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Berlin, June 18, Berlin 21 Arthur Lee to Schulenburg. Berlin, June 29, Schulenburg to the king, relating to Lee's request for the freedom of German ports for American vessels, such as France and Spain have granted. Berlin, June 21, Frederick's reply to Schulenburg, that he continue to treat with Lee but in such wise that Lee himself will see the futility of the king's entrance into compacts which would disturb his relations with England. Schulenburg to Lee. Berlin, June 26, Schulenburg to Finkenstein.

Finkenstein to Schulenburg. Potsdam, June 28, Berlin, June 30, Director Neudi in Hamburg to Schulenburg, calling attention to the effort of the Americans, Lee and Stefifens, in Berlin to purchase cloth, etc. Hamburg, June 26, Schulenburg to Neudi. Berlin, July 3, The king to Schulenburg, referring Lee who has made a communication direct to his Majesty! Potsdam, July 3, Schulenburg to the king, reporting the interview with Lee, enclosing a clean copy for the king with His Majesty's marginal notes. Schulenburg to the king, relating to the same.

Also clean copy. The king's instruction to Schulenburg. Potsdam, July 4, Letter of Schulenburg, notifying the king of the communication of the king's orders to Lee and of Lee's intended departure after seeing the futility of his mission in Berlin. Berlin, July 6, The same calligraphed for the king with marginal note of the king. Letter of Stephen Sayre requesting Schulenburg " to return to Berlin for a few days " to hear his new proposals, different from those of Lee and approved by the Earl of Chatham.

Hotel Corsica, Berlin, July 11, Letter of Sayre, asking whether he may communicate his proposals through Mr. Bourke and save His Excellency the trouble of coming back to the city. Berlin, July 14, French translation of Sayre's letter of July Desegner to Schulenburg, enclosing translation of Sayre's letter. July 16, Letter of Desegner [de Segner] , giving an account of Sayre and Lee's pend- ing contract with Schmitz for cloth, etc. Berlin, July 23, Berlin, July 26, Also a supplement, dated Berlin, July 27, Schulenburg's acknowledgment of the above. Desegner to Schulenburg, reporting the king's order relating to Sayre's pro- posals with special reference to agriculture and mechanical trades.

Berlin, July 30, Desegner to Schulenburg, communicating a most important letter of the king to Sayre, relating to Elbing, to the shipping with England, to confidential letters of Chatham, etc. Letter of Desegner to Schulenburg? The de- partment is in dismay over the presumption! Baron de Goltz's cipher despatch to Schulenburg? Arthur Lee to Schulenburg? Paris, Aug. Schulenburg's communication to the king "Au Roi". Berlin, Sept.

Draft and calligraphed copy with the king's comment : " Das gehet nicht an er will in unsere Havens ein laufen das ist ihm schon abgeschlagen Fr. Sayre au Roi. Pensees sur I'agriculture. Considerations sur la maniere de perfectionner les voitures et les grands chemins de ce pais. Troisieme lettre de M. Sayre au Roi, relating to Elbing, etc. Idees sur la maniere de former un etablissement dans I'isle Dominique, dans le cas que la propriete peut s'en aquerir de la grande Bretagne pour la Prusse enclosing table of probable incomes from the island. Arthur Lee to Schulenburg relating to entrance of armed vessels into Prus- sian ports, etc.

French translation of Lee's letter and " Memoire ". Schulenburg to the king, draft and calligraphed copy with the king's remark : " Mit Complimenten abweisen Fred. Copy of Arthur Lee's letter of Sept. Schulenburg's reply to Lee, relating to the loan. The king to Schulenburg, referring Sayre to S. Pots- dam, Oct. Sayre to the king. Draft and copy with the king's marginal reply.

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Schulenburg to Sayre postponed to the following year. Schulenburg to Gorne relating to the same subject. Berlin 23 Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, regretting his failure to find favorable considera- tion of his plan on the part of the king. Schulenburg to the king, relating to Lee's request for information whether England is to secure troops from Germany, Russia, and Den- mark, with the king's note in reply at the bottom : " rien de Russie, rien de Danemarc, mais quelques centaines d'hommes d'Anspach et du Pr. Copy of Arthur Lee's letter calligraphed for the king. Gorne to Schulenburg, referring to the king's order relating to Sayre's whal- ing project.

