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He is the leader of the seven Enoch, xc. On the other hand, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Fanuel Penuel are introduced as "the four angels of the face of the Lord. In Enoch, lxxi. They correspond with the four tutelary spirits or rulers of the four parts of the earth in the Babylonian mythology Beer, following Jensen, "Cosmologie d. Babylonier," p. For the twenty-four elders seated around the throne of God in heaven next to the four beasts and the seven spirits, Apoc.

John, iv. Then again mention is made of seven classes of angels Enoch, lxi. They are endowed with seven angelic virtues—one more than is ascribed to the Messiah ibid. A parallel to this is offered by the Testaments of the Patriarchs in Test. Levi, iii. And in the heaven below this are the angels who bear the answers to the angels of the presence of the Lord, and in the heaven next to this are thrones and dominions in which hymns are offered to God; in the third heaven there are hosts of the armies ordained for the day of judgment, to work vengeance on the spirits of deceit and of Belial; the second has fire, snow, and ice ready, all the spirits of retribution for the day of judgment; and the lowest is gloomy because it is near the iniquities of men.

In another vision ibid. Levi sees seven men in white raiment, the seven archangels, each consecrating him and investing him with some insignia of the priesthood; while Michael, "the angel who intercedeth for the race of Israel," opens the gates of heaven for him, where he sees the holy Temple and the Most High upon a throne of glory ibid.

In the Slavonic Book of Enoch, written a little before the beginning of the common era, the heavenly hierarchy is still more fully developed. Enoch, taken up by two angels of fiery appearance Shemiel and Raziel, xxxiii. In the fifth he sees the watchers, four orders, in grief over their fallen fellow angels, but still singing, at his monition, and sounding four trumpets in praise of the Lord.

In the sixth heaven legions of angels more resplendent than the sun, the archangels set over the sun, the stars, the seasons, the rivers, the vegetation, the living things, and the souls of men, with seven phenixes seraphim? And finally, in the seventh heaven:. Day and night without ceasing they sing: 'Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth, heaven and earth are full of Thy glory!

For the thrones, principalities, dominions, and powers, compare Col. Steinschneider, p. Reubeni to Gen. Of the vastness of the armies of heaven the following description is given by R. Simon b. As he arrived at the second gate, Hadraniel, who exceeded the former , parasangs in length, came with his darts of fire to smite him, but God interfered.

Standing behind the heavenly chariot, he weaves crowns for the Most High, while all the hosts of heaven sing, 'Blessed be the glory of the Lord from His place. Then Moses came to the stream of fire which consumes even the angels; and God caused him to pass through unscathed. Finally, the troop of the mighty angels standing around the throne of glory threatened to consume Moses by the breath of their mouth: but Moses seized the throne of glory; and the Lord spread His cloud over him [according to Job, xxvi.

Friedmann, pp. This ascension of Moses is described more elaborately in the Shir ha-Shirim Rabba fragment, ed. Wertheimer, "Bate Midrashot," iv. Yishmael in Wertheimer, "Bate Midrashot," i. Hebrew theology knows of no principle of evil such as is the Persian Ahriman. Satan is one of the sons of God Job, i. This makes the problem of evil all the more difficult.

The Biblical story of the sons of God marrying the daughters of men Gen. Taken together with the Babylonian? Fallen angels became progenitors of hosts of evil spirits and seducers of men to crime and vice. Still, they were finally subjugated by the power of heaven, and punished by the archangels Raphael and Gabriel, and consequently a knowledge of their names would enable one to control them. This is the idea pervading the Enoch story of the fall of the angels, which rests on two different sources, now incorporated, in a fragmentary form, into one Enoch, vi.

According to the one, Azazel Lev. As the story is presented in Enoch, the two rebel leaders, when they take the oath on Mount Hermon to subvert the rule of heaven, have each ten chieftains and one hundred angels at their command. Some angels were afterward guilty of betraying divine secrets heard from behind the curtain , Ber. In Gen. Johanan places the creation of the angels on the second day, referring to Ps. According to the Slavonic Book of Enoch, God created them on the second day out of fire. The bodies of angels are radiant, their faces like lightning, their eyes as flaming torches Prayer of Aseneth, xiv.

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Angels worship God at certain hours of the day Apoc. Mosis, 17; Testament of Abraham, B , iv. There are , myriads of angels the numerical value of the Hebrew word sovereignty, or ,, the equivalent of hosts glorifying God from sunrise to sunrise Tanna debe Eliyahu. Friedman, pp. A guardian angel of Israel is mentioned in the apocryphal Epistle of Jeremy, 7.

An angel carries Habakkuk by the hair of his head from Judea to Babylon to bring the pottage he has prepared for Daniel in the lions' den apocryphal additions to Dan. This is the so-called "whisper of the angels" referred to in Zunz, "G. Michael initiated Adam and Seth into the secrets of creation Apoc.

