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Chinese Flashcards: To Give You a Fast Way to Memorize the Vocabulary

This is a guide to the flashcards that will teach you your language. This page is designed as a supplement to my book. For those of you who want to install two model decks for two languages, follow this tutorial! My model deck has five pre-made flashcard templates that are really handy in each phase of the learning process. Here are your options:. There are also other ready-to-use Anki flashcards in various languages that you can check out.

If you would like to learn more about the Model Deck, and how to load it, or any issues getting it started, then why not check out the exclusive Fluent Forever Language Learning Community. You can also ask questions about the Model Deck there, leave a comment or question at the bottom of this Gallery page, or get in touch with us via email at help fluent-forever. But, the voice is not great. I try Yu Sun Dickson Kwok app before. There voice is better. Also, when it comes to ice-cream is Cantonese.

They just translate from Mandarin. But, if you are Cantonese. You will not say this word from this app. Also, the flash cards plays too many words for one subject. Should just have a choice to choose 10 words to learn at once instead of 40 words to play at once. It's way too much to starts for kids or adult.

Set the Language

And, this app should design some basic to starts. I notice this app throw too many words in like in the vegetable area. Most of the words, you don't get to use as a beginner anyways. This app would target everyday comment words to begin. I just keep this for now to see if there is any improvement in the future. Thank you! App is great! Chinese grammar is explained through logical, professional and unforgettable videos which will make your Chinese learning process much easier and faster.

The team behind the videos believe that just learning properly and efficiently is fun by itself, without any gimmicks. The Chinese courses also meet the requirements of the HSK test, so they can be used for your preparation and revision! Visit the channel. Fluent in Mandarin is an online Mandarin Chinese learning platform with more than videos, 30, subscribers and 2.

Chris started the channel and the site to share his experience as a British person learning Chinese with the goal of 'making Chinese easier to understand'. In his early videos, Chris outlines how he learned Chinese to fluency, including the resources, tips, and techniques he used. More recently, he has created videos explaining some of the most complex and difficult to understand aspects of Chinese in the simplest way possible - including aspects of Chinese characters and grammar. Yangyang started teaching Chinese 10 years ago following a job as an entertainment TV host. We love her teaching style as her passion really shines through in the videos!

All the videos on the channel are put together by David Quing, a wise mandarin teacher on a mission to help everyone learn the Chinese language. The illustrations and character animations coupled with his effective teaching style make these videos ideal revision material. Okay, so these aren't really your conventional Chinese learning videos - but they are an absolute breath of fresh air if you've been plowing through mundane language learning resources.

Mike Laoshi teaches Mandarin with a pleasant dose of humour, in a way that makes the language accessible to everyone. He'll be your new go-to mandarin tutor - especially when you need a good giggle or two. Jasmine is a half Polish-half Chinese student living in Melbourne, Australia. Her channel is full of useful language learning tips, as well as lifestyle, travel advice and health and wellbeing videos.

Glossika focuses on speaking and listening fluency. This is especially helpful for languages with complex writing systems, as you can learn to hold conversations before mastering the script. Glossika uses machine learning to sort complex speech patterns giving students a more effective path to fluency. Hacking Chinese focuses on the best way to learn Chinese. Mandarin is a language very different from English and comes with a number of challenges that are absent in most other languages such as tones and Chinese characters. There are thousands of websites, blogs and services that teach you vocabulary, grammar and so on, but there weren't really any that focused on the learning process, i.

T he motto of the site sums it up pretty well:.

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All these articles are available for free, as well as a handy resource section with over resources sorted and tagged by proficiency level and type: Hacking Chinese Resources. There's also a challenge page where people can sign up for challenges twice per month to track their own progress and compete with others, or against themselves: Hacking Chinese Challenges. Both these services are completely free.

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Visit the website. A wonderful question and answer site, that should be your first choice when looking for Mandarin language forums online. Ideal for students, teachers, tutors and linguists wanting to discuss finer details of the Chinese language and become acquainted with more specific language use in context. A great concept for a website, and a great companion for anyone learning a language.

