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Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Xlibris Corporation, United States New Paperback Quantity Available: Seller Rating:. Published by Xlibris Seller Image. New Paperback or Softback Quantity Available: Coyame es mi pueblo Spanish Edition Natera, Dr. Francisco Javier Morales. Coyame es mi pueblo Spanish Edition Dr.

New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. Coyame es mi Pueblo Spanish Edition Dr. Although these nested phylogroups appear to be distributed generally west and east of the Rio Grande River Fig. Divergence within the flavus clade.

Ojinaga Municipality

Distribution of the flavus phylogroups appears to be associated with the widespread Pliocene distribution of xeric scrub and bunch grasslands through the Mexican Plateau and trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt regions and sod-forming short grasslands across the Great Plains Retallack Divergence of flavus phylogroups within the Chihuahuan Desert coincides with a previously postulated barrier across the Rio Conchos.

For example, this river appears to be associated with current distributional limits between the woodrat species Neotoma albigula and N. Our estimated divergence time for separation of the Northern and Southern Chihuahuan Desert phylogroups suggests a middle- to latePliocene split that is temporally congruent with that proposed between N. The Southern Coahuila Filter Barrier, composed of the Rio Nazas, Rio Aguanaval, and western extensions of the Sierra Madre Oriental, is another putative barrier that may be important to the distribution of silky pocket mice.

The Southern Chihuahuan Desert clade Fig. That the barrier has no apparent influence on the distribution of the Southern Chihuahuan Desert phylogroup of flavus suggests ecological differences between this group and the Southern Chihuahuan Desert clade.

The most recent divergence in the flavus clade is between animals of the Southern Rockies-Colorado Plateau phylogroup and those of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert phylogroup Fig. The intermontane area occupied by the Northern Chihuahuan Desert phylogroup experienced extensive geological uplift and volcanism in the Pliocene and Pleistocene Raymo and Ruddiman ; Sahagian et al.

However, divergence between these clades also could have resulted from habitat fragmentation during the Pleistocene glacial cycles on a more geologically stable landscape. Current sympatry of haplotypes from both phylogroups along the Rio Grande corridor in central New Mexico Fig. If these clades only recently are coming into contact from Pleistocene refugia, these phylogroups could be introgressing along their contact zone. Implications and future directions.

Research into the influences of Pleistocene glacial cycles on introgressive hybridization will benefit from access to the hierarchical spatiotemporal framework for the flavus species group, including elucidation of cryptic evolutionary lineages. The pattern of diversification in the flavus species group establishes a baseline hypothesis of diversification for exploring the evolution of sympatric arid grassland and shrubland taxa.

The temporal and spatial pattern described here needs to be explored further, both within the flavus species group and across sympatric taxa, using an integrative approach including fossils, geology, and multigene phylogeography and historical biogeography. We thank the following institutions and people for supplying tissue samples: Angelo State Natural History Collection R.

Dowler and L. Ammerman , T. Hafner and J. Baker and H. Hafner and P. Gegick , Museum of Southwestern Biology J. Cook, M. Bogan, and C. Parmenter , P. Stapp, and Sternberg Museum J. Choate and C. We thank the systematics discussion group at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for helpful comments and discussions, D.

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  • Piriformospora indica: Sebacinales and Their Biotechnological Applications: 33 (Soil Biology);
  • Hafner for his irreplaceable logistic support and intellectual input, and K. Mailland for laboratory assistance. We thank C. Iudica for translating the abstract into Spanish. Specimens examined. The 1st column of numbers refers to localities displayed in Fig. Stapp; TLB, sample provided by T. PF specimens are represented by ear clips only.

    Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.


    It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. Materials and Methods. Literature Cited. Appendix I. Diversification of the Perognathus flavus species group in emerging arid grasslands of western North America Sean A. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Brett R. Article history. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions.