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Mosis, iii. Michael initiated Abraham into the secret lore Testament of Abraham, xi. The angel of the face instructed Abraham in Hebrew, the language of creation; revelation thus enabling him to study the holy writings of the first fathers Book of Jubilees, xii. Moses, who received all his knowledge from the angel of the face Book of Jubilees, i. Uriel disclosed to Ezra the mysteries of life II Esd. Suriel, the angel of the face, instructed R. Elisha in laws of hygiene Ber. But at times they also betray jealousy and fear, begrudging man his knowledge of hidden things.

The angels mediate between God and man. They carry the prayers up to the throne of God Tobit, xii. According to Ex. Angels intercede for those who dwell on earth Enoch, xl. They pray for Adam's pardon Apoc. Mosis, 33 , and offer praise to God after the same has been granted ibid. But in the same manner in which they place the prayers and good deeds of the righteous before God, they also bring the sins of the evil-doers before Him Enoch, xcix. They "write down all the deeds and lives before the face of the Lord" Slavonic Book of Enoch, xix.

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These records, in the Testament of Abraham, B, x. From these they read off in the great Judgment Hall of the nether world the register of the sins or the righteous deeds of the soul. Angels minister to Adam Sanh. Mosis, 38 , attend the funeral of Abraham Testament of Abraham, A , xx. Angels bring the souls of the righteous to heaven Testament of Abraham, A , xx. Song of Solomon, iv. Angels accompany the dead on their departure from this world.

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The angels that execute God's judgment are called "the angels of punishment" Enoch, lvi. John, vii. Their fierceness and their mode of punishment are described in the Testament of Abraham, A, xii. They "sling the souls of the wicked from one end of the world to the other" Shab. God keeps these angels of destruction far from Himself, lest they strike at once, thus affording the people no opportunity for repenting Yer. Ta'anit, ii. According to John's Apocalypse Rev.

In the Talmud, Dumah, the angel of silence after Ps. He announces the arrival of newcomers in Sheol Ber. In Testament of Abraham, A , xiii. The tendency to individualize and to give each angel a distinct name and assign to him a particular charge or position grew among the haggadists and devotees of secret lore:—. In Ex. They receive their name in accordance with their message, wherefore they can not tell their names Num. Of the three angels that came to Abraham, Michael, the guardian angel of Israel, brought the tidings of Isaac's birth; Gabriel, the angel of heavenly vengeance and of fire, had to overthrow Sodom; and Raphael rescued Lot" B.

Michael to the right, Uriel to the left, Gabriel in front, and Raphael in the rear of the throne Num.

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Padael is the name given to the angel who appeared to Samson's parents in the apocryphal history of Philo "Jew. Over each force and element of life an angel is placed: one over the winds Rev. In the Hebrew Enoch Jellinek, "B. A few of these names recur in Enoch, viii. The angel of night is called Lailah Sanh. The one set over the sea, Sar shel yam Gen. He was slain by God at the Creation, because he refused to swallow the water for the drying of the land; and his body is covered by water lest all creatures should perish from his stench compare also Pes.

A , xxxvii. An angel set over the beasts is mentioned in Hermas' "Visions," iv. Already in Dan. In Enoch, lxxxix. With these seventy-one angel-princes of the world God sits in council when holding judgment over the world Hebrew Enoch; Jellinek, "B. They are the "gods" whom the Lord crushes before He executes His punishment upon the nations in their charge Suk.

These angel-princes of the nations— of Babel, Media, Greece, Syria, and Rome—Jacob saw in his dream ascending and descending the ladder Gen. The angel with whom Jacob wrestled was the angel-prince of Edom Gen. Wayosha'; Jellinek, "B. But Michael, the angel-prince of Jerusalem Zion, Targ. There is, however, a special angel-prince set over the world, Sar ha-'olam Yeb.

He composed the verses, Ps. An angel of mankind is mentioned also Apoc. Mosis, He has been identified, whether correctly or incorrectly see Tos. In order fully to resemble the court of the Persian King of Kings, the heavenly court is put in charge of a vice-regent, the sar ha-Panim "prince of the divine face". According to the Testament of Job lii. His "name is like the name of his Master" Sanh. Windischmann, "Zoroastrische Studien," pp. This vice-regent is probably identical with the archangel Jehoel mentioned in Apoc.

Abraham, x. Besides these, sixty-three angels are mentioned as janitors of the seven heavens "Hekalot," xv. Mention is made also of Ofaniel, Seraphiel, Cherubiel, as chiefs of the ofanim, seraphim, and cherubim; of Rikbiel and Hailael Hayael? Zunz counts forty angels mentioned in the liturgy "S.

These are increased to the extent of thousands, with names far beyond intelligibility or recognition, but scarcely, as Zunz thinks "G. In the Testament of Solomon translated by Conybeare, "Jew. Asmodeus answers that he is frustrated by Raphael, the archangel; another demon answers Paltiel is his antagonist; a third, Uriel, etc. The magic book "The Sword of Moses," published and translated by M. Gaster London, , is based upon the same principle, as are parts of the Book of Raziel ascribed to Eleazar of Worms.

In Pseudo-Sirach ed. A strange story is told in Yalk. But God, having decreed the fall of the city, had changed the names of the angels when Hananeel summoned up the prince of the world by using the Ineffable Name, and he lifted Jerusalem into the air, but God cast it down again.

