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I don't think my heart calmed down until the end and I simply had to know what happened with these characters. I'm scared. I know I've been rotten to you and I don't deserve for you to come to the rescue, that I'm I'm not really yours, but I'm--" "I'm already on the way," he said, grabbing his keys from his pocket and heading for the door. I started to cry when reading this part, and maybe a few other parts. Penny is only in the book briefly, but she is not forgotten throughout the story and each chapter in this book is FILLED with heart.

John family and police characters around them try not to be affected when innocent people are killed, but every life is valued when it comes to Eason's writing. Rachel escapes and oh goodness as she goes back to HELP her friend! Love that girl, she is out of her mind, but so incredible!

Have no idea how Eason does it, but you're not just reading about the characters I was glued to the pages as Blake and Chloe and Linc race the clock to find Rachel and the other girls. I didn't think there was any chemistry between Blake and Chloe, but it was sweet how they liked each other. There is nothing graphic or inappropriate about this book, but the girls are treated harshly while imprisoned and the scariest part was the unknown as they are handled and prepared to be sold off.

After Rachel's attempted escape, the main kidnapper makes it clear that NO ONE is coming to rescue them and there is no point in having hope. It's described and implied that some of the girls are beaten or drugged further if they resist. It's so tangible the fear they are going through and every time the good guys get a lead, I was cheering and sitting alert waiting to see what happened next.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary, all comments and opinions are my own.

Biblical Series VIII: The Phenomenology of the Divine

View all 3 comments. Aug 03, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: newbies Wow, this book is chock full of exciting moments and it is a suspenseful ride from the get-go. I enjoyed getting to know Chloe a little better and Blake and Rachel were great additions to this series. Another winner for Lynette Eason!! I received this book from the publisher and was not required to post a positive review.

All thoughts are my own. The series revolves around the St. Johns family of law enforcement and the medical profession. It is a large family and I am happy to think that maybe that means a long series is in store. The matriarch of the family is the Chief of Police and the siblings work in the same police department as well as the FBI. Blake's daughter, Rachel, goes missing and someone is threatening to kill Rachel if Blake doesn't kill the Federal Judge that he is protecting. The judge is sponsoring a bill to make a heavier sentence to those convicted of human trafficking and someone wants to stop him.

A semi trailer truck was involved in a wreck and was found to have drugs and girls that have been missing. The girls appear to part of human trafficking ring involving drugs.

the price of justice john bradley mysteries book 2 Manual

It becomes apparent that everything is tied together. A task force is put in place to pool resources from different federal agencies to find the culprits. This is a fast paced and action packed story that is typical Lynette Eason. Eason knows how to tell a tale full of great likable characters, danger and suspense. It is edgy and stressful as law enforcement works to find the bad guys and thus the victims as quickly as possible. A little faith and romance rounds the story out for a great Christian suspense. We see appearances of characters from other series as well. The opinions stated are mine only.

Aug 04, Caitlyn Santi rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-releases-challenge , vacation-challenge. Lynette is one of my all time favorite authors, and I always eagerly anticipate her new releases! Called to Protect was a fabulous romantic suspense that I absolutely loved! I fell in love with the St. John family earlier this year in the first Blue Justice novel, Oath of Honor, so I was super excited to get to hang out with all my old friends again.

I was really looking forward to Chloe's story, and it exceeded all my expectations! Chloe was a great character, I found her career as a K-9 office Lynette is one of my all time favorite authors, and I always eagerly anticipate her new releases! Chloe was a great character, I found her career as a K-9 officer fascinating, and I absolutely loved her K-9 partner Hank!

Blake was an awesome and very admirable hero! I really liked that the romance between Chloe and Blake developed slowly, even though they were clearly attracted to each other the romance sort of took a slight backseat to the suspense which I thought was great for this story! The storyline in this one is very unique, I predicted one of the plot points early on and was very pleased when the characters finally listened to me!

