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Now check your email to confirm your subscription and get a spreadsheet for tracking your writing. Writing your first book is a time-consuming creative project that demands months or even years of your time. Before you decide to write a book, ask yourself if you have the mental resources, creative energy and time to do it. You might be unsure of what a book should achieve and how to publish it. Book writing, like any skill, takes time to develop. You need to learn skills like writing the first draft, self-editing, arranging your ideas and so on.

Your strengths and weaknesses, life experiences and even the books you read play a crucial role in shaping the author you will become. Stephen King, for example, threw the draft of his first book in the bin. You have to spend hours researching, writing and rewriting the book and sitting alone in a room with only your words and ideas for company.

Spend an hour or two browsing Amazon and finding Kindle books about your topic. Look for books in your niche with a sales ranking below 30, Read at least five of the books in your niche, taking note of the titles, categories and ideas behind each book. Study both good and bad reviews for these books so you can see what readers liked and disliked and how you can do better. A writer can do this is by combining several ideas from various books and remixing the information with their own writing.

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You have to cater to a certain demographic, so having a clear idea about your intended audience can go a long way in shaping your book. For instance, J. Rowling wrote her books primarily targeting teenagers and young adults reading for pleasure. Her books catered to a universal audience and became a cult phenomenon due to her magical storytelling abilities.

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Leaving Haven

They write from the seat of their pants, inventing things as they go along, and are happy to see where their characters take them. They write with a connection to God, their muse or their subconscious. They decide what they want to write about in advance. Identify a subject or an area of expertise about which you can write at length and let your imagination soar. Free writing is one way to explore your interests. Writing a book is free unless you count your time , but publishing a book is not.

So budget for hiring an editor, proofreader and cover designer. Recently, I spent:. Read this review of ProWritingAid vs. Whitesmoke vs. He uses an analog system of flashcards to record lessons and stories from each of these books and highlights what he reads. For instance, your story might take place in real-world locations, which means readers will expect accuracy. Develop a system for recording and organizing your research. I use my Kindle to highlight key sections in the books I read. Once a week I review these highlights and record notes about them in Evernote.

Achieving that level of endurance requires many sessions to build the discipline and strength to finish a marathon. Today, write a few paragraphs about a single idea or piece of research for your non-fiction book. Tomorrow, write about another idea. As long as you move forwards with your first draft each day, you will reach the end of your first draft. In another life, I was a journalist, and part of my job involved interviewing politicians, business people and even authors. The interviews that caused me the most problems were more than 60 minutes long because they took hours to listen to and transcribe.

You can also save a lot of time by getting your interviews transcribed for a dollar a minute using Rev. In other words, research forms the backbone of what he writes. He dedicates entire chapters to describing the origins and operations of an intelligence agency. This process indicates in-depth research. Besides, you can always continue to research your book as you write … once you have a system for capturing your ideas as you go. I started by reading dozens of books about creativity, writing and productivity over the course of a year before deciding to tackle this topic.

I extracted the ideas I wanted to write about. Then I turned them into provisional chapter titles and recorded them on fifty index cards, one for each potential chapter. On each card, I created a rough list of ideas in the form of five-to-ten bullet points. I also noted other books and stories to reference. Then I pinned these index cards to a wall near where I write so I could live with this outline for a few weeks.

I spent several more weeks working on the outline before transferring it to my computer and expanding upon each bullet point. Write an outline to help guide you in the right direction, making sure your chapters follow a logical progression. All you are doing when you write an outline is creating a blueprint that you can use as a reference. You might want to write about book a sports or diet regime, tell a personal story or offer a guide to a complex topic like teaching science to kids.

During the editing process, your controlling idea or thesis statement will help you assess whether each chapter achieves its purpose. It will help you prop your book on a firm foundation. A typical non-fiction book consists of between 60, and 80, words, and a typical novel can be anywhere from 60, to , words. So if you want to write a non-fiction book, and you commit to writing 1, words a day, it will take you 60 days to write the first draft if you write every day. Instead, aim to write five or six days every week. The same is true for writing as well.

Ideally, your writing space should be sparse and devoid of distractions. That means no televisions, game consoles and so on. You could put inspirational posters on the wall or look out onto your garden. That said, many successful authors prefer working while facing the wall because the outside is distracting.

The poet Raymond Carver wrote many of his early poems in his car. Writing the first draft of a book is intimidating. Instead, find somewhere you can write quietly for an hour, and do all you can to get the words out of your head and onto the blank page. The first draft is sometimes called the vomit draft Eww! I find it helpful to set a target word count for my writing sessions. I usually aim to write 1, words in an hour, set a timer and open Scrivener. Get Help Writing Your Book. As long as you have a skeleton of the book that you can refine and rework, your rough draft is a success.