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To this the verse Lam. The charge of angel-worship raised against the Jews, based upon Col. Paul had probably the same Gnostic sect in mind that Celsus refers to when he repeats the charge of Aristides "Apology," xiv. Of these seven archons Celsus, vi. But this Ophite sect has nothing to do with the Jews. On the contrary, R. Ishmael, in Mek. Zarah, 42 b. The invocations of angels occurring in the liturgy were addressed to them as mediators, not as helpers.

Still many rabbinical authorities disapproved of such invocations see the literature in Zunz, "S. However great the tendency to enlarge the number and the influence of the angels over life, there is, on the other hand, great stress laid upon the fact that the angels are in many respects inferior to man.

What does the Bible teach about angels?

Already Enoch xv. Before his fall his place was within the precincts of God's own majesty, where the angels can not stay Gen. Philo was inclined to accept the existence of angels as a fact far more than his allegorical system would lead one to surmise. He was prompted to do so through the example of the Stoics: "Beings whom other philosophers called demons, Moses usually called angels"; they are "souls hovering in the air"; "some have descended into bodies; others have not thought fit to approach any part of the earth; and these, hallowed and surrounded by the ministrations of the Father, the Creator employs as assistants and ministers for the care of the mortals.

And, with reference to this, Holy Scripture represents them as 'ascending and descending. Not God, but we mortals are in need of a mediator and intercessor" idem , "On Dreams," i. Yet, as men speak of God and of evil demons and of good and evil souls, so theyspeak of angels, calling them ambassadors of man to God and of God to man; and they are holy because of this blameless and honorable office.

Knowing this, we submit and allow the divine will to seize and mould us by whatever experience is appropriate to the theme we are working with. For each of these volumes we are given one year, one solar orbit, to complete the assignment — from studying and transcribing the original tutorials, to creative processing, to writing, re-writing editing and, finally, to artistic production and layout. The essence of the initiatic journey necessary to provide the authentic experience informing this volume was a sequence of experiences that were highly polarizing, characterized by great disruptions and dislocations.

How did this occur? Several years ago, we were called by inner guidance to relocate to a remote region of the Earth, the better to focus on the cosmic nature of our duties. What began as the answer to a summons, turned out to be a testing and initiation at a number of levels. We were entered into a labyrinth of programs that expressed in a microcosm of events the totality of the struggle of the human soul during the cycle of history….

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Excerpt from Gate 4: Esoteric Personality. The journey through the labyrinth is a process of hermetic transmutation — transforming the inauthentic persona back into the true self. We are each responsible for the harmonious resolution of all tensions and polarities within our own being. Such work is never easy, for it involves full confrontation of the lesser self, and the bringing to light of that which would otherwise shun the light. To exemplify the courage to change is already heroic. At the same time, it is a wise admonition that the best way to dispel evil is to make energetic progress in the good.

Hermetic transmutation is a mental art that requires the cultivation of will. Determine, to begin with, to be really good, says Eliphas Levi, and all that you do will be good. Will is the quality of the alignment of the third-dimensional self with the fourth-dimensional soul essence, as guided by the fifth-dimensional guardian or angel.

The cultivation of will provides the direction or force of momentum that helps us to attain higher ends on behalf of the All. In this process of hermetic transmutation, we must persevere with invincible patience.

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The first step is to take heed of our inner motives and make them pure. This means we must be honest with ourselves and see things clearly, fairly and objectively, so that we can judge rationally and not allow ourselves to be carried away by prejudice or passion. It is a sacred struggle to pass from the conditioned self to the self of the higher harmony; it is a sacred struggle to remain awake to conditioned social factors. For this reason, it is of comfort to hear stories of initiates who have tread the path before us working on behalf of the Higher Plan.

This Gate 4 focuses on the constellation of esoteric and hermetic personalities that arose in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Because these esotericists appeared in the industrial age, they are set apart from personalities of earlier times. Through their lives and teachings we can begin to feel a mini fractal of the cycle of transformation over the last years…. During the course of this writing, the following personalities made their presences known the most strongly: Eliphas Levi, Madame Blavatsky, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, G.

All of these adepts or initiates form aspects of a higher template of order that prepares the ground for the emergence of a new evolutionary type. This higher comprehension of order and harmony comprises all parts of one larger body, similar to the mystical body of Christ. Below is a brief biography of each of these pioneers of esoteric thought, who carved new paths into the future that still influence our world today…. Excerpt from Gate Sex and the Coming Noogenesis. Sexual energy as an evolutionary force has the power to unlock the plasmas, radion, prana and apana stored primarily in the root chakra.

In Hindu tradition, the dynamic aspect of this energy is called shakti and is considered the foundation of consciousness. Release of this energy activates the chakras and psychoactive nerve centers that are aligned with the sushumna or the central channel of the body. Universal regeneration is a function of the equalization of opposite forces in a self-created unified field.

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The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels
The Angel Chronicles:Books I-V The Guardian Angels

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