    Abstract We investigated the evolutionary history of a group of silky pocket mice Heteromyidae: Perognathinae: Perognathus flavus species group composed of the species P. View large Download slide. Table 1. View Large. Table 2. Search ADS. Description of a new species of Perognathus from southeastern Texas. Ecological biogeography of North American mammals: species density and ecological structure in relation to environmental gradients.

    Characteristics of some new species of Mammalia, collected by the U. Emory, U. A test of the Genetic Species Concept: cytochrome-fr sequences and mammals. Morphological analysis of Perognathus flavus and P. Google Preview. Investigating the evolutionary history of the Pacific Northwest mesic forest ecosystem: hypothesis testing within a comparative phylogeographic framework.

    Phylogeographic structure and historical demography of the western diamondback rattlesnake Crotalus atrox : a perspective on North American desert biogeography. Topographic controls on the regional-scale biodiversity of the south-western USA. Commission for Environmental Cooperation. Studies of morphological and molecular phylogenetic divergence in spiders Araneae: Homalonychus from the American southwest, including divergence along the Baja California Peninsula.

    Mammalian beta diversity in the Great Basin, western USA: palaeontological data suggest deep origin of modern macroecological structure. Using coalescent simulations to test the impact of quaternary climate cycles on divergence in an alpine plant-insect association. Molecular phylogenetics of the Neotoma albigula species group: further evidence of a paraphyletic assemblage.

    Marmots on Great Basin mountaintops: using genetics to test a biogeographic paradigm. Guidelines of the American Society of Mammalogists for the use of wild mammals in research. Kangaroo mice Microdipodops megacephalus of the Mono Basin: phylogeography of a peripheral isolate. Cryptic Neogene vicariance and Quaternary dispersal of the red-spotted toad Bufo punctatus : insights on the evolution of North American warm deserts. Paleontology and nonmarine stratigraphy of the Cuyama Valley Badlands, California. Part I. Geology, faunal interpretations and systematic descriptions of Chiroptera, Insectivora, and Rodentia.

    Phylogenetic studies on didelphid marsupials I. Burial on Oct. Baptism of Francisca Borja, 21 years old and single on April 14 and marriage to Francisco, widower and blacksmith on May Clemente Sales [blacksmith] was a witness Bautismos, Casamientos, Rosario. The following entry suggests that the priest probably confused the children Bautismos, Rosario. Francisco, blacksmith and fiscal, served as witness to marriages performed at Rosario: Oct. There is no record at Rosario of the marriage of Francisco to Francisca Arellanas.

    Therefore, she may well be the same person as Francisca Borja. He was also reported to be cutting new grinding stones By Aug. He might also leave the final construction of the bridge to Franco priests to Borica, 14 Jan. AASF: ,; Prov. XVII: ; Kimbro et al. Borica wrote that Franco, a soldier from the San Francisco Co.

    Stephens Coll, UT at Austin. Work was proceeding on the mission mill, as well as walls, a storehouse, and a lime kiln. For this Franco had been relieved of all escort duty Docs. Since there was nothing more to occupy Franco he could be transferred. AASF No. BPSD The new fortification was in response to the Russian presence at Ft. Ross CA XV. Paps: in Langolier and Rosen: 91, In Baja California. His testimony was signed for him. His statement revealed that he had been resident in the peninsula for three years and had worked as blacksmith at the mission for one and a half years.

    He was described as being 25 years old - more or less, a mulatto pardo , and a bachelor. Being illiterate at the time, his statement was signed for him P. He was probably resident in Baja California until shortly before his arrival in Alta California in March 13, Serra on this date. He was accompanied by his mother see Chapter 2, Dept. June 4, Phelipe Romero, blacksmith of Guadalajara, served as a godfather at a baptism at Mission San Gabriel.

    Her role as godmother in indicates she actually died later. It should be remembered that the early registers were destroyed in the attack and that all entries prior to that event were reconstructed from memory]. Lorenzo Esparza, carpenter of the presidio, and his wife were witnesses. Lorenzo Esparza, presidial carpenter, and his wife were godparents. Married Presidio de San Diego Aug. Buried San Diego Feb. Anizeto Zabaleta. Anselmo Joseph Ygnacio. Baptized San Diego April 22, Baptized San Juan Capistrano April 19, Buried San Diego Oct.

