The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man

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Johnny Manganiotis, founder of Mr. Cupcakes, said that the lemon drop cupcake started out as an "intern" on the menu when first offered five years ago — meaning that it was supposed to be a temporary item. But because of its popularity, especially with adults, the yellow cupcake with lemon-pie filling, topped with lemon cream cheese icing, is today a permanent fixture at all four store locations Clifton, Hackensack, Oradell and Chat-ham.

Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Ice Cream Cake' MV

Working with lemons at home? Make sure you select ones that are firm and have a bright yellow color. They should feel heavy for their size, but not soft or spongy. Lemons can be refrigerated in a zipper lock bag, but bring them to room temperature and roll them on your counter a few times before using to maximize the amount of juice released. To get the most flavor from lemons, Wells uses two tools that are small, yet worthwhile investments for any home kitchen: a microplane that quickly removes the lemon's yellow zest and leaves the bitter, white pith behind; and, a citrus reamer, a sturdy tool that helps to juice lemons more efficiently.

You can find them easily at online retailers and in specialty stores such as Chef Central and Sur La Table, both with Paramus locations. One final piece of advice offered by Wells: Adjust the amount of lemon in a recipe to your own taste. Don't be afraid of adding more, she assured. Simon, which operates 16 malls in its Northeast region, including The Shops at Riverside in Hackensack and Newport Center in Jersey City, like other mall developers began recruiting independent retailers during the recession as national chains closed stores or cut back on expansion.

Simon discovered that those smaller, local merchants - the types of businesses they might not have considered before the recession - were valuable mall tenants. Now, with national retailers expanding again, Simon wants to continue to recruit local entrepreneurs. As a result, he said, Simon is going to continue to recruit non-traditional mall tenants, even though demand for mall space is improving. Next Wednesday Simon will hold a leasing expo for small business owners at The Shops at Riverside, the first time it has hosted such an event in North Jersey.

The fair will showcase leasing, advertising, and promotion opportunities at all of Simon's Northeast malls, and mall managers and leasing executives will be present. Franchisors with new business opportunities, as well as small business organizations and lenders, will also make presentations. Simon began holding these expos in malls around the country about three years ago, during one of the worst years for retailers. Some of the retailers recruited then turned out to be so successful that the company has expanded the sessions.

In the fall of , three North Jersey malls - The Shops at Riverside, and Westfield Garden State Plaza and Paramus Park, both in Paramus - were actively recruiting local merchants to fill vacant spots in their shopping centers.

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The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man

At Riverside, one of the merchants recruited, Mr. Cupcakes, operated by Clifton baker John Manganiotis, has become a fixture. While most of the local merchants recruited by Westfield Garden State Plaza have been replaced by national chains, as retailers have begun expanding once again, a Teaneck merchant, Buddy Kurzweil, who relocated to Paramus Park mall in is still in business there.

During the recession, Hanson said, Simon was able to "structure deals for those local retailers in a way that was more suitable to their needs and more affordable for them. Local retailers tend to need concessions such as shorter-term leases, or smaller spaces. Some local retailers in North Jersey in the past were also given staggered leases by area malls that started out lower in the first years and gradually increased to the market rate.

The average rent at Simon's U. Occupancy was It is difficult to compare average mall rents with downtown rents, because no central reporting agency keeps track of rents in all of the North Jersey downtowns. Rents tend to vary from town to town based on the amount of vacant space, and two retailers on the same block can be paying dramatically different rents.


These gourmet cupcakes are unique in that they bake them with the specialty ingredients mixed into the batter. This is very different than stuffed or filled specialty cupcakes. You taste and see the ingredient in every bite. Most have their own unique frosting that compliments the cupcake. I visited the Clifton Mr. Cupcakes location. There were over 30 varieties of cupcakes in the store when I arrived, including minis.

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  • A Stone’s Throw — The History of the Game of Marbles in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee and Kentucky.
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Out front one of the bakers was putting frosting and sprinkles on Johnny's famous coffee donuts. You could also see into the kitchen where the gourmet magic was happening with all fresh ingredients. The cupcakes are listed in two categories. The Executives that Mr. Cupcakes always carries and The Intern which changes regularly. It was a difficult decision deciding which one to try first. The Triple Chocolate was just that.

This cupcake is a paradise for chocolate lovers with chocolate chips still visible through out the cupcake. The Red Velvet was not the deep red you think of but the cream cheese icing was one of the best I have ever tasted. It was very light and tangy. The Oreo Cheesecake was delicious with almost a mousse like frosting.

My ultimate favorite and my family's was the Cookie Jar. I could not tell if I was eating a cupcake or a chocolate chip cookie. It was moist and had the perfect icing. Cupcakes also does special logos, holiday, and birthday cupcakes. It was enough of an enticement to bring famed restaurateur and TV chef Marcus Samuelsson down from New York to enjoy a menu that included delicious lobster arancini with smoked Gouda and basil aioli, beautifully seared diver scallops and lollipop lamb chops. Manganiotis has also had his 15 minutes of fame on the Food Network when he participated in the competition Cupcake Wars.

Manganiotis explained that he has done numerous events in Atlantic City and that he would love the opportunity to open a Mr. Cupcakes in our area. After tasting a couple of his creations, the moist chocolate delight he calls a chocolate sundae, and his spicy French toast cupcake, I'm all for an expansion of Mr.

Cupcakes to our area. Manganiotis also noted that he has done several events with Cupcake Vineyards since it is such a natural pairing. The Cupcake Vineyards Moscato d'Asti, a sparkling white wine with fruity notes, was the perfect vino to go with the sweet treats provided by Mr. Although the vodka cupcakes are not available in his stores in Clifton, Hackensack, Oradell and Red Bank his other cupcakes are including the extremely popular Red Velvet and French Toast.

