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Verifying a snapshot

The restore command replaces the current user, system and configuration data with the corresponding data from the specified snapshot:. By default, this command restores all the data for all the snaps in a snapshot.


Island Energy Snapshots

The forget command deletes a snapshot. This operation removes a snapshot from local storage and can not be undone:. By default, this command deletes all the data for all the snaps in a snapshot.

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You can delete the data for specific snaps by listing them after the command. Apart from on Ubuntu Core devices, where the feature is disabled by default, a snapshot is generated automatically when a snap is removed. These snapshots are retained for 31 days before being deleted automatically.

How Incremental Snapshots Work

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    Snapshot files must be created in the file system that the action is performed on, and a user may create no more than 20 snapshots per file system. Active snapshots are recorded in the superblock so they are persistent across unmount and remount operations along with system reboots.

    Capture Your Favorite Memories With Snapshots!

    When a snapshot is no longer required, it can be removed using rm 1. While snapshots may be removed in any order, all the used space may not be acquired because another snapshot will possibly claim some of the released blocks.

    Snapshots are created using mount 8.

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