Harrison Area, The (Images of America)

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Benjamin Harrison: Early Life and Career

Everyone who wanted a word with the mayor could come to his open morning office hours, and he would address their problems. He was a friend of organized labor, and gave health and factory inspector jobs to union leaders. Harrison was known to restrain police from breaking up strikes and supported the eight-hour workday.

Because the mayor supported their cause, organizers of the national May Day general strike of focused on Chicago. Events escalated over the following days and violence broke out at Haymarket Square after the mayor left a rally there. After Haymarket, Harrison's leniency was cited disapprovingly as encouragement to the revolutionaries.

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He was voted out of office at the end of his fourth term. He wanted to be mayor of Chicago for the most important event in its history. Standing thus, I feel deep anxiety lest I may not fulfill the expectation of the vast majority of my fellow citizens who have honored me.

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  4. The fair was so successful that Harrison tried to keep it open for another season so that millions more people could come visit Chicago. In addition, he hoped the continued employment and infusion of tourist dollars would cushion Chicago from the looming economic depression. Pomeroy served in the Senate between and The photo was taken around the time when he was inaugurated.

    American Mavericks: An interview with Lou Harrison

    Clay was one of the nation's most important politicians, brokering compromises on the issues of slavery and states' rights in the decades leading up to the Civil War. This photo was taken around the time of his death in Someone seems to have wanted to rub his face out. Francis Lister Hawks became the first president of the University of Louisiana, now known as Tulane University, in , around when when this portrait was taken.

    Before that, he was a famous preacher who became embroiled in sex scandals.

    America's Presidents - William Henry Harrison

    It's really hard to see within the frames and with the fading of age, but there's the Arundel Engine Co. Here we go. More war monuments.

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    This one, sitting in Baltimore, commemorates the Battle of North Point. The photo was published in A lot of the oldest photos we have, it turns out, were taken around the year and are of politicians. Horace Mann may be the best of the bunch. He was one of public education's greatest proponents. Thomas Fitzgerald had a few positions in state politics before he was appointed to fill a vacated Senate seat in , for less than a year. As senator and governor, Henry S.

    Foote fought for compromises the kept the Union together — at least for a few years. He was photographed by the famed photographer Mathew Brady in around It's not clear who this elderly woman is. Nebraska wasn't a state until , but it still contributed to the Union war effort. A photo was taken of this unidentified soldier, his wife, and his son in around The California attorney general and later Nevada senator, photographed in , was known for his advocacy of the silver standard instead of the gold standard. William L. Dayton served between and and was photographed here sometime during that period.

    No blood was shed during the tiff, but the fort was later commandeered by the confederacy and photographed here in Soldiers were still using swords during the Civil War even though guns existed, because they were still used for a variety of reasons, especially in close combat. This is Captain William F. McRorie, photographed in , with his sword.

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    He was photographed in , two years before the reserve was established. William Henry Harrison's photo was taken here in , a year before he ascended to the presidency. He's most famous for dying 31 days into his term, accomplishing nothing. He founded the original settlement of Chattanooga, Tennessee, from which the Cherokee were expelled to Oklahoma in the He's photographed here in During its statehood, he served a term in the Senate.

    He was photographed here in The wealthy community of Purchase — zip code — is a hamlet within the town of Harrison that ranks as the richest East Coast zip code outside of New York City. But as Purchase is a neighborhood within a town and not a town itself, it didn't make Bloomberg's list of America's richest towns. Here's what it looks like.

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    I spent an afternoon walking around Harrison and Purchase. While the homes were beautiful in Purchase, there was nothing to do there, and I found the town center of Harrison to be lacking in character when compared to neighboring Scarsdale. About 28, people live there. That's more than twice the average income of Scarsdale, New York, the richest town on the East Coast.

    Carter Harrison (1825-1893)

    Downtown Harrison seemed to consist of a strip of delis and grab-and-go lunch spots across the street from the train station. There were a few different fitness studios and nail salons, but the facades all looked much the same. I saw people stopping into the post office, the Dunkin' Donuts, and the CVS, but there were no signs of a public square or plaza, a park, or much shopping. The downtown area seemed more like a place people go solely to run errands or grab some food on the go, rather than a place for socializing or entertainment.

    Many of them bought plots of land to farm in nearby Brentwood and Silver Lake.

    Benjamin Harrison

    It wasn't long before I felt I had seen most of the downtown area, so I called an Uber to go check out Purchase and some of the town's other residential neighborhoods. Herbert H. The Old Oaks Country Club spans acres and includes an 80,square-foot clubhouse with a ballroom, a pool area, a dining room, a grill room, two outdoor terraces, an outdoor fountain garden, and an arbor garden, according to Patch.

    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)
    Harrison Area, The (Images of America) Harrison Area, The (Images of America)

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