The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)

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Cancel anytime. Poker-faced Nellie Conway, the nurses bed-ridden Elizabeth Bain, brings trouble when she calls on Perry Mason with a glass phial containing four pills which she suspects are poison. Her employer, Nathan Bain, she says, had promised her money to give them to his wife. But when Mason has one of the pills analyzed it is found to consist of acetylsalicylic - in other words good old-fashioned aspirin. Is Perry Mason's client a hoaxer, a psychopath, or something trickier? Racine Journal-Times Associated Press. Ocala Star-Banner Associated Press.

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William D. Russell S. Laurence Marks , Gene Wang. Stirling Silliphant. Christian Nyby.

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Hutton Rod Gleason [1] : Donald S. Malvin Wald , Jack Jacobs. Laurence Marks, Ben Starr. Laslo Benedek. Ballard , Peter Leeds Bill Emory. Lewis Allen.

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Carlin , Paul Picerni Charles Gallagher [1] : Andrew V. Stone [2]. Cast: H. Davis , Ruta Lee Connie Cooper [1] : Cast: James Bell P. Robert C. Don Brinkley , Gene Wang. Jonathan Latimer. John Launer Judge [5] : Robert Warnes Leach , Seeleg Lester. Richard Macaulay , Seeleg Lester. Stone [6].

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Cast: Dick Foran Dr. Neise Wilfred Borden [5] : Cast: R. Robert J. Shaw , Gene Wang. John Launder Judge , [5] : Susan Cummings [6]. John Launer Judge [7] : Jackson Gillis. Conrad Judge [7] : — Walter Grauman. Richard B. Herbert Hirschman. Cast: William J. Robert Ellis Miller. Cast: J. Cast: Robert Emhardt J. Belle Adrian. Her roommate, Anita Bonsal, is having a clandestine affair with a married man, Carver Clement. Far from innocent, she turns out to be a blackmailer and a witness to a murder with which Addison is charged.

Later, Davenport falls ill and blames her from his deathbed. After he dies, his body disappears. Ep The Case of the Crooked Candle While Martha Bradford is waiting for her appointment at a beauty parlor, she meets Rita Bradford, who apparently also is married to her husband and lives at the same address. Soon, Mr. Bradford turns up dead. Ep The Case of the Negligent Nymph Mason and Paul Drake are on a fishing trip when they spot a young woman being pursued by vicious guard dogs on an island estate.

After the two men pull her from the ocean, it is discovered that in her possession is a note intended for her employer, accusing him of killing his rich uncle. Tydings admits he embezzled the money and blackmails Dawson into keeping quiet. Ep The Case of the Fan-Dancer's Horse After witnessing an automobile accident, Mason comes to represent the driver of the vehicle, an exotic dancer charged with murder. She comes home excited one day with the news of her engagement to John Locke.

When she tells her uncle, he shows her disquieting papers about her family. Ep The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary Arlene Dowling reports the theft of all her belongings, including a diary detailing a bank heist. Ep The Case of the Cautious Coquette Mason navigate his way through a hornet's nest of murder, hit-and-run, secret marriage and a missing witness. Intoxicated, he loses control of the car and collides with an oncoming truck. Arriving at the scene of the accident, the police find Claire alone in the car and the truck driver dead.

In reality, Marilyn is looking for the con artist who swindled and drove her sister to suicide. Stanley in a cheap motel. He wants to blackmail Bain into giving him money to keep quiet. Ep The Case of the Fugitive Nurse Janet Norris is charged with poisoning her doctor husband just before he flew to his death in his private plane. Further investigation reveals that Dr. Norris did not die in the plane crash and that he is in Mexico with his nurse mistress. She wants him to make an exchange: the money for some documents.

Ep The Case of the Deadly Double When Robert Crane is charged with the murder of his sister's estranged husband, Mason needs the testimony of sister Helen Reed to clear him of the charge. Unfortunately for all concerned, Helen suffers from multiple personality disorder. A friend, John Lowell, suggests she pursue the idea to prove she is the rightful heir to the Adam Hocksley estate. Fortunately for Lawton, Mason is another old friend of his. Attempting to help her stepmother, Doris Bannister pretends to be romantically interested in Stefan Riker.

Conway's secretary, Rose Calvert, is spying for Griffith.

