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This is the first of a planned four book series.

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Handlinghandel 7 September The world's greatest living composer, Alexnder Hollenius. Those words echoed in my dreams as a young man. The Haydn, Schubert, and Mozart used so artfully by Korngold did too.

'Xplosion of Awesome: Elementary - The Art of Sleights and Deception

And his cello concerto is a fine work in itself! The plot is minimal and at the same time overblown. Bette Davis and Hollsnius the always brilliant Rains have been "involved," a bit scandalously for the time of the movie's release. Enter Bette's true love, thought bu her to by dead, Henreid: a cello virtuoso. The rest is kind of paint by numbers but it's very chic and well played especially by the imperious Maestro, Rains.

However, the score is sublime and right up there at the top of uses of music by American movies. Had this been directed by Max Ophuls, it would have been a great movie. As it is, it's a very, very good movie. A movie with lovely sounds and many moments of high camp.

I'll dispense with the details of the plot and move directly to Mr. Rains' performance as Hollenius the composer in this musico-melodrama. This is his show although Davis and Henreid attempt to hold their own in this film. His flair for manipulation and deception, hence the title, dominates the film. He does a great job of it, driving everyone crazy with his shenanigans and jealousy.

I noted that early on, for instance, as Henreid finished a performance, audience members asked him who his favorite living composer was Hollenius' work as a composer was a curious mix of tonal, traditional and slightly atonal influences, attempting to display "modern" music but watered down to keep the audience and us interested. The mimicking of the piano and cello performances by all three actors was fairly well done. I found it quite interesting too that both Davis and Rains were not "starving artists" like Henreid.

Opulent apartments and lifestyles for piano teachers and composers were not common, but these two were well-off in an even garish sense. This was not the reality of the time in the music world. I'd recommend this film if you're a Rains or Davis fan. Henreid was not used for his full potential. This is a film where all three stars shine equally. This satisfying melodrama has one thing going for it: the great music one hears throughout the movie, it's highlight being the Korngold Cello concerto, a rarity seldom heard, let alone in films.

We are also treated to the beginning of Beethoven's Apassionata sonata as well. Christine Radcliffe is a musician who gets separated from the love of her life, Karel Novak, one of the best cellist of Europe, before the advent of WWII. Christine comes back to New York, where she becomes the lover of a famous composer, Alexander Hollenius.

One day, Christine discovers Karel's name playing in a second class venue in Manhattan, where they are reunited. Christine doesn't have the nerve to tell Karel about what has happened in the intervening years. It's obvious Christine has done well for herself, as Karel discovers Christine lives in a great apartment, he finds closets full of elegant and expensive clothes, furs, jewelry, which doesn't make sense to him. Little does he know everything has come out of the generosity of Alexander Hollenius, a composer that fell in love with Christine and obviously, became her lover.

Christine is coy in not revealing the truth, which keeps interfering with her happiness, until it comes to a head as Hollenius threatens Christine to tell it all to Karel after he plays the concert. It's at that point that Christine realizes she is cornered and must face reality and the fact that she will lose the man she really loves.

Bette Davis made a fine Christine, a woman she was born to play. Davis is amazing in the film, which unfortunately, is forgotten by all her admirers when comparing this role to her other great screen portraits. Claude Rains, who worked so well with Ms. Davis, gives an incredible performance as the egotistical composer who is afraid to lose his own creation. This has to be one of Mr. Rains' best appearances in a film.

Paul Henried is perfect as Karel, the European cellist madly in love with Christine, a woman he thought he had lost forever. Henried is an elegant figure in this film, something that he projected effortlessly. Ernest Haller's cinematography greatly enhances all we see on the screen.

Haller was one of the best photographers working in that period, as he clearly shows here. George James Hopkins' sets not only are opulent, but he clearly knew how to get the most of his interior designs. The film is an engrossing tale that will satisfy the fans of this genre.

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Any fan of classic movies must own a copy of this one, if only for Claude Rain's amazing performance. This man was brilliant in all of his films, but this slice of ham is truly high art from the Claudester. His character is an egotistical, sexy, hilarious conductor with the improbable name of Alex Hellonious. He spends his time lazing about in a dressing gown, petting a drugged kitty and taking biting innuendo and sarcasm to a level previously unseen on screen. No wonder Bette Davis was infatuated with this man. In Deception, Rains plays Bette Davis' former lover and he won't let her forget it.

Bette foolishly marries the dreary, deadly dull and insipid Paul Henreid, just as she did in Now, Voyager. One wonders why Bette was always making these ridiculous mistakes. She's still in love with Claude, however, since she makes two lengthy visits to his bedroom within one day of her wedding to Henreid.

When she tells Rains, "it looks like you haven't been to bed," he snaps back, "That, my dear, is none of your concern any longer. Rarely has a film contained so many explicit sexual references and plot twists. When Bette visits Claude in his home while he's eating dinner, he says with devilish deliciousness, "Oh, my dear, you look ravishing. I think I'd better remain seated. High camp indeed! There's another moment after Bette's marriage to Henreid that Claude is begging her to stay with him and keep their affair going.