Your story needs a good beginning, a juicy middle portion and a cracker of an ending. Jumping straight into the middle of a chapter will help you gain momentum faster. Jump into the middle, and figure out how to write the introduction. Then take your first draft chapter by chapter. Write your book with the sole intention of putting the story that is stuck in the recesses of your memory onto a paper.

In this state, your fingers move automatically over the keyboard.

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Sentences become paragraphs, and paragraphs become chapters. I wrote my first book when I was working in a job I disliked, just after my wife had our daughter. Even if I did, I lacked the mental discipline to do it. However, I quickly found that when I put writing last in the day, it was least likely to happen. I cannot stress the importance of hard work. Now, I block-book time in my calendar for writing every morning at a. It helps that my daughter is now five. Managing your writing time also means saying no to other activities and ideas—if they take you away from the blank page.

Getting from page one to The End is a long race, and it sometimes gets lonely, but the hard work will pay off. If you write non-fiction, explore a setback or challenge you faced while trying to achieve a specific outcome. Extract a story from your journal it helps. Put your first draft down, read other books that inspire you, visit an art gallery or listen to a podcast by someone you admire.

Writing and publishing a book takes months, depending on the subject, so set small milestones for yourself. Ernest Hemingway recorded his daily word count on a board next to where he wrote, so as not to kid himself. Tracking your daily word count will help measure your word count and see how far you need to go to reach your target for writing your first book.

During these rewrites, concern yourself with shaping your ideas and working on the flow and structure of your book. After spending weeks or months working on an idea, I find that the work becomes too hot to touch, let alone edit. Look for words and sentences to change and ideas to remove and expand upon. Mark your manuscript with a pen and continue reading.

The American novelist and editor Sol Stein likens the process of reviewing the first draft to performing triage on a patient. From the very first page I was hooked. I wanted to know I'm still thinking about it! There are a number of surprise twists to the story, I was shocked! Have you ordered it yet? What are you waiting for? Sep 29, Carrie Ardoin rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own-this , tour , tearjerker.

I am a mother, first and foremost, so I was definitely intrigued by a book that had a mother leaving her baby the day after giving birth. When I read how much the woman, Georgia, wanted the baby, it made even less sense to me that she would abandon him. But as the book delved deeper into the reasons for Georgia's actions, it became clear to me that she was a very broken woman indeed.

Georgia and Alice have been best friends for 13 years--until something happens that shatters both of their familie I am a mother, first and foremost, so I was definitely intrigued by a book that had a mother leaving her baby the day after giving birth. Georgia and Alice have been best friends for 13 years--until something happens that shatters both of their families.

Both women's lives are thrown into upheaval, but they way they handle things is totally different. Georgia is creative, impulsive, but a fiercely loving mother; so it's completely unlike her to just up and leave the son she's been trying to have for over 10 years. Alice is meticulous, a planner. She clings to her child and husband with all she's got. But it's not enough. Obviously, there is a huge reveal in this book that I do not want to spoil for you, so I'm kind of dancing around it. The story is told from both Alice and Georgia's points of view, so we get each woman's thoughts on what happened and how they are dealing with it.

Both are mothers to now teenage girls who are friends. That's one of the only things they have in common, yet their friendship has endured to this point. I liked both Georgia and Alice; I just thought each had their flaws. As a mother, it's easy for me to say, "How could you leave your baby? I liked that the writing was rather straightforward. There was some exposition, but no long flowery paragraphs that made me want to skim over them. The writing was at times as raw as the women's feelings--you felt what each of them were feeling, even though they were on opposite sides, you could relate to their thoughts.

I also thought the title was very clever.

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Each woman is leaving a haven of their own. Georgia, literally, as the baby was named Haven. Alice begins to resent the safe haven she has in her husband and her predictable life. This was a great read with plenty of heartfelt moments. The ending leaves things open and messy, but that's real life in these kinds of situations.

Leaving Haven by Kathleen McCleary

View 1 comment. Oct 01, Kate Moretti rated it it was amazing. I loved this novel. The characters were perfectly drawn to be both likeable and flawed. There was no happily ever after, and I strongly suspect McCleary isn't done with Alice and Georgia based on the ending which would be fine with me.

The only part of this novel I struggled with is the backward AND forward timeline. I don't mind working for the plot a bit, but I did have to keep flipping back and forth to understand who was in what point in time. The story lines of the two main characters are I loved this novel. The story lines of the two main characters are intertwined, and the converging timeline made this sometimes difficult to follow. This novel ticks all the right boxes for me: an interesting plot, deep, thoughtful, characterization and beautifully nuanced writing.

