Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide

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In we explore a few scenes at Creston, Wyoming, the crest of the continental divide. Then the next day we get lucky and find out the last Centennial Number is on a Diverging Clear Productions Preview Available!

BNSF Railway

Today, it is a heavy duty piece of railroad. Beginning in the early 70s, the line became one of the primary routes for coal trains from newly opened mines in Today, it is a heavy duty piece of In this presentation you will see railroads at work in the Pentrex More info Come with Pentrex to the rarely visited hills of eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, and Nebraska to see heavy coal John Pechulis Media Preview Available!

Classic Midwest Rails Volume 1 DVD John Pechulis Media The Classic Midwest Rails series showcases the exciting and diverse railroad action in the picturesque Midwest region from class one mainlines to branch lines, industrials and short line operations. In the first volume, we'll tour the mainline action Beginning at Lincoln, Nebraska, Hal traveled to Alliance.


The inbound Independence Limited, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is Until this was a diamond crossing, which is viewed during the final days. More additional video In this program, you'll see trains from a variety of locations, mainly on the western and more scenic portion of the line. Join us for a tour of the yard, with informative commentary by our guide, and a visit to the diesel shops. Pentrex Preview Available! It features all new footage you won't see in any other Pentrex release!

As Class One railroads concentrate more and more on mainline operations, smaller railroads fill the need to move goods from branch to main lines. In this volume, Pentrex visits And the diversity of trains is more profound in the Midwest! Vision Productions continues its look at great railroad action in Trains Across the Midwest, Volume 6! I need to make that Grinnell hike sometime while I still can.

That all depends on your perspective. Before that what is now Seattle was under thousands of feet of ice. When the GN was first built we were coming out of a cold period that created decades of glacial growth within the much longer duration warming trend and era of glacial retreat. And I'm glad they have retreated from my front yard. I don't think that climate change is a shame at all.

Some of the changes have been very beneficial. We will continue to adapt to a changing environment and continue to change the ways we impact the environment. Just don't plan a trip to Glacier national park too early in the year. A big snow year can still severely limit early season park access even if there is less snow in August and September then there was most years or years ago.

The disappearance of glaciers around the world is clearly not a result of some natural warming period which periods, in any case, were very gradual - the warming occurring now is happening with unprecedented speed. Variations in these cycles are believed to be the cause of Earth's ice-ages glacials. While Milankovitch cycles have tremendous value as a theory to explain ice-ages and long-term changes in the climate, they are unlikely to have very much impact on the decade-century timescale. Over several centuries, it may be possible to observe the effect of these orbital parameters, however for the prediction of climate change in the 21 st century, these changes will be far less important than radiative forcing from greenhouse gases.

They spend millions of dollars over a number of decades advertising the national parks to promote their passenger trains, drawing people from the eastern U. The railroads even built lodges like the Canadian Pacific in Canada. I don't think Amtrak would give a rats patoot. The Amtrak Empire Builder has to take that rout anyway, in order to get to and from Seattle.

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You really should do some more traveling. By all means see Glacier. And continue west.

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  • Visit Mt. Helens National Monument and Mt. Rainier and the North Cascades National Parks. You can follow some more railroads the NP at Eddy, Montana and the Milwaukee to Elbe, Washington and see some places where truly rapid changes have produced dramatic impacts on the landscape. And you can see far more glaciers than have ever existed in Montana in modern times. Anyone planning a trip to Glacier NP really should be cautious about planning an early season trip.

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    • Accessibility can be dramatically different from year to year based on winter snowfall and spring melting conditions. Two years ago were were still adding to the snow pack in the northwest until about the start of May and the melting was very slow leaving many popular trails under snow until well into July. Thanks for all the positive response. Glacier is such a wonderful place that needs explored.

      Northern Plains Railroad

      I've made Grinnell Glacier twice. Here is one of my favorite pictures on our hike to Grinnell Glacier. There is a snow melt water fall, the trail both times I was there was just open, late July. My sweetheart with her beautiful smile. My crew, Sweetheart, oldest daughter and son-in-law. It would be the rest of the day before we were back to our tent site at Many Glaciers Camp Ground. Trails are restricted due to Bear activity.

