Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)

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Alongside the familiar images and stories of renowned performers such as Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne and Aretha Franklin are photos of literary legends such as Lorraine Hansberry and Maya Angelou as well as images of less well-remembered figures such as Bricktop, Pearl Primus, Diana Sands. Vintage Black Glamour Rocket 88 Books, February is a unique, sumptuous and revealing celebration of the lives and indomitable spirit of Black women of a previous era. K Read is a storyteller and journalist who has written for several publications and news outlets in Kenya, Sydney and the UK.

She has also directed three documentary films. Thus Children of Saba was born. April D. Ryan Veteran Journalist and White House correspondent. Ryan, as a White House correspondent for the past 18 years, has covered the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations. Afro-Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando. Afro-Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando is best known for her documentaries on the African diaspora in the Caribbean, and her latest film, Reshipment continues this theme. These early 20th century immigrants were enticed to leave their island nation—home of the only successful slave revolt in the Americas—for the promise of a better life.

Some of them were fleeing the oppressive U. Others were seeking better economic conditions.

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The reaction, from some, 49 years ago was completely inline with the reaction one would expect if the article were published today. Will the books and stories that you listed be available to the public via e-readers etc or maybe an international book store? Thanks Nora. Many of the books already are available. Watch this space…. Mary Prince, born in Devonshire, Bermuda- the freed slave and anti-slavery agitator wrote her autobiography, which greatly influenced UK Parliament to rid the colonies of this trade.

Thanks Charles. I read books from UN-recognised sovereign states plus former UN member Taiwan , which is why Bermuda is not on the list, a personal regret for me as I know the place well. It was however a contender for my Rest of the World wild-card choice to represent countries not on the UN list — and Brian Burland was the author in the frame for that.

Just happened to pass this column by sheer luck or rather good fortune now as I feel so encouraged to read more books. Such an inspiration. Keep up the good work and wishing you all of the best. This is an impressive list!

SLAM Kicks: Basketball Sneakers that Changed the Game.

Hope you find something you like! Pingback: Lumea in de carti. What an amazing thing to do. Being from India I am surprised that your list includes maximum books from here. Thanks Sanjeev. I had lots of great Indian recommendations from book fans in your country and around the world.

I read your Canadian selections with interest, but may I suggest something from the eastern part of the country which has a deeper history? I highly recommend any by Donna Morrissey. Her books take place in Newfoundland…another end of the world place. This is an impressive list that will take me more than a year to read. I noticed Sandra Cisneros is listed with the authors from Mexico. She is from the United States. Love this blog. The Italian books list seems a little too modern. I love Sciascia, but Italians can do much, much better than bloody Baricco!

Congratulations Sis!! I know its not the right place to ask questions but you read a lotta works from India. What do you think of this country sis? I actually only read one book from India for the project, although lots more were suggested and I hope to read many of them in the years to come. India is certainly an incredibly rich nation for stories! This is outstanding. I have now added many of the books mentioned to my own reading list.

This must have been an exhilarating, fulfilling experience for you. If only I had half the determination and motivation to accomplish something like this. Thank you for introducing me to literature pieces from around the world.


Pingback: The World of Books Queskey. Great idea, wonderful project! Thanks Evija — sounds great. I love the concept of this blog. This must have been a very fruitful project. In India there is some wonderful regional writing going on you have mentioned a few of them in your list. I feel they paint a very different picture of the country, than what Indian English writing does.

I am keen to explore Indian literature further. Uladzimir Karatkevich. The Spikes Under Your Sickle 2. Ivan Melezh. People in the Swamp 4. Yanka Kupala. Jan Barszczewski. Nobleman Zawalnia, or Belarus in Fantastic Stories 6. The Black Castle of Alshany 7. Yakub Kolas. At a Crossroads 8. Vasil Bykau. Sign of Misfortune 9.

Christ Landed in Harodnia Vintsent Dunin-Martsinkyevich. Pinsk Nobility play Alpine Ballad The Cry of the Crane Sotnikau Ivan Shamyakin. The Heart on the Palm The Boat of Despair Yanka Maur. Palesse Robinsons Paulinka play The Long Road Home autobiograhy The Land Under White Wings essays The Swoop. There is also a movie based on the book that is pretty good. You may want to add another one to the Jordanian List! VERY interesting. I am Canadian and could recommend a ton of Canadiana literature, but you made some excellent Canadian choices. Great list, with over a entries now.

