The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~

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Sorry for the delay in replying, I have not posted in some time due to feeling stuck spiritually myself. The key thing here is persistence. To communicate with any angel, you need to ask them, but you need to understand that it may not come straight away; patience may be needed. In the meantime, work on raising your vibration to the highest spiritual state possible which makes it easier for angels to approach you. In my experience Gabriel often appears in dreams, just looking like a regular man or woman, but will identify his or herself as Gabriel and will lead you to places or people that hold a message for you.

Many blessings and Namaste. Fourtune teller me my angel is archangel Gabriel so I search it she says what ever you want you have to pray and says his name so I search and I saw these amazing note I enjoy that I will write on my note book every night is it possible where can I find his medalium or neck lace or some thing even his picture for my purse. Thank you for your comment! Gabriel is a wonderful Archangel and it is a blessing to work with him I know some people feel Gabriel as a her, but to me he is always more masculine.

Thankyou so much for writing this. I have been unable to write or think creatively to be able to complete a content writing assignment I could get paid for. I really need that money. Also, I have written and abandoned many stories mid way and just cant seem to pick them up again. I feel blocked. Could you perhaps suggest how best I can ask for Assistance? I have been asking but am unable to understand if I am getting any messages.

Hello Sangeeta and thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay, I have not been posting for some time as have felt quite stuck spiritually myself. It seems I might be too late to help you for the particular assignment you had when you commented, but still I will reply in case it helps in the future. I know exactly what you mean about feeling blocked.

I too have always had it in me to write but never really done anything of that nature for money, or beyond blog articles or course materials. I think the blocks come from issues and traumas that require healing. You could try asking yourself how you feel at those times when you are blocked. Or just look generally at any negative emotions or energies you experience. Focus on those aspects of yourself, and write about those! Pour out those feelings onto paper to release them and ask for them to be transmuted back to light and love. Keeping a journal is a good way to open the floodgates and help you trust your own intuition more.

Good luck with your path as a writer! Hello, I am really sorry for the disturbance but I have some questions. A few days ago I asked Archangel Gabriel for his assistance for something that has been bothering me the past few months. I have co-operated with Archangel Michael and the day I asked his help he came and visited me in a dream. I had lovely co-operations with other Archangels but Gabriel seems difficult to approach. It is true to say that the different archangels do have quite different energies and personalities. Any of the other Archangels, in comparison, may respond in more subtle ways or in a slightly different timeline.

I currently believe this is because Archangel Michael is simply more aligned with humanity, more accustomed to our vibration. He has taken a personal interest in humanity throughout our history — he understands our concept of time more, and he can access our dimension more readily, hence his speed and the very physical, practical, tangible nature of his help and assistance. Archangel Gabriel is perhaps the most diametrically opposed to that mode of assistance. It is not that Archangel Gabriel will not help us, and indeed Archangel Gabriel has a most beautiful, loving and compassionate energy.

He is a gentle angel who infinitely loves us, but he will only intercede and be party to things that are for our highest good.

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  • Archangel Gabriel – Mystical Mind, Angelic Heart.

He is extremely closely aligned with the Divine, and the Divine in us. I have found in my journey that working with Gabriel is easier if he approaches you, rather than you approaching him. On these occasions, messages from Gabriel feel very truth-aligned, very momentous, very powerful, and yet the most gentle, loving though sometimes subversive messages you will ever receive. And this may not match up with your human understanding of time.

Many dreams like this are answers from Gabriel. He also directs people to writing — quotes, articles or books — which hold their answer, or a piece of information that can move you forward. He has on a couple of occasions personally appeared in my dreams. You will need to be extra-alert to notice and integrate signs or messages from Archangel Gabriel, as his energy and his way is so subtle. Is this a good angel? You state Gabriel is subtle so is this Gabriel that my sister and I have seen.. I have had several encounters with Gabriel!

He is all about patience and timing. The first encounter was a dream of flying. I was pushed across a room when a tornado blew in a large Tree limb. By the time I got to the otherside of the room. I was sage. She was Born 2 months early at 2 pounds 14 ounces. She Is now 24 and doing well. Today, He has sent signs and I know He Is near when I feel the warmth of his light and has a flock of bords follow him.