    Baptized San Diego Oct. Buried Mission San Carlos July 17, Baptized San Diego July 14, Buried San Diego Dec. Baptized San Diego Jan. Married Mission San Diego Oct. Baptized Mission San Diego Feb. Domingo Teodoro de los Reyes. Baptized Mission San Diego Jan. Baptized Mission San Diego Sept.

    Married Mission San Francisco Feb. May 21, Romero also repaired the broken collar of the ferrule of a flagstaff. He signed the document attesting to his work P. Romero signed his name to the document, attesting to its accomplishment P. Since she was native to San Carlos, the marriage may have taken place in Monterey.

    March 17, The latter was. He can be traced at San Carlos from the time he was baptized at about the age of seven until or Bautismos: Jan. He was buried at San Carlos on Sept. March 31, He matriculated from the Marine Dept. Apparently proceeded on Oct. There he built a house and enclosed an orchard for two missionaries. He seems to have returned to the Port of Callao de Lima, where he had been assigned by April 22, P. Don Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra. He had served as first carpenter during the voyage P. On Sept. By Nov. April 26, June 5, to July 1, He again served under Bodega y Quadra as first carpenter aboard the frigate Santiago also known as La Nueva Galicia - probably on one or more of the California expeditions, since he later reported that he had been associated with the "Presidio de Nueva California" PI 2, Exp.

    The surgeon testified that the artificer was suffering from an inguinal hernia causing pain and rendering him incapable of his work on a major overhauling of the frigate Favorita. His age was cited as a contributing factor to his incapacity. A side note by the paymaster noted that he was currently making 75 [? His claim was "according to lists that came from Panama. On Aug. April 1, His signature matching those recovered from San Blas records appears among those artisans who signed the entry of the occasion into the baptismal register.

    He served as a godfather to a baptism performed there on May 7, when he was identified as the "carpenter from the Dept. March 16, Carpinteros y Calafates. He asked that he be allowed to retire immediately without pay to live out his life in one of the missions of Nueva California while his petition for retirement pension was being considered.

    His request was [provisionally] granted April 18, P. In a letter dated Jan. Perhaps to pursue his case, he moved to San Diego in this year. He was present at the Mission of San Diego on Aug. But in Oct. His case was ultimately taken to the Royal Treasury and the viceroy and a lengthy investigation followed.

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    As far as the accounting department of San Blas knew, his pension had been paid by the paymaster of the Presidio de San Diego up until the time of his death Dec. His back salary appears never to have been paid. The credit of It is for this reason that he is included in this study. On Feb. He arrived at Monterey in July with the others who were contracted at the same time, but was taken on to work at Nootka at the request of the commandant [of the Presidio de Monterey].

    He returned to Monterey in the British ship of Col. From there he was ordered to the Presidio de Monterey to repair arms CA6: He was among the artisans who had completed their contracts as of Jan. Guido Omtere. He is traced at the mission during these years from the time of his marriage in the first-named year until his death in the last Casamientos: July 15, , May 13, , July 27, ; Bautismos: Sept 18, , Aug. As a witness to a marriage there on Nov. He was a godfather to baptisms at the same mission on Oct. He may have been working at San Fernando Rey where he was godfather to baptisms on Feb.

    He was identified as a "European" from the Pueblo de Los Angeles. He was godfather to a baptism at San Gabriel. He was still described as a bachelor. June 23, July 17, Nov. He was identified as a native of the Villa de Santillana in the mountains of Santander, Spain. On March 28, and again on Sept. As a witness to a marriage at the same mission on Feb. She was given the name of Manuela. He served as godfather to baptisms conducted at the Los Angeles church: March 9, Aug. He was said to be ninety-seven years old, still single, and to have been in California for sixty years. The many entries as godparent to baptisms or witness to marriages could, therefore, pertain to one or the other.