Schulenburg to Arthur Lee, apprising him frankly of the recruiting of Ger- man troops in Brunswick, Hesse, and Anspach. Carmichael to Schulenburg, relating the tacit permission to American cruisers to enter Prussian ports, etc. Schulenburg to Magusch relating to the same.

Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, announcing the appointment of " William Lee Esqr Commissioner of Congress at the Court of Berlin with full powers to conclude a treaty of amity and commerce with the King of Prussia". Schulenburg to the king, notifying the latter of content of Lee's letter, and the king's marginal note : " Festina Lente Fr. Calligraphed copy for the king of Lee's letter. Schulenburg to Arthur Lee, replying that William Lee is at liberty to come as a private person, but will not be received as an official envoy.

Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, thanking him for his letter. French translation of Arthur Lee's letter. Magusch to Schulenburg, on tobacco from Virginia, etc. Schulenburg to Gome, on the scheme. Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, giving account of Ticonderoga. Schulenburg to the king, enclosing French translation of Lee's letter draft and calligraphed copy.

Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, on the departure of Washington and the capital at Philadelphia. Paris, Dec. Draft and calligraphed copy with the king's note : " Ceci est fort beau, mais il f aut Luy dire que j'attens a reconnaitre L'Independence des Ame- ricains Lors que la France en aura fait autant Federic ". Ber- lin, Dec. Carmichael to Schulenburg, on the capitulation of Burgoyne, etc. Schulenburg's reply to Carmichael. Notes relating to the opening of Sayre's letter to Gorne. Schulenburg to Sayre at Altona. Transcript of the capitulation of Burgoyne from official reports.

French translation of Lee's letter of Dec. Schulenburg to Arthur Lee in Paris, confirming the report that the king had refused permission to the allied troops to pass through his dominions. Acta den Americanischen Handel und Krieg betrefiend von bis Juni The king to Schulenburg, asking for his opinion of a " Seehandlungs Entre- prise " submitted by " Girardot Haller und Compagnie zu Paris ". Berlin, Jan. Schulenburg's report and reply to the king, strongly condemning the scheme so far as Prussia is concerned.

The king's order to Schulenburg to reply that he can not entertain such pro- posals, because he has no fleet. Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, giving account of the war and asking at the close whether arms can be purchased at the king's manufactory. Schulenburg to the king, enclosing a French translation of Lee's letter. The king's hearty reply giving order that whatever the Americans order in the way of arms be at once furnished them. Merchant Splittgerber sends Schulenburg pieces of arms. Schulenburg's reply to Lee, saying that France must first recognize American independence, because it is most directly interested, and that the king would have no difficulty in admitting American ves- sels to Prussian ports, if he had a fleet to avenge attacks, and that the king allows free purchase of arms at his manufac- tory, enclosing a fist of prices.

William Lee to Schulenburg, wishing to count the King of Prussia among the first to acknowledge American independence, and to prevent England from getting more German troops. Paris, Jan. Berlin 25 Schulenburg to the king, enclosing French translation of W. Lee's letter. The king to Schulenburg, declaring his inability to enter into any commercial relations with the Americans at present. Potsdam, Feb. Schulenburg to W. Lee, reminding him of the " bonnes dispositions du Roi pour Vos commettants " as expressed in a letter to A.

Lee, and assuring him that England will get no considerable rein- forcements of German troops. Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, thanking Schulenburg for assurances of the king's good will. Nantes, Feb. Lee to Schulenburg, reports from letters from London which say : " we have detached the King of Prussia from the American In- terest by paying his demands ".

French translation of Lee's letter. Schulenburg to William Lee, thanking for news, etc. Lee to Schulenburg, announcing that the King of France has openly acknowledged American Independence and American " Com- missioners in that capacity were publickly introduced this day at Versailles: the French Ambassador having before avowed to the King of Great Britain the Treaty which his Majesty of France had concluded with the United States ; in consequence of which t'is believed, that War is by this time declared in London against France ".