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When Rose is found dead, Conway fears he's being framed for murder and approaches Mason. Ep The Case of the Hesitant Hostess When Albert Sanders is charged with the murder of Kim Lane, Mason offers to defend him free of charge because he knows Sanders is still devastated over the accidental death of his wife and children eight years before. Davis is found murdered and it seems there is no shortage of suspects. Mason does some digging and discovers that the first wife of the victim's husband also died of poisoning.

Is the husband really the culprit or could it be someone else? Carl Houser jumps overboard and is presumed drowned. Houser later turns up on shore but with a bullet wound in his body. When Castle turns up murdered as well, Stephanie finds herself the number one suspect. Arthur Binney attempts to blackmail Stewart Brent with facts about his new wife having been in jail for fraud. When Binny turns up dead, Brent is framed for his murder, but confesses to protect his wife.

Ep The Case of the Lazy Lover Attempting to miss hitting her stepfather's car, Patricia Faxon swerves as she enters her driveway and hits the hedges. After asking her stepfather, Bertrand Allred, to move his car, he finds Bob Fleetwood badly hurt next to the hedges. Ep The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde A visit from an attractive blonde sporting a black eye segues into a case concerning a wealthy man's long-lost grandson and murder.

He notices things in disarray and tries to question the woman, but she makes her escape and seeks out Mason. Ep The Case of the Rolling Bones When Daniel Reed finds himself being blackmailed by an old business partner from his time in Alaska, Mason must first save him from the insane asylum and then the gas chamber. Ep The Case of the Corresponding Corpse Mason receives a telephone call from George Beaumont, a man who supposedly died in a plane crash nearly three years earlier.

In reality, Beaumont missed the plane and after hearing about the accident decided to disappear. Ep The Case of the Lucky Loser Mason has all kinds of trouble when a murder brings him into the tangled financial and personal affairs of the wealthy Balfour family. Anthony "Pop" Renzi is identified as one of the robbers and charged with both the robbery and the murder. Mason sets out to clear him of both charges. At the trial, Mason moves the proceedings to the room in which Kane was murdered in order to re-enact the fatal night.

The greedy Hardisty then tries to blackmail the doctor for more. Mason is hired by Dr. Blane to put an end to Hardisty's machinations but before he can swing into action Hardisty is found dead. Ep The Case of the Married Moonlighter A moonlighting school teacher is charged with the murder of an acquaintance he had taken home after the man had earlier raised a disturbance at his night job at a cafe.

First, he's fired when his horse loses a fixed race and then he's charged with murder after confronting Johnny Starr, the man actually responsible for the fix.

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And, oh yes, Tic's wife was having an affair. Ellis is later exonerated thanks to evidence discovered by his wife and the real thief, Charles Brewster, is arrested for the theft. Brewster manages to get out of jail on bail but later turns up dead. Ep The Case of the Perjured Parrot The courtroom action in this episode takes place at a coroner's inquest as a parrot holds the key to freeing suspect Ellen Sabin from blame in the murder of her husband. Hugo, now using the name Hans Breel, is working on a gem scam but his scheme backfires when he is murdered and Sarah is charged with the crime.

Eva is paid extremely well and given a nice apartment for assuming the identity of Helen. Ep The Case of the Glittering Goldfish An inventor of a cure for sick fish is charged with the murder of the purchaser of a pet fish store. Ep The Case of the Foot-Loose Doll When Millie Crest assumes another woman's identity after an embezzlement scheme, she ends up stabbing an intruder in self-defense—but, of course, things are not what they seem.

When one of the men who may be trying to besmirch Harris's name ends up dead, Harris is charged with murder. Ep The Case of the Jaded Joker Danny Ross is a television comedian who has been promised a television show and desperately needs to make a comeback. Charles Goff, advertising executive who promised Danny a new show, double-crosses Ross and offers the show to another comedian. When Goff turns up dead, Ross is the prime suspect.

He pretends to change his will cutting them all out and leaving his entire estate to groundskeeper James Hing. He is warned through physical violence to stop looking for Burroughs' granddaughter. The play deals with characters very close to real people and the real-life murder of a New York underworld figure. David Craig discovers that tapes of conversations with his psychiatric patients are missing and being used for blackmail purposes.

