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Mar 02, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: cops-law-enforcement-security , category-romance , harlequin-silhouette , read-in A sexy read. Though the story has been done before, hero keeping an eye on the heroine because he wants to catch her ex, I enjoyed it because of the smoking hot chemistry.

We see the hero who has always liked being by himself fall hard and fast and then scared out of his mind about losing her because of her deception. Oct 26, Dee rated it really liked it Shelves: 1 , harlequin , also-book , book , 1-tl , harlequin-blaze , author-elle-kennedy , 1-tl-harlequin. Another good quick read written by Ms Kennedy. I hadn't read any of Ms Kennedy's books in the past but this is the second Harlequin Blaze title that I have read in the last few days and have been impressed so will go in search of her other work :.

Side splitting blurb, and then a side stitching story with a straight jacket. In short, not funny, not engaging. It's annoying how Harlequin romances have such a standard template. The story has to follow a set of instructions, cover certain milestones in certain chapters and only then will the get published.

And keeping in mind the kind of authors they have, it really strips off the imagination and inventiveness from the authors' minds. Elle Kennedy has had a much better run in the following ye Side splitting blurb, and then a side stitching story with a straight jacket.

Elle Kennedy has had a much better run in the following years with The Deal and following books. I'll be extra cautious about reading Harlequins in the future.

My Roommate the Prostitute

Not had a great experience with them. View 2 comments. If you are looking for something simple with a very light plot and slightly steamy, this may be for you. I wasn't dazzled by the writing, plot or characters, but it was okay and fit my mood at the time. For me, Marley came on as too aggressive and if she hadn't put the moves on Caleb more than once , the book would have been very dull. A little more "umph" and this could have easily been turned into a great read Quick and easy read that featured a hunky FBI Agent, Caleb, and sexy nurse, Marley.

A little more "umph" and this could have easily been turned into a great read! Mar 30, Monique Lain rated it liked it. Witness Seduction by Elle Kennedy is a sexy and sweet title from the Harlequin Blaze line that released on August of this year. And a point worthy of mentioning is the fact that it was with the review of an Elle Kennedy boo Witness Seduction by Elle Kennedy is a sexy and sweet title from the Harlequin Blaze line that released on August of this year.

And a point worthy of mentioning is the fact that it was with the review of an Elle Kennedy book that I started this blog, that being her novella Heat of the Storm. Though he would like nothing more than to be detached from the woman he is spying on like every other mission he has been involved in to-date, something about the woman calls to him on a much deeper level.

Forget the fact that she had been duped so well by a man she had lived with for five long months and being none the wiser, forget that she had such poor judgement when it came to falling in love and giving up her heart. Though Caleb feels not altogether too comfortable about making personal contact with the witness, he has no choice in the matter and he tells himself that he goes back to Marley in the name of the mission. Before long Marley and Caleb together generates a fire that burns out of control, both unable to step back and away when it comes the burning sexual fire that has been between them right from the start.

However, Patrick lies in wait, closer than either of them ever thought, biding his time until he can claim the one woman he is insane about, the one woman whose betrayal would bring the cards tumbling down. Though a short story, Elle Kennedy has got a way with creating characters that are endearing and generate a passion between them that is scorching hot that reader cannot get enough of.

He likes his woman the way he likes his cars, fast and forgettable and Marley is definitely not that. She is beautiful, cares about other people and has a way of drawing the inner person that lurks inside of Caleb that makes her such a great heroine. Caleb does betray her by lying about who he really is, and that hurts Marley more than she is willing to admit. And even then, she is intuitive enough to know, understand and believe that not everything that had conspired between them is a lie and is woman enough to forgive and accept Caleb back in her life, a man that completes her in every way.

I know that the term sweetheart is one that is used by heroes in a lot of books, but when it comes out of Caleb there is just something innately sweet and endearing about the term. And I found myself melting each and every single time he lets the term slip. With a cute little epilogue tucked at the end, I loved Witness Seduction and am hankering to find out whether Ms. Kennedy has any plans to write stories for some of the other colorful characters that we meet along the way. Recommended for fans of Harlequin Blaze titles, fans of Elle Kennedy and for those that love a lil bit of mystery and action tied with passion of the toe curling variety.

Dated, even. I was at my hairdresser and didn't bother to bring my Kindle. Just listened to the audiobook on my iPhone and thought I was listening to one of the old Nora Roberts I'd uploaded on my phone. After awhile, I was thinking it didn't have Robert's voice, the story didn't feel like an NR and stopped it to check the minute I had an opportunity. Once I saw it was not an NR, I was both relieved and dismayed. Relieved because it meant Roberts was still Roberts and is recognizable even in her old books; dismayed because I'd just bought 4 other Elle Kennedy audiobooks!