Schulenburg to the king, announcing Lee's letter, and enclosing copy of it in French translation. The king's reply on the margin : " il f aut luy repondre que Nous etions si ocupez de L'allemagne dans ce moment que Nous ne pourrions point pensser a L'amerique que Nous les re- conoitrions vollontier independence mais que dans ce moment ci cela ne Leur pouroit procurer aucun avantage, et nous estre fort prejudiciable Federic ". Lee, enclosing the king's reply. Berlin, Apr.

Order for passage of the guns to be shipped by Splittgerber to the Americans. Signed " Fred. Letter of Schulenburg, sending the king's order. Lee to Schulenburg, containing severe reproof. Frankfort-on-the-Main, Apr. French translation of Lee's letter dated " Frankfort sur le Main, Apr. Lee to Schulenburg, announcing his appointment to manage American affairs at the courts of Vienna and Berlin, and bringing up again the question of commercial relations with the United States. Frankfort, Apr. The king to Schulenburg, bidding him reply that such an alliance would be of no utility to the colonies, because he could not support the treaty with force, and that the maritime powers alone can take part in such affairs.

Schoenwalde, Apr. Lee to Schulenburg, announcing the arrival of Adams as commissioner at Versailles. Schulenburg to the king, sending Lee's letter. Lee, communicating the king's reply. The king to Schulenburg, on Lee's letter of Aug. Letter of Schulenburg issuing pass for American purchase of arms " ZoU- frei".

Lee to Schulenburg, on the Bavarian succession, commercial agreement, etc. Frankfort, July 17, Schulenburg to the king, enclosing this letter. Berlin, July 25, The king's reply cf. Jaromirs, July 30, Lee to Schulenburg. Frankfort-on-the-Main, Aug. Ditto, Oct. Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, on the arms ordered of Splittgerber, and enclos- ing Splittgerber's bill.

Chaillot, near Paris, Oct. Schulenburg to Splittgerber, on the arms. Splittgerber's heirs to Schulenburg, with copy of prices of arms. Schulenburg to Arthur Lee, attempting to clear up the misunderstanding about the guns ordered. Lee to Schulenburg, still feeling his way to the commercial treaty.

Frank- fort-on-the-Main, Dec. I, Schulenburg to Finkenstein, enclosing W. Lee's letter, dated Berlin, Dec.

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Finkenstein's reply to the same. Schulenburg to the king, on the same. Order of the king regarding the same. Breslau, Dec. Letter of Schulenburg, enclosing the king's reply to W. Berlin 27 Arthur Lee to Schulenburg, sharply condemning the specimen of musket as " one of the worst I ever beheld ". French translation of the same, enclosing extracts from the minutes of Con- gress on European barbarities. Manifesto and French translation, signed by Laurens. Lee to Schulenburg, in reply to the information that Prussian ports are open to all nations, and saying that, before American vessels could enter Prussian ports with confidence, some kind of con- vention with the United States should be made.

Frankfort- on-the-Main, Jan. Lee, giving the king's answer that American vessels may enter as others the Prussian ports, but that he thinks a con- vention superfluous. Finkenstein to Schulenburg, giving plainly the effect of a convention : " La demande d'une declaration qui comprendroit les etats unis de I'Amerique au nombre des nations, equivaudroit la recon- noissance de leur independence, et les mettroient dans le cas d'en faire parade et de nous compromettre avec la Cour de Londres ".

Breslau, Feb. Lee to Schulenburg, saying that he did not understand foreign tongues very well! Frankfort, Feb. French translation of W. Schulenburg to Finkenstein, reporting his reply to Lee. Schulenburg to Finkenstein, respecting Arendt. Berlin, July 22, Arendt's pedigree by himself.