Just have patience. He Is very talk and I have seen him on camera film. Just need to have faith. Hi Tina — is this an angel with a black cloak who hides his face? If you ask him to show you his face and he does so, this is likely to be Archangel Orion. It is only fairly recently that Archangel Orion has been accessible for humans to work with, and there is an air of mystery about him. He is the miracle angel and if you ask him to work with you, amazing things may well occur in your life.

He is, indeed, a good angel. I have worked with him extensively — he kind of adopted me quite recently — and am already seeing changes in my life. Kyle Gray writes about this wonderful Archangel in his books and oracle cards. If he will not show you his face, I would ask 3 times in the name of love and light for him to reveal his identity. If you ever feel that the presence is unfriendly or threatening, call upon Archangel Michael for protection and to take the presence away from you.

If I write a letter to an angel where do I put it or what do I do with it after I have written it? Thank you! You have given me an idea for a future post, as this is the sort of question other people might also want the answer to. I would do something with the letter that represents delivering it to the angelic realm. With a physical letter, you could bury it in the earth, you could burn it I would recommend putting it in a fireproof dish to do so and never leave a naked flame unattended of course , or you could even put it in a bottle or container and float it on the ocean.

You can also write the angels an email — the act of clicking send is much easier than any of the above and has the same effect of symbolically delivering it to the angelic realm. I have made up angelic email addresses before, but I do welcome people to send emails to their angels to my email address — spiritualsolace22 gmail. I bless those emails and intend them on to the angels and then delete them — again, with that click I intend that they are delivered to the angelic realm.

This ensures that no-one else will get hold of your email and read it accidentally so it is entirely between you and your angel. Green plants around the house will transmute negative energies and crystals placed around your home will also transmute as well as lifting the vibrations of the space. Amethyst and clear quartz are particularly useful for a situation such as this.

You can also visualise her being bathed in beautiful white-gold light and additionally you can ask Archangel Michael and Gabriel to help her see the truth and live in her true power. The last 2 months I see everywhere the name Gabriel or Gabrielle.

List of angels in Supernatural - Wikipedia

Does the archangel try to tell me something? How can I find out? In addition, when I was a little girl about 4 yrs old a man with long hair sat in my bed but I felt threatened. He was like a shadow in the dark. What was this all about? Archangel Gabriel may just be trying to get your attention to show he is helping you at the time. There may not necessarily be a message. You could, however, ask for any message to come through in your dreams, or see if there is a persistent message coming to you right now in words or pictures. Messages from angels tend to be repeated until we are ready to hear and act on them.

It is possible too to have an angel reading done by a channel or psychic to see if anything comes through that way. I am not sure who the man with long hair was. A medium is the best person to ask such a question. It could have been a spirit, or a dream. It may not mean anything at all. If you ever feel threatened, I would recommend you call on Archangel Michael for protection. I wonder if anyone can translate a dream I had.. I had a dream of an angel. I am not particularly a dream reader, though the universe seems to think I am as is sending me lots of people who need to discuss a dream right now!

Maybe others who read can add to this too, but this is my humble intepretation.

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  5. This sounds like a lucid dream in which you received an angel visitation, likely your guardian angel, or an Archangel who currently seeks to work with you. The angel may have had things to show you and hence wanted to take you on a journey. I have had many such dreams where I have flown with angels.

    If it was the first time this happened to you, you may have been scared of doing this and therefore pulled your astral self back into your body, symbolised in your dream as the walking away. If an angelic being comes to you in your dreams, you need not be afraid. If you want to go with the angel next time, intend that you will do so — programme yourself to do so in waking time.

    If you would rather the angel brought you your message in a different way, tell the angels so, either aloud, in your head or in a letter. I did this after my first channelling experience in which I was being given clairaudient communications but it was like a cacophony and quite scary. I assured them I wanted their guidance, but in another way for the time being please, and they awakened instead my claircognizant abilities.

    For the past 2 days ive had a vision of arch angel gabriel and then last night sitting outside looking at the stars i see a ball of flame coming down from the sky slowly and go behind some trees and then i lost sight of it and then 5 min later i look back up and see a sparkling light shinning like a star in the distance and presence and a huge calming feeling came over me which brought me to full awareness!!! And no other speaking was heard but i still felt calm and embaced!!! Can anyone please try to explain this to me about what happened? Thank you Blessed be Tim.

