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Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. Oe has been politically engaged since his student days when he led demonstrations against the reestablishment of the U. He has consistently protested war, nuclear weapons , racism, even the nearly sacrosanct "Emperor system.

Western literature has greatly influenced Oe's writings. His favorite American authors are those whose heroes search for "personal freedom beyond the borders of safety and acceptance"—authors such as Herman Melville , William Faulkner , and Norman Mailer. Oe was most inspired by Mark Twain's character Huckleberry Finn , whom he used as a model for his own fictional hero.

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Oe's interest in the political and the absurd are reflected in two of his earlier novels which have been more recently translated into English. It takes place during World War II , as a group of juvenile delinquents are evacuated from a reformatory to a remote village. The boys are mistreated by hostile peasants until the villagers, fearing plague, abandon them.

The adolescent narrator tells how the boys band together, caring for each other as well as an abandoned girl and a Korean boy. When the villagers return, they attempt to hush the boys about their abandonment at the hands of those meant to protect them. All but the narrator give in, and he is hounded and chased out of the village "insanely angry, tearful, shivering with cold and hunger. To Western readers, the directness of emotion—for example, the boys' honest esteem for one another—sometimes sounds simplistic. The pivotal event in Oe's life and work was the birth of his brain-damaged son Hikari "Light" in As a strong bond developed between Oe and his son, the writer penned several partially autobiographical novels in which the protagonist is the father of a brain-damaged child.

The first of these, A Personal Matter, is the story of a twenty-seven-year-old man nicknamed Bird, whose wife gives birth to a deformed baby. The boy, looking like a two-headed monster, appears to have a brain hernia, and the doctors tell Bird that the baby will probably die or be a vegetable for life. Bird is so horrified that he chooses to let the baby die rather than face life tied to a retarded son. While his wife and child are in the hospital, Bird runs off to the apartment of a young widow friend, where he escapes into a world of fantasy, sex, and alcohol.

HAKO YAMASAKI TSUNAWATARI 綱渡り LP ELEC-13 Japanese Press 1976 Female Folk Psyche

He loses his teaching job after being so hung over that he vomits during a lecture. Meanwhile, the baby, being fed only sugar water, refuses to die, so Bird takes him to an abortionist to have him killed. Suddenly, however, he changes his mind and returns the baby to the hospital. Doctors discover that the hernia is only a benign tumor and after successfully operating, they announce that the baby will be normal, though with a low IQ. Bird finds a new job and is reunited once more with his wife and child. The novel is not as pretty as its ending might suggest.

Its surreal characters are all vegetables, cut off from history and hope. They define themselves by their despair. They use sex to wound and humiliate one another.

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They trick themselves with hopeless dreams of a new life, far away. It communicates the full terror of such a predicament, and confronts the arbitrary horror of the universe without any recourse to fancy techniques. In his own life, Oe, feeling much like Bird, went off on assignment to report on the international peace meeting in Hiroshima.

His Hiroshima Notes records his views of the antinuclear movement from to , focusing on the political bickering of the several factions and lashing out at their failure to recognize the real suffering of the victims of the atomic bombings. Oe drew strength from his encounters with the survivors, and particularly with Dr. Fumio Shigeto, whom Oe saw, according to Yoshio Iwamoto, as "the archetype of the authentic man of Hiroshima, a man who reclaims humanity out of the ashes of dehumanization. Virtually speechless, Hikari nevertheless later demonstrated a remarkable talent for music composition.

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Despite continuing health problems and his mental impairment, he released two CDs in Japan that have sold well. The Pinch Runner Memorandum tells the story of a group of student radicals who construct their own atomic bomb. A brain-damaged boy and his father, a former nuclear physicist, work with Oe and his own son to avert disaster. This complicated book is above all a heartening display of the explosively constructive power of imagination. Oe's A Quiet Life, published in Japan in , is a semifictional account of three nearly adult children, one mentally disabled, who are left to cope alone when their parents move to the United States for eight months.

A major theme of the novel is the anxiety of the caregivers over the feelings and needs of the mentally impaired family member, Eeyore, whose communication is rare and often ineffective.

TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)
TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)
TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)
TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)
TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)
TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)
TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition) TSUNAWATARI (Japanese Edition)

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