Aug 08, Sarah Flanagan rated it it was amazing. Loved this! It is dying for a sequel! How can you like all of these characters when they are in such a messy situation? Nov 08, Patty rated it it was amazing. This is a book about families and friendships that take a really wrong turn! My thoughts after reading this book Georgia and Alice are best friends.

They vacation together, they both have daughters the same age, they talk daily. Georgia is something of a baby whisperer and unlike Alice has been trying to have a baby for the last ten years She needs an egg donor and Alice decides to do that for Georgia. Once this happens it seems as though things go really horribly wrong. What I loved about this book This book had a cast of lovely and fascinating characters. Georgia and her sisters Polly and Chessy are funny, sweet and endearing.

Alice and her mother are a study in dysfunction. John and Duncan The affair What I did not love I did not love the ending I felt as though I didn't know where everyone was headed Final thoughts I really loved this book. It was funny and sad and spicy and absorbing. It reminded me of Emily Giffin's books and Elin Hildebrand books. It was that good! View all 5 comments. Oct 16, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. Physical infidelity is the signal, the notice given, that all fidelities are undermined.

Excellently written but difficult. I tend to place myself in character's roles as most of us do, I think and I found myself pondering what I would do in the many different situations found in the book - from all the characters points of view. The storyline is a bit convoluted with varying non-linear timelines and I found myself real Physical infidelity is the signal, the notice given, that all fidelities are undermined.

The storyline is a bit convoluted with varying non-linear timelines and I found myself really having to pay attention to "who" was up to bat, so to speak, and "when. NOTE: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Oct 17, Sandie rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! It's mostly the story of best friends Georgia and Alice. They are both mothers with daughters the same age. Both are married, but live totally different lives and had radically different backgrounds. The first half of this book jumps around in time, but by part two you understand the backgrounds of both women and their husbands and daughters.

Both Alice and Georgia make choises that will forever change their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Friendship, betrayal and how to I loved this book! Friendship, betrayal and how to overcome the rough patches in life make this a book that most can relate to, even if you haven't had the same experiences. Well written! I look forward to reading more books by Kathleen McCleary.

Dec 11, Janice rated it liked it. I have mixed feeling about this book. I had great hopes with the unique twist in the story line. The book had the opportunity to be so much more than it was - a soap opera of a story. I could not connect with the characters.

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I don't know if I buy that one of them would have an affair with her best friend's husband just months after doing a selfless act for that very friend. I think the feelings for the baby and each other and their marriages were believable but lost that believability in trying I have mixed feeling about this book. I think the feelings for the baby and each other and their marriages were believable but lost that believability in trying to create a happy ending where, if in reality, there would be none.

Oct 03, Maxwell03 rated it it was amazing. Drew me in from the first paragraph, and I couldn't put this book down. Told from the alternating persectives of two women and bouncing from past to present , McCleary examines the most complex relationships mother and daughters, husbands and wives, best friends with emotion and empathy. Although this is each woman's individual and connected story, the dialogue and narrative reveal the supporting characters' motivations and feelings, too.

Didn't want this book to end. Highly recommended! Jul 09, Laura rated it it was amazing. Love love love this story. I'm hoping we will see these characters again in another of Kathleen's novels. I would enjoy seeing how Haven grows up with this interesting family situation. I laughed and cried my way through this uniquely presented story. And I wish Georgia and Alice lived in my neighborhood! Mar 08, Kim rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. I really hope for a sequel to see Georgia and John try to heal their marriage. I highly recommend this book,and hope to read more! Jul 22, Anita rated it it was amazing Shelves: digital-arc , books-read-in Loved this book.

Nothing all pretty and tied up with a now in this book. A story of friendship, family, betrayal,loss, and forgiveness So good!! Feb 22, Melinda Lang rated it it was amazing. Loved it! This writer reminds me of T. Greenwood, who is one of my favorites. The writing is great and she developed the characters perfectly One of the best parts about the story is that it doesn't have a sappy, spoon-fed ending. Oct 02, Erin added it. You see, the author made Alice as the one that "aware" of how wrong this affair is, she also the one that "hold" the lust and she also the one that ENDED it.

But John, is John's affair is more deep, damage, demeaning his n giorgia's 20 years relationship. But what John and Giorgia had in this novel is like a half baked coockies. Giorgia hasnt asked john about "WHY? John's character is also a big question here. Nov 06, Diane rated it really liked it. Leaving Haven is a wonderful novel about friendship, family and marriage. Georgia is married to John, a sexy, hardworking chef, and they have teenage daughter Liza.