      Exercise caution and do bear training as part of your park experience. The average stay at a National Park like Glacier is somewhere near 2 hrs. Please plan your trip to enjoy the park and at Glacier there is railroad as has been mentioned. I also found the Red Buses to be fascinating. These guys could pose for the Great Northern Logo. This guy passed by during Lunch at Dawson Pass. A mountain top Chalet, trail access only, by permit over night, that is also accessed from the trail near the Logan Pass visitors center. There are pictures of Granite Park Chalet in the original Photo-stream, though buried in snow.

      A visit to Granite Park Chalet is on my bucket list. If you've been following the worldwide rapid disappearance of glaciers, and effects of what's happening to the planet generally, you should be familiar with it:. In an effort to provide concrete visual proof of climate change and its devastating effects, photographer James Balog embarked on a years-long project that spanned the northern reaches of the globe.

      He set up cameras from Greenland to Alaska in order to capture horrifying—yet undeniably beautiful—time-lapse photos that reveal the unprecedented rate at which glaciers are receding. More great pictures, Mike. Those White Model opentop buses built in the late '30s are great - love that the Park Service keeps those in operation. My wife and I rode those when we were at Glacier. I have a model of it on my layout. For those interested, see opentopbus. I think I got mine from Diecast Direct, but don't remember for sure. Like this one on my layout.

      Railroads Across North America by Handsein - Issuu

      Purchased at the Gift shop Logan Pass visitors center. And since you are already on route 2, keep going west to Stevens Pass and see the Great Northern tunnels. The upper tunnel belongs to the government now. There was quite an effort to get trails into the tunnel and snow sheds. But with collapses of both in recent years, it appears as if the trail effort has diminished. But there is still lots to see. Both ends of the upper tunnel are accessible and you can walk in the east end some distance.

      The two track curved tunnel at Windy Point is all accessible. Also the mile long two track concrete snow shed at the site of the Wellington avalanche. Worst in the US. Took out two trains and killed around There is still lots of evidence of the trolley wire for the three phase electrification. There is still debris from the passenger trains down the side if you want to climb down. The horse shoe tunnel and footings for the trestles at both ends are still there. The dam in Tumwater canyon is still there, but the power house is gone.

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      The penstock route is a trail with some evidence of the pen stock. Roads use much of the route of the eight switches that predates the upper tunnel. And of corse the lower tunnel is still there and in use by BN. Both ends are accessible by car. The east end is we're the ventilation door is.

      Skykomish is still there, a nice little town, a nice place to stay if trains all day and night do not bother you.

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      The frequency converter building is gone, removed c. Beautiful country. Research the Iron Horse Trail before you go and check in at a ranger station when you get there to find out the real status of roads and trails. I believe there is a Ford connection. One of the buses was destroy in a crash. Passports required. Another great adventure. I don't believe the G. Still, it's only a slight embellishment of the standard steam paint scheme.

      BNSF's Marias Pass: A Railroad Superhighway

      Virtually every steam locomotive on the GN had green painted boiler jacketing. The GN Mechanical Dept. Thus, if you are modeling the WWII and later years, go with green, and early to mid s, go with black. Glacier National Park is my favorite! Be sure to stop by Whitefish, MT, west of the park. Still loaded with railroady atmosphere! Overlandflyer, the link to Volume 3 of Tony DeRosa's 8mm movies below is the one you should have pointed to.

      The middle chapter titled "Medium Locomotives" has a lot of scenes of O-8's operating in the late forties and early fifties. Most of them have the green boiler jackets. Also, I agree with Mark S that Whitefish is a must-see. Very nice museum inside the station also Finally, if you tire of the "rustic" lodging offered in the park, you can get a full-service hotel including cable TV and wireless internet in Whitefish Wikipedia clip on the Red jammer. White buses. I did not check this site.

      You own the National Parks, take the time to experience them. Keep in mind the railroads were behind the creation of those national parks, so as to create a destination for the railroad to haul people to visit!! BTW with all it has to offer, I'm sure Glacier Natl Park will continue to be visited long after the glaciers are gone.

      Yup, the railroads played a very important part. The railroads became the largest landowners in the western U.

      Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide
      Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide
      Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide
      Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide
      Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide Montanas Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide

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