The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)

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Robert Lowe Bridge

Upper-intermediate to advanced technical. Chilkoot Pass Short and very easy lariat loop trail for beginners at the far north end of Klondike. Forms a continuation of the northbound route of Jurassic, Jasper, then Agate to reach the northernmost trailhead on the Dinosaur Tracks road. Can be used for a longer Miner's Loop ride, or as a route to connect uphill.

Look for a turnout with parking on the right and a sign for Klondike Bluffs Road. For a longer ride, park here and ride up the road.

Trail 2: Mine- level 3- Klondike Adventures - by amazing gameplay

Most cyclists will choose to go through the gate and drive 2. Keep left at the fork. Go eastbound across the cattleguard through the fence and begin your ride.

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GPS track files right-click and save as Inside Passage Short 0. Miner's Loop 1. Sidestep North and South , Instep More-technical riding options off Baby Step South, can be used to extend or shortcut the classic ride, or as a nice technical loop in themselves. Klondike Bluffs Area Trails Klondike Bluffs has been a popular mountain bike destination for many years. Moab Region BannerHeight.

At the bottom, the Copper Ridge dirt road joins all trails. Mega Steps Trail Mega Steps is a good alternate climbing route, or a great downhill. Little Salty Trail Little Salty is an alternate up- or downhill route. Enjoy wildflowers, as well as the notable "Fantastic Erratic" glacier boulder. Rating: Average rating: 2.

The Klondike Swamp Trail traverses much of what is special about Cougar Mountain Park, utilizing old logging roads and railroad grades that take you through charming second growth forest. The loop is easily accessed from the Sky Country Trailhead in Bellevue, and offers a nearly level grade for most of the journey.

Hiking Guide

Hike past sites associated with coal and clay mining, and a former s-era anti-aircraft missile installation. Enjoy good forest trails, some seasonal wildflowers, and a million-dollar view. Wilderness Peak may not be Everest, but it is the highest point in King County's Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and it does have some wonderful old-growth conifers. This loop offers a diversity of steep forested hillsides, huge mossy boulders, and a low swampy area traversed via a narrow boardwalk.

This is a short connector trail between Bear Ridge and Shangri-La trails, allowing hikers to create many loops on Cougar Mountain. Quarry Issaquah Alps -- Cougar Mountain. Rating: Average rating: 4. A very short access trail on Cougar Mountain from the Red Town Trailhead that offers a nice graveled path, and a small waterfall. View artifacts from the coal mining era.


A little-traveled, short hike offering some impressive trees and lovely territorial views. Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is a mishmash of roads, trails, abandoned Army missile silos, and plenty of wildlife. Rating: Average rating: 0. A short access trail to the cave holes on Cougar Mountain. A short connector trail between Bear Ridge and Shangri La trails that creates a loop out of the two. Guide booklets to the cemetery can be purchased at the visitor center. Features a collection of gold-rush and native Alaskan artifacts.

Kluane National Park

Gold-rush centennial films are shown. Open daily in summer 9 a. Main Activities: History appreciation, hiking, backpacking. Facilities, Camping, Lodging: Visitor center, established trails, historic buildings and sites. Established campgrounds along Chilkoot Trail and at the Dyea site. Headquarters and Information: Headquarters, P.

Box , Skagway, AK , , www. The main tourist attraction in Skagway is the downtown Historic District with its vintage buildings. For adventurous visitors, the Chilkoot Trail is the big draw. Gold-rush history dominates Skagway, and the park manages the best of it. Stop at the visitor center for a park map, displays, and information. Climbing along the Taiya River to Chilkoot Pass, the trail crosses into Canada and continues through lake country to the train station at Lake Bennett.

Northbound walkers enjoy the same experience the miners had on their first trip into Canada. Southbound walkers can enjoy a hike with less elevation gain. At the north end of the Chilkoot, hikers can take a cutoff trail to the train tracks from Bare Loon Lake, then walk the tracks to the highway 5 miles. A daily train departs Lake Bennett for Skagway at 9 a.

Yukon Books - The Klondike Kid: Book 2: The Long Trail by Hopkinson, Deborah

A water taxi shuttles travelers from the Lake Bennett station to Carcross, Yukon, There are established campgrounds every 3 or 4 miles along the route, as well as numerous historic sites and random artifacts from the gold-rush days. Stop at the park visitor center in Skagway for detailed information on conditions, Canadian customs, north-end transport, and easy-to-get permits.

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Golden North Hotel , P. Box , 3rd and Broadway, Portland House , 5th and State Street, Nine-room inn built in , shared baths, restaurant, in Historic District. Skagway Home Hostel , 3rd between State and Main, Fifteen beds, curfew, shuttle, laundry, kitchen, common room. Westmark Inn , 3rd and Spring Street, ,

The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)
The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)
The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)
The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)
The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)
The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)
The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid) The Long Trail: 2 (Klondike Kid)

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