Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?

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He could storm out of the house. He could get down on his knees and beg forgiveness, even though there would be no guarantee in their minds, hearts, and cells that he would never do that again. How could they trust him now? He could sit on the couch and sob. He could calmly go upstairs to his bedroom, close and lock the door, lie down on the bed, and cry.

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He could pack a suitcase and leave — till he knew he would never do that again. He could use the power position he had established, to rule over his family in a new way. He could sit everybody down and talk about what just happened, although his family was still too afraid, too much in shock to be able to do that. He could call the head psychiatrist at the hospital where he worked and ask if he could come talk.

Bob had these 8 options and many, many more. Bob, thank goodness, took a step out. Near the end of their time together, Bob asked Pete for help. Bob understood, thanked Pete, and knew he would call the referral the next day. So they agreed he would stay at a hotel for the night and call her the next day after his first appointment with the therapist.

The CDC Provides Crucial New Guidance on Opioids and Pain | Nora's Blog, NIDA

The therapist explained to Bob that when you have witnessed abuse as a child and been abused during childhood, the experience and the feelings from the childhood experience live on in your unconscious and can be triggered by anything. Something ever so subtle, like the way a person breathes. Or something in the situation.

For Bob, for example, being at home with his wife and 4 children and under so much pressure at work and then at home every day … he had begun to feel trapped. While Bob stayed in therapy and worked through the healing within him, he and his wife and children got the help to repair the damage he had created in the family. In my example, Bob could have been male or female, any age and getting younger all the time , of any race, any religion or no religion at all, with a heritage from any country in the world, of any economic standing, with any sexual orientation ….

Each time a reenactment occurs it is an opportunity to stop the vicious cycle. Each time a choice is made — consciously or unconsciously — the person is making a choice whether to use the reenactment and the pain it causes the poison as a gateway for healing the medicine. Choosing not to use the poison as medicine will bring about another reenactment, likely escalated to some degree.

Choosing to utilize the poison as medicine, will help to start healing the vicious cycle, the reenactments and the wounds at the root. In the example of Bob, he chose purposefully and healingly to step out of the vicious cycle. And then his children might have grown up like him and unconsciously re-created those early experiences and so ended up in situations where they were either abusive and violent or perhaps being the one abused and battered.

This would then be passed down generation after generation, as it actually already had been. This is what has been happening in our world again and again. Some people who have been wounded have lashed out publicly and not so publicly in abusive and violent ways. Some who have been wounded have run away, either physically or mentally and emotionally. Others who have been wounded have, in effect, become numb, frozen, and figuratively curled up into a ball, becoming passive and submissive in their lives.

There are many reactions a wounded person may have.

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But we can see that the three above represent the standard reactions of fight, flight, and freeze. And we need to see that the wounded and disaffected people in our families are vulnerable to being drawn into neighborhood gangs, just like the wounded and disaffected people in our countries are vulnerable to being drawn into gangs like ISIS.

But dopamine focuses all attention on immediate "rewards" read: relief. That's its evolutionary purpose. The harsh voice of the internal critic makes it especially hard to comply. We can outsmart the relapse tendency if we know how it works. Unfortunately, wanting a drug and shunning a drug are flippable mental habits. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well.

Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Why Bilinguals Experience the World Differently. Waking Up Lost and Confused. Marc Lewis Ph. Self-Medication or Self-Destruction? Much of the pain that needs medicating comes from the addiction itself. Self Medication Submitted by Dr. Marci on March 31, - pm. Just a thought. Really this is just another face of "craving".

C'est la vie, but it's not a happy situation. UGG hiking footwear provide for Men and youngsters in addition to chicks. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. They have problems with pharmacies, who often strangely seem to always be out of stock of these medications.

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They have problems with the pharmacists themselves who 'don't feel comfortable filling out" a perfectly legitimate prescription. They have problems with their health insurance that makes arbitrary quantity limits and either forces prior authorization or de authorizes their medicines. They have problems with the CDC, FDA, DEA, and all the other alphabet agencies who all seem to only care about the drug addict, diversion, crime, etc but none of the sympathy and compassion for the much maligned, and hardship enduring pain patients.