You should include Marguerite Yourcenar for Belgium one of the best writers on this planet. One point, you realise that you have Andric and his book The Bridge on the Drina under both Bosnia and Serbia — was that deliberate? Great spot on Andric — I will sort that out. And thanks for the Marguerite Yourcenar tip off too.

She sounds great, although most people seem to consider her French. Pingback: Sunday Ponderings No. Eastern Songbird. Estonia: Purge. France: Anything by Houellebecq. Germany: Thomas Mann. US: American Pastoral. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Carol Shields. Greece: Souel. Kazatzakis all of him. England: Virginia Woolf. The Remains of the Day. Russia: Anna Karenina. Egypt: Alexandrian Quartet. Turkey: The Time Regulation Institute. Very nice story, and effort overall. I think there are a number of humans out there doing something very similar- a great idea to start keeping track of countries.

Also: I never moved anywhere before reading a representative book and liking it- which made things so much more fun! Best of luck. I might take you on your quest :p. Thanks Emi. These sound excellent. Whenever I visit a new country, I always try to buy and read a book from a national author if I can read it in its native language, even better. Good travels and readings. It could have been, but no one suggested it! Maybe when I next update it though…. The writer is too Americanized having lived in the U. Thanks Michino. Very very interesting list.

Pingback: What are you thinking? Hi there! I love this idea and I am looking to follow suit. But just one note, Neil Gaiman is a British author, not American! Thanks Triana. Gaiman was a test case for me. My UK book was also an unusual choice, being a novel in translation from Welsh. I felt that as most of my reading had been British or American before this project these were an opportunity to test the boundaries a bit. Translations should be easy to find, enjoy! It was challenged but congratulations. I absolutely support you.

And I wanted recommend you some books from my motherland : Kyrgyzstan. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Anastasia. Hi Ann, it is a brilliant idea to do this huge project, I am writing to you from China, I recommend Funeral of the Muslims ——Huo Da, which is my favorite book in Chinese, about love, war, feudal ethical. After coming to America, Hok-Pang would tell his story to Coomler, who wrote it down and wove it together into this moving narrative. I admit that I wept over some episodes. It is a story of torment and endurance, despair and heroic hope, both of an individual and his country.

You will not regret reading it. This is a wonderful idea! I am part of a group inspired by this, which has been reading its way around the world. I have a question for Anne and readers of this blog—for Kuwait, I read a special issue of Banipal a Granta-like publication for Arab literature dedicated to Kuwaiti writers. Does anyone know how I could get hold of this? Great to hear about your book group. I would suggest contacting Banipal — they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Best of luck — let me know how you get on. I do have a recommendation—a wonderful poet from St.

Lucia called Hippolyte Kendal. The book I read was called Night Vision. I am going to read more of him. He writes about contemporary St. Lucia but also about language and the power of words.

196 countries, countless stories…

Thanks — he sounds great. The list on this site contains prose works, but I enjoy reading poetry too, so I will check him out. I am a girl from China. You are awesome! It tells a story of a family. It will help you gain a better understanding of our country, our nation and culture. Several people have suggested this book — it is clearly a popular choice. I have added it to the list and look forward to reading it. Dear Ann, Your reading project is a great idea. Thanks Renata. I will check out the others when I next update it.

Simply lovely! When I saw that you had authors in Africa, which most people do not include, I knew instantly that I would love your blog! Thanks for being thorough and for including writers of the world. Many of her novels have been translated into English and French. I am Salvadoran writer and read the list of the books you read.

I love the exhaustive and exclusive list. Such a great idea! The former is based in Banaras, India and the latter Kerala, India. Hope you like them! What a great idea and very insightful. Thank you for sharing the list—truly looks amazing and I cannot wait to dig in! This book explores the story of a young soldier in Angolas struggle for independence from Portugal and his love for his cheating face, Ondina.