    I would say you have had a direct encounter with a higher being. It could well be an angel — indeed Archangel Gabriel if you have had visions of him beforehand — or another higher being such as one of the Ascended Masters. At this time on earth the frequencies are changing and the planet is ascending into a higher vibrational reality. I would expect many more people to begin having experiences like yours, more frequently, as these changes ensue. I saw many times the name Gabriel within the last 4 months. I entered a classroom in my conservatory and inside there were drums labelled Gabriel.

    Spotify made me a list with songs that suited me and there was one named Gabriel. My teacher sent me a prayer written by a priest named Gabriel too. And many other examples. As I am currently unemployed and with no boyfriend I started wondering if a miracle could finallyhappen. He suffered from panic attacks which made our life difficult. He was visiting a therapist who I found out after visiting her too was not a therapist. She did not have any diploma in an apparent place at her office.

    I could not find her registered on the Internet as a theurapist. While I went there she was unprofessional and tried to turn me against my ex. She even told me at one of our breakups that we would be better if we found other people. She used a method her father had created who had a PhD at the Sorbonne University. He became cold and was angry at me.

    I was walking on eggshells. We finally broke up. I talked to him very badly after so much patience. I was in deep pain. Apart from the break up, I had people whom I considered as friends who flirted me soon after the breakup. I stopped talking to them. I really suffered the last 2 years because of unemployment but what really hurt me was this.

    After reading a million articles, I found one who talked about people who will continue to suffer from panic attacks for the rest of their lives because of an experience my ex had. That their brain has somehow changed because of it. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes miracles are subtle — sometimes miracles are the quiet whispers of guidance and the unfolding of events in your life for the highest good. Hi I am Konstantina. I travelled to a Greek island to work in a jewellery shop; the shelter was provided. An employee was supposed to pick me up and show me my home when I arrived.

    I was so afraid and I had nowhere to sleep. I was in a village with nothing but houses and a 5star super expensive hotel. After seeing me desperate, a girl I had met in the bus invited me at her home to sleep at night. I felt relieved. In the morning, her roommate offered me a small bible to protect me.

    I left their home and as I was waiting at the bus station I saw a sign. The church and protector of the village was Saint Taksiarchis a Greek name for the Archangels. Soon after, I arrived at the jewellery shop but I figured out that I was lied: The salary was lower, I had no day-off at all and the home they offered me was a mess, dirty with cockroaches. The work was from 9am to 2pm and from 7pm to pm on a daily basis. No bus to go back home when I finished work at night and the boss told me to do autostop!!!

    Financial crisis. Second sign: Inside the shop I worked, there was a picture of Saint Taksiarchis too… I stayed there less than a week and got back to Athens. I still am jobless. Before I am to sign a contact they do not hire me. I have asked so many times to God and my angels for help but it is as if no one listens to me. What is going on? I am about to lose my faith.

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    We have the greatest amount of them here. Many people help them. For example a baker gives them every day bread for free and he is not rich, or people offer food and clothes Some others are harming them for example they sell them water overpriced just because. Thank for listening.

    I can help you if you would like to email me timcer15 yahoo. I found this blog by googling Archangel Gabriel….. He has recently approached me and is giving me frequent messages every day. I have usually worked with other angels Michael, Raguel, Raphael among others but not really Gabriel. Ever since Gabriel appeared a few days ago, everything is being magically smoothed out.

    I find it very interesting that you state above Gabriel prefers to approach us. I just wanted to let you know and thanks for providing us with your knowledge. I hope that Konstantina writer above finds solace through my new friend as I am. Just when I was about to hit rock bottom, Gabriel appeared and has given me new faith and hope. Hi I was just reading this I know angels are real and true I talk to them all the time. Yes he is Jade. Many blessings, Silverla. I have been working with Jophiel since June and now I will start with my new guardian Gabriel!!!

    What a powerful experience! I love it! Thank you for sharing. I would like to share an experience I recently had. I awoke in the early am hours and was getting myself back to sleep by asking St Michael to protect from anything not here for my greater good as usual and then asking my own Angels to let me feel their presence. It was almost a meditative state.