Even though these are called simply "guidelines" which frankly creates a ham fisted attempt at curbing drug use, with the mounting pressure of the DEA , doctors will follow them as the letter of law, creating a ripple of destruction in the already fragile and vulnerable pain patients. Most pain patients are all for monitoring 'at risk' patients. And of course, do not unscrupulous doctors prescribing for cash.

But in the backlash in dealing with these incidents, pain patients are caught in the middle..

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  • I think this Science as its called is totally flawed ,, I personally did not get prescribed opioids for over 15 years , first I was seen by a psychiatrist to determine that I was not at risk for drug abuse, then I went thru every kinda treatment like Acupunture , Water therapy, every kind of antidepressant on the market as well as adjustments to every bone in my body and only then was I given opioids for my pain.. I pee in a cup every month and get pill counts and as well had DNA testing to see how my body breaks down medication,This all was done per the so called Science that was suppose to have been done before all of this,,I may be dependent on my Meds but I certainly would never call it opioid use disorder,, I think your junk Science needs to step back and get off of all Pain Patients Backs,,Get out of our Doctor Patient Relationship,,You don't have a clue as to what suffering your causing Pain Patients..

    One day you will lay in pain and I can only hope you get the same treatment your forcing down on all of us who did not ask to be like this,. My Mother has had two seperate surgeries for two different cancers. She recently has breast can cer surgery and they sent her home with Tylenol and Motrin. She's a cancer patient! A friend who had a 19 yr. He died yesterday from a heroin overdose. It was her first time. She could not tolerate the pain. You are cultivating herion addicts and future suicides with this. Drunks can go and get booze from a gas station or StarBucks today, but legitimate pain patients, who are following the rules are now being punished.

    My mom has an allergy to aspirin. What now? This all started when a Senators son took opioids and drank booze. He died and the Senator waged a war that will now kill thousands of other people's loved ones. This article is amazing and super informative I am now 76 years old and have lived with chronic pain since I was 57, 19 yrs. It all started when I was having pains I couldn't find a reason for, and they kept changing places in my body on a daily basis.

    One doctor told me it was all in my head, yet he prescribed Tylenol 3 for my pains and generously wrote scripts for Zoloft.

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    I was finally sent to a Rheumatologist who checked me out, and came to the conclusion I had Fibromyalgia, something many doctors still refuse exist. I also had a bowel disorder, incontinence disorder and the beginnings of arthritis. I also had a vaginal prolapse and went through surgery to correct it, then a year later a doctor wanted to re-do it, then a staff infection that hospitalized me for 19 days and 7 doctors overseeing me for fear I was going to die, after attempting and installing a drainage of the severe infection indescribable painful sent me home, a horrible discharge came back and I ended up in surgery for the cause of the staff infection and part of my lower intestine was removed.

    While all this was going on, I was taking pain medication, but after the surgery I had to take Oxycodone so I could tolerate a nurse unpacking and repacking the surgery that had to heal from inside out for 8 weeks.

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    While all this was going on, I was still having the all-over pains from Fibromyalgia and taking Tylenol 3. In I had incontinence to embarrassing to live with, went to a Urologist and he installed a mesh sling on an outpatient surgery. Now I'm told that mesh sling was never approved by the FDA and has caused many problems to mention and it can never be removed because it has attached itself to other organs, and if it is attempted, I would live the rest of my life with a catheter. In the meantime my spine is falling apart and I had 4 collapsed disks, with bone on bone pain.

    I was sent to physical therapy which only aggravated the pains, and stopped that after 6 weeks. The doc. I started having a lot of pain in my left hip, and lower back, went to an Orthopedic and he tells me I have Spinal Stenosis and until that is corrected he could do nothing about my hip or spine problems. I was still on Tylenol 3 pain med. So, I decide to see the Rheumatologist again and was told he could nothing for me, but that I might have Lupus! I refused to believe that, and my doctor suggested I try the Pain Mgt.

    Next thing, cataracts in both eyes happened out of the blue, then skin cancer Squamous in Situ and my nose got altered when they took it out, and by the way, it is back now and spreading in other areas.

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    But, oh well! The absolute finally happened, I was diagnosed with Arthritis and it has gone crazy, in my hands, my knees, my shoulders, my neck, along with 3 crushed disk there as well, in my spine and now it has destroyed my left hip and working on the right one. I constantly lose Vit.