    The relationship between the two cannot be determined. His namesake may have been an adopted or illegitimate son, or a nephew whom he brought with him from Spain, since the younger Manuel was recorded as having been born in "Santander in the mountains of Burgos,"according to San Gabriel baptismal entries dated Feb.

    He was paid for sixty-one working days in Prov. Baptized Mission San Carlos Dec. Married Santa Clara Aug. Baptized Mission San Carlos Nov. Mariano del Merced. Baptized San Francisco Sept. Died July 20, Northrop II: Cornelio Cipriano. Baptized San Francisco Dec. Pedro Regalado.

    Baptized Santa Clara Feb. Buried Santa Clara Nov. CA: unnumbered. CA July 30, Herrera and Varelas had eleven children: 1. Baptized Los Angeles Aug. Baptized Los Angeles Sept. Married Los Angeles Feb. His parents were recorded as residents of the Rancho de San Antonio. Baptized Los Angeles Feb. Baptized Los Angeles Dec. Buried Los Angeles April 4, Baptized Los Angeles March 20, Vicenta Ferrer de los Dolores.

    Baptized Los Angeles April 5, Baptized San Gabriel May 6, Baptized Los Angeles March 26, Herrera served as a witness to marriages at San Gabriel on Oct. Herrera was regidor in Los Angeles Bancroft July 22, Mateo Higuera began work at the Presidio de Monterey as blacksmith, earning pesos a year Pres. Jan 14, Honorio Matgesh.

    Municipalities of Chihuahua (state)

    He is traced through the records at the mission beginning with that of his first marriage in until his burial in Casamientos: Oct. His identity is known from a single entry dated Sept. Joseph Ascencio. Listed as one of three assistants to the armorer Juan Botiller at the Presidio de Loreto with a salary of 72 pesos and one ration CA 19 - Listed as one of three assistants to the armorer Juan Botiller at the Presidio de Loreto with a salary of 96 pesos and two rations CA 19 - Juan Chrisostomo Sulunaichet. He is traced from his baptism at age four on July 26, until his burial on Feb.

    Juan Ignacio. Juan Pedro. Marriage at Rosario on Nov. Burial at Rosario on Sept. Kino s inclusion in the list is based upon his design of this date for the maritime fortification and settlement of San Bruno, Baja California. Burrus: 6,13,Plate VI. Larios was a soldier at Monterey Northrop II: Larios was a witness to a marriage at San Carlos. Larios and Linares had eleven or twelve children: 1. Born or Buried Presidio de San Carlos July 4, Her mother Juliana Linares was identified as a native of Tubac [Sonora].

    Baptized San Luis Obispo April 30, Buried Santa Clara April 10, Baptized Santa Clara April 27, [possibly same as no. Manuel Salvador. Married Mission San Carlos Feb. Buried San Juan Bautista Dec. Married Cecilia Castro ca. Was living at Gilroy Bancroft l Justo Pedro Regalado.

    Baptized Santa Clara May 15, Buried Santa Clara June 15, Baptized Santa Clara July 6, June 29, During the year he sold hides for use in the construction going on at the Presidio de San Francisco and its batteries CA unnumbered. May 28, According to Bancroft, he was killed by a grizzly while hunting Upon his arrival in California, the latter was first sent to Santa Clara in where he built the first water-powered gristmill in the province. It is surely no coincidence that both men were also at San Luis Obispo in CA unnumbered; salary adjustments, Pres.

    CA 6: unnumbered. He was on the Feb. He arrived in Monterey in July, along with the others who had been contracted at the same time CA See also P. On Nov. The evaluation had been drawn up by the masons Josef Faustino [Manjarres]. In another document dated Dec. Elsewhere he testified that he had come from Guadalajara to work on the new warehouse from the time they had laid the foundations.