    I dreamed at some point that I was in a room and on a wooden chair was a bowl with water. I looked into it, put my hands in it…my face and then went astral.

    I Am Gabriel - Official Movie Trailer

    I was happy it was happening. Had conscious thought as to try and control it but decided not to and just see where it went. I had no preconceived notion or understanding of this. I came back to the room and out of the astral state but was not awake as is the norm. There were two dark skinned men there. I asked if they had been where I was.

    They had been traveling as well but on different paths. I asked where and the same one who spoke before described a landscape. He asked me what happened. I told him about Gabriel. Then I woke up. Upon researching Gabriel I found that he brings messages in dreams. That he comes in response for help…brings messages from God, is associated with water, can bring to you your spiritual purpose when it is time.

    Archangel Gabriel is the angel of purpose and destiny, and it sounds to me like you are arriving at a crossroads point in your life, where you will be able to choose a new direction, step further into your power and fulfil your spiritual destiny more fully than ever before. The men who met you at this point are likely soulmates who are acting as guides to you in this incarnation.

    We incarnate together with soulmates in some lifetimes, and in others, act as spirit guides to each other. Thank you so much for posting this! I am a bisexual psychic medium who has finally come to terms with the fact that I am genderqueer or genderfluid, and I love reading about how the angels are similar in terms of gender.

    In terms of evolving as souls here on planet earth, part of transcending the old relationship templates is the ongoing lesson of balancing masculine and feminine within us. I thought you might find that perspective interesting too. Laser night, in a dream, Archangel Gabriel and Lord Ganesha were holding something up between them, but they were both looking at me with big happy smiles, and Lord Ganesha winked at me!

    Sure wish I had clue as to what this was about! A roughed up Castiel tensely greets Gabriel, revealing that he too figured out Gabriel's true identity. Gabriel greets his brother and sarcastically asks him how the search for Dad is going as Castiel gets annoyed. The three begin to leave and Gabriel asks if they plan on leaving him trapped forever. Dean turns around and says no, explaining that they don't screw with people the way he does. Dean goes on and says the Apocalypse isn't about an ultimate match between his brothers or a destiny that can't be stopped, it's about him being too afraid to stand up to his family.

    Dean then hits the warehouse's fire alarm, activating the sprinkler system and extinguishing the burning Holy Oil. The three then leave Gabriel. Before Dean and Sam say his name, Gabriel uses his powers to take away their voices. Gabriel answers that he's come to talk about the Apocalypse and how they can't stop it. Before he goes on, he teleports Dean and Sam back to their room telling them that the "adults" need to talk. Shortly, Gabriel joins the brothers, interrupting their planning on what to do about the situation.

    Dean immediately accuses Gabriel of being behind the predicament that he and Sam are in. Gabriel corrects him and states that he's here to save them. He explains that the Pagan deities are either going to use the brothers as bait or kill them. Dean notes how ironic it is that a couple of months ago Gabriel was trying to force him and Sam to "play their roles. Dean then asks Gabriel why he cares. Gabriel reveals to the brothers that he and Kali , the Hindu goddess, had a "thing.

    Gabriel tells him that they stand no chance against him and that Lucifer's "gonna turn them into finger-paint". Gabriel then explains that he can't teleport the brothers out since Kali has their blood and performed a binding spell, which essentially puts them on a leash. However, Gabriel plans on seducing her and stealing their blood from Kali. Dean then tells Gabriel that they have to save the guests and employees that the Pagan deities plan on feeding on as sacrifices. But Gabriel tells Dean to forget them since it'll be hard enough to break he and Sam out.

    Dean, remembering that the other deities referred to him as Loki, threatens to expose Gabriel's true identity to them if he doesn't help the others. Gabriel, having no choice, reluctantly agrees. Gabriel then teleports to Kali and attempts to retrieve the blood of the Winchester brothers. He tries to seduce Kali but he is quickly turned down by her. It is revealed that Kali was the one who invited him to the gathering of the Pagan deities, hoping that he would take the situation seriously. He tells Kali that he is taking this seriously and tells her that if she and the other Pagan deities fight they will die.

