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When you set a goal, you follow a few simple steps that help to set yourself for success. Getting rid of bad habits is much like achieving a goal, albeit with a little twist. This is applicable for anyone that has a physical addition to something. Over eating. Excessive alcohol consumption. And so on. If the human body acquires a physical addiction to something, breaking through that requires far more effort. The first step in eliminating your bad habit, is to illuminate it to the mind.

Often, our minds work to conceal our behavior in an effort to get what we want. In order to remove part of that process from the subconscious mind, we have to illuminate the bad habit. When did it first start for you? Can you recall how it started?

10 signs your bad habits could signal a psychological disorder

Where does it arise from? How much money have you spent on your bad habit? Has the bad habit resulted in the loss of things that you once cherished in your life? Did you lose a relationship due to a bad habit? Possibly a home or a car? Maybe you lost a job due to some very bad habits.

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Whatever it is, write it out and calculate the cost. How much have you spent on buying cigarettes per week, month, or year? This step is an important one. By calculating the cost of our bad habits, we further remove the shroud of anonymity placed on it by our subconscious minds. One of the hardest parts about quitting a bad habit is in the definition of who we are. How we define ourselves has a big influence on our behaviors in life. How do you define yourself? By shifting the language in your mind, you can work to make an enormous impact on your success in eliminating your bad habits.

But the real experiment was conducted just as the participants were leaving the room. When they left, they were thanked for their time and offered two choices of snacks: a granola bar or a chocolate bar. The researchers wanted to know if how they defined themselves within the study would have an impact on the choice they made upon departure. The language that the participants used to define themselves and their choices provided psychological empowerment in goal-directed behavior. In goal setting, I talk about finding a strong enough reason to help you accomplish your goals.

The reasons should come first and the answers second. When you have a strong enough reason, you can literally accomplish anything.

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We want to be skinny so that we can be healthy, have energy to enjoy the company of our children, and so on and so forth. We need profound reasons, not flimsy ones. How do you come up with profound reasons? Keep asking yourself why you want to quit your bad habits until the answer equals the question.

Where do Bad Habits Come From?

For example, you want to stop over-spending so that you can save or have more money. You want that extra money because of the feeling the money will give you. Freedom, security, and the ability to care for your family. Those are profound reasons. Instead of doing something cold turkey, begin by limiting the behavior little by little. Create a schedule with a deadline to quit that bad habit. This is important because of the neural pathways in the mind that are so deeply etched, that trying to completely cancel out a behavior, especially without replacing it with another behavior, might result in catastrophe.

This is why you see people who go on crash diets, only to gain all the weight back and then some. Start small. Then just 1 time per week for the next two weeks. Any bad habit starts small and builds over time. So, trying to eliminate it overnight can also be next to impossible. It works for some people that have strong enough reasons.

You lose sleep or refuse to practice regular hygiene.

But usually not in ordinary situations. Quitting a bad habit is akin to other goals, and in order to accomplish what you set out to do, you must track and analyze. The more detailed you track things, the more likely you are to win.

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What are the feelings associated with your behaviors? This is especially true when we use the start-small approach to eliminating our bad behavior slowly over time. Find a system that you can use to track and analyze your results and do it on a daily basis. Use a notepad, a smartphone, or a spreadsheet program on your desktop or tablet. Whatever it is, pick one system and stick to it. Keep in mind that it takes 18 to days to create habits with an average of 66 days, and that also goes for bad habits.

Give yourself room to breathe and stay committed by tracking your results over time. Persistence is the art of not giving up. It takes a lot to stay persistent towards our goals, whatever they might be. And, quitting your bad habits is no different.

2. Impulsively surfing the internet.

Pick yourself back up again and keep going. Some time ago, I wrote a book called The Art of Persistence. In it, I explored just what it takes to achieve your goals, and how some of the most famous people to succeed have failed numerous times. The problem is that most of us only apply that advice to one habit at a time. Think about it. If you drink alcohol every day and eat unhealthy food, what will happen if you quit drinking?

Most of the time, you can pick up right where you left off. Instead, be committed to change. If you truly want to break your bad habits, go extreme on yourself. Because your life is a serious matter. And every now and then, I still have to ask myself that.

Falling back on bad habits happens for a reason. Life is hard. We experience setbacks, stress, and hurt all the time. And our natural reaction is to escape our challenges. Inside, we feel lonely and empty. And we try to fill it with bullshit. Now, that bullshit is different for every person. I might crack open a bag of potato chips and watch a movie, you might be on the phone all night with your friends, another person might hit the nightclub to pop pills, and another one might buy the latest gadget.

We need to take care of our body and mind. We need to sleep well, eat healthy, work out, read books , reflect on our lives, and most importantly: Be someone others can count on. Think about how serious you are about living a meaningful life.

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Then, identify the habits that are holding you back. You can form new habits. This article with a few practical tips to form habits might help. What I meant was that if you quit ALL your bad habits, you have the mental ability to form more than one habit at a time. To me, the areas are career, health, learning, money, and relationships. For your career, you might want to show up earlier every day.

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For your health, you can run every day. For learning, you can spend an hour a day on learning a new skill.

10 Bad Habits You Really Need to Break

For your relationships, you can practice kindness. And yes, you can do all those things. Why not? But remember, your chance of success decreases when you try to take on too much.

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