When the suspected thief and blackmailer, Mark Douglas, turns up murdered, Craig is charged with the crime. The key to the case is a dog that continues to howl no matter what. Margaret was a much younger woman on the make who entranced Chuck into marrying her. When Margaret is found shot to death, Harry is arrested for murder. Ep The Case of the Dangerous Dowager Matilda Benson is a tough old broad who rules her children with an iron hand and the promises in her will. When Benson and her brood become involved in a gambling scandal and the death of a nightclub owner, Mason looks into the matriarch's matter.

Selkirk has Dirk's jaw broken and begins sending Claire threatening mail. Then Selkirk is murdered in his beach house. Already on probation for car theft, he's charged with stealing a valuable Spanish cross and killing its owner. Mason feels sorry for the kid and decides to take the case.

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Ep The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom Mason returns to his office late one night and finds an attractive woman climbing into his balcony window. She claims to be Virginia Colfax, the secretary of Ed Garvin, who has an office next door to Mason's. After a brush with death, Ruth becomes convinced that Walter is trying to kill her, but then Walter turns up dead.

Ep The Case of the Spurious Sister Bruce Chapman returns home early from a business trip to find that his wife, Marie, wants a divorce. Chapman is shocked at this turn of events because he thought his wife had recently been strangled to death. Ep The Case of the Watery Witness Lorna Thomas is a has-been actress who once gave up her baby for adoption and lived to regret it. George Clark discovers that his wife might be Lorna's long-lost daughter and begins to see dollar signs. He gets in an argument in a poker game and knocks Mike Granger out cold.

Then he is informed him that Granger is dead.

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Nichols doesn't approve of his son's relationship and when Mitsuo is "caught" with a string of valuable pearls belonging to Mrs. Nichols, he agrees to absolve her if she stops seeing his son. Jo Ann goes to Mason for help in getting the horse back but soon needs his aid in getting her off a murder charge. She has been carrying on a longterm affair with a married man, Frank Thatcher.

That night, Thatcher is involved in a hit-and-run accident but does not report it. Ep The Case of the Golden Fraud Richard Vanaman's shot at a big promotion is sabotaged when he is framed for murder. Ep The Case of the Bartered Bikini Wally Dunbar seeks Mason's help in securing ownership of his new summer line of swimwear, but the sketches are stolen and, worse yet, chief designer Rick Stassi is murdered.

When Allen turns up dead his killer could be anyone, but his cousin, Sarette, becomes the prime suspect. Her prize is a trip to Hollywood and a role in Patton's next picture. Unfortunately, there was fine print in Marjorie's contract that she didn't read. Ep The Case of the Frantic Flyer A double cross, a double murder, a plane crash, missing money and an innocent widow charged with crimes she didn't commit are the elements of this case. When the real author is released from an Army hospital, Sutton is slain before he can tell the truth and his widow is arrested for the murder.

The old friend of Burger's is now facing a murder charge. Ep The Case of the Gallant Grafter Corporate intrigue is the backdrop of this episode when embezzling accountant Robert Doniger is murdered and Edward Nelson is charged. Ep The Case of the Wary Wildcatter Charles Houston cleverly gets away with killing his wife by making it look like she died in a car accident. Then a wildlife photographer shows up with the murder on film. Gladys gets lost and her car gets stuck in the mud. She then walks to a cabin looking for help and encounters a mysterious man who appears to know her.

Things are going well until George's second banana, Slim Marcus, botches a crooked card game and is exposed for cheating. Ep The Case of the Bashful Burro Mason arrives in the gold mining town of Placer City looking for an old prospector to subpoena for testimony. He then gets involved in a murder case when one of the participants in a barroom fight is found dead. When the thief is found murdered, museum employee June Sinclair and her boyfriend, David Lambert, are charged with the crime. Ep The Case of the Nimble Nephew Mason is sought out by land tycoon Adam Thompson, who suspects one of his nephews of rifling the house safe.

The twist? The land tycoon's next in command is found dead, after it's found out that he was the one stealing the secrets. The police believe that a sailor assigned to a Navy submarine committed the crime. Ep The Case of the Ominous Outcast When a notorious bank robber's son returns to his hometown it seems as though everyone is interested in missing loot supposedly hidden by the man's father. This leads to murder.

The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37) The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)
The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37) The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)
The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37) The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)
The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37) The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)
The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37) The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)
The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37) The Case of the Fiery Fingers (Perry Mason Series Book 37)

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