The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)

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Realizing the Truth Ch. Sapphic Surfer Ch. Trusting Rebekka Ch. To Love a Shooting Star Ch. Summer Solstice Ch. Mother, It Is Really You? Limits Ch. MissLisaJones 4. Mysterious Malice. Upside Down Ch. RufusT 4. Arizona Heat Pt. Aunt Ellen. Alex De Kok 4. My Biker Baby Girl Ch. Amy and Charlie. Perfect Matches. JordonLynn 4. EmeraldEye2 4. Hidden Feelings. Senoritadelanieve 4. The Iron Shop Ch. Playing A Round. Ignoble 4. Erotic Lesbian Massage Experience.

Catmoore 4.

Sapphic Subtexts in Ladies’ Magazines

Trip Planning. Way2cute4u 4. The Ferraro Family Ch. Happiness Found. CaroleS31 4. Basic Instincts. Take Two. Colleen Thomas 4. Two Other Girls. Virginiawild 4. Out of Her Closet. The Seduction of Sweet Ch. Shy Virgin's Fear Becomes Joy. Roxanne Appleby 4. Summer of Sibling Love Ch. BarbaraG 4. Emily Ch. Otazel 4. Mother Took My Virginity. Shelter in the Storm.

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Alex the Cat 4. Mom's Incest Fantasy. HeyAll 4. Sweet Angel. Jen's Journal Entry HoodedPriestess 4. Watkin's General. Christmas at Grandma's. TE 4. Twin Sisters Ch. Welcome to the Neighborhood. Peppermint Patty. RejectReality 4. My Sister. Best Day of my Life.

StormyNite 4. When You're Near Me. Date Night. Charlie and Uncle Joe. My Very Loving Mother. My Gold Coast Experience. Amanda P 4. Mother's Milk. The Morrisons Ch. RecHiker 4. Slickman 4. A Guest for Dinner. Cleaning Out Kelly. Clausimotto 3. Caught by Mom. Boxlicker 4. My Daughter's Friend Ch. Amy's GrandPa Ch. Wyden Long 4. Return to the Orchard. JosephBarnosky 4. Morning Shower. Kaishaku 4. Twin Set. Mom's Christmas Tradition. Dinner with the Boss Ch. The Day After.

She Wanted It Too. Aunt Alison Ch. TheBigLove x. Surrogate Husband Ch. AndySchmidd 4. Retreat and Surrender. Two are Better than One Ch. Buying Diana. Memories Pt. Hidden Friend 4. On The Rebound Ch. LiveCat 4. Twin Set Ch. My First Love - Again Ch. Christmas Massage. Bus Ride. Choices Ch. Choices 4. Breakups Aren't So Bad. Guilty Love. Xarth 4. Study Experience Ch. Nomansland69 4. Home New Holiday Home. A Slow Hand and a Woman's Touch. SusanJillParker x. MonsterGirl 4. SlaveWriter85 4. Snow Angels. MarciaRH 4. Suzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club Coming Out by Diving In.

YKN 4. The House Hadn't Changed Ch. Elbee 4. Seducing Carmen Completely. AVixenLiterally 4. Crazy Girls. Piercing Desire Ch.

SaguaroRose 4. Lasting Love. Palistus 4. Daddy's Confession. PrincessErin 4. Justin's Mom. Three Rules. A Chance Meeting? My Sister and My Daughter Ch. RabbitPrince 4. Lucky Day. Saxon Stonedyke 4. A Stringed Instrument Ch. Bramblethorn 4. Desires Sometimes Happen. The Neighbour's Daughter. Breaking Down. Remembered Desires Ch. Eroscott 4. Serenity Valley Ch. Best Girlfriends. ChantillyLace 4. Erika Ch. Lost and Found Ch. Mark, It's Your Mother I'm Naked.

Pixxie 4. The Island. Wicker 4. Deepening Friendship. The Job. Isambard82 4. Picture Perfect. Spring Fever. Longing For My Best Friend. Homecoming Meal Ch. Malicious Malice. London Conference Ch. The Account Executive. Lilly's Game. The Sauna. The Tenants Ch. My Dearest Nicole. Sharing Rita Ch. Plans Change. The Wedding Night. Finding Love in Paradise. AustynRayn 4. Melissa And Daddy. Kisses and Stars. The Sex Doctor Ch. Obzezzion 4. Mother and Daughter. The Interview. When Carrie Met Katie. Original Playgirl 4. The Teacher Ch. Sonic Girl. The Dock. Chiara23 4. The New Neighbors.

And Sister Makes Three. Dream Date! A Friend for Gabrielle. Butch Ch. DaphneX 4. Lesbian Chat Leads To More. In The Groove. SilkenLace 4. Family Surprises Ch. The Accidental Lesbian. Liv's Legacy: Paula. The Unusual Professor Ch. Late Night at the Gym. Stephanie 4. CindysBob 4. Neighbors Ch. Spring Break Ch. BigMatt83 4. Tits for Tats. MSTarot 4. A Mother's Mistake Ch. FarmGirlJill 4. Seducing Sonja. PenIsMightier1 4. Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. A Tale of Two Sisters. Driving Ms. HarryOrwell 4.

Ashley's Secret Ch. Ashley's Secret. She Knew. Son Wants Mom Ch. A Temptation in Paradise. Moondrift 4. Visiting Mom in Alaska. First Taste. The Broken Furnace. Kip Carson 4. I Kissed a Girl Ch. No Place Like Home Ch.

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JohnB73 4. PatronSaint 3. Bike Ride in the Forest. Nightwork1 4. My First Bi Experience. YoungBeth 4. Desire and Confusion. Taboo Junky 4. Hot Wet Canadian Summer Ch. My Loving Step Mother Ch. In A Whole New Light. My Sister Changed Everything. WayneGibbous 4.

