So...what are you saying?

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A journalist may just have been told something revelatory, or shocking that has taken them totally by surprise.

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She became the translator for her television audience. An interview is not the place to show off with complex words that could leave others confused.

10 Ways to Say “How Are You?” in French (+ 10 Ways to Respond)

You can avoid this by not engaging with an aggressive line of questioning: when they go low, you go high. Remember to stay calm and keep the interview conversational. But pushing an interviewee is also a practical tool used by journalists to make their guests get to the point.

Ms Newman knew they needed a pithy exchange to make the cut. We have a team of trainers, each with decades of experience working as journalists, presenters, communications coaches and media trainers.

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It's used to ask someone "what do you think about this? It is old-fashioned and appears mostly in spoken English these days. The expression can also be a slightly aggressive way to ask a question. In this context, "what say you?

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You made your choice, but what say you to young people who struggle with that dilemma even as we speak? It is also part of the old-fashioned and more formal language of courts of law, and is used to ask about decisions or to ask a defendant to issue an official plea of "guilty" or "not guilty":.

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Lazer Lazer 1, 8 8 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges. In Modern German for instance you would say: "Was sagst du? Some of the word orders in Shakespeare are exactly like in German. Example from Otello: "What say'st thou? Just because it's archaic, doesn't make What say you ungrammatical. FumbleFingers FumbleFingers k 34 34 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

What are the Most Offensive Phrases?

So for an important exchange, formal language helps with clarity. Yes, I think you're right about observing formalities.

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  • It seems similar to call-and-response or ritualistic speech e. It has a slightly urgent but familiar tone: What say you, Mr. Will we have an early frost this year? I think she should take a semester off before returning to college. What say you?

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    You've heard all the evidence. What say you to that?

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    • What say you, foreperson?

      So...what are you saying? So...what are you saying?
      So...what are you saying? So...what are you saying?
      So...what are you saying? So...what are you saying?
      So...what are you saying? So...what are you saying?
      So...what are you saying? So...what are you saying?
      So...what are you saying? So...what are you saying?

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