With a leering smile he says, "You can have us both, you know. Breen of the Hayes office was definitely asleep at the control panel when Warners pushed this baby through. The highlight of the entire movie is a hilarious scene of 7 minutes in a restaurant. Claude orders and re-orders various ridiculously rich foods and says things like, "We'd like a brook trout, not too large.

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From a good stream. He finally decides on a "woodcock! Truly, this is one of the most adroitly acted scenes in movie history and that's not hyperbole. There is an option of having additional commentary, and the fellow claims "Bette Davis allowed Mr. Rains to steal this scene. The film itself is fairly good but very dull when Henreid shows up, but you treasure this one for Claude Rains' performance. If there's been a better actor in movie history, I've never seen him.

This is a true Bette Davis special, so much to watch for Watch th wiggle, only Bette can walk this this, the ringing of hands when she gets nervous And of course the stairways Bette said she was always remembered for smoking in films, but few people notice the staurs she climbs up and don in her movies She is fast taking, cunning yet vulnerable all rolled into one. The dresses and fur coats are all there, the desperation in her voice and passion for the man she loves.

Yet best still.. This is not to be missed Since I'm collecting Claude Rains films I recently bought this video, "Deception," and viewed it today. I'd consider it one of Rains' best acting performances - so suave, always a 'bon mot' at the right moment.

One can see he thoroughly enjoyed the role he's called upon to play, executing it with a flamboyant style all his own. In particular the occasion of ordering dinner where he becomes so absorbed in the endless delicate details, he undoubtedly steals the scene with finesse. Who can top that 'tour de force'? It's a delight and one more reason to treasure this film. Also, I've grown to appreciate Bette Davis movies as I got older and feel she gives a heart-rending performance that is thoughtful and, thank goodness, not so overwrought.

Yes I agree the sound track of the music is at times shaky but perhaps that can be improved upon some day. Paul Henreid provides a creditable rendering of his role as the love interest and suspicious husband but in my opinion he cannot keep up with the other two dynamic actors.

And forget about uncompromising unkind critics; after all, Jan Sibelius once said, "Who ever built a monument to a critic? Bucs 8 August Speaking this line is the only time that Claude Rains shows his true feeling for Bette Davis in this overwrought but oh so enjoyable film. Rains, playing a vitriolic maestro, has the time of his life with this role as he spits venom all over the set.

Even Davis has a hard time holding her own with this old pro, who was a favorite co-star of hers. The plot of this film has been repeated already in these boards; suffice it to say, Bette is petrified that Rains will spill the beans on their long affair to her new husband Paul Henried. Nobody could be as naive as Henreid when he finds Davis living in a fantastic loft apartment surrounded by art treasure and furs and not suspect something beyond her explanation that she "takes pupils" for music instruction. She piles one lie upon another until the chickens come home to roost and Rains, rejected and highly ticked off, threatens to tell all to the innocent and obviously stupid husband.

Murder then ensues. Claude Rains is the only actor who could have played the part of the maestro without looking like a total ham. He was such an elegant actor who swept all his co-stars off the screen and this role was one of the highlights in his long career. Frankly, I don't apologize for loving this overblown soap opera!!!! As I sat down to watch "Deception" for the first time some years ago, my mother, who was a huge Betty Davis fan, nonetheless said Claude Rains' performance in this film blew Davis' out of the water. I had my doubts about the accuracy of that comment, but from the moment Rains makes his first appearance my doubts were dispelled and it was clear which of these players was going to leave me slack-jawed with appreciation of the enormity of their talent.

It has been noted by others how strong Rains' performance is. No matter--it cannot be stated too often. His acting here has the force of a hurricane, obliterating the relatively flimsy acting of his peers. Claude Rains is one of the greatest actors ever to step in front of the camera, yet except for his performance in "Casablanca", he would be virtually unknown today. He was much, much more than the performer that gave us that memorably dapper chief of police.

He was a notorious scene stealer, filling the molds of his cinematic characters so completely it is virtually impossible to think of another actor in his place. In this film, several times I felt the plot sinking under the weight of its overwrought script and a number of laughable implausibilities. Fortunately, Mr. Rains was always there to right the ship. His character is all arrogance, insufferably backed up with prodigious talent, a powerful intellect, and a razor sharp wit which he uses without qualm to taunt or torture those around him.

PSYC As one Canadian Supreme Court Justice explained, determining who is telling the truth involves a number of factors. Which is NOT one of the factors? According to research completed by Bond and DePaulo , people's ability to distinguish lies was noted as: A only slightly better than chance. B better if the liar was given more time to prepare. C not improved by being able to witness the same liar also telling the truth.

The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception
The Brownstone Deception The Brownstone Deception

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