    He signed his statement. Faustino CA He was also witness to numerous marriages there dating from July 29, identified as a master mason from Tepic and sirviente of the mission to June 14, On May 10, , as one of the artisans, he was a signatory of the blessing of the new church entered into the book of baptisms. May July 16, He may have been the "marinero" working on the constructions of the two batteries at San Francisco Expenses of battery, ,CA unnumbered. He was at Santa Clara in , after which he apparently returned to Mexico.

    The two were witnesses again on June 14 of the same year. There were several men by the same name in Spanish California with whom the mason could be confused. He married Eduvigis Arce in I was unable to find any evidence that he was trained in one of the building trades. He was apparently both corporal of the escort and majordomo of the mission by , if not before, and continued in the latter post after his retirement which probably occurred late in , at least until when Josef Bernardo was born, and probably to A year later, he was the "former majordomo," as revealed in the marriage entry for his son Esteban Sept.

    The mill in question was built in , three years before Joseph Chapman appeared at the mission. A new high altar from Mexico City was blessed at the church [second site] of Santa Clara Bancroft a: The altar that was blessed in Aug. Old photographs of the lost main. The drawing may, therefore, have been for a side altar, but whether it was actually delivered is unknown. Resident at the Pueblo de Los Angeles during this period Bancroft l ; no. Lorenzana and Verdugo had two children: 1. Note: Pilar Tapia and Pilar Ybarra may have been one and the same.

    Maldonado was resident at Monterey where he held several offices: secretary of the deputation ; syndic and secretary of Monterey ayuntamiento Arrested in connection with the Alvarado revolt in Bancroft l Was one of three assistants to the carpenter of the Presidio Manuel Morillo with a salary of 72 pesos and one ration CA 19 - He continued to reside there while engaged as a master carpenter at least until Crosby: - The couple had at least five children Crosby: , n. He was working as the craftsman stationed here to work on the building of the church at San Ignacio when a daughter was baptized on April 23 Crosby: He joined the first expedition to Alta California as a teamster and the family lived there into the s Crosby: Worked with the carpenter Felipe under the direction of the mason Juan Clemente Padilla building a chapel, padre s house, storehouse, dormitories for the bachelors and women, houses for the escort, servants, and married neophytes, and, probably, the water system as well Crosby: - , n.

    Carpenter at the Presidio de Loreto Ethnic Identity: casta? One of three assistants to the chief shipwright of the Presidio de Loreto Manuel Morillo with a salary of 72 pesos and one ration Ca 19 - Arrived in Los Angeles, according to his marriage record. Buried Los Angeles March 16, Baptized San Fernando May 14, Died Sept. Juana Francisca. Baptized San Fernando April 2, Married Los Angeles Sept.

    Baptized April 23, Born about Baptized July 13, Buried Los Angeles July 12, Baptized April 13, Buried Los Angeles April 18, Baptized July 6, Antonia Candida. Baptized Sept. Crosby: 3,24,31,33,54,79, , n. Record: - ca.

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    • Known to be associated with the Presidio de Loreto during these years. The earliest record is for a daughter baptized at Loreto on July 9, Crosby: n. Was temporarily employed at Mission San Xavier in this year. Crosby: Listed as Chief Caulker at the Presidio de Loreto with an annual salary of pesos and two rations. Son Salvador had succeeded his father as chief caulker Crosby: Batch Film no. Her father was apparently alive at the time. Twelve children issued from this marriage. The census of San Diego identified her as a 25 year old mulatta from Loreto. She was buried at San Diego on Dec.

      Record: - Succeeded his father as chief caulker sometime during this period. Record: ? He was identified as the carpenter of the presidio. Baptized at presidial chapel, Monterey Feb. Married Mission San Carlos Nov. Married San Juan Bautista Dec. Ygnacia Josefa. Baptized Santa Clara May 7, Baptized San Carlos July 16, Baptized San Carlos March 23, Married Mission San Carlos Jan. Aniceto Ygnacio de Gracia. Baptized San Carlos March 21, At the time, his father was identified as a "native of Tepic and carpenter in this mission," while his mother Bernaba Buelna was recorded as having been "born in this mission of New California.