One of my favorites is the Mint Chocolate Volcano Chocolate cake with mint extract, buttercream icing and chocolate on top. I always like when 'Mr Cupcakes' is in town and this time we spoke at the studios of Longport Media right outside Atlantic City and yes, he brought cupcakes. Nicoletti told Patch that this was "by far, the best year ever" with the most toys being collected and distributed.

The engine room of the firehouse was overflowing with every imaginable toy--toddler bikes, board games, video games, dolls, stuffed animals, trucks, trains, puzzles, race cars, and Barbie. Lots and lots of Barbie. National Guard members at the Teaneck Armory filled two trucks with bags of toys that were delivered to the armory to be distributed among military families. Cupcakes and the Cupcake Cutie. Music was provided by a D. After all of the toys were separated by gender and age, they were packed into bags and loaded into the caravan of police vans, trucks, minivans and cars to be delivered to the hospitals and shelters.

Following in a car behind the caravan was Santa ready to deliver lots of toys, and cheer, to the children at The Joseph M. Just months after Chris Paseka and Jesse Bello-Paseka opened cupcake-centric Sugarush on Front Street, two new niche bakeries plan to open in town, waging, if nothing else, a serious cupcake competition in town. Another shop, the Cupcake Magician, is slated to move into 54 Monmouth Street, operated by the husband and wife duo of John and Roseann Nardini, of Middletown. Operated by year-old Johnny Manganiotis, Mr.

Cupcakes won't actually do any baking at Ricky's, but rather use it as an outlet. Manganiotis is renting space at Ricky's and will ship his baked goods to the shop from his Clifton location, he said.

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He plans to open next week and went on a PR blitz Saturday, posting fliers on car windshields and walking around town with the Mr. Cupcakes mascot, a tuxedo-ed cupcake with a vanilla icing head and a bright red cherry on top. Paseka isn't harboring any hard feelings, though, and refrained from backbiting on the two newcomers who may tap into his clientele base.

Manganiotis, too, said he isn't coming to Red Bank to steal away customers, but to spread his brand, which he started in Red Bank's a big town.

Chocolate or Vanilla, He's Still A Man! 05/30 by Diary of A Psalmist | Entertainment

There are enough cupcake places to go around. Are there? With three cupcake shops within blocks, Red Bank's cupcake market will have gone from practically nothing to densely saturated. But that doesn't mean these businesses can't coexist. After all, you can't go a block in town without the ability to grab a slice of pizza somewhere. Roseann Nardini, who said she has 25 years of volunteering in the area, is far from ready to declare any cake wars.

Actually, she heaped praise onto the guys at Sugarush. I think I'll do well and maybe Mr. Cupcakes will do well," Nardini said. It all depends on [customer] tastes. Nancy Adams, executive director of Red Bank's downtown promoting agency RiverCenter, said time will tell who will survive the sudden influx of cupcakeries. We'll see what happens, just like everything else," she said.

Maybe they'll all find their own little markets. We'll see how it all works out. But a soft pretzel cupcake? After some online research, a video conference and a few phone interviews, Manganiotis said the producers knew he would be perfect for the show. But then the twist came. For round one, the taste challenge, contenders had to include concession stand ingredients in their cupcakes — popcorn, peanuts, potato chips, condiments and more.

So instead of using a hot dog, Manganiotis decided to stuff pretzel dough inside of vanilla cake. He topped it off with butter cream peanut butter icing and a piece of fresh peanut brittle. It was a little salty, a little sweet — but not the winning recipe. After some tough critiques from the judges, including fellow Englewood resident and world renowned pastry chef Florian Bellanger, Manganiotis got kicked out of the competition after the first round.

He said he was shocked with the results. We are actually going to make it at the stores as the cupcake of the month soon. Cheese Pizza. We love the taste of yummy cheese pizza, as does your guy, but it's really the scent that gets him going. This Friday, order a whole pie if you want to lock down a night of romance.

Cinnamon Buns. Have these baking in the oven and see what happens when he gets home. Wink, wink. Green Apples. Cut and eat one of these while he's over—just don't be surprised at how fast he gets worked up. The alluring aroma of chocolate seems to always have us jonesing for more However if it's out where he can get a whiff, all he's going to want is more of you. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies.

Bonus: Find out what their favorite fragrance is for their mate and wear it when around them. Pay attention to hygeine. This one is self explanatory. Handle your own. Be direct and obtain it yourself. Ask questions and express your interest. Be prepared for the responses that you get to your questions. Try to position yourself around them as often as possible and make small talk. These are just a few point that you may want to try to brand yourself in the eyes of that person of interest. Remember what works for one may not work for all so fine tune and add your own points to this post if you like.

Men fall into one of three categories when it comes to a woman. Notice I said considering. Let me outline them here. You asking him will drive him away, especially if all he really desires with you is a friendship. Men know that if they get too close or allow you to how it will impact you emotionally. Believe it or not, there are men that have you best interest at heart. Do what you must to guard your heart at this point.

There is rumor that all the good black men are in jail or dead. For those women who say these things, my question to you is simple. Where are you looking? Are you at the cemetary and in the prison system seeking a good man? There you will probably find men with similar interests. Is there a better way to meet someone.

Come on out and join us for book signing, wine tasting and discussion at 2pm on Saturday, September See you there!! At the end of the day, we all want to love and be loved. I learn what makes you move and you learn what makes me move. I learn what ticks you off and you do the same.

It is imperative, particularly in the early stages of getting to know someone that you listen. Bail now!! Yes he did and he meant every word of it. Consider yourself fortunate. Ladies understand that these are not meaningless words to men.

The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man
The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man
The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man
The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man
The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man
The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man
The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man The Cherry On Top - Chocolate or Vanilla, Hes Still A Man

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