    Kali asks how he's such an expert. He tells her that he's tangled with angels before. He then begs her not to fight, but Kali says that she has to. Gabriel responds saying that he had to try and asks Kali if she still loves him.

    The Fallen Angel (Gabriel Allon Series #12)

    Kali says no, but then pulls him in to kiss him. As they kiss, Gabriel attempts to take the brothers' blood, but is interrupted when Kali scratches him and takes some of his blood. She reveals to him that she knows that he is the Archangel Gabriel and now that she has his blood he is bound to her forever. Gabriel is then taken to the meeting room and soon joined by the captured Winchester brothers. Kali takes Gabriel's archangel blade and reveals his identity to the Pagans but Kali accuses of him of being a spy, but he corrects her and says that he is a "run-away. He tells her and the other deities that he's "skipped ahead" and seen how this ends.

    Kali then lectures him about how arrogant angels are for thinking that they can just "rip the planet apart" and how his Father isn't the only god. She then says there are billions of pagan Deities and that they were here first and if anyone is going to destroy the world, it's her. Kali apologizes and then stabs Gabriel with his own blade, "killing" him. Afterwards, Dean makes a truce with the Pagan deities and escorts the captured employees and guests out of the hotel. In the parking lot, Dean finds Gabriel is alive and well hiding in the backseat of the Impala.

    Gabriel tells him that the sword was a fake and that the body was something he made from a can of Diet Orange Slice. Gabriel then tells Dean to grab their blood because Kali seems to like him meaning he can get close to her, then, once he does, he'll be able to teleport him and Sam out. Dean refuses and asks for Gabriel's real Archangel Blade then tells Gabriel that he should actually help them kill Lucifer.

    Gabriel asks Dean if he's serious, unable to believe that he would team up with a bunch of "monsters. Gabriel sarcastically tells Dean good luck, that he's leaving, and that it's not his problem if the Pagan deities want to commit suicide. Dean tells Gabriel that he knows he's lying and that he does actually care about the Pagan deities like they were his actual family. Gabriel tells Dean that he can't kill his own brother to which Dean asks him, "Can't or won't? Dean later reveals to Kali and the Pagans of Gabriel's survival and his deceit.

    Later, after Lucifer has killed all the Pagan deities except Kali, Gabriel teleports next to the Winchester brothers, who are taking cover while Lucifer and Kali fight. Gabriel hands Dean a DVD telling him to guard it with his life. He then uses telekinesis to throw Lucifer into the hallway, stopping him from killing Kali.

    He tells Dean and Sam to get Kali out of here, leaving him to take on Lucifer alone. Lucifer can't believe Gabriel is doing this over a girl, especially a disgusting Pagan goddess. Gabriel tells Lucifer that he is his brother and that he still loves him. But then he lectures Lucifer on how he can play victim all he wants, but they both know that "Dad" loved him best, and when God created humanity he couldn't handle it and he went on a temper tantrum and that now it was time for him to grow up. Lucifer believes that Gabriel is doing this for Michael, but Gabriel states that if Michael were here he would "shiv his ass too".

    Lucifer then insults him by calling him disloyal, but Gabriel states that he is loyal, to humanity. He then tells Lucifer that their Dad was right and that humans are better than angels , they may be flawed but they try to do better and forgive. Lucifer asks his brother to not make him kill him, but Gabriel tells Lucifer that no one makes them do anything. Gabriel tries to kill Lucifer by having him talk to a copy while the real Gabriel is behind Lucifer. However, Lucifer turns around and stabs his brother with his own blade.

    The copy disappears and Lucifer calls it "amateur hocus-pocus" reminding his little brother that he learned all his tricks from him. Gabriel allegedly dies with his older brother looking down on his corpse, weeping softly. Later, Dean and Sam view what Gabriel gave Dean before they left. It at first seems like a regular pornographic DVD, but then they see Gabriel is in the video. In the video, Gabriel explains that if the brothers are watching this that means that he died and failed to kill Lucifer. Gabriel goes on to say that he was their only shot at killing Lucifer, but the brothers can still trap him.

