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Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. His comedy and magic skills come as a result of many years of entertaining. He has appeared as a clown, actor, and storyteller in multiple shows and venues. As soon as he begins the show, his high-energy comedy becomes infectious. The instant he asks for a volunteer, hands flail into the air: all are eager to participate.

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Ollie is able to involve both his audience and volunteers, engaging them as a whole in the fun and comedy. Ollie's greatest reward comes from the hysterical laughter generated by a flair for timing and honestly funny entertainment. His strong rapport with children is supported by his experience as a clowning and creative dramatics teacher.

The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown The Clown
The Clown

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