Berlin, July 21, Schulenburg to Arendt, advising him to address himself directly to the mer- chants. Lee to Schulenburg, reporting events in America and expressing the hope that the king may soon renew his good will toward the Amer- icans in an active way. Frankfort, Aug. Schulenburg's reply to Lee. Lee to Schulenburg, expressing hope that the Prussians may effect peace between England and the United States, and assurance that the English people wish peace, etc.

Frankfort, Oct. Gillon to Schulenburg, as to re-entering Prussia. Frankfort-on-the-Main, Oct. Gillon to " Pierre Hasenclever Negt a Berlin ", same subject. Frankfort, Nov. Schulenburg to Gillon at Amsterdam. Madrid, Mar. Schulenburg to Carmichael, excusing himself from discussmg a convention as Prussia has no " homme de confiance " at Madrid, etc.

Ber- lin, Aug. Letter of Schulenburg declining to have the matter go through his hands and referring the petition to the king direct. Crantz to Schulenburg, on Van der Hay's proposals. Schulenburg to Crantz, same subject. Lee to Schulenburg, giving reports from Arnerica and enclosing extract from a private letter of Clinton. Brussels, May 25, Letter of Schulenburg, reporting his letter to the king.

Berlin, June i, William Carmichael to Schulenburg, giving reports of America. Aranjuez, June 8, William Carmichael to Schulenburg, only general reference to recognition. Madrid, Nov. Lee to Schulenburg, inquiring what manufactures can be had at Emden by American merchants, what duties are levied, etc. Lee speaks only for himself, not for the Congress. Brussels, Dec. French translation of the same, with the last paragraph crossed out in red ink. Schulenburg to the king, enclosing Lee's letter, except the last paragraph, which might bring up the question of a treaty again.

King's reply, declaring that perfect neutrality must be kept with the Amer- icans as with all states. Arendt to Schulenburg. Jacob's memorial to the king, offering a plan of Prussian " commercie in America". Euthen, May 27, Schulenburg's reply to Stilke, stating that the plan is not feasible.

1. Introduction

Berlin, June 17, Berlin 29 Rep. Staaten, Amerika 1. Original in the Library of Harvard University.

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  4. Then follows a note relating to the lost? Acta die Erbschaftsforderungen des Ackerbiirgers Ktihn in Amerika betrf. Contains documents relating to the estate of Maria Dildey and to her mother's brother George Christoph White's property in the parish of Raleigh in Virginia and dated as follows: Feb. Acta Vereinigte Provinzen von Amerika betr.

    This fascicle contains valuable papers relating to General von Steuben and the early relations of Prussia and America, among which the following may be noted: Fol. Traduction d'une Resolution du Congres. En Congres le 5 8br The answer to the letter is given by Graf Hertzberg as coming from King Frederick the Great, as is indicated at the top of the letter under date of Nov.

    Very interesting documents relating to Steuben's position in Europe and America. The letter is in reply to an inquiry of Lincoln, Secretary of War, in which he had asked for a detailed account of the pay, rations, subsistence, etc. Hertzberg replies, that the de- tailed answer would require much correspondence and could be more easily obtained through Steuben. Presented in full detail, as follows : Repositur XI. Extrait de la depeche du B. Duplicat E. The Hague, Feb. Be- ginning " Je me suis applique a remplir les ordres immediats ", etc. Cipher transliteration between the lines.

    Letter of Struensee. Letter of Finkenstein. Schulenburg to the " Department der Auswartigen Angelegenheiten ", asking for return of " Originalien " relating to the treaty. Both German. Traite d'amitie et de commerce conclu entre S. Signed: Gustave Philippe Comte de Creutz. Extrait de la depeche du Sr. Schulenburg to " Dep. Angelegenheiten ". Thulemeier " au Department des Affaires fitrangeres ". The Hague, Mar. Finkenstein to Schulenburg, sending copy of Thulemeier's postscript and asking for copy of the form of treaty approved by the king with the United States.