    He explains that the cage that they freed Lucifer from is still there and that can use it to imprison him again. Gabriel then explains that the cage has four keys and that not even Lucifer knows this, but the keys are the rings of the The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Gabriel then tells Dean that he was right and that he was afraid to stand up to his brothers, but that's no longer the case.

    The brothers then stop the video and go on their way. However, Gabriel deceived Lucifer by creating a copy that Lucifer believed to be the real him with the true Gabriel watching the scene from afar. Held captive, Gabriel was subjected to torture by Asmodeus who would routinely steal his grace to fuel himself in order to obtain more powers. In Meta Fiction , Metatron creates an illusion of Gabriel, who makes his presence known to Castiel through Casa Erotica 14 , eventually manifesting in his motel room, asking him for help against Metatron.

    When they decide to stop at a Gas-N-Sip, a group of Metatron loyalists quickly descend upon them. However Castiel realizes that the whole thing is an illusion, by the fact that he had ripped his coat earlier, but in the Gas-N-Sip there was no hole. However, he isn't able to specify how, as he only skimmed through his parts of script. Before "Gabriel" leaves, Cass asks him if he's really dead, but only gets an eyebrow wiggle from the illusion before he disappears.

    Metatron later comments on how well "Gabriel", being the Trickster, played out his part. When Arthur questions the fact that the weapon can only be used by an archangel , Asmodeus leads Arthur to a cell in Crowley's old lair and introduces Arthur to a battered Gabriel whose mouth is sewn shut, still alive and now Asmodeus' prisoner. In Scoobynatural , after getting sent to the Scooby-Doo Universe , the Winchesters remember how Gabriel previously did something to them and briefly wonder if he's responsible.

    However, they remember that he's "dead" and dismiss the idea. In The Thing , Gabriel is shown to be kept in Lucifer's old cage in the throne room of Crowley's old lair. Arthur witnesses Gabriel, who now sports a fearful and nervous personality, having some of his grace extracted by Asmodeus who injects himself with it to power up. Gabriel witnesses the interactions between Arthur and Asmodeus and appears terrified at Asmodeus' beating of Arthur. Following the beating, Arthur decides to flee Asmodeus' lair and rescue Gabriel in the process.

    Arthur steals the archangel blade and releases Gabriel from his cage, but Gabriel is so frightened that he resists Arthur's attempts at rescue and has to be dragged out with Arthur lamenting that Gabriel's lack of wings makes the rescue harder than it needs to be. When the Winchesters return to the Men of Letters bunker , Arthur makes his presence known and reveals the battered Gabriel to them, to Sam and Dean's shock as they had believed Gabriel dead. Seeing his state, Dean asks what Arthur did to him as the latter explains Gabriel's captivity by Asmodeus until Arthur rescued him and states they need an archangel for the spell.

    When Sam admits that they need Gabriel's grace for a ritual , Gabriel cringes away in fear until Arthur soothes him and instead supplies the Winchesters with some of the grace Asmodeus had already extracted. Later, Sam cuts the stitches holding Gabriel's mouth shut and asks Gabriel what happened to him. Before Gabriel can respond, Dean interrupts with the intention to travel to Apocalypse World immediately. Once the rift is open, Dean and Arthur pass through, leaving Sam and Gabriel alone in the bunker.

    During Bring 'em Back Alive , Gabriel's condition remains the same as he is tended to by Castiel and Sam who both wonder if he'll truly be alright after he refuses his own grace or to talk. Castiel tries his best to bring him to his senses but believed it was in vain. Gabriel soon recites his story in Enochian Language and it tells Sam and Castiel how he faked his death by creating a duplicate which Lucifer stabbed into.

    Gabriel then went into hiding and lived a life freed of being tethered to Heaven and humans before he was kidnapped by Asmodeus who would steal his grace. This display caused them to see he is still in his right mind but may not trust them enough to talk. Eventually, Sam speaks to Gabriel begging him to open up and as he tries to leave, Gabriel speaks as he slowly regains his powers.

    Sam and Castiel are relieved that he is back to normal. However, Gabriel becomes scared again as Asmodeus who detected Gabriel's power calls Sam and tells him to hand over Gabriel. Sam and Castiel try to ward off the bunker from the Prince of Hell but it was for nothing as Asmodeus and his forces invade. As demons take him away, Asmodeus tells Gabriel he has plans to torture him before he begins to inflict pain on Castiel and Sam.