Books from there have a completely different flavor than those elsewhere. To get an inkling of the Navajo mindset read any of the Tony Hillerman mysteries. Thanks David. These sound intriguing. Zanzibar — M. Pingback: New Year, New Challenges thebookeaters. Truly inspirational what you are doing. I am from Norway, and have read almost all of the books you have listed there — and of those, I undoubtedly choose Per Petterson Out Stealing Horses. Incredibly touching story. Pingback: Around the world in… books vickireads. The concept is brilliant and inspiring!

I am an Indian and am so happy to find out so many books from India on your list, especially, Mrityunjay by Shivaji Savant. It is in Marathi, which is my mother tongue. Can I suggest a couple of books? I would like you to read Delhi by the same author. It tells the story of the magnificent city from the ancient times to the recent times through the eyes of narrators living in the city at different times. I hope you will love it. Also, please read Totto Chan by Tetsuko Kuroyagangi.

It is a true story of Totto Chan the writer herself a primary schoolgirl who is so troublesome in the classroom that the teachers have no option but to dismiss her out of the school. Her mother then finds out an unorthodox yet amazing school for her, established by a teacher who had revolutionary ideas about schooling. Beautiful innocent childhood novel set during the second world war. It is highly recommended. Thank you very much! Keep reading!

What an idea..! I love it.. I have recently read Delhi — a great book! I will check out your other recommendation when I next update the list. Thanks Barbara. Interesting list. Monterroso literature is extremely interesting. Pingback: Minisfide - Pagina 2. I see someone upstream recommends Calvino; I strongly agree. Ah yes, Peter Carey. Calvino too.

William Gibson, eh? A tricky customer! The list is for books from the countries in question, rather than set there, but your recommendations sound interesting all the same. She wrote it after being there for decades; her sons work in Petra now. Anyway, just wanted to recommend. It is a great thing to draw attention to this, and so beautifully. I thought I could offer another suggestion, for you and other people who may be interested in a different take of Spain, a different perspective of its people.


As I am sure you know, there are a number of cultures within the peninsula, much in the same way the UK counts with Scotland, Wales and N Ireland. This book has luckily been translated into English. War, symbolism, allusions, twists, parallel stories, in essence, a complete novel. This is wonderful. Very inspirational! Thank you so much! Alisha from Jamaica. Hello, im from Ecuador. I totally recommed you the work of Jose de la Cuadra, my favorite ecuadorian author.

One of his stories Los Sangurimas describe the ecuadorian montubio and the roots of that fascinating culture. Thanks Bina. Your work was recommended by a blog visitor. I stumbled across a good Indian writer last year. Congrats on your reading accomplishments. My first book was from South Sudan. You can find the answer to your second question in my FAQs. Pingback: The ultimate travel reading list Julie Bookstoker. Hello Ann, I have just heard your interview on open book and was fascinated by your discussion. I will look out for your book and follow your blog for more ideas.

Hi Andrew. Three tempting titles indeed. Enjoy your own literary travels. Pingback: 3 coisas boas da semana BrummieBR. Thanks John. Judging by the unpublished translations I read during my quest, there are many important books yet to be translated. I hope more and more of them will be. Auxiliary Memory. This is an absolutely brilliant — thank you so much for coming up with the idea and carrying it through.

I heard about it through someone in my book group who saw the article you wrote recently in the Independent newspaper. They have all been so interesting — you have done a great thing here, thank you again. It is a very gripping moving and heeart-warming family tale about a voyage between two worlds. It takes one back and forth in time. It revolves around ireland.. Thank a million may be two million for this list, I was searching best novels from different different countries.

May God bless you billions of Dollars. Ariano had an unique way to write his stories. Do you know how I can get hold of a book in English by Ak Welsapar, or any other author from Turkmenistan?

Download Cat From Alice In Wonderland Name read id:sv2qy8a

Hi Cordelia. I do not know of other Turkmen work in English, but I would be fascinated to hear if you find out anything! Rowling for the United Kingdom but not J. Really, Rowling not Tolkien? This list is made up of the titles people recommended during my project and no-one suggested Tolkein that year. I agree, he is a great writer one of many not on the list. Pingback: Pour faire le tour du monde avec les livres Cecile's Blog. Thank you for this list. I am doing my own version of it and your suggestions are wonderful. I am currently reading a book you might find interesting for Palestine.

