Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)

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Development, consultation and implementation of the immigration process and policy were completed within baseline. Skip to main content. Home Reduced Inequalities. Context of the measure:. Key objectives of the measure:. What are the results expected through the implementation of the measure? Indeed, it is women who bear the brunt of the humiliation done to men.

Manly castration, the consequence of structural racism, is a form of humiliation that men inflict on their wives, sisters, and daughters. In other words, the more hegemonic thinking associates racialized men to barbarians, the more they will oppress women around them. These are the effects of a white racist patriarchy that exacerbates gender relations in indigenous communities. This is why decolonial feminism must imperatively and radically refuse discourses and practices that stigmatize non-white men and that, in the same movement, claim the innocence of a white patriarchy that is structural in Europe.

This has political and strategic implications. Part of the horror of being a Black American is being trapped into being an imitation of an imitation. Thus decolonial feminism must aim to destroy the imitation of the imitation and this will necessarily be delicate work. Indeed, we will have to guess which part of the male indigenous virility is resisting white domination, how to channel it, how to neutralize sexist violence and re-orient it towards a common emancipatory project.

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One is not born an indigenous man, one becomes one. I think that before thinking about solidarity between the North and the South, the priority should be to think about South-South solidarity and dialogue.

Reinventons Les Diversites

It is urgent to re-create a brotherhood or sisterhood of the wretched of the earth, and to reintegrate their struggles in anticolonial and anti-imperialist history—in other words, to revive the tri-continental spirit. While it is true that conflicts of interest, fractures and divisions are numerous e. They are subjected to violence on two fronts: a the military, political, economic and cultural violence of the West; and b the authoritarian and dictatorial violence of their own rulers.

The convergence of struggles between Malian, Moroccan and Guatemalan women is more consistent than the more artificial one between women of the South and European women.

Exhibition Réinventons la ruelle !

In fact, I do not think that there is a universal female condition because the interests that unite white men and white women are much more powerful than those that can unite white women and women of the South. Consider this: for the first time in world history, the minority of Western women dominated by patriarchy in their respective societies have an economic, political and symbolic capital ten times larger than the majority of men on the planet.

To think that there may be a pure solidarity between women in the South and women in the North merely because they are women and victims of patriarchy, to think that this solidarity may happen without conflicts of interest, is to believe that there may be a convergence of interest between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. That being said, I do not think that we should refuse solidarity between the North and the South.

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Instead, it must be developed. But, here, I would like to nuance my statement. There is a North of color and there is a white anti-imperialist North. And each of these groups has its own mission. The dependence of people of the South is often such that solidarity is negotiated on the basis of conditions imposed by progressives from the West.

This means that one must fight imperialism for what it is, and stop requiring victims to provide a certificate of good anti-capitalist, feminist, Marxist, secular, and progressive conduct. This could begin, as suggested by the stimulating Silvia Federici, 15 by a radical critique of the new international division of labour NIDL whose anti-feminist character is well-proven. This NIDL incorporates women of the so-called Third World into the global economy to exploit their labour for the benefit of the North: this means the substitution of a local patriarchy by a neoliberal patriarchy, extreme impoverishment, the revival of new forms of slavery, international trafficking of babies, and mass expansion of housework, prostitution and the sex industry.

That being said, we, the non-whites of the North, are privileged. Our objective interests diverge from those of the people of the South. We must be aware of this and not substitute ourselves for their struggles. If I had to sum up the situation, I would advocate three complementary approaches: people of the South who are under imperialist domination must establish their own agenda, stop looking to the North, and favour South-South alliances. Non-whites in the North must be allied primarily with non-whites in the North.

It is urgent to accelerate the development of decolonial resistance forces in the North. We must now consider major international gatherings of non-white people within the West.

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  • This approach could be likened to an international division of activist labour to both contain the devastating effects of the crisis of capitalism which is also a crisis of civilization and participate in the transition to a more human e model. Let me conclude with a quote from Baldwin. Tweets de PartiIndigenes.

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    Feminist or not? Re-inscribing feminism as a political phenomenon in space and time; Understanding the historical conditions of its emergence. Taking into account the overlapping oppressions experienced by women as colonial subjects within imperialist cities or as subjects of the empire in Southern countries. Incorporating the specific oppression of the non-white male gender. Rethinking international solidarity; Promoting South-South alliances. There is State, liberal, neoliberal and imperialist feminism and, on the contrary, a radical, anti-liberal, anti-imperialist and anti-racist feminism.

    Here, however, we focus on the dominant version of feminism. Losurdo, Domenico. Khiari, Sadri. Through this exhibition, the MAQ aims to encourage a dialogue between the general public and designers and amongst designers themselves. From do-it-yourself websites to make-over reality shows there is a strong public sense that their architectural settings can have a direct impact on their everyday lives. The selection will focus on emerging offices, allowing for the expression of contemporary and future architectural trends, but will allow non-exclusive diversity in experience, age and disciplines.

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    The selected offices will vary in approach and focus, allowing for the exhibition of a varied response to the issue. Free admission - Wednesday to Saturday, from 1 pm to 6 pm on weekdays, from 12 pm to 5 pm on Saturday. For more information: www. Download Medium-resolution image 9. Download High-resolution image Download Medium-resolution image Download High-resolution image 8. Download Medium-resolution image 8. Same company.

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    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)
    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)
    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)
    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)
    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)
    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)
    Réinventons les diversités (French Edition) Réinventons les diversités (French Edition)

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