    D, don't know why, but about three times a year I have to take mega doses for 6 weeks to replenish it. To top it off, I have upper dentures I had to get in , and now due to a severe paradonal disease the last 10 teeth on the bottom have to be removed before I can go in for a hip-replacement due to a possible infection going in the new surgery. I have fought pain for 19 years now, and a about 2 years ago I was put on Oxycodone 10mg. I forgot to mention, along the way I had pen-holes drilled in my feet and ankles to find I had Peripheral Neuropathy and nerve damage with so much pain in my legs, alone with extreme cramps in my calves and feet.

    Now my sciatic nerve is pinched and both legs kill me every day of my life, but with more Epidural Injections, nothing seems to work. Also have to have Cortisone injections in my shoulders about 2 to 3 times a year. But, I am on long term care now, and guess why, I also have COPD and that entitled me to Medicaid and 13 hours of help a week from a caregiver. I know this all sounds nearly impossible to be true, but as God is my witness, it is. Sometimes I just want to go to sleep and never wake up, then something happens that causes me to want to live just a little longer. I have been fighting for my life for so long, I can't remember a day without pain anymore.

    I don't have a clue what it would be like. I just keep taking my BPmeds, Zoloft, and Oxycodone, a heating pad daily, cold packs on and off, and a menthol rub everywhere I can reach, and make it through another day. I've been shuffled from one doctor to another and they just keep guessing what to do and end up giving me my pain pills for lack of knowledge. We all know the pills are going to do damage to me somewhere eventually, and my biggest fear is I will end up with cancer from lack of strength to fight anymore. I have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren and have been a widow since , so there are some good things in my life that are worth living for.

    If nothing else, would you pray for me. I keep hearing the word Fentenyl in relationship to heroin use. Are addicts wearing Fentenyl patches and taking heroin? This is getting ridiculous.

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    I live in Florida where there "pill mills" a few years ago, so doctors and pharmacists are extremely careful with opioids, which I understand. But it hurts the rest of us that have legitimate pain and need opioids to just live a semi-normal life. I have failed back surgery syndrome, several herniated discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis, sciatica and degenerative disc disease. I'm 38 years old. It is the only thing that works and helps me get out of bed.

    Occasionally I would run out a day or 2 early because of excruciating pain. Yet my doctor certified pain management doctor tells me that the most he is "allowed" to prescribe of an opioid is 90 pills per month. Now due to all the so called recommendations for not taking short acting pain meds for longer than 3 months, a few days ago, my doctor prescribed me Opana ER 10 mg 1every 12 hours I had to go to 16 different pharmacies to find that med. Yes, 16!!! Which does not control my pain. And I've read several articles that Opana is more widely abused than other opioids.

    I'm getting my 3rd back surgery in the next few months. I pray it works and I can stop taking opioids just so I don't have deal with the horrible pain and spending 8 hours every month driving around my city looking for my meds. I very much fear there will be a terrible cost to implementation of these new recommendations, which are so very different from what went before. The dosages suggested seem random to me.

    The suggestion that "acute" pain be treated for three days only, without regard for whether the pain is from a small injury or a large one is odd. The lack of differentiation of different causes of pain, with no discussion of which receptors are involved is concerning to me.

    It appears as if the writers of these new suggestions knew a lot about drug overdoses, but not a lot about the pathophysiology of pain. And all too little about human nature. I do not think that will decrease drug overdose deaths. If they want to keep Fentenyl from percolating into the market, they are not going to stop that by saying it can be used in end of life care; the very elderly in nursing homes are the most common source of that drug on the market.

    It can be removed from a patch with a needle and the demented elderly person will never know.

    The Problem with Overthinking

    Addicted health care workers want Fentenyl because it doesn't show up on a casual opiate urine test; and addicted health care worker is a known source of black market drugs. I did not notice any reference in this set of suggestions to stopping the flow of drugs out of the medical system through any source except through patients who they presume want unnecessary opiates. I'm afraid they are advocating what will become the desertion of patients, and I think that is unethical.

    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?
    Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End? Vicious Cycle of Destruction: When Will the Pain End?

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