      Baptized Santa Clara May 22, May 27, Missions IV: ? March 9, The record above demonstrates he was not there on continuous assignment. These must have been the children of one of Leocadio's sons. Arrived in California aboard a ship with goods to sell in California and worked as a carpenter Bancroft l Petitioned for a license to export California goods Bancroft l Arrived in California. The father served as corporal of the military escort assigned to Santa Clara the following year Northrop I: Altar Temple VII,. Mesa was at Santa Cruz.

      He was witness to a marriage on Nov. He served as godfather to baptisms held on Feb. He was identified both as carpenter and a soldier attached to the mission. Bancroft listed him as an inhabitant of Santa Cruz in , n. On April 1, and Jan. April 1, July 12, He reenlisted at the Presidio de San Francisco Pres. Bancroft lists Venancio Mojica in San Francisco from to These may have been grandchildren.

      Moreno, Felipe Santiago. July 12, Phelipe Santiago Moreno was identified for the first time as a blacksmith from the Pueblo de Los Angeles when he was godfather to a baptism at San Gabriel. He had, presumably, taken up the trade subsequent to his retirement. He and his wife were residing at San Gabriel where he was serving as the blacksmith of the mission, according to baptisms there on Dec. He was also a witness to a marriage performed on Jan. At the time he was identified as 59 years old. Moreno was buried at San Gabriel on the same day as the wedding for which he had testified as a prior witness.

      The entry identified him as a master blacksmith and a native of Mexico City. There was also a Spaniard from Ecuador by the name of Santiago Moreno living in Monterey from to Munras painted the murals on the walls of the church at San Miguel Engelhardt c; Neuerburg ; Neuerburg 45, Other data are taken from his burial entry at Santa Clara. His arrival date in Mexico is not recorded, but he entered the Order at the College of San Fernando on June 29, and was ordained a priest in He was transferred to Baja California in and served there until He founded Santa Clara in and was identified as the "master, director, and overseer" of the first adobe church dedicated in He succeeded his father as master carpenter Crosby: n.

      By his brother Jaime Murillo was assisting him as shipwright Ibid. According to a roster Murillo was working temporarily in Monterey Boone.

      PDF Gratis Sonata In F Minor, Op. 2 No. 1: Urtext - Cen Prd

      The brothers Francisco and Juan Murillo submitted their resignations as master carpenter and master blacksmith, respectively, of the Departamento de Loreto en la clase de oficiales de maestranza. The reason was their advanced age, that of Francisco recorded as 67 years old. Both had been apprenticed to their father, one of the original settlers of Antigua California following the conquest early in the century and had served continuously since in the Department - father and sons having been the only carpenters and blacksmith of the Dept.

      The Murillo brothers ha received salaries of pesos a year.

      El OVNI que se estrelló en México: el incidente de Coyame

      They were officially retired March 28, by a Royal Ordinance dated Feb. No artisans were identified, but since a carpenter and caulker always accompanied any voyage, this Morillo, possibly another brother, may have been the carpenter CA Francisco Xavier Murillo retired as blacksmith of the Marine Dept.

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      Dates: Crosby: n. He served as Loreto s blacksmith and armorer Crosby identified him there in , n. Juan Murillo testified to the service of the caulker Joseph de la Cruz and signed the document CA He submitted his request for retirement in this year when his age was recorded as He was not officially retired until see Francisco Murillo above.

      Murillo Morillo , Manuel. Was chief carpenter at the Presidio de Loreto with an annual salary of pesos and two rations. Listed as the sole carpenter at the Marine Dept. In a disposition, which he signed, he was identified as 50 years old and Loreto s chief carpenter Crosby: , n. Navarrete, Pedro.

      Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition) Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition)
      Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition) Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition)
      Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition) Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition)
      Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition) Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition)
      Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition) Coyame es mi pueblo (Spanish Edition)

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