremy Irons. Dreams Time Back Us. A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories. Andy Goldsworthy.

    Thoughts and Memories Thoughts and Memories
    Thoughts and Memories Thoughts and Memories
    Thoughts and Memories Thoughts and Memories
    Thoughts and Memories Thoughts and Memories
    Thoughts and Memories Thoughts and Memories
    Thoughts and Memories Thoughts and Memories

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