The suspense was fantastic, Lynette has once again outdone herself and upped the thrills, and chills that never fail to get your adrenaline pumping, making it impossible for you to move away from the edge of your seat! Overall, while I think Oath of Honor is still my favorite of the series so far, I did absolutely love every moment of Called to Protect and cannot wait for the next book in the series! I highly recommend Called to Protect, and all of Lynette's books! I received a copy of this book from the publisher, which did not influence my review in any way.

All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own. Jul 31, Loraine rated it it was amazing Shelves: modern-christian-fiction , suspense , romance , new-releases John family is once again forefront in the Blue Justice series, and this book focuses on K-9 cop, Chloe St. When US Marshal Blake Mac Callum's daughter goes missing, he and Chloe join forces as her cousin is also missing under similar circumstances. The theme focus of this book is human trafficking which is a difficult subject to read about, yet it is in the forefront of today's news. Eason handles it beautifully showing how easy it is to abduct a girl in today's society.

She descr The St. She describes the treatment and handling of the girls without so much detail that it is gruesome; but at the same time, making it obvious what a horrible situation sex trafficking is. Hank the K-9 was one of my favorite characters. It was obvious how well trained he was and how much he wanted to do the job he was being asked to do. Chloe and Blake had a great never give up attitude and were determined to find Blake's daughter and Chloe's cousin. The slowly developing romance between Blake and Chloe was sweet and did not take away from the main focus of the human trafficking.

Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review. Nov 09, Staci rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Good suspense novel! I enjoyed this second novel of the Blue Justice series even more than the first. John is the main character in Called to Protect. Like her mother and some siblings, she is involved in law enforcement. Chloe's partner is a K-9 named Hank. Hank is good at tracking people and finding drugs. Blake's daughter, Rachel is abducted and he is given a difficult ultimatum in order to get her back. Rachel is my favorite character in the novel.

She shows strength, intelligence an Good suspense novel!

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She shows strength, intelligence and heart. Her actions are realistic for how a teenager would behave. While I figured out who the villain was before the reveal, I still enjoyed the suspense that unraveled. My new favorite Eason novel! The covers for this series are great! Jan 16, Anne rated it it was amazing. Human trafficking is a tough subject to talk about let alone write about. Eason writes with sensitivity in this highly suspenseful novel.. The St John family is pretty amazing and Called to Protect is riveting.

I found myself completely invested in the story. Chloe's K-9, Hank, is an absolute fabulous character! This is a pretty amazing series so far. Jul 29, Michaela Bush rated it it was amazing. This book was insane. This was the first in the series I've read and it was easy to follow. It left me up at one AM and later reading because I just couldn't stand to put it down.

It had great twists and turns, and it wasn't entirely predictable. This book conveys very important morals of family and faith. It also discusses a horrific silent epidemic that's sweeping our country: human trafficking. This book was absolutely fantastic and I can't praise it enough -- you just have to read it for y This book was insane. This book was absolutely fantastic and I can't praise it enough -- you just have to read it for yourself. I'll be waiting for the 3rd installment of the series! Oct 30, Patricia Bradley rated it it was amazing. I am amazed at how Lynette Eason weaves the different threads through her story.

In Called to Protect, Blake MacCallum is protecting a federal judge who is trying to get legislation passed to make jail sentences harder those convicted of human trafficking crimes and someone is trying to kill him. John comes from a family of police officers and she can hold her own with anyone, especially when she has her K-9 partner. And Hank really comes in handy while dealing with human traffickers. T I am amazed at how Lynette Eason weaves the different threads through her story.

Now you see why I had to stay up and finish the book. Called to Protect is a fast-paced read with lots of twists and turns, so when you pick it up, make sure you fasten your seat belt! Jun 25, Lisa Johnson rated it really liked it. Blake MacCallum is a Deputy U. Marshal who has been assigned protective duty of a judge who is trying to get a bill passed to make jail time longer for those convicted of human trafficking.

