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Learn more. Get updates Get updates. Mar 08, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , books-i-own-kindle. I've read and reviewed a lot of these stories separately or as part of other anthologies but it never hurts to have everything all in one place so I'm going to post those reviews again here.

Small Magics by Ilona Andrews. Not so small. | book reviews forevermore

Three of the stories in this anthology are set in the Kate Daniels world but two are completely standalone and one of those was completely new to me. A Questionable Client Kate Daniels 0. This is a great introduction to the series and I loved finding out more about Saiman who is a character that intrigued me in the first book Magic Bites. Although short this story is full of humour and was a quick, enjoyable read that has reminded me how much I liked the first book in this series and made me keen to continue reading Kate's story.

Retribution Clause Kate Daniels 5. I really loved Adam, as much as I find Saiman's constant body swapping amusing it is also kind of creepy so it was interesting to see how different Adam is and how comfortable he is in his own skin. Adam and his partner, Siroun, work as insurance adjusters which sounds boring on the surface but in reality means they are charged with investigating any suspicious deaths among their clients. In the case of murder victims it is up to them to dispense justice to their killers.

Although this is a farily short story there is a mystery to solve and I enjoyed getting to meet these characters and explore this world further. There is definitely some great potential for these two and I'd love to read more stories about them in the future. Of Swine and Roses: This short story introduces us to teenager Alena Kornov who is under pressure from her family to date Chad Thurman, a boy from one of the local families who they need a favour from.

Alena has absolutely no interest in Chad but her mother is a master of guilt manipulation and Alena ends up agreeing to her demands.

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What follows is an absolutely hilarious first date from hell. I'm not going to say any more than that so you'll just have to read it for yourself but it was definitely a fun read. It's official, team Andrews can do no wrong! Even in a 23 page short story they manage to hook me completely in and get me fully invested in the characters they've created.

I actually would have loved to see this turned into a full length novel but it was surprisingly satisfying for such a short read. You can definitely tell this is one of the stories that eventually developed into the Hidden Legacy series, it's totally different worlds and the rules of magic aren't quite the same but there are plenty of similarities there too. Grace of Small Magics: This is another story that shows the beginnings of the ideas behind the Hidden Legacy series, Grace knows her family is different and that she has a magical ability but her family have done their best to keep her untrained and under the radar.

What she doesn't know is that her family owe a huge debt to one of the magical elite families due to a long running vendetta and now Nassar, the head of the other family, is calling in their debt. This story has plenty of action and some great characters alongside a satisfying romance. Magic Tests Kate Daniels 5. Although this story isn't essential reading as part of the series because it doesn't really effect the ongoing story arc it was nice to get to know Julie a bit better and I'd actually like to see more from her POV in the future.

We've all seen how much Julie hates the boarding school that Kate sent her to and now she's home and living in the Keep she seems to think she can get away without going to school at all. Kate has other plans for her though and she has a very clever way of getting Julie to go along with them. We are introduced to some great new characters but the one I was most excited about seeing again was Yu Fong you may remember him from Dali's short story Magic Dreams. I was already hoping he'd end up being a major character in the series and now I'm thinking he's more likely to re-appear thanks to his friendship with Julie.

I loved getting to see Julie grow up a bit and actually work out a way to use her ability to help someone else and I'd definitely like to see her get her own book or spin off series in the future. Jan 18, Dominique rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. Jun 01, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , anthologies-and-ss-collections.

Sep 01, Malinda rated it really liked it Shelves: amazon-kindle-book , job-security-bodyguard , anthology-boxsets , kindle-lending. A Questionable Client: 4 stars This was a very good short. It's Kate's first story and it's about Kate playing bodyguard for the shifter Saimen this is their first meeting. Retribution Clause: 4 stars This was a very good story.

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It takes place in the Kate Daniels world but it's in a different city and the main character is Adam, Saiman's cousin. Adam works for an insurance company but in this world, the insurance payouts are a bi Adam works for an insurance company but in this world, the insurance payouts are a bit different. In this case, the life insurance policy included a "Retribution clause" which means the insurance agency will kill whomever was responsible for the death of the person the policy is on, which leads to an interesting job for Adam and his partner.

I would be interested in more on Adam in the future. It's set in a world I'm unfamiliar with and since the story is so short, there's not a lot of description of the world in general. Grace of Small Magics: It takes place in a new world, one where magic exists but most people don't know it. Grace is a young woman who was born with a small amount of magic but has never been able to do much. She knew that more people were out there that had magic but not much more. Then one day, her uncle comes and tells her that their family is in debt to a magic clan and if they didn't do what was requested of them, their whole family would be killed.

Grace isn't thrilled but goes to do what she must. There is some angst and definitely some danger but thankfully, things turn out pretty well and there's even a promise of a new romance at the end. Magic Tests: Kate arranges for Julie to quietly investigate a missing persons case at a school for gifted students. Julie doesn't want to go back to school and figures the "investigation" is Kate's way of getting her to consider the school.

Nonetheless, Julie does jump into the investigation and ends up solving the mystery and making some friends. This story isn't really needed as part of the series but it's very good supplemental story. Sep 19, Angela Angel's Guilty Pleasures rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars , fav-urban-fantasy , fav-magic-books , kindle-own-library , favorites , bought , fav-novellas.

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This is a wonderful collection of short stories from the Andrews team. I loved this collection of stories! A Questionable Client is 0. We get to see Kate the Mercenary and meet Saiman for the first time. Saiman sh This is a wonderful collection of short stories from the Andrews team.

