Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel

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John was definitely ant-Semitic in his younger days. Again, it's out there if you're willing to search for it. Interestingly, by reading an early edition of "Lennon Remembers", you'll find John referring to a certain family as being "WASP Jews" and adding, "They're the worst kind.


Larry Kane, who wrote a book about traveling with the Beatles on their U. He said that at one point, Ringo took him aside to explain the history of anti-Semitic views in the U. Please note that Mr. Kane is Jewish, and also became a close friend of Lennon in the post-Beatles years. John's relationship with Brian Epstein was very complicated.

Yes, he would say homophobic and anti-Semitic things in Brian's presence.

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And at the same time, he went on holiday and shared a hotel with him in Spain. John's taunting of Brian being both gay and Jewish was part of how he treated many people in the "inner circle" of the Beatles. Today, we might call this playful slamming, not unlike African-Americans playing the "dozens" back in the day. John was not only outspoken, but by today's standards, he would be considered very "politically incorrect. But there was NO political correctness in those days, and such words were widely accepted. Published photos from suggest that Brian may very well have been visiting the recording studio when they recorded that track.

I surmise this from pictures of Brian in the studio with the Beatles when their physical appearance and clothes indicate it was from the post-Sgt Pepper's period. By the way, I am a huge John Lennon fan, and none of this is meant to be anti-Lennon. I admire John, warts and all. But my conclusion is that John adlibbed the "rich fag Jew" spontaneously during the session, possibly because Brian was there. Over the years, someone has attempted to engage in a little revisionist history where Lennon is concerned.

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Perhaps it was EMI or Apple in the late 60's. Now it may be a case of Yoko trying to clean up John's history for posterity.

Remember, there was talk of removing the cigarette from Paul's hand on the Abbey Road album cover, right? Anyway, I challenge all of you to go back and study the original sources for this information. Ignore the current revisions. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. He liked him as a person; he described him as a "real person" as opposed to the fake John Eastman in the RS interviews.

He did, however, acknowledge that Epstein had somewhat taken advantage of them financially.

THE BEATLES - Baby You're A Rich Man / All You Need Is Love 45 Capitol P/S - $ | PicClick

Brian did not take advantage of the Beatles financially. His big failing was mishandling their merchandising contracts wigs, lunchboxes, etc. Not understanding merchandising, Brian took the smaller percentage rather than the larger one. That was a case of incompetence, not embezzling. Brian was a standup guy. Flag svjunior on May 31, General Comment I like the song It's a cop out rhyme. Song Meaning Everybody seems to agree that the song's about Brian Epstein, but I don't see where anyone has used that fact to interpret the lyric "tuned to a natural E".

Of all notes, why E? For Epstein of course. Epstein was happy to be who he naturally was. Gay, presumably. Had he expressed romantic interest in a woman maybe? Nothing I found in Wikipedia suggests anything of the sort. Just thinking aloud what this passage might mean. Am I nuts or am I on to something here? General Comment ive never actually heard this song The song def shows Lennon's disgust of the "business type. Shop Now.

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Baby You're A Rich Man / Beatles cover (Cuts The Beat! ) Home Recording

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Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel
Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel Baby, Youre a Rich Man: A Novel

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