    Schulenburg to Department of Foreign Affairs, declaring that rough cloth and woolen wares should come second not last on the list. Traite d'Amitie et de Commerce conclu entre S. Letter of Finkenstein announcing the intention to send the treaty to Congress by the first ship to Philadelphia or Boston, " dahero diese Unterhandlung nunmehro wohl eine Zeitlang ruhen wird ". Thulemeier to the king " Duplicat " , enclosing "Observations faites par Sieur Adams, sur le pro jet d'un Traite ", etc.

    The Hague, May 18, Important, 2 pages. Finkenstein to Schulenburg, relating to Adams's " Anmerkungen ". Berlin, May 25, Schulenburg to Department of Foreign Affairs, asking whether Thule- meier shall be instructed to proceed with the negotiation. Berlin, May 30, Frederick to Schulenburg, relating to religious liberty and harboring vessels of reprisal, etc.

    Thomson, Sec. May 12, Finkenstein to Schulenburg, relating to changes made by the United States in the text of the treaty. Berlin 31 Schulenburg to the Department, relating to the " Contre-Projet " and particularly to articles 13 and Schulenburg to the Department of Foreign Affairs, sending a concept of the report. Finkenstein to Schulenburg, relating to the " Contre-Projet ", espe- cially article 13, contraband, etc. Thulemeier to the king, relating to declaring the port of Emden or Stet- tin free, with a copy of the communication of Adams, Frank- lin, and Jefferson, requesting free ports, dated Passy, Jan.

    Thulemeier to the king relating to " nouvelles Ouvertures " of the Amer- ican plenipotentiaries, with a copy of the " Ouvertures " in English and French, dated Passy, Mar. The Hague, Apr. Schulenburg to the Department, etc. Finkenstein to Schulenburg, on the Contre-Projet, Article 19, etc. Schulenburg to the Department of Foreign Affairs, relating to Article 19 and containing copy of the king's order to Thulemeier to yield the point, etc.

    Peter Hasenclever to Hertzberg, commenting on the treaty. Landeshutt, Apr. Thulemeier to the king, stating that the only point in the treaty to be settled is the term of years the Americans having suggested ten years , and enclosing copy of the treaty as agreed upon. The Hague, June 17, Potsdam, July 8, Letter of Finkenstein and Hertzberg authorizing Thulemeier to sign for ten years. Berlin, July 9, Letter of Finkenstein and Hertzberg, informing the king of the act. July 9, Finkenstein and Hertzberg to Thulemeier, with subscript to Schulen- burg relating to correction of some errors in the text.

    July 9, Schulenburg to the Department of Foreign Affairs, relating to errors in translation and copy of the " observation ". Thulemeier to the king, giving notice of the exchange, etc. The Hague, July 22, Thulemeier to the king, on Adams's request for explanations touching tobacco, indigo, oil, etc. The Hague, Aug. Finkenstein and Hertzberg to Schulenburg, touching the reply to Adams. Schulenburg to the Department, on same subject. Kehnert, Aug. Finkenstein and Hertzberg to Thulemeier, on same subject. Finkenstein and Hertzberg recommending that the king receive the copy presented by Mr.

    Schort, although it contains unessen- tial errors of the scribe. Ratification of the treaty in rough copy or draft by the king, dated Berlin, Sept. Finkenstein and Hertzberg to Thulemeier, communicating the king's order to finish the exchange. Finkenstein and Hertzberg to Schulenburg, same subject. Schulenburg to the Department, same subject. Thulemeier to the king, notifying him of the assurance of the American ratification, etc. The Hague, Oct. Thulemeier to the king, advising him of Adams's arrival to exchange the ratification papers.

    Struensee to the Cabinet Minister, on the treaty. Palleske to Struensee, giving account of trade conditions in America, etc. Philadelphia, June 28, Henry Edmund v. Lutterloh to the king, relating to treaty. Wilmington, " a I'America ", Sept. Lutterloh to " Excellence " Schulenburg , same subject. Wilmington, Sept. Lutterloh's proposal for a " Handels Compagnie ". Wilmington, North Carolina, Feb.

