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Other topics having to do with higher education also come into play. Thanks for dropping by! We who enjoy fraternity and sorority history need to stick together. I put together a Pinterest board about fraternity and sorority history. It is at pinterest. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. May Lansfield Keller, Ph. Skip to content. Share this: Facebook Twitter Email Reddit.

Bookmark the permalink. Brown , Delta Delta Delta Dr. Lewis had the notion of letting Barney dictate his reminiscences into a tape recorder. Konyves said. Konyves, 38 and a native of Montreal, was pretty much an unknown, with just a few TV scripts to his credit. Lantos owned the rights and got a friend, the Canadian theater impresario Garth H. Drabinsky, to arrange an introduction. Lantos said. This was a decision that Mr. Lewis warmly endorsed. Lewis was himself a newcomer of sorts. The two had the pleasure of flying for Air Wisconsin Airlines d.

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This isn't the first time that Christopher has had the luck of working with a fellow Pi Kapp. Check out our first story on starandlamp. Over people attended the formal dinner Saturday evening. It was a great event for everyone to catch up, many people not having seen each other in years. He spent two weeks in serving with Shoot4Life Ministries which conducts basketball camps for kids aged from first grade to high school.

Not only did he get the uncommon opportunity to meet Vice-President Joe Biden, he also learned more about the campaign that he is so passionate about. Topics included what they were doing on their campuses and how they prepare effective strategies to increase student outreach. Vice-President Biden came down the stairs and spoke to the room for around 30 minutes about why he is passionate about ending sexual assault and about the Violence Against Women Act which he introduced to Congress when he was a Senator representing Delaware.

After he spoke he then went to his study where he met with each of the Advisory Council members one on one and took a photo with each member. Curry Cates spent the first days of trying to save a life thousands of miles and an ocean away. The year-old Oxford, Miss. Over 60 brothers were able to assist at six different homes in order to both. A swab of saliva taken from Cates was tested by Be The Match workers when he signed up. In he received a call that he was a possible match.

Cates had blood work done and a physical, and in the first week of December — finals week — he got a call at Auburn that he was a match. Less than one quarter of one percent of all of those registered are selected to donate. Cates would need an injection each morning for five days to boost his blood stem cells before the procedure. While his fellow students celebrated the new year back in Auburn, Cates and Patrick watched a fireworks show twenty minutes south of the capital in Alexandria, Va. It was not only a terrific volunteer effort they were able to put together, it was also a very eye-opening experience.

It truly showed everyone to not take anything for granted, to always be grateful and at ease with the beauty that we have in our lives. Cates, speaking by phone from Washington, D. Patient privacy laws in France are strict, Cates said. However, Cates knows that whoever he is, without the donation of those bloodforming cells, the same found in bone marrow, a man nearly his age and living across the Atlantic, could die. During his freshman year at Auburn Cates signed up to be a donor through the Be the Match Registry, the worldwide stem cell registry program run by the Minneapolis-based nonprofit National Marrow Donor Program.

What was previously known as a bone marrow transplant is now called a hematopoietic stem cell transplant and is a common treatment for certain cancers, such as leukemia and multiple myeloma. Since , the program has arranged more than 74, marrow and cord blood transplants. Brandon Todd Truitt, a native of Waynesville and member of the fall class, delivered the primary commencement address. A communication and political science major, Truitt was chosen for that honor by a campus committee through a speaker selection process that was open to all graduating students.

For an Overland Park couple, the game was especially sweet. They met watching a Cubs game with mutual friends. By , they were living in Kansas City, and engaged.

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They celebrated the next day, back at the place they first met, cheering on their favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. When they got married that October they had one other Chicago touch, a portion of their wedding cake designed as a Cubs hat. So they dug out the cake from the freezer and started to unwrap it.

The bill of the cap, may have fallen victim to the Cubs curse, but otherwise came out unscathed. They each took a bite during the first pitch of the World Series. Pamplona is the capital of northern Spain's Navarre province.

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During this legendary multi-day festival in July, bulls are led through the city streets by daredevil runners. For the sixth consecutive year, the Omega Chapter at Purdue University hosted a Halloween-themed costume party for a local agency that serves people with disabilities. The Omega Chapter has hosted the group in Chapter members, along with Best Buddies, participated in carnival games such as bag tossing and free throw shooting and also dancing.

More than attended the event on Oct. Prizes were given for the scariest, most creative and most original costumes. The most creative, for example, went to a woman in a wheelchair made up into a sleigh and she dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus. As stated by undergraduate and alumni members alike, the residents of Horizon are a part of the chapter members' lives as much as the brothers are for each other. This past semester, they held two huge events for the residents. The Village Center at Wofford College was transformed into a luau, as high school students danced the night away amid palm trees, grass skirts and tiki torches.

Crescendos and Diminuendos: Meditations for Musicians and Music Lovers

When Center students arrivedin the village, they walked a red carpet with a paparazzi-like welcome by a group of Wofford students — including multiple photographers who snapped pictures of the guests. Seventeen students from Boiling Springs, Chesnee, Dorman, McCarthy Teszler and Spartanburg high schools came to the event decked out in sharp tuxes and beautiful dresses. For a fun activity to do with the potential new members and the residents, they tied dyed shirts with USA colors!

