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So, if there was a lot of stress in this part of the market, it would, as Glenn Reynolds, co-founder at CreditSights explains, be game over in risky assets at that point. We will have a lot of fallen angels. Bradshaw at Amundi does not see this as a problem. If you were to have a big cascade of fallen angels, it would be a buying opportunity for us. Register to receive the latest capital markets stories via email. But five decades had passed, and Jonson had never spoken of them again — he no longer even read the regular despatches from Caliban, relegating that task to members of his staff.

Luther and the rest seemed to have been entirely banished from the Primarch's mind, and as the years lengthened into decades, rumour and speculation had begun to circulate through the ranks.

Luther involved himself in every aspect of planetary administration, from tithe structures to industrial and arcology construction, and Brother-Librarian Zahariel was drawn along in his wake. Caliban's once extensive forests dwindled, replaced by mines, refineries and industrial sprawls. Civilisation spread across the globe, and the ranks of the I Legion increased as Luther found ways to reduce the training cycle for new Dark Angels Astartes from eight Terran years to only two. Meanwhile, reports of Jonson's exploits made their way back to Caliban, swelling Calibanite hearts with pride as the Dark Angels marched from one victory to the next.

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The members of the training cadre admired each and every token sent back by their Battle-Brothers of the Expeditionary Fleets and made comradely boasts of how they would exceed them all when Jonson summoned them back to the fighting. Yet as the decades passed, no summons came. Jonson had never returned to Caliban; two planned visits had been cancelled at the last moment, citing new orders from the Emperor or unexpected developments in the current campaign. With each passing year, Luther's promise to the cadre in the castle courtyard sounded increasingly hollow, but not a warrior among them faulted him for it.

If anything, their loyalty to Luther had increased during their exile. He shared their burdens and praised their successes, inspiring them by virtue of hard work, humility and personal charisma. Though they would deny it if asked, some amongst the cadre believed that many of their Battle-Brothers owed more loyalty to Luther than they did to their distant Primarch. None could not say why it was so important for Luther to return to Jonson's side. They had all borne their exile with stoicism and dedication to duty, as any Astartes would, and Luther more than most.

Luther had discovered the bomb that the Saroshi delegation had smuggled onboard the Dark Angels' flagship and had done nothing about it. If Luther left Caliban and sought out the Primarch to demand a fair accounting and a return to the frontlines, he would be in direct violation of Jonson's orders, and that would be construed as an outright rebellion against his commanding officer.

Luther could never countenance such a thing. But if Jonson did nothing — if he let these loyal warriors sit unblooded on Caliban while the Great Crusade came to a close, it would leave a scar within their brotherhood that would never truly heal. Such wounds tended to fester over time, until the entire body was imperiled by a cancerous rot.

In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the surviving loyalists rallied the reeling Imperium. The Dark Angels took a significant part in these battles, which later came to be called the Scouring. As they pursued the rebels, the Legion diverted to nearby Caliban, which had been enshrouded by Warp storms since Horus' betrayal.

For Lion El'Jonson, one final act of treachery remained to be discovered. The Dark Angels arrived too late to take part in the epic Battle of Terra , where Horus was defeated and the Emperor grievously wounded, his shattered body placed within the life-support mechanisms of the arcane device known as the Golden Throne.

Grief-stricken, Jonson returned to Caliban. As the Dark Angels fleet moved into orbit, they were met by a devastating barrage of planetary defence laser fire. Stunned by the ferocious attack, Jonson withdrew his vessels from orbit and attempted to find out what had happened on his homeworld. A nearby merchant starship soon provided the answer: Luther had apparently ordered the approaching fleet fired upon. His reasoning for this action was unknown to the Primarch, though it was suspected that Luther, like many of the Lion's brothers in the defeated Traitor Legions , had been corrupted by Chaos.

The fury of the Lion and his Dark Angels at what they perceived as a terrible betrayal knew no bounds; Jonson himself immediately ordered a sustained orbital bombardment of the Traitors' positions and led an attack against Luther's bulwark at the Dark Angels ' fortress-monastery personally. In the resulting battle, the two adversaries struck blow upon blow against each other, tearing down the Dark Angels' fortress-monastery around them until nearly the whole massive edifice had been levelled by their battle. Meanwhile, the massed guns of the Dark Angels ' fleet pounded the planet, until the very surface of Caliban began to crack under the strain of the bombardment.

As the planet itself started to break apart, the battle between the Lion and Luther reached its climax. Luther, apparently aided by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos , unleashed a furious psychic attack that knocked Jonson to his knees and left him mortally wounded. But as the dying Primarch struggled to stand, his noble features wracked with pain, it was as if a curtain had been lifted from Luther's eyes and he realised the full extent of what he had done and the duplicity of the Chaos Gods. Devastated, the realisation shattered Luther's sanity and he slumped down beside Jonson, no longer willing to fight.