Simply post in the Mandarin, and wait for native speakers correct your writing! You can even return the favour by helping others learn your native language, for a truly immersive learning journey. With native speakers over 90 languages to study, finding a language partner has been made super easy!

6 Shockingly Good Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Utilising a progressive approach is one of the best ways to learn Chinese. This website uses this approach, where each new phrase builds upon the vocabulary already learned. The intuitive system continually reinforces your language skills and vocab knowledge and speeds up memorisation! An uber awesome chrome extension to guide you through understanding words in Chinese. Simply click words or phrases on any site to translate them and practice them with flashcards. All the words you translate through the extension are saved so you can practice them on the dedicated Flashcards Page whenever and wherever you want!

Your free, comprehensive and practical online resource for Chinese grammar, with over 1, articles and more added every day! Hugh started the blog in the second year of his East Asian Studies degree at university. You'll find a plethora of interesting articles on the site including an array of translations of various original texts from East Asia, explanations of a variety of things from grammar to software, commentary on current events, arguments and debates and other random anecdotes.

We love it, and we know you will too! We believe that practicing Chinese is important, but it's difficult to know the best way to make it work for you.

Mandarin Chinese Flashcards - Numbers - 普通话闪卡 - 数字

We recommend signing up for this friendly community, a great place to share and find the best resources and advice for learning Chinese for free. Listening to the language can be one of the best ways to acquire confident Mandarin skills. This series of podcasts wonderfully introduces key Chinese words and phrases to practice along side your Chinese grammar education. Listen Now.

A hectic lifestyle doesn't have to stop you from learning a new skill. Melnyks Chinese audio lessons allow you to tailor your learning to your personal schedule, so you can learn at your own pace, anywhere that is convenient for you. What's more, each audio lesson comes with PDF transcripts, a worksheet, and additional situational dialogues.

Chinese Learn Online CLO has been around for more than 10 years and is a popular resource for Chinese learners, especially beginners, as it is listening based. Understanding the tones in Chinese is one of the hardest parts of learning the language, so it is important to get your brain used to the different sounds by introducing a variety of tones.

Ideally the best source of listening material is material that is just slightly above your comprehension level. If it is too easy, you won't be learning anything, and if it's too difficult your brain starts to ignore what it's hearing. CLO tries to provide listening material at just the right level by using a progressive method.

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  6. Numbers in Mandarin Chinese Flash Cards (with Pronunciations) (SB) - SparkleBox?
  8. The Each lesson adds a few words of Chinese and builds up where the previous one left off. If you're learning mandarin, you've probably already adopted an interest in Chinese culture and current affairs.


    In fact, this kind of knowledge can often provide great context to your language learning. This weekly discussion is revolved around all things Chinese current affairs, hosted by dynamic duo Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn. A fascinating and authentic concept that has been proven to be one of the best ways to learn Chinese. We particularly love that the podcast has an explanation session with a variety of recap and repetitions to aid practice. This Mandarin Chinese dictionary covers the 1, most useful Mandarin Chinese words and sentences. Each word and sentence is given in Chinese characters with Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation and English definition.

    The words are grouped into 38 themes or topics. Each theme has 25 to 35 words and 5 to 8 sentences and is richly illustrated with colour photographs. Includes online companion audio recordings by native Mandarin speakers of all the vocabulary and sentences. A brief introduction to Chinese pronunciation and tones is included, and indexes at the back allow you to quickly look up any of the words or characters in the book. Check out the book.

    Fundamentals of Chinese Characters looks at the fascinating connections between the shapes and meanings of basic Chinese characters. This allows you to recognize and write the intricate characters whilst, or even before, you learn to speak the language. With interactive exercises, illustrations and rhymes for all the characters covered in the book, this has certainly become one of our favourite ways to learn Chinese characters. Chineasy believes in playful learning, immersing play with thoughtfully planned learning objectives.

    With Chineasy Tiles, the magic happens when children get creative and have fun. We designed our games to foster new ideas and experiences for kids, and reinforce social, emotional, and developmental skills.

    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers
    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers
    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers
    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers
    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers
    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers
    Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers Chinese Mandarin Flash Cards Numbers

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