Saiman shows his true nature at their first meeting and Kate is the kick-ass herione I have come to love in the series. As always the author does a superb job of describing the world, giving us lots of action and great banter between our characters. I loved reading A Questionable Client all over again. Retribution Clause is 5. Here we get to meet Adam who it turns is related Saiman. It tales place in post-shift Philadelphia instead of Atlanta, but we still get two great characters, some action, and adventure.

Retribution Clause was a new to me story and I enjoyed it. Of Swine and Roses - 4 Stars This one was originally published as a digital short story. Alena is a young adult. She was a sweet young women who does the right thing for her family and an animal who needs her help.

Something magical happens at the end. Of Swine and Roses gives you a quick peek into the world and the magical families that make-up the latest endeavor of the Andrews team, which is their Hidden Legacy series. Of Swine and Roses was a new to me story and I enjoyed it. Grace is a strong women who vows to end this servitude. We are treated to a family at war, interesting mythology, a little attraction, some action, and a unique set-up to the world and characters. I would love to see more of Grace and Nassar.

Grace of Small Magics was a new to me story and I loved it. Magic Test is 5. As always the author does a superb job explaining the world, how it works, and the characters. We have a mystery to solve and Julie is on the case. I loved reading Magic Test all over again. Fans of the Andrews team will not want to miss picking up this collection of shorts to read or re-read. A Questionable Client, Kate Daniels 0. He really is despicable sometimes.

That is all. Retribution Clause Of Swine and Roses - 4. And this short is awesome on it's own merits, so if you are a die-hard Ilona fan, you should read it anyway. Alena's mother is WISE. The end," isn't going to get you the results you desire. My mother is wise too, but she allows her stubbornness to overwhelm that wisdom when she's irritated, and wouldn't you know that I was excellent at irritating her. But I recognize the pitfalls of having a mother like Alena's as well--how irritating would it have been for me to have to listen to all the reasons why I should do something I absolutely do not want to do.

So six of one, half dozen of another. Anyway, suffice it to say that Alena doesn't want to do something, Mother explains why it's important she does it anyway, and from there things get a little bit crazy, and a little bit adorable. It's only 20 ish pages long, so it won't take much of your time, and if you want a quick look into the mafia-type, magical families that make-up the world of the Andrews' latest endeavor, this is a quick a painless way to do it.

LOVED it. Nov 28, Carolyn F. Average is 4. This is the first time Kate and Saimen meet. He is not at all like Saiman. Good story. Um she has dark hair in the book! The girl on the cover of the separate short story is a red head. Cut Anthology. Cute story about a girl who is kind of forced into a horrible date, saves a pig and changes her life.

A forced into servitude family helps another out of their own free will. Really good as usual for these authors. I had read this before but I can't remember if it was as a stand alone or in an anthology. I enjoyed it. Feb 14, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , This collection of five Ilona Andrews stories was fun. There are three set in the Kate Daniels world, but only two of those with characters I know. The other one, Retribution Clause, set in post-Shift Philadelphia, was good, though, and has a neat connection to Kate's world.

I loved the idea of an insurance policy with a retribution clause in case of death by foul play. The first was sweet, if a little This collection of five Ilona Andrews stories was fun.

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The first was sweet, if a little predictable, and the second was only OK. It was the most romancy of the bunch. I don't have a problem with romance, but this one felt rushed. Ilona Andrews fans won't want to miss this collection. This will tide me over God, those two can write. Just love the stories.

Six Short Stories About Magic

The writing, the characters. This is quite short, but I don't care. View 1 comment. Jan 03, ShoSho rated it it was amazing Shelves: elib , x , fantasy. I enjoyed them all and I want more! Aug 01, Mariah rated it liked it Shelves: series-kate-daniels , own-kindle , read-in , tbrreleases. I enjoyed this, but because of the page limit it was hard to really connect with some of the new characters. Jan 11, Sometime rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-series , fantasy-pnr-uf , short-reads-novellas.

This is a compilation of 5 short stories in the Kate Daniel's universe. I liked some more than others but they were all good. Despite being novella length, they were all solidly written and enjoyable. It's not necessary to read them to understand the Kate Daniels series, but they add a nice something to the series and fill out some characters and plot points some more. Dec 13, Hollis rated it really liked it Shelves: alphamales-i-want , romance , finished-in-december , reads , swoony-crush-worthy-boys , fantasy , para-romance , best-of-the-book-boyfriends , novellas , heroines-i-love.

And the date fails spectacularly. But she rescues a pig from being slaughtered and somehow finds her happy ending anyway. She's called in to service to help the current leader best another in a dispute that has the lives of children at stake. Maybe Andrews just had these ideas and tossed them into the anthology. Either way, here for it. And I would absolutely be here for more of both these couples and the accompanying characters. The other tales within this bind up, which are acknowledged as novellas within this universe, have been reviewed under their own story listings.

View all 3 comments. Dec 16, Alison Lady Coffin S rated it really liked it Shelves: goal-winter , library-sac-digital , celebratemembers , different-series. Love these shorts, some I had read previous, some new. Loved the ones in the Kate Daniels word, and the one connected but set in Philidelphia. Also, some others that were very interesting. Jan 14, Gina rated it liked it. I had read all but one of these short stories before, but it was still fun to re-read. The new one to me, featuring Saiman's brother, was great.

I hope it will at some point be part of a larger series. It was that good. This is more for fans than novices. Sep 22, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves:

Small Magics: A Short Story Small Magics: A Short Story
Small Magics: A Short Story Small Magics: A Short Story
Small Magics: A Short Story Small Magics: A Short Story
Small Magics: A Short Story Small Magics: A Short Story
Small Magics: A Short Story Small Magics: A Short Story
Small Magics: A Short Story Small Magics: A Short Story

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