What is he supposed to do? Chloe and Hank are at the scene of a semi accident when a startling discovery is made. Can Chloe find her cousin Penny? Why did Rachel leave the hospital? I love the family interaction between the St. John siblings. Their parents are both professionals, being a lawyer and the chief of police and they still make time to spend with all six of their adult children every week. I also liked the K-9 element in this story as I find those dogs incredible at their jobs. I applaud the author for her use of the heinous crime of human trafficking as the focus of the story.

The more people aware, the more people can spot someone in need of help. My only negative to this novel is that there was hardly any time spent developing the romance between Blake and Chloe. Readers know Chloe has had a crush on Blake for years and that is about all we read about a possible romance until the last few pages of the story.

That said, I am looking forward to seeing what challenge the next St. John sibling will encounter in the next installment of the series. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Aug 01, Kelly Bridgewater rated it it was amazing.

Lynette Eason knows her game when it comes to writing suspense. Even though her novels are titled Romantic Suspense, they are heavier on the suspense than romance, which is how I like my romantic suspense. In her newest series Blue Justice, the second book Called to Protect is a fast pace hunt for teenage girls, and Eason has me flipping through the pages hunting for the resolution.

Eason knows her research or at least how to find information with actual police officers to make her story ring tr Lynette Eason knows her game when it comes to writing suspense. Eason knows her research or at least how to find information with actual police officers to make her story ring true.

I have no problem believing what she states happens in the story to the actual officers. I really enjoy how she dives into the setting and the internal dialogue of the characters too. They ring true for what she creates the characters to be. The plot is my favorite part of a novel. It is where all the action occurs or should occur.

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With Called to Protect, Eason touches on the horror of human trafficking for teenagers. She doesn't get graphic with her details and none of the girls are hurt sexually, but she does mention things about the human trafficking industry that made my stomach cringe. I can't imagine the horror. While reading this book, I prayed for my niece and all the little girls I work with at Awana at church.

I pray God keeps an eye on them their whole life and this never happens to them. The story does move rapidly, and I had a suspicion who the bad guy was before Eason showed it. I was right.

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It was nice to see familiar characters in the St. John family reappear in this addition. This time it was nice to be more familiar with Chloe. I got to understand Chloe's role in her family and her role in her job. Family dynamics are a difficult place to be, but Eason creates a family that is close-knit.

Something I'm sure everyone strives for. Some more than others. Most families aren't that tight-knit. I enjoy seeing Chloe and watching her realize her feelings for Blake. I hope they appear again in the next book. Overall, Called to Protect by Lynette Eason is a fast-pace peek into the world of human trafficking. With the return of familiar characters and a suspense racing my heart, I couldn't wait to see how the story ended. I received a complimentary copy of Called to Protect by Lynette Eason, but the opinions stated are all my own.

Oct 03, Christian Fiction Addiction rated it really liked it. What a ride! From the get-go, "Called to Protect" will sweep you up into non-stop action and a harrowing tale of human trafficking that is absolutely riveting. As a father with daughters myself, I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to have your daughter kidnapped by traffickers and forced into a cage while awaiting a horrific fate. It's absolutely tragic to think that these sorts of things happen! As such, I found that this book preyed on my emotions even more than Eason's novels usuall What a ride!

As such, I found that this book preyed on my emotions even more than Eason's novels usually do, and I simply couldn't put the book down until I was able to see how everything resolved. Merlin voice. Show all 9 episodes. The Doctor. Abraham Setrakian. Abraham Setrakian credit only. Show all 46 episodes. Walder Frey. Show all 19 episodes. LJ Reynolds. Show all 8 episodes. Jack Marshall. Brother Joseph. Stan Garvey. Mack Steen. George Barlow. Shansheeth Blue voice. Patrick Palmer. Various characters. Robin Elliot. Will Court Fool. Cohen the Barbarian.

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The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)
The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2) The Price of Justice (John Bradley Mysteries Book 2)

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