    Note relating to ratification. Finkenstein and Hertzberg to Schulenburg, stating that Wrede of Baltimore and Ludlow of New York have asked to be ap- pointed Prussian consuls and asking the opinion of the Min- ister on the subject. Thulemeier to the king, notifying him that at the request of Daniel Crom- melin and Son in Amsterdam he presents the following re- quest.

    Request of Crommelin and Son, relating to trade with America. Amster- dam, Oct. Reply of Schulenburg, stating that there is as yet no prospect of direct trade with America, and that the request will be scrutinized, etc. Wrede's application. Testimonial for Wrede. Letters of Finkenstein and Hertzberg, communicating the decision that Wrede is not well enough known to be made consul and will have to become qualified German , and that Ludlow can not be appointed for the same reason French.

    Both dated Berlin, Nov.

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    Berlin 33 Finkenstein and Hertzberg to the merchant Heinrich Willmanns of Bremen "der auch zum Konsul ernannt werden will" stating that His Majesty the King " aber nunjetzo keinen Gebrauch davon machen konnten, da Ihro Unterthanen noch keinen Handel nach Amerika treiben und derselbe nach den Westindischen Inseln nicht oifen noch frei ist folglich ein Preussischer Konsul dort von keinem Nutzen seyn kann ". Application of Willmanns. Bremen, Dec. Three papers relating to Lutterloh's application for the position of consul general in America.

    Wilmington, N. C, Aug. Cany, i continued. America 1. Contains papers relating to inheritances, a-h, except b and a part of e. Paleske, wegen seiner Wieder-Ansetzung, und wegen Remuneration. Die Fieselmannsche Erbgelder 33 Rthl. Seven papers and a note referring to the location of the " Laws of the United States ", etc. Acta de , d. An die Dorothea Sophia Riedeln geb. Boerstlingen allhier.

    Ihre Erbschafts-Forderung in America btr. Three papers relating to the efforts of Colonel Peers to enlist officers on the lower Elbe and in Prussia for American ser- vice. Request declined because the , already granted to the Americans have not been replaced and the supply can not be further reduced. Correspondence between Baron Alvensleben and Adams in re- gard to forwarding letters to Dr.

    Thomas Parker in Phila- delphia. Incidental reference to the Pennsylvania " Gutsbe- sitzer Humphry und Moses Marschal Esqurs", as having sent seeds of trees and useful plants to Germany Prussia. Papers relating to the plan of James Swan of Boston, member of the legislature of Massachusetts, to establish commercial relations between the Prussian states and North America and to introduce the sugar maple into Germany.

    Relates to the appoint- ment of Merry as minister to the United States in place of Liston. Reference also to Jefferson and the presidency of the United States. Ex actis V. A paper with note relating to the exportation of 4 million piasters from America to the Prussian states. A thick fascicle of papers giving much inter- esting detail. Acta betrf. Hearty approval of the appointment of Mr. There are 22 papers in all, including copy of Adams's commission in English. Acta wegen Bestellung des Kaufmann [J. C] Schulze [Schultze] zum Consul zu Baltimore.

    Acta des Konigl. Geheimen Staats-Archivs betreffend den am A thick fascicle of papers with the remark that the original of the " Tractat " is to be found in the Geheimes Archiv-Cabinet sub. The paper opening the subject is by John Q. Adams and written in French. Acta betr. Reste von Conv. Vereia Staaten. Small fascicle of papers. Berlin 35 3. Cons, in Hamburg. Intus : wegen verschiedener aus Hamburg nach Nord Amer- ika verschleppter Konigl. Namensliste der nach Amerika gebrachten Unterthanen, und Formular zur eventuellen Anzeige in den ofFentlichen Blattern.

    Wegen Verschickung verschiedener Konigl. Unterthanen zum Engli- schen Kriegsdienst. A thick fascicle of papers containing much valuable information, among them an inden- ture given by Scheffler to Jonathan Bradfield, dated Phila- delphia, Sept. Verzeichnis der im J. Jiirgens nach Philadelphia geschickten 31 Konigl. Unter- thanen nebst den fiir erbetenen Loskaufgeldern. A very interesting story of a Jew boy seek- ing passage for America. May 16, John M. Kreise ernannt. The copy of article X.