    Seeing this, Gabriel breaks free of his captors and heals himself, he shows off his angel wings as he ignores Asmodeus' taunts and deflects a blast from him. Gabriel then insults Asmodeus' suit and kills him by incinerating the demon, saving his friends. Afterwards, Gabriel was caught up on everything that has transpired by Sam and Castiel, such as an alternate universe Michael trying to invade their world, his nephew Jack being sent to the Apocalypse World and was asked to help them but he declines and tells them that he will put his faith in them.

    Castiel begs his brother to help but he again declines, as he wanted no part in the conflict as he wished them luck and he left the bunker. When Dean returns, he is informed of the events that occurred but was angry at the latter's refusal to help. Castiel swore to Dean that they'd find Gabriel again. Castiel soon goes to Heaven where he informs Duma and the remaining angels' of Gabriel's survival and how he needs help in locating him.

    The angels are very surprised to learn this and converse with him on procuring him as Heaven is losing power from the so few angels remaining. Naomi states that the others thought that any archangel would do and dismisses it as "a long story," but Castiel's news about Gabriel is blessed as with his power, the angels can keep Heaven running. Without Gabriel, the angels will burn out in time, Heaven will crumble and all of the souls in Heaven will fall back to Earth. This would mean billions upon billions of ghosts would be unleashed upon the world with massive chaos and death.

    When Castiel returns to Earth, Naomi accompanies him through the Heavenly Portal and she asks that if Castiel finds Gabriel to let him know about what is happening in Heaven. Naomi promises that if Castiel can't, the angels will do their duty and keep things running for as long as they can. Though Castiel promises that they will find a way to fix the problem, Naomi appears resigned to their fate, suggesting that what is happening is one of the things that simply can't be fixed and "everything ends.

    Castiel leaves determine to find Gabriel. In Unfinished Business , Gabriel tracked down the Deities that sold him to Asmodeus and decided to get his revenge for the suffering he endured. After killing Fenrir , he suffered a wound but sensed Rowena MacLeod tracking spell and deduced the Winchesters were searching for him. Gabriel decided to meet them and appeared to their motel room, he was still suffering from his wound and asked if they still had some of his grace which they deny.

    Gabriel tries to leave but his wound gets to him and Sam tends to it and they questioned him but he doesn't give any answers. However, Sleipnir and Narfi arrived and demanded for Gabriel and they attacked the hunters. Gabriel still wounded hid in another part of the room but after watching Narfi strangle Sam , he grabs the stake and kills the pagan, saving him. Gabriel then threatened to do the same to Sleipnir who became terrified and fled, followed by Dean who quickly lost him.

    Afterwards, the brothers once again questioned Gabriel who refused to answer but Dean handcuffed him for answers. Reluctantly, Gabriel tells them of his past with Loki and his sons who were the ones that attacked them. He revealed the tale of his life after he faked his death where he lived a life of luxury before he was kidnapped and sold to Asmodeus. Gabriel revealed his intentions to settle the score, stating killing Asmodeus wasn't enough and was insistent on finishing his task of killing Loki.

    The Winchesters offered him help but only if he will help them in their endeavors and he begrudgingly agreed.

    Elder Gabriel (Urgebadze): His Life, Miracles, and Service after his Death

    Tracking down Loki at a motel, Gabriel and the Winchesters killed Sleipnir and his men. Sam soon realized Dean went after Loki alone, as Gabriel stated Loki was his and they went to stop Dean. As they went after Dean, Loki confronted Gabriel in the hallway outside and noted that Gabriel didn't have the sword designed to kill him.

    Gabriel claimed that he "wanted to do this one old school" and tossed away the sword he was holding. Loki telekinetically flung Gabriel against a wall and began viciously kicking him and mocked Gabriel's inability to keep one promise and then have the audacity to ask Loki for help again. Loki continued his attack, demanding to know if Gabriel thought that he and his sons deserved to die for Gabriel's spinelessness. As Loki grabbed Gabriel again, Dean slid him the correct sword and Gabriel pinned Loki to the wall, holding the sword against his chest. Helpless to stop Gabriel, Loki mocked Gabriel for needing someone to save him again and called Gabriel a joke and a failure that stood for nothing and would eventually die for nothing.

