The Hundred: Fall of the Wents

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His plan didn't work. Minutes later they were on the ship and everything was okay. The Richter Belmont was reed a letter he gots from the mail. His son wa sick but he read the lettar ovar the candle for the lights. One person found this helpful. Some reviewers struggled with the author's creation of another world, but I think she did a wonderful job of presenting a place where things are so very, very different.

I often struggle when bombarded with too many unfamiliar character names, and I resort to writing them down on a slip of paper as they're introduced so I can try to keep them all straight. The Hundred does not require that. This is a fresh look at cooperation, prejudice, and playing out the role of one's species or one's individuality. I loved this book and could not put it down even though it was quite long. The main story is a journey of an Eft, a sentient being in a far future Earth, with his friends.

This is a great adventure, of a kind that has attracted readers for ages. The story is extremely well written, characters come alive on the pages, even though we may not have a clear idea of how they look. The only two small negatives I found were that, one -- the end was a bit anticlimactic and I felt let down by the turn it took; and two -- this is a fantasy, not a science fiction, so the science is a bit off, like plants needing fresh carbon dioxide like animals need oxygen, or small insects with individual sentience.

But these are small and rare problems that one can easily ignore. Certainly worth buying. This MG novel is heavy with fantastic imagery. The characters are odd and interesting and the story carries a message with it. Three friends set out to solve the mystery of a sinister shadow and learn many lessons about friendship, loyalty and teamwork.

The story will both tug at your heart and have you on the edge of your seat. Even though it is intended for middle grade ages, I feel it would be enjoyed by both YA readers and adults. I am very well established in my adult years and I adored this book. A wonderfully entertaining story that also makes you think.

It was a delight to read. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This book was recommended to me as I have a 9 year old boy who's interested in fantasy books. I gave up fantasy books years ago and have never gone back but I figured I could read this with my little guy; it was something we could bond over together. And bond we did. The story takes place in a time where there are no humans left and the world is a colorful variety of evolved species. The stars, four friends, completely captivate you.

You want to know exactly what's happening from one moment to the next and my little guy was constantly asking questions about evolution and whether certain events, that took place in the book, actually happened. It's a book for old and young minds alike and even after our nightly read, I'd continue on because I just couldn't wait to see what happened. For those who're interested in a realistic approach to fantasy or for those who think they might be, this book is worth investing in. You won't be disappointed. Although it was difficult for me to get into the book at first, one I was involved, it kept my attention.

There are lots of various aspects of the book that provided enjoyment. The talking animals and the miniature box given to Tully by Hindrance are two of my favorites. This is a true example of science fiction. I love this book. I love this world. Among them:. If her grades suffer it is on your head!

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The plot really held her attention, and that is something that is sometimes lacking in YA fantasy books! Print version. Kindle version. Are you a blogger who is interested in reviewing a copy? Email me at jennyphresh at yahoo dot com. Please let me know what you think, and spread the word to any young and old readers you know. Thank you for all your support. My next blog post will tell the story of how this book came to be.

The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents The Hundred: Fall of the Wents
The Hundred: Fall of the Wents

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