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I really enjoy the process of going back into Lightroom to pick out the best one. Only on a vary rare occasion will I just take one shot and have that one be a keeper!

For this one below, there were many interesting versions, but I liked this one the best because of the expression of the woman on the right. It was just about the perfect kind of rain in Tokyo this day. But since I had a manual-focus lens on, I really needed both hands.

Picking the Best

I was thankful for Matthias to hold an umbrella over my while I did my thing! Sign Up for Passport! Member Sign In. Those in one group, strong, were specifically autistic.

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Those in the other, 16, strong, had a range of problems. His crucial finding was that girls in both groups more often had mutations of the sort associated with abnormal neural development than boys did.


WOMEN IN THE RAIN by Sumana Roy | Poetry at Sangam

This was true both for copy-number variants CNVs, which are variations in the number of copies in a chromosome of particular sections of DNA , and single-nucleotide variants SNVs, which are alterations to single genetic letters in the DNA message. On the face of it, this seems compelling evidence for the female-protective model. Since all the children whose data Dr Jacquemont examined had been diagnosed with problems, if the girls had more serious mutations than the boys did, that suggests other aspects of their physiology were covering up the consequences.

Females are thus, if this interpretation is correct, better protected from developing symptoms than males are. The counter-argument is that if girls are better at hiding their symptoms, only the more extreme female cases might turn up in the diagnosed groups. If that were true, a greater degree of mutation might be expected in symptomatic girls as a consequence.

They interpret this as further evidence of female-protectedness. Autistic symptoms make people of either sex less likely to become parents. If mothers are the source of the majority of autism-inducing genes in children, it suggests they are less affected by them.

Woman in rain storm with shadow.

None of this, though, explains the exact mechanism that makes boys more susceptible than girls. On this question, too, there are two predominant theories. The first is that males are more sensitive because they have only one X-chromosome. This makes them vulnerable to mutations on that chromosome, because any damaged genes have no twin to cover for them. One cognitive disorder, fragile-X syndrome, is indeed much more common in men for this reason.

That suggests the genetic basis of the difference is distributed across the whole genome. The other kind of explanation is anatomical. It is based on brain-imaging studies which suggest differences between the patterns of internal connection in male and female brains. Male brains have stronger local connections, and weaker long-range ones, than do female brains. That is similar to a difference seen between the brains of autistic people and of those who are not.

Kim Gun Mo ft Lee Min Jeong - Woman in the rain

The suggestion here is that the male-type connection pattern is somehow more vulnerable to disruption by the factors which trigger autism and other cognitive problems. Why that should be, however, remains opaque.

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Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain
Woman in the Rain Woman in the Rain

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