    Telling Loki "you first," Gabriel drove the sword through Loki's heart, killing him. After killing Loki , Gabriel thanked the brothers for their help even though he knew they weren't keen on it. Gabriel then decided help them in defeating Michael, as they question his change in mind which he states is because he promised. Gabriel told them he has decided to move on from his past as a Trickster now that he had his revenge and they accept his change.

    Sam speaks to Gabriel and asked how he really felt as he replied that he felt good about it. Though in truth, Gabriel really felt empty and believed he had nothing more to do. Returning to the bunker, Gabriel was helped in settling in by Castiel as the brothers prepared to open the rift again once Gabriel has enough grace. During Beat the Devil , Gabriel went to extract his grace in Dean's room but it wasn't enough. This caused the others to reconvene about the plan, Gabriel was left with Rowena and they share a banter for a while before they had sex.

    Their encounter is broken up by the others and they are told of a plan. At a bar, Gabriel disguises himself as he serves Lucifer a magical spiked drink before he reveals himself and Lucifer is surprised to see him alive. Lucifer tries to punch Gabriel but he is too weakened to do so, he questions Gabriel being alive as the latter taunts him with his survival. Rowena then helps in binding and capturing Lucifer.

    Gabriel is confused to hear Lucifer beg for death, though knocks him out. Lucifer is used to power the rift until the others find Mary and Jack, Gabriel joins them in the journey to Apocalypse World. During this time, Gabriel is asked of his future plans once they return to Earth and he tells him that he got revenge, had sex with a witch, and humiliated his brother.

    He is then told by Castiel of Heaven's state and how it may need him to maintain its state. He is reluctant since he once abandoned it but Castiel reassures him. The group come across humans who they save from vampires and are told that Jack and Mary are at a camp which is where they are headed and there is a shortcut but vampires are there, Gabriel wanted to avoid it but Castiel tells him it is the best way. Very soon, they find an area with warding which halts Castiel until Gabriel gets rid of it before they are found by armed humans led by Mary who takes them to the camp and they find Jack.

    When Jack becomes distraught at Sam's fate and asks why they didn't revive him, Gabriel tells his nephew that they aren't strong enough to resurrect Sam before the latter arrives with Lucifer. In Exodus , Gabriel is surprised to see Lucifer and doesn't know what to do when Dean tells him to kill Lucifer with the Archangel Blades. As Lucifer is talking to the others and Jack leaves upset as Gabriel goes after him but doesn't find him though Jack returns to talk.

    While telling Jack about the family, Lucifer points Gabriel out to Jack who mentions they met. The two get properly acquainted and when Lucifer mentions God being tough on them, Gabriel spoke up and told Lucifer that he excuses his evil deeds by playing the victim. He angrily walks off from his brother and nephew, who was seen pondering on his words.

    As the human resistance evacuated from camp, Gabriel went ahead to scout for threats. After they made it to the run, Gabriel appeared while being chased by a squad of angels. He and the others prepared for a fight but Lucifer easily killed them, revealing the cuffs had no effect.

    At night, Gabriel stands guard with Lucifer who he notes wants to talk with his son. He soon argues with Lucifer who he compares to a cancer that God felt he had to cut out by throwing it into the Cage to protect humanity from. The confrontation leaves Lucifer emotional and he visibly sheds tears. As he helps Sam and Dean with evacuating the humans from Apocalypse World , he was surprised Dean let Lucifer drive the bus as Dean tells him Cass is watching him. Gabriel stands back with the Winchesters and Lucifer as the humans through the rift however, the Alternate Michael appeared.

    Gabriel was shocked by the latter's appearance and watched as Lucifer stepped forward to attack him and was easily tossed aside. Gabriel was recognized by Michael who was surprised to see him. Wanting to redeem himself for retreating in the past, Gabriel told Sam and Dean to retreat as he engaged Michael who readied an Archangel Blades as Gabriel armed himself.

    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~
    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~
    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~
    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~
    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~
    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~
    The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~ The Return of Gabriel: The Gabriel Letters, Book II ~More Advice to a Young Angel~

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