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I dreamt I was in a building and they started saying on the radio of a major storm coming.. Everywhere people began scrambling searching for boats and life jackets. It was scary. Thanks for sharing your dream Jennifer! I have dreamt several times this year about drawing. At one time, I dreamt that I was chasing some woman who wanted to hurt my family but on coming back, I found my 2 children had drowned and died in shallow water and my husband was bitterly crying. On a recent occasion, I dreamt that I was by a large river with very clean fast moving water and all of a sudden..

I left my now 4 month baby so I could catch the fish but while I was in the process I saw my baby drowning and being carried away by the water.


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I saw a dream our family go for a tour and when we return my cousin has a bike and i sit on his bike but when we returning on a bridge he jump into river with me and bike with a plan but we are not suceed and lick by chance we got a bot but its not not going to end of river thats why we jump and after many try we successed to reach safe place so what is the meaning of this dream? Hey Samumil! We do not have a team in place to interpret dreams. Doug has some great dream resources that will help you understand your dreams for yourself though. One of the best is the Dream Crash Course.

God bless you! I had a dream last night that I was in the ocean. A shallow part where I could reach and A HUGE wave came so I decided to hop up and ride it in a fun way, no fear and then all of the sudden the wave started taking me out to the very deep. It was carrying me away from land. When I realized it, I instantly got out of the wave and turn around to get to land but the water was kind of strong, not too strong, but as I turned around to see where the land was it instantly got dark.

And I do mean instantly. There was a single bright star in the sky and I remember seeing it. When I woke up I woke up with a big gasp for air. Even though I was not drowning in the dream. I was terrified also. It kept me awake for a long time and a couple times that I started to dose back to sleep I jolted awake from that memory.

Any clue what this could mean? Thanks for sharing your dream with us. I had a dream of a wasteland type of beach with a lot of mud and dead crabs and coral all over the ground. I had fallen into the muddy water and had to climb out up through some very unstable what seemed to be sewer pipes and finally up onto a broken billboard then climb down over a river of sharp objects of metal and freakishly steep muddy mounds that dropped off the side to the ocean all while having to step in the right spots to not hurt my feet over these dead sharp crab shells and coral being barefoot.

I eventually made it out and onto more flat land but it had something oddly to do with Michael Jordan the former basketball player but for what reason I have no clue? It was so nerve racking and scary. Does anyone know what my dream may have meant to mean?

Hey Matt! I always dream of the river that i was use to swim when i was a kid but in my dreams it is now an ocean and the water flows rapidly. Thanks for sharing your dream! River of water, dark but on top of water was floating gold rock or something like that. Daughter saw it then swam the opposite direction, and so did I. Each swim stroke I made, I moved gracefully as I did I moved faster and faster, my daughter was afraid I was not. Hey Cyndi, We do not interpret dreams sent into us online but Doug is having an upcoming workshop this Saturday where he will be teaching on dream interpretation and showing you how to interpret dreams.

Title: This is the way to go.. This is a dream in one moment but is in 3 parts but somehow i feel they might be connected? Me and my Son 22 years old is on our way to a airport where i neva been before but on this road we lost the cab.. I look at a watch and saw it is 11 o clock am.. Hey Petro! We do not interpret dreams sent into us. Lastnight I had a dream that I was by a group of people I knew a crew if you must , they were underestimating me in a sense.

There was this large bucket or drum of water in front of all of us at this time, to prove I could do what they doubted I turned that water into ice with a single breath and had them in a state of flummox perpetuated greatly. I was curious as to know if it had relevance at all towards me being an upcoming rapper or that secretly I have been tapping into telekenises hydrokenesis, pyrokenesis mainly quite strongly in the past days aswell. If you have any way of interpreting what this may mean please let me know.

Hey Joseph! One of them is a free eBook that you might really enjoy. Hey Solomon! Solomon, dreams are metaphors. God gave your sister a dream to pray for any disconnect that is happening between what you are thinking and what you are feeling. Am swimming. Swimming calmly in a pool with beautiful clear blue water for almost the whole dream. Alway woke up from a sudden force of pulling. Hey Jesper! Swimming in clear water as Doug says is often symbolic and means that your spiritual life is refreshing and life-producing. You can ask God why you are feeling pulled from this and waking up feeling numb.

Praying and asking God to show you will help give you answers. Also, Doug does have some awesome resources you can look into that help you grow in dream interpretation. Last night, I was dreaming of a land walking back to our house. While I am walking, I can notice that the sky is getting a little dark and a huge body of water gradually shows in and surround me. I noticed that what I was seeing is an ocean becoming larger and wider until it hits my way making my way back disappears.