Georgia has been trying for years to have a second child, but she has suffered many miscarriages and has just about given up all hope when her best friend Alice offers to donate a egg. Alice is married to Duncan, a practical, hardworking lawyer who provided a safe haven for Alice, the only child of a single woman who would frequently Leaving Haven is a wonderful novel about friendship, family and marriage. Alice is married to Duncan, a practical, hardworking lawyer who provided a safe haven for Alice, the only child of a single woman who would frequently leave young Alice on her own while she worked and socialized.

Their daughter Wren is best friends with Liza. The novel opens with Georgia, having just given birth to her son, abandoning him at the hospital. John is frantic and calls Alice to help him with the baby, who won't stop crying. Why has Georgia left the baby and her family behind? She had postpartum depression when Liza was born, but what would make her leave this baby whom she so desperately wanted? The chapters alternate between Alice and Georgia, as well as back in time, as we learn the story behind Georgia's disappearance.

Alice and Georgia have two very different personalities. Alice describes Georgia as " open, honest, direct. She even bakes cakes for a living, a nurturing profession. Georgia lost her mom when she was twelve and became a mother figure to her younger sisters Polly and Chessy. Polly is mom to four youngsters and Chessy is the youngest, still trying to find herself, and the relationship among the sisters was my favorite part of the book; it was the one relationship that rang most true to me.

I would love to see more of the sisters, maybe in a later book. Alice was, according to Georgia, "all the things that Georgia wasn't- confident, organized, practical. Georgia felt reassured by Alice's steadiness, her unflappable common-sense approach to everything. While Georgia is on bedrest for the baby and going stir crazy, a problem arises between Liza and Wren.

Alice would normally go to Georgia with this, but Georgia can't be upset right now. Duncan quit his job and took a much lower paying one without talking it over with Alice, and Alice's unreliable mother is moving to Argentina.

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All these things combine to make Alice feel unmoored and she makes a bad decision. I have to admit to having a hard time understanding Alice and what she does, but this paragraph helped. And the bullying with Wren- it made me so angry; I didn't know what to do with all that feeling. The book could have become a little nighttime soap-opera-y, but McCleary makes the reader feel for the people and root for them to work it all out. I liked that the ending is open, as this is a situation that can't be resolved overnight or in a month or a year. Sep 26, Cheryl rated it really liked it.

Georgia and her husband have hit a rocky spot in their life. They have only one child. Georgia has struggled with many miscarriages. She wants to try for one more child but her biological clock is ticking fast. Alice and her husband are also experiencing troubles in their marriage. When Alice hears that Georgia is in need of some eggs, she offers up some of her's. Then the unexpected happens Georgia gets pregnant and Alice starts an affair with her husband.

As soon as you pick up this book to Georgia and her husband have hit a rocky spot in their life. As soon as you pick up this book to start reading it, you will be sucked in for the emotional journey. The person that I felt the most connected to in this book was Georgia. She had so many emotions and she felt real to me. LIke someone that I could know. I do applaud Georgia. She is a trooper for what she went through. Plus she has a big heart. As far as I was concerned, Alice and Georgia's husband were human too. I mean no one is truely perfect. It was just the way they went about the situation that I did not care for them as much.

In fact, I kind of thought that Georgia's husband deserved having to take care of the new baby by himself. While Alice may not have done the friend thing by sleeping with Georgia's husband, I did have some feelings for her. I mean it could not have been easy to know that the child your friend is caring is your's. Leaving Haven will hav eyou craving more of Kathleen McCleary. I'm not usually a big fan of books that involve cheating. However, I found myself unable to put this book down and when I did, I was still thinking about the characters.

McCleary's writing got me very quickly involved in the story and wanting to know what happened. I think it may be because this book starts with meeting best friends, Alice and Georgia, and Georgia abandoning her newborn son in the hospital. I quickly found myself wanting to know why. As the story unfolds it is quite a complicate I'm not usually a big fan of books that involve cheating. As the story unfolds it is quite a complicated story and McCleary does a great job developing each character's role in this complicated story. I wish that McCleary had gone further into the ending of the book, though.

The ending seems abrupt and I wish we knew some more about what happens to all of the characters as time went on. Did they heal? What happens to their relationships? What happens with Georgia's son? I understand leaving some of the ending for the reader to decide, but for me, this book left too much for the reader to decide.

Since this book kept me wanting to read it and thinking about it, I did enjoy it. I just wish McCleary had developed the ending a little more. Then, I would have loved the book. Aug 28, Nancy rated it really liked it. This is the story of best friends Georgia and Alice. Georgia desperately wants another baby and Alice donates one of her eggs.

The story begins with Georgia abandoning her baby in the hospital. Kathleen McCleary does an excellent job building the story of what has transpired in the lives of the main characters.

Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel

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