Diary of an Ant

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Look down. Dog food is on the floor. Curse uncaring universe.

Skyrail Nature Diary: April 2008

Think of spider death trap. Feel better. Think of spider starving. Feel worse. Examine dog food on floor. Ants are on top, working furiously. Breaking it into smaller pieces? Make videos of lone ant struggling to pull smaller dog food chunk up the wall.


Diary of an Ant: Eleven (mainly) Dark Yarns from the Irish Gaelic

Fist pump when it lifts dog food over small ledge at top of baseboard. Question life choices. Check ants and spider periodically. Watch ants pull dog food from baseboard up wall and repeatedly drop it.

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Feel sad. The dog food is gone. The spider is hiding. There are still 26 dead ants below its web.

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Live ants are at the bottom of the wall pulling up a piece of rice. Clean kitchen. Clear ants. Gently brush spider out the window three times until it gives in. Find a burning ant bite, inexplicably on stomach. Feed the dog. Discover ant swarm on wall, leading from window into plastic dog food container. Feel alarm. A few struggling ants? You can root for that. A swarm? Infiltrating the hard-earned food of the animal you voluntarily let in your home? All of the food?

All of the world? All of you? Feel something snap. Fall into hypnotic trance of ant-killing fury. Discover bite on back. Rue previous fascination and photo shoot. Miss spider. Brooke Borel is a science writer, journalist, and author. Sloan Foundation. Categorized in: Nature.

Diary of an Ant

Tags: ants , spiders. Skip to content Thursday, July 16, Look back at dog food ants. Send some more Tweets. In Stock. The Boat 1st Edition. The Cockatoos Text Classics. Foreign Soil. A Lovely and Terrible Thing. Dark Roots.

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Australia Day. Thirteen Ways of Looking. Fox 8 From the winner of the Man Booker Prize. The Turning. Brief Cases : Stories from the Dresden Files. The Grownup. Swallow the Air Black Australian Writing. Collected Fables. A River in Egypt Faber Stories. Last Stories. Item Added: Diary of an Ant.

Diary Of A Worm
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant
Diary of an Ant Diary of an Ant

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