    Interesting account of the efforts of the merchants Wills and Co. List of sailings of the transports. July 12, Berlin, July 19, Acta des Ministeriums der auswartigen Angelegenheiten betr. Print of commercial treaty between Prussia and America. May i, French and German. Sommer in Philadelphia. Interces- sionen, D. Hardenberg B. Acta Koenigl. Geheimen Staats-Archivs betr. Vorschlag des g. Graf, die Inseln Rotunda und Sombrera in Besitz zu nehmen. On the inside is the following: " , Sept. Graf in Augsburg.

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    Zwecke der Etablirung des deutsch Westindischen Handels die Inseln Rotunda und Sombrera in Besitz zu nehmen und im dem- nachstigen Frieden f ormlich abtreten zu lassen ". Gen- eral Directorium in Berlin, proposing a plan of commercial exchange and offering to conduct such an exchange of Prus- sian wares in America in consideration of a yearly pension for life and travelling expenses to Berlin. The document of Jacob is important as showing possible articles of export and import and proposing thus early a " Handlungs-Compagnie ".

    Frankreich , Januar-Juni. Des preuss. Gesandten Br. Goltz Depeschen. Dispatches from the Paris office in French in part trans- literated from cipher and the royal dispatches in reply, also transliterated in part from cipher. Frankreich , Juli-Decbr. These papers furnish a good example of the pro-American sentiment in France, notably the dispatch of Goltz, Fontainebleau, Nov. King Fred- erick directs Goltz to send him any news on the war in Amer- ica which he may receive in France. Berlin 37 Gross Britannien Gesandten Gf.

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    Maltzan Depeschen. Dispatches of Maltzan in London and the replies from Potsdam and Berlin, transliterated in part from cipher. The answers of the king contain the same personal touches which char- acterize his other dispatches, as for example, the dispatch to Maltzan, Potsdam, Mar.

    In the dispatch, dated Oct. Je ne comprens pas meme, qui pourroit ou voudroit la fournier a I'Angle- terre. A dispatch of Frederick dated Potsdam, Nov. The king of Prussia is very positive in his determination not to furnish troops : " il me semble que Le souvenir de la conduite de I'Angl. Aussi serez vous bien prudent [? H-K really H-I. Grossbritannien Des Gesandten Graf en Maltzan Depeschen, etc.

    Dispatches, to a considerable extent in cipher, between Maltzan in London and the ministry in Berlin, among them one dated London, Feb. Petersburg than from Madrid, and disclosing in- teresting intrigues in European diplomacy. PoUtica , Des prss. Anhalt Geheime Auf- trage fiir den Kumpel [Kiimpel] u. Dazu Oberst Arendt containing the following : Letter of General von Anhalt recommending Captain Fatiasch, a com- rade of Kiimpel, for a special commission.

    Potsdam, Nov. Reply to the same. Letter of General von Anhalt relating to Goldmeier. Letter of Herzer requesting an annual compensation. Letter of General von Anhalt to Herzer, relating to the report of Herzer, etc. Letter of General von Anhalt relating to the same. Letter of Arendt. Philadelphia, Dec. Account of the battle, surrender, and forces at York [Town]. Handels- und Zoll Sachen, Fascicle of 28 documents containing among other things : Instruction fiir die zur Aufhebung der Monopolien allerhochst verord- nete Immediat-Commission.

    Berhn, Reasons why such commercial agreements can not yet be made are given, among them the inability of Americans to pay. Letter of Finanz-Rath von Wollner relating to wool and indigo. Matter relating to the export of money, etc. Paper signed by Werder, relating to a proposal made by the merchant Hasenclever of Landshut for the formation of a " Handlungs Gesellschaf t von Stettin nach Nord America ".