However this is a Harlequin Blaze so I'm hoping the others, which are not category books, will be different in tone. I've only read one other Blaze many years ago. All I remember is that the heroine had a clit ring. View 1 comment. The one doing the surveilling Marley is utterly unaware about, is Caleb Ford. Then, he has no choice but show himself, under false pretenses, of course, and things go a little out of control. A great way to spend an hour or so. Ok, I really liked this one! This whole plot of a cover agent getting involved just gets me. Maybe because I'm one of those persons that likes to suffer a little, so I like when the characters face a challenge in their relationship like discovering that he was not her neighbor but an agent.

It's also a hot book with loads of sexual tension even that is not that big of a book. I enjoyed the main character as well as the "little" suspense. Aug 28, Pamela AllHoney rated it really liked it Shelves: undercover-special-covert-ops , cops-fbi-dea-cia-etc , category-romance , loc-usa. One of the better category romances I've read. This, being a Blaze, has a little more steam than some. I thought it moved nicely through the story and didn't lag. The characters were likable and the heat was good. Mar 19, Karen rated it liked it. Great steamy quick read.

Mar 19, Kim rated it did not like it. Way too cliched and predictable. I liked this more than expected since I don't usually like law enforcement officers of any type, nor do I like relationships built upon lies. But, it was Elle Kennedy, so, what's not to like? Jul 27, Lola rated it really liked it Shelves: so-so , romance , beautiful-guy , cute-story , sensual , not-that-deep , easy-read , 4-stars , makes-space-for-fun , predictable. Nice, sweet, no-brain-needed book. I already forgot what I've read, but it gave me good feels.

Dec 30, Kim Whitehead rated it it was amazing. Sweet, fun and suspenseful!! Great read!! Mar 16, Sierra rated it liked it. I wasn't a huge fan of this story. It felt very contrived and one note. It was definitely an early work, and nothing like what I expect from Elle Kennedy now. Feb 26, Shardallinee rated it liked it Shelves: detective , security , light-read , predictable , suspense-crime , adult-fiction , romance. Easy plotline and not too much drama.

The only thing I wished it had more was that comedy feel it had in the blurb. It would enrich the book so much more Still, the read felt fresh, easy and just right for those who like it that way. Dec 23, Suzanne rated it really liked it.

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A great, quick, story. I always enjoy her writing! Jun 02, Judi rated it really liked it Shelves: purchased , , sept , harlequin-blaze , book-depo. Witness Seduction was a great HQ Blaze. I loved the premise of an undercover agent keeping a diligent eye from the shadows Is she in cahoots with Peter or just an innocent bystander? Witness Seduction did not disappoint and Molly and Caleb are hot together.

There was nothing really new or special about this book. It was a plot that has been done over and over again. But that doesn't mean I didn't like it. I think I would have liked it more with a different narrator, as she made all the men sound exactly the same, and the main character's lines sounded really cheesy. Marley wasn't too stupid to live. Caleb wasn't too much of an alpha male ass. Yeah, he has issues, but they really didn't stop him from being that normal. The baddie But that also could have been more the narrators interpretation of it.

He really just came across as laughable as opposed to menacing. Marley's brother came across as nothing but a douche, and on the irrational side. However that again could have been mostly due to the narrator. Not my first read by Elle Kennedy, but it definitely feels like its one of her lesser works.

Still enjoyable though. Mar 07, Veronica rated it really liked it. Marley's ex-fiance is being hunted by the cops because he is a drug trafficker. Caleb, a DEA agent, knows he will come back for Marley so decides to stake out her house. Obviously things happen and they get together. He doesn't tell her who he is even though he knows she has trust issues since her ex-fiance's betrayal.

This clearly leads to some problems, but I'll let you find out the rest. I really liked this. This is a good, quick for me , read.

Characters and Bonus Material

I liked both of the characters and of course the Marley's ex-fiance is being hunted by the cops because he is a drug trafficker. I liked both of the characters and of course the romance was hot. If that is your style of book, then you will really like this. I used to read Harlequin romances all the time. I miss them. The plots are not overly complicated. You get some sexy time thrown into the mix. It's so simple. First off I'd like to say I love the cover. I enjoyed reading the book. The development of Caleb and Marley's romance was done well although I would have liked to have seen more time spen I used to read Harlequin romances all the time.

The development of Caleb and Marley's romance was done well although I would have liked to have seen more time spent on Caleb observing Nurse Hottie before he made contact. All in all, a nice romantic read. Jan 01, Ashley Nelson rated it liked it Shelves: harlequin , romantic-suspense. Marley and Caleb. Why do people cheat? Even those in happy marriages? And what can affairs help us understand about intimacy?

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Mens Erotica: Witness To Seduction
Mens Erotica: Witness To Seduction
Mens Erotica: Witness To Seduction
Mens Erotica: Witness To Seduction
Mens Erotica: Witness To Seduction
Mens Erotica: Witness To Seduction

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