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Soon after Luther's breakdown, a Warp Storm of unprecedented fury engulfed Caliban as the Ruinous Powers sought their revenge for Luther's failure to slay the Lion. In an uncontrollable flood of psychic energy, the Warp rushed into the physical universe. The immense strain these forces placed upon the planet, in combination with the tectonic shifting and cracking caused by the Dark Angels' orbital bombardment, caused the horrific destruction of the entire planet; Caliban itself shattered, breaking into countless chunks of dead and dying rock.

The Fallen Dark Angels who had served under Luther were sucked from the face of Caliban into the Empyrean by the Warp Storm and effectively scattered throughout space and time. To the great frustration of the Dark Angels, there is no full list or account of who or how many had heeded the dark whispers of the Ruinous Powers and turned against their brothers. Caliban itself broke up under the strain, until all that remained was a small portion of the world that hosted the ruins of the Dark Angels' primary fortress-monastery. The Dark Angels would reclaim this fortress and transform it into a mobile fortress-monastery and a sophisticated work of Imperial engineering known as The Rock.

These events remain a secret to all in the Imperium save for the Inner Circle of the current Dark Angels , the leaders of their Unforgiven Successor Chapters and the Emperor of Mankind encased within his Golden Throne. Even within the Chapters themselves very few Battle-Brothers know the full story. It is only when Dark Angels and Astartes of the Unforgiven Chapters gain entry into their Chapter's Deathwing Company that they learn that many of the Fallen Angels who followed Luther are still alive.

The days following the Horus Heresy were the most turbulent of times, for the galaxy-wide empire of Mankind had teetered on the very brink of total collapse. Although Horus was defeated and his remaining followers were on the run, the armies of the Imperium were full of bitterness and recrimination. The unforeseen betrayal of Horus had profound after-effects that are still in existence today. Shorn of the Emperor's guidance, the condemnation of the guilty was totalitarian and egregious, and the Imperium grew ever more repressive.

The grim realisation that the Space Marines —- the ultimate warriors of human kind —- had proven vulnerable to corruption was a severe shock. Fully half of the Space Marine Legions had betrayed the Emperor. If the Dark Angels had admitted that some of their members had turned, their entire legion would have been condemned. In this paranoid atmosphere, the surviving Dark Angels debated their options even as they paid tribute to their lost Primarch.

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It was decreed by the most senior members of the Legion that no outsider must learn the dreadful truth — none must know that members of the Dark Angels had proven corruptible and turned to the Ruinous Powers. In the wake of the Fall of Caliban, there was much to do, and many secrets to keep.

The Dark Angels found that it was easier to avoid the barrage of questions by fully immersing themselves in rigorous duty. However, they were eventually forced to explain the loss of their Primarch and their home world of Caliban over and over again, telling their fabricated tale to the High Lords of Terra , and eventually the newly established Inquisition. As no fighting formation carried the war against the rebels forward with more furious resolve than the Dark Angels, no one pressed the grieving warriors too closely.

The Sons of the Lion continued the fight, chasing the remnants of Horus' armies into the Eye of Terror and enacting many savage acts of revenge. It was at first believed that all their traitorous brethren had been destroyed at the Fall of Caliban, yet it was not so. Eventually, the Dark Angels Librarians picked up the telltale traces of their lost brethren. Thus it was revealed that those defeated Dark Angels traitors -— known as the Fallen Angels, or just the Fallen —- were not all destroyed when they were sucked into the Warp.

Instead, the Fallen had been cast across time and space, for the Librarians picked up evidence that many of the traitors had returned, their psychic signatures shining out briefly from many scattered places across the galaxy. That the traitors escaped their loyal brethren's vengeance was a torment for the surviving Dark Angels. They might spread knowledge of the Dark Angels' treachery. Any who encountered the Fallen would bear witness not only to the original betrayal, but also the Legion's ensuing cover-up.

Book 11: Fallen Angels

In an instant, when Caliban was breaking apart from cataclysmic battle, the Fallen were cast into the Warp. Anywhere from mere moments later to thousands of years in the future, many of the Fallen awoke to find themselves on some far distant and unknown planet. The eddies of the Warp are fickle. As time in the Realm of Chaos does not flow according to any rules, the time in transit for the Fallen might have felt like it was mere seconds, although millennia would have passed.

Conversely the individual may have spent ages in the Immaterium experiencing untold torments and long journeys through nightmarish landscapes, only to awake back in realspace within seconds of Caliban's destruction. To this day, there are even some of the Fallen that have not yet been released back into the galaxy.

Truly, the Ruinous Powers are cruel; their capricious plans beyond the ken of mortal understanding.

Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels

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