CaraDailey 4. Dear Jessica Jane's First.

See a Problem?

Liv Blake 4. To Serve and Protect Back to School. The Bentons Ch. A Gift From Lila. A Gift From Lila Ch. Can I Watch? Strip I Never. My Goddess, My Daughter Ch. Nicolelabelle 4. The Vacation Ch. The Lust of the General. DAB x. Lizbet's Life. BrettJ 4. My First Bi Experience Ch. My Teacher, My Love Ch. APGilmore 4. Erin No Bra. Hallway Hero. TKBabylon 4. ShaunaM 4. Strangers in the Girls Room. Kat Takes and Gives a Ride. Troglodite45 4.

Lesbian Love and Seduction Collection: Volume 12

Magic Girl Ch. Selbryth x. Best Sex Friends. It's All Becoming So Clear. Star Trek Ladies' Lesbian Leave. Showering With My Sexy Sister. The Hotel Room. I Am My Father's Son. TexHubby 4. Daddy's Little Cupcake Ch. Jack 4. My Straight Girl Crush. Definitely your Father's Son. Pultoy 4. Life at College with a Friend. Baloden 3. Annie's Story Ch. New Life. Aevon Calling. Chilly Willy. Chilly Willy Ch. Kissing Practice Ch. Mari and Petra: The Run. TrueNorth 4. Archer 4. A Family Affair. Lesly Sloan 4. Corporate Games Ch. Summer Suspicions Ch.

Sapphic Healing Ch. Good Fortune. Good Fortune Ch. Jessica's Sister. Confusion and Pleasure. HectorOfTroy 4. Walking Into The Unknown. LynneLynne23 4. Double Pleasure. My Hot Mom. ClaimedByLexi 4. Welcome to the Family. SweetPrettyAss 4. Shy Love, my Sister Emily. A Cuntry House Ch. Satsu 4. Mommy: Becoming My Daughter's Slut. Sisters Forever. Maggie's Farm Ch. Caroline's Kitchen Feast. Lizardking 4. Williams Ch. Naughty Nieces. Sugar Shack. Like Peaches Ch. Sinning with Cyn. Mark2 4. BiMary 4. Susan and Johnny Ch. Olivia and Amanda Ch. NikkiColins 4. Home For the Holidays.

Ransome 4. Dorm Neighbor's Favor. Raven Robinson Ep. A Birthday Present From Daddy. Grandma's Secret Ch. Right up until the night he was shot and stabbed by Cray, a low rent sociopath, and his gang. Left for dead in a junkyard ditch, Townes fights his way back. Over the next three years, he survives a tailspin of torment Alisa and her sister Helen, living now under the same roof, begin playing a game of seduction on each other.

Four weeks spent sharing hot glances, playing with each other's desires, hinting, suggesting No one knows this better than First Class stewardess Jenny Law. But when Mr Fox crushes her pride by rejecting her, she A young woman employs a service that fulfills her sexual dreams Frank's wife Sandy likes being naked in public, so she talks him into going to a nude beach in San Francisco. When a group of young black men come along, the liberal couple must prove that they aren't racist by letting the excited youths ogle Sandy's naked body.

Pretty soon the clever young men Now do that and come back to the story. Good, done? The reason for this is I The galaxy is full of wonder and adventure, but it can get cold and lonely in the depths of space. That's why the gorgeous ladies of Space Princess Entertainment are on a mission of pleasure. No challenge is too big, no planet too distant and no party too wild! Let love rule among the stars! Dirk and Garrett are heading north to join the rodeo circuit.

Late at night, in the pouring rain, a roadside encounter with a stranded, 'good-ole-boy' bronc rider, spurs and all, is just what they need to shake off the tension growing between them. When Stacy, a girl in her mid twenties, falls in love with Becca, she must first win the approval of Becca's mistress, Miss Cara in this passionate, erotic story.

A young female reporter hears news about a UFO sighting and landing in a town called Prattville, out in the middle of nowhere. Deciding to investigate the matter, she enters the small town, where there appears to be an alien-induced non-stop orgy in Evan and Annabelle remember when they had a perfect marriage. Though they don't want to admit it their relationship is on the verge of falling apart, plagued with myriad of insecurities, frustration and deeply rooted sexual repression.

Evan still loves his wife yet Annabelle's hostile attitude Submission Sometimes we need to fully submit to learn to be in control. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men. Payback's a Bitch. Carly Katz. Using the Naive Doctor. Laura Vixen. Heather's Lesbian Love Story. Joshua Dias. Joy C. Bitten by Temptation Lesbian Vampire Erotica. Honey Dover. Behind Locked Doors, Book Two. Emma Hillman. Cuckolded by the Minotaur. Sofia Bane. Green Girls. Alphonse Momas. My Own Private Au Pair. McKenna Danvers. The Neighborhood Ladies.

Imogen Linn. She Loves Me. Leigh Ellwood. Behind Locked Doors, Book One. Tied, Teased and Used. Conner Hayden. The Interview. Jacintha Topaz. Dee DelaRocka. Taking Three for the Team. Aimee Seoul. Madame's New Maid. On Her Lead. Hayley Cooke. Confessions of a Teenage Dickgirl. Jessie Jordan. Seduction for Beginners. Jay Merson. Penelope Wilson. Futa Formula Fifty-Five. Johannes Lowe. The Initiation. Kelly Sanders. Alexia Engles.

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    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)
    The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3) The Stewardess (Lesbian Erotica) (Sapphic Service Book 3)

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