I tried to swim but I can barely paddle swim and swim to the best I can until there is a man who is riding a motorcycle, I climb aboard and he took us to a bridge in a river. We bumped into the edge before the bridge and throw our selves through a net, climbed the water bridge only to find out that the bridge was submerged in the water but I can still see the bridge and was able to walk on it. I really need to hit the bathroom and prepare for my work.

Oh gosh I will be late at work and I need to hit the road and commute. Anyway, thanks a lot for reading this. Hey Son! We do not have a team in place to interpret dream sent into us at the moment but Doug has some wonderful resources that help you grow in dream interpretation. You can look into those here. Hello Martha!

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This year things went downhill for me, and the past few month I wonder about God. Then months past by, and she told me that when she looks at me, she sees the deep ocean. I have art as a subject in school and every term we get a new theme to work with. The moment I heard that our theme is to dream, I emediatly had this vision in my head of a deep ocean with a cage underneath and a bird flying above the water.

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Water often symbolizes the spirit or spiritual life. Ask God to show you what you need to see in this time in your life and He will show you! I have written a book, which I have in manuscript form. I dreamed several times last night that I was submerging it in a pan of clear water. Interestingly enough, the pages were not damaged and the ink was not smeared.

I pulled it out and it was completely clean and dry. I feel strongly that the water has a spiritual or prophetic meaning. Can you help me by interpreting my dream? This story has not been published. Hey Tammy! Very cool dream! I think you are on the right track with your dream interpretation. Doug has wonderful dream interpretation resources you can look at here.

God bless you and I pray you book is a blessing to you and to all who read it! Natasha, we do not interpret dreams on our blog. Oysters can mean a spiritual blessing. It all depends on the context though :. I dreamt that an elephant is stuck in mid way to cross muddy river but I crossed that river by walking and reached safe up place and I am feeling very energetic mmeanwhile another elephant is moving towards river.

Bless you Naresh. Elephants can mean old thoughts and memories, breakthrough, big impact. You can learn more about dream interpretation in the Dream Crash Course. I dreamed of swimming under the sea last night with my older sister. Colorful fishes, colorful reefs like neon colors. Thank you. In my dream I found myself and my 2 youngest children going very quickly down a water slide.

But it was saltwater. At the end my feet were burning from the salt and I was happy for it to be over. Salt and saltwater I usually see as very comforting and healing. Any ideas? Hey Rebecca! We do not offer dream interpretation over the blog but Doug has great resources that will help you grow in dream interpretation.

This will help you understand dreams and how to interpret yours and others. There is this big, I mean long deep body of water. But we get in to swim, and the water feels like velvet. So comfortable! I can swim really fast through the water, and I feel a fish touch my leg, and I get excited that in this water are fish. He is tan with nice teeth, and curly hair a little past his ears.

I was awakened by someone knocking g at my door. I feel like this dream has definitely something to do with Spirituality because my younger kids were the ones with me and as of right now, they are my only children who have received the Holy Spirit and have a conscious thirst of the knowledge of Christ. Thanks for sharing your dream Cherylee! Doug has some great resources on interpreting dreams you can find out about here. And bless your older children, may they come to know the goodness and the love of God!

I dreamt jumping into a ocean and walking through deeper position inside water. I came out of water and found myself in a green field. And the field was wet with rain. Beautiful dream Lavender. Doug has some great resources on dream interpretation that will help you gain greater understanding on dreams. I dreamt I was swimming in the sea. It was almost as if it was day break. Hey Christina. It depends on the context in the dream. What emotions were there, what colors?

We do not have the team to interpret dreams but as Doug stated above, water can mean the Spirit of God. It may be God showing you He wants you all in :. I was so stressed out and sweaty when I woke up. We do not have the team to interpret dreams. Doug has wonderful dream resources here.

In his Dream Course he touches on dreaming about past relationships. I dreamt of me running through a mushy road. It was kinda dark. I was calling my mother so badly that when she replied she sounded so near but she was far. Thanks for sharing your dream Sonam.

Doug mentions chasing dreams in this blog post. What was that mean. Hey Alizz! Swimming in water can represent the spiritual aspect of life. From there, you can gain better understanding of what the dream means. The Lord gives me prophetic dreams frequently. I was in the passenger seat of an SUV driving down the road with a person who was a co-worker. Although I live on the East coast, we were driving on the West coast near the shore when suddenly out of nowhere we saw a massive tidal wave coming into shore.

In the dream I was ready for the power of that massive wave to annihilate us but I had hope that we would survive it. Suddenly the water came in and hit us from the side but instead of overwhelming or crushing us, it lifted the SUV we were in and moved us sideways a bit and much to our surprise we ended up back on the road driving through about a foot or two of water.