    The docu- ment is referred for further investigation to the " Combinir- ten General Departement ". Letter from E. Sinde, relating to a " Handlungs-Institut ". Papers of Struensee relating to finance and trade. Consulats und Schiffahrts- Sachen. Papers relating to the appointment of a consul for Virginia and Mary- land, signed by Schulenburg. Papers relating to other countries, such as Friesland, the Netherlands, and the Baltic ports, Danzig and Konigsberg. K aus Kabinetssachen R XL A large table of statistical matter relating to the thirteen colonies or states arranged under the following heads: Grafschaften, deutsche quadrat-Meilen, Einwohner weisse, Neger, Wilde , Handlungsstadte und Seehafen, Ein- fuhr, Producten und Ausfuhr, Flusse, Seen, Kiisten und Bayen, Specialien, Generalien, Fabriquen und Manufacturen.

    An important document containing an astonishing amount of information concerning the colonies. Other references to America may be found in the correspondence between the Foreign Office in Berlin and the legations in England and France. They are listed as follows in the repertorium : Grossbritannien. Maltzan, preuss. Kammerherr u. Gesandter, etc. Fach 34, Lit. Maltz Vol.

    Lusi, preuss. Gesandter, und seine Depeschen aus London. Fach 36, Lit. Goltz, preuss. Oberst, Kammerherr und Gesandter, seine Depeschen aus Paris, etc. XL Vol. H, I, K. I Jan. Abteilung I. July 2, May 7, July 2, Bestellung als General Consul. Instruction als solcher, vid. Ausstellung des G. Sasse als Legations Secretair. July 17, Dessen Vereidung. July 26, Autorisation, dass Sasse nach Europa zuriickgesendet warden kann. Greuhm wird iiberlassen, mit Urlaub nach Berlin zuriickzukeh- ren.

    Greuhm ist den 24 Juny abends in Berlin angekommen. Herrn Ls. Greuhms abermalige Sendung nach Nordamerica. Genehmigt von Sr. Majestat durch Cab. Order d. Teplitz, Aug. Reiset von Berlin ab nach Bremen, den 6 Juny Hat sich von Bremen nach Hamburg begeben und dort am 8 July nach America eingeschifft, wo er den 31 Aug. Stirbt den i Dec. Correspondance avec la mission du Roi. Copies of letter of John Quincy Adams. Liste des Agents diplomatiques Residans pres les fitats Unis d'Amerique. Letters of Greuhm in French and German, enclosing clippings, reports, etc.

    Such for example as the follow- ing: " Sur les relations commerciales entre les fitats Unis et la Grande Bretagne. Letter of Ancillon to Greuhm containing important reflections and re- marks relating to America, particularly that dated Berlin, Mar. Letters mostly in German from Greuhm relating to American affairs. Letters and clippings from Greuhm. June 11, i82S-Dec. For the most part let- ters and clippings from Niederstetter in Philadelphia relating to both North and South American affairs, with special refer- ence to commerce and trade, and enclosing important clip- pings and other printed matter.

    Continuation of Nieder- stetter's letters and clippings relating thereto. June 19, Dec. Letters, clippings, and other printed matter sent by Ronne to the Ministry of For- eign Affairs in Berlin. Peter thor Straten, Der Schimmelhengst graste auch weiterhin desinteressiert weiter.

    The French & Indian War - THE SNOWSHOE COMPANIES 1745 - 1763

    Aber sie wartete gar nicht erst eine Antwort ab. Julia Gabriel, Patrick Klink. Patrick Klink, Christian Koller, Herbstausflug Indian Summer am romantischen Rhein. Und die Natur macht auf Indian Summer — und das unglaublich gut. Eichen, Buchen, Pappeln und Weinlaub leuchten verschwenderisch in allen Schattierungen Der Schotte ist damit das Mitglied im Die Indian Springfield soll die Herzen von Indian -Fans erobern, die sowohl einen auf das Wesentliche reduzierten Cruiser als auch einen tourentauglichen Im Halbfinale setzte sich der Serbe gegen Rafael Nadal durch.

    Damit liegt er auch im Indian [online].

    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)
    „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition) „The French and Indian War“ aus der Sicht Großbritanniens (German Edition)

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