They don't just change the lives of the Horizon Village residents, they change there own, forever! Gamma Gamma at Troy brothers are raised funds for a local professor on campus. Joseph Arnold was a first year professor at Troy University. While visually impaired, he does not let this disability hinder him. He triumphs over this adversity every single day, and is an outstanding professor.

Last year, Mr. Arnold received a phone call at work, explaining that his house had just burned to the ground. Yes, the insurance was covering many costs, but it was not replacing one valuable item in particular, his eSight. This piece of equipment allows Mr. Arnold to see, which enables him to more easily prepare lesson plans, grade work and most importantly see his family.

It was an overall improvement to his quality of life, and the chapter. Arnold at the Trojan Center Quad throughout the day. Events included a hour stationary bike ride, a BBQ, bake sale, as well as "empathy cornhole" blindfolded. With two stages, theywere able to accommodate brothers who were aspiring artists to put their talents on display. With me al g-term benefit of fratern many questioning the lon Director Durward W. Owen, Xi Roanoke , paus. If Pi Kappa Phi was going to remain relevant in the years ahead, what would it take?

Durward ultimately determined that our students needed an opportunity to directly engage in service to others. While the concept seems obvious by modern standards, the proposition was unheard of at the time. There was no particular personal attachment to this cause, as he would later share; instead, it was a recognition of the need to advocate for this underserved population coupled with a desire to create hands-on service opportunities for the members of Pi Kappa Phi that ultimately led us to 40 years of service advocating for the abilities of all people.

While advocacy was important, he noted, even more critical was a need to give every brother of Pi Kappa Phi the opportunity to directly contribute to service to others — the fraternity needed to offer something hand-ons to our members across the country. By trade, Sayre was a sculptor. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he believed that people with disabilities could achieve far more than society expected, both personally and developmentally, if they were better accommodated at an early age.

Those who knew Sayre from his childhood considered him brilliant — a person with a propensity for creativity, empathy and independence. As a young adult, that brilliance shined forth in his art — the vehicle through which he designed environments better suited to the needs of people with disabilities. The director of the Western Carolina Center hired Sayre to create a shared, outdoor playground for the children with disabilities they served. Since the budget for the state-run healthcare facility did not include a line item for a sculptor, Sayre took on the title of janitor and set to work.

Recalling their first meeting, Durward described Sayre as a caring, intelligent and sensitive person. While the two may have come from different backgrounds and different life experiences, they shared a common goal: To better the lives of others and the world around them through their work. And so began the early foundations of Project P. The 36th Supreme Chapter overwhelmingly adopted P.

That support allowed the play units designed by Sayre to be installed from Pennsylvania to Idaho within just a few years; and so the movement grew, from an idea born in the mountains of North Carolina to a truly national cause for the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi. As chapters continued to raise funds and awareness for the work of this fledgling non-profit, a recent graduate of the Chi Chapter Stetson embarked on a fundraising journey for P. Asking friends and family to sponsor each mile of his trip from Oregon to Virginia, Bruce Rogers decided.

With a vision often described as too lofty, Kaiser and recent-graduate T. Sullivan, Alpha Psi Indiana , envisioned the opportunity: Brothers from across the country cycling, volunteering, and working with community partners serving people with disabilities. The team was organized by Jim Karlovec; and from the beginning, their trip was always about more than just fundraising.

Dozens of stops were scheduled along the route allowing the cyclists to educate community members, city councils and other non-profits about people with disabilities. In addition to raising funds and awareness through a national cycling event, the P. From east to west, our service project remained committed to not just fundraising and awareness, but to directly impacting the communities in which our members lived. In , Holy Angels—a non-profit devoted to the full-time care of adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Belmont, N.

What started as P.

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Tribute to Todd J. Porterfield Initial P. Icons were incorporated into a pattern for the cycling jerseys recognizing 40 years of The Ability Experience. While many are obvious like the U. Capitol, a campfire and our core values, some need a bit more explanation America doubled to two teams of 24 in , one taking the northern route to Washington, D. The national organization moved away from the acronym P. The P. America ride was subsequently changed to emphasize it as the Journey of Hope. America Nights. America cause. Shortly before leaving office, President George H.

Bush recognized the efforts of the PUSH America team with a congratulatory note to each team member. Two new programs helped to broaden scope past play units: Partnership Grants and P. The first of its kind academy hosted 80 chapter philanthropy chairmen. In an effort to expand the awareness-raising component of P. America, P. This was the last of more than 20 play units in 14 states. President George H.

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Bush hosted the ceremony. In , record flooding throughout the Midwest surprised the north team and forced them to deviate through Iowa.

In , Saturn Corporation signed on as a supporting sponsor and continued strong support for more than a decade. A resident of North Carolina, he was introduced to the works of P. America team moved north to start in San Francisco. The ride has begun there ever since. The arrival was held with the 42nd Supreme Chapter in Washington, D.

We did know we were doing something positive—all of us believed strongly in the mission of P.

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Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI Barney Collins, PI
Barney Collins, PI

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