As the dream ended I was struck by the hope I had before the wave hit. It was a real hope and not a false expectation even though it looked like there was no way we would survive it. Awesome dream Steve! Sounds to me like a dream of the coming revival that Doug and other prophetic speakers keep talking about. Though he wrote it in , it goes into what God is doing over the next 7 years.

Thanks for sharing your dream. As Doug says, water often represents the spirit, spiritual life, Holy Spirit, the spiritual realm, refreshment. If the water is dirty, then ask God how you can pray for your husband. Dreams like this though might seem bad, are good because they can show us how to pray for those we love. I dreamt of a man comming through ma back while am with my girl friend going home so i saw a big water where they throw dirty so the comming through my back jumped inside it he sinked and come up again he stated jumping up and down inside the river and i was like Jesus what is wrong with this man so people passing by where like telling me to start going where am going that the man is abnormal sometimes he will get his self so am afraid that the river will swallow h before i wake up so dear please am afraid since need some advice thanks and God bless.

Hello Ify, thanks for sharing your dream. Hey Realyn!

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Doug says that ice can indicate a move of the Spirit that will come later or a slippery time. In order to know which one you need to look at the context. Hello, 2days ago, I had a dream of going in a tour through oceans to explore. I had seen types of ocean in a single dream.

I convinced my family with so much struggle to let me go out there with friends, packed many food in zip lock bags. Suddenly I saw myself with other people in a cruise which only had an open area like a wooden sheet with all closed edges except one small portion. At beginning there were some small but fast waves coming to us as someone had thrown water on us.

We were having food time to time. We reached a country where kids were dancing in fear. We decided to go back for safety. Now we were again in our cruise. Suddenly ocean changed,weather changed. It was all cold,but we were not feeling it. We ran towards our friend to check,but they were enjoying blue sky sunny weather. But as we reached their part of cruise , a very cold ice water storm, fast very fastly came to all of us,we all just ran to other side or else we would die from cold.

Other side was now normal. Others wanted to go back home. It was raining. Suddenly we all reached to other country. It was now not dark. It was just sunny. Sunlight all around. They had 2 day trip. But we had only half day to explore. Its long I know, but Can u please help me with this? Hello Divya. Thanks for sharing your dream with us!

That sounds like an awesome dream to have. We do not interpret dreams here at InLight Connection, but we do provide resources that help you learn how to interpret them for yourself. I can tell you, as the blog states, that water is often symbolic for spiritual life. The ocean can mean large move of the Spirit, humanity, or great influence.

Hey, Seriously , You replied on the same day. Last night I dreamt that we lined up to jump into deep waters of the the river that was running fast.

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I was the first on the line. I was instructed to get hold of piece of a long garment which took me deep into the water. First I wondered if I would survive staying in deep waters, then I just decided to jump in holding on to the garmet. I found myself and other people deep down in the water where I was able to breath and talk without water getting into my mouth. It was an excting atmosphere and I had my fon and i began to take photos. Then my colleague took my fon to help me take photos too. Then woke up. Am desperate to know the interpretation am about to do something.

If water often represents the Spirit or spiritual life, and you are going deep into it, then apply what that would mean. In your dream, as you went deeper, it was fun and exciting and others were with you. Be encouraged that as you go deeper with God, it will be exciting and fun! Doug has a whole training course and books on how to interpret dreams. I woke up feeling puzzled by this dream, what does it mean? If water can represent spiritual life then it could show your daughter growing spiritually and others coming along side her helping her.

I have gone through a terrible break up in these past few months so i still been hurting.

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Cool dream Kelli. Praying now that you heart is healed fast and you are able to move on. Second, babies often represent a new blessing in your life. Water can represent the spirit, spiritual life, Holy Spirit, the spiritual realm, or refreshment. Keep track of the other dreams you have and see what blessing from God comes your way :. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. When a classmate is diagnosed with leukemia, the students at Clearwater Crossing High organize a fund-raising carnival. But after they've formed teams to work the booths, the eight members of one group find they couldn't be more different.

When an unexpected tragedy strikes, will these unlikely friends come together again? Or is it time to say good-bye? Book 1 of the Clearwater Crossing series.

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When a classmate is diagnosed with leukemia, the students at Clearwater Crossing High School organize a fund-raising carnival. But after they've formed teams to work the booths, the members of one group find they couldn't be more different. There's aloof Melanie, the girl who has it all, and wannabe Nicole, who only wishes she did.

Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13) Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)
Dream On (Clearwater Crossing Book 13)

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