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Subscribe When you are ready to subscribe click here. Get tips from our specialists in your inbox Looking for an easy way to keep up on the latest business and HR best practices? Are you overworking your employees? Overworked employees can affect every area of your business. Reputation suffers when a company is known for running its employees into the ground.

Morale takes a nosedive when employees lose passion. They burn out or leave the company. Pay attention to these six warning signs: 1. Poor work performance Keep an eye out for employees who are not meeting deadlines, turning in projects late or incomplete, or doing the bare minimum to get by.

Heightened employee emotions Have you observed employees having a shorter fuse when stressed; are often distracted, unhappy or disengaged? A job analysis can also provide useful insight. Be proactive to prevent overloading your staff The ideal scenario would be to prevent overworking your employees in the first place. Make sure none of you misses the meetings. How do they feel about how much they work?

Mild forgetfulness and lack of focus are some of the early signs of overworking. Later on, the problem may get worse to the point where you fail to get things done, and everything starts to pile up. Restlessness and high-hung may make you lose focus. To remedy the situation, try these self-help strategies:. When you are overworked, you may experience changes in your sleep pattern.

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On one end, you may remain restless throughout the night despite being tired. In the early stages, you may have trouble staying or falling asleep for a night or two in a week. If you fail to address the problem, insomnia may grow into persistent night ordeal. On the other hand, you may experience excessive sleeping.

Overworked Employees: Signs and Prevention - Great People Inside

A healthy sleep pattern is necessary for good mental health. If you fail to act, the condition will begin to take a toll on you. To fix the situation, try the following strategies:.

Maintain a consistent bedtime routine, which includes going to bed and waking up at specific times. Use an alarm to wake you up by the set time. In the beginning, the process may be a trial and error, so be patient till you find what works best. To calm the mind, practice a few relaxation exercises before sleeping. These may include yoga, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation among others.

Avoid taking alcohol or soothing drinks before bed. Certain drinks such as chamomile tea and alcohol can influence your sleep pattern, which may cause sleeplessness. If you notice fatigue or general weakness, you are probably overworking the body. When you are overworked, your mind is on overdrive, which can feel exhausting. This situation is likely to leave you feeling fatigued.

To recover from this situation:.

How to deal with being overworked in the workplace:

Physical exercises may help to tire you so that you sleep better. They are also useful for mental health. No matter how much you love your job, if nothing is getting ahead, the joy starts to fade. When overworked, you may feel less motivated to complete tasks. In such a situation, you are most likely to procrastinate.

Instead, being overworked has forced us to adapt again. It is no different when work is involved…. When meditation, exercise, sleep, holidays, and even parenting, are cast as tools to make us better workers. Because work is who we are, we strive to find passion in the workplace. But one thing we forget is that passion has no concern for efficiency. The more work becomes a part of our identity, the more passionate we feel we need to be about it, the easier it is to become overworked.

Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job – Being Overworked

As comedian Robin Williams put it when starkly describing his drive and creative expression:. The story of being overworked is literally one of diminishing returns. Time and time again, research has discovered that our productivity falls off a cliff after a certain number of hours worked. Not only that, but feeling overworked can have serious impacts on our mental and physical well-being. According to numerous studies by Marianna Virtanen of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, overwork and the resulting stress can lead to all sorts of health problems, including:.

Pretty much everything that makes us good colleagues and good employees. But while pulling all-nighters or coming in on the weekends might help you get work done. In a study by Erin Reid, a professor at Boston University Questrom School of Business, managers could not tell the difference between employees who actually worked 80 hours a week and those who just pretended to.

In other words, the only thing putting in long hours will get you recognized for is being the person who works long hours. To start, we can ask for help. Being overworked often comes from feeling overwhelmed with your daily tasks. Next, get rid of or reduce the stressors in your workday.

Over Worked Over Worked
Over Worked Over Worked
Over Worked Over Worked
Over Worked Over Worked
Over Worked Over Worked

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