Wonderful book. As we have discussed, the books you recommend by an author from Turkmenistan are not actually available in English. This is a really interesting book. Criminally neglected in the West, Soul is one of the great, secret masterpieces of the 20th century. Reading it is very difficult though, sometimes the words are really just randomly put together, it seems. Very interesting — thanks Cordelia.

I hope the manuscript I read by Ak Welsapar or some of his other work will be available in English very soon. But are you going to change your listing for Turkmenistan? It would be good to take off the book by John Knopf, since he was not born in the country. Instead, it is a record of the books I read and the titles recommended to me during and immediately after my year of reading the world back in Although I hope this list is a useful resource for people interested in exploring the world of books, someone else reading the world now would read a different world because the literary landscape is changing all the time, with things dropping in and out of print and new translations coming onto the market every hour.

I will consider your suggestions for this and if one of them fits the bill I will review it and add it to the list in due course. Thanks again and all the best for your own reading. Where to start? Pingback: Reading globally Readers' Salon. So how did you find all the translations? You can find out what I thought of them by clicking on the country names above — and there are more answers about the quest in general in my FAQs. It has a great historical element to it, and I thought it was fantastic!

Also I love the inspiration in this blog! I have been working on my own version of the project for over a year now and absolutely love it!! Such a wonderful idea — thanks for sharing! Thanks Sydney. Pingback: The Patience Stone Disha. I am kurdish from Iraq.. Kurdish language is specific and separate language from others.. If you try to find good novels depend on language rather than countries, you may have to consider kurdish novels. More humble and without time limit.

I decided to do the same a few years ago. I loved your blog as soon as I found it. A marvel. Several months ago a colleague at the International Services at our university approached me with a request to create a list similar to yours. I made quiet a few changes to the list, because I focused on the books that would be freely available to our students.

Thank you for providing the inspiration I made sure to give you credit and promote your book, which I am currently enjoying. I ordered several new titles to our collection and I am welcoming suggestions from the university community for new titles. What wonderful news, thanks Olga. The guide looks brilliant.

Pingback: Read the World Challenge. Thanks Ben. Ah yes, dear old Goethe. I must give the Faust a try. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Thanks Katja.

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  • Children of Saba.

I must try some of his other books too. Brilliant idea! I feel inspired to start reading more literature from around the world! I see that most of the writers included in your books from Pakistan are contemporary writers. I can send you both translations if you like. Thanks — I am not updating the list now as this is my record of the recommendations I got during and immediately after my year of reading the world. However I do choose one book of the month to add every month so will certainly consider your suggestions for that.

Very kind of you to offer to send them too! Kicking up the Dust sounds particularly fascinating. Khasakkinte Ithihasam by O. Vijayan is one of the celebrated works of literature from the state of Kerala in India. Translated works are widely available. Any list of Turkish authors would be incomplete without Hasan Ali Topbas!

His novel Shadowless will appear in English next year. Sounds great — thanks Leyla. I shall get a copy and add it to my pile of books to consider for Book of the month. Pingback: Your guide to reading the world For you? Fuer dich? Pour toi? Here is a piece from my favorite Hungarian book. Please read it. Hi Laura, Thanks for a great project and a great source of inspiration. On my blog Travel Readings, I have recently posted an overview of a few novels about Syria, a country currently at the heart of news, often for dramatic reasons.

In , during a long overland trip in Asia, I spent a few weeks in Syria. The country was still peaceful, even if tensions were visible: bus controlled by security services agents carrying machine guns, traces of the massacres that crushed the insurrection in the city of Hama in We visited Palmyra, since then destroyed. We wandered in the bazars in Damascus and Aleppo, two of the oldest cities in the world. I recently read four books written by Syrian authors.

All cover the period before the current civil war, but in addition to being very good novels, they offer great insights into life in Syria: its multiple religious, tribal and political fractures, how love is difficult in a very traditional society, and the daily frustrations and exactions under the iron fist of the Assad regimes.

Good reads! Thanks Alice. These sound like possible Book of the month contenders. He wrote in Russian, but about Ukraine. And he did not like the Ukrainian language. Gogol expressed the Russian imperial look at Ukraine. What about Kobzar by Taras Shevchenko?

Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1) Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)
Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1) Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)
Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1) Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)
Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1) Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)
Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1) Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)
Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1) Children of Saba (